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God Nears Wake Up Call For Humans On Nitrogen Atmosphere Planet Of Ants

France Warns “Big Problem In Jungle” And Demands “All Animals” Support “Single Global Order

Russia Notes Ukrainian “Cockroaches” Are Following “Leninist Course” That Ignited World War

Winter War Arrival Met With All Ukrainians Told To Leave Country

World Enters “Period Of Perfect Storm” As America Nears “Economic Valley Of Death

Wizard Of Oz Fantasy Becomes Reality After House Fall Kills Wicked Witch

American Dollar “Death Warrant” Signed By Biden Causes “Earthquake In Cryptoland

American CIA Director Welcomed To Ukraine With Massive Russian Missile Barrage

Biden “Kissinger Triangle” Diplomatic Collapse Accelerates Western “Doom Loop

Guns Instead Of Butter” Battle Cry Sounded As American Weimar Republic Arises

Fragmenting West Warns It's “Sleepwalking Into Less Secure Poorer World

Ukraine Uses “Calm Before The Storm” To Destroy Biden Crime Family Evidence

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Sister Maria Theresa is the 73rd Sorcha Faal of the Sorcha Faal Order, Elected as Mother Superior 3 February 2007

 “Conspiracy theorists concentrate their time on transmuting the "base matter" of current events, official stories, propaganda and public relations into the gleaming golden truth buried within. They do this through the very right-brained activity of uncovering and inventing connections between disparate elements.

They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped—And Some Scientists Think We Wouldn’t Want To Even If We Could


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Sorcha Faal Is Information Warfare Site For British MI6, Mossad and CIA  


Sorcha Faal Is Part of Putin Troll Army


Sorcha Faal Is Part Of Kremlin-White House Lie Machine 


Sorcha Faal Link Says Proves US Broadcaster Sean Hannity Is Russian Spy


Sorcha Faal Called Right Wing By Guardian Newspaper For Aiding Judge Kavanaugh


How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations


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American 2015-2021 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 7,916     Americans Killed By Terror: 278

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State? US Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As They Say They Were Scared


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Top World News Now


November 25, 2022



United States

Jan. 6 panel staffers angry at Cheney for focusing so much of report on Trump

Biden Allocates $1.1 Billion To Keep California’s Nuclear Power Plant Operating

Musk: Disclosure on Twitter's Censoring of Hunter Biden Laptop Saga Needed to 'Restore Public Trust'

House GOP plans to turn tables from Trump tax return fight, track Hunter Biden's money to father

Tucker Carlson: There Is a Tolerance for Pedophilia Among the Most Powerful in Our Society

Howls Of Outrage After New York Times Confirms SBF To Speak Alongside Zelenskyy, Yellen

White House Tries to Politicize Thanksgiving with Leftist Talking Points to Defend Joe Biden

Kamala Harris Tells Philippines U.S. Will Defend Against Chinese Aggression

Vaccinated Americans A Majority Of COVID Deaths For First Time In August

Maricopa County Made Arizona’s Elections Even More Of A Disaster Than People Realize




Putin issues AI appeal

Russian Official Quits After Son’s Bloody Videos Spark School Shooting Fears

Explosions heard in suburbs of Ukraine-controlled Zaporozhye — authorities

Mayor of Ukraine’s second-largest city fined for speaking Russian

Pope Links Plight of Ukrainians Today to Stalin's 'Genocide'

Emergency power outages begin in Kiev and Odessa

Russia's Yandex Seeks Putin's Approval for Restructuring

Nebenzya - Russia to continue reducing Kiev’s military potential until it takes realistic stance

Russia expects int’l community to give principled assessment of torture of Russia POWs

Moscow explains its Ukraine objectives to UN

Russia is not ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ – US ambassador




Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases Live Map

The Purges That Upended China’s Semiconductor Industry

Kim Jong-un’s Sister Kim Yo-jong Warns U.S. of ‘More Fatal Security Crisis’ If U.N. Condemns Missile Tests

Xi orders all-out rescue efforts after central China plant fire

How Xi Jinping’s end to China’s collective leadership model was years in the making

Protests break out at Covid-hit iPhone factory in China

20-year-old Hongkonger sentenced to up to 3 years in detention for chanting ‘seditious’ slogans at illegal protest at university

Chinese, US defense chiefs meet to discuss Ukraine, Korean Peninsula and Taiwan

US Emasculates One China Principle — Defense Minister Wei Fenghe

Lunar Exploration Chief Says China to Have Moon Base Powered by New Nuclear Power Plant by 2028



United Kingdom

UK providing Ukraine with cutting-edge weapons

UK Police Investigate Teacher for Stating That Muslim Hijackers Were Responsible for 9/11

How Homes With Smart Meters Are Being Plunged Into Darkness - By REMOTE CONTROL

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has argued against restoring former US president Donald Trump’s access to social media

Rishi Sunak Makes Surprise Visit To Ukraine: Will Support Kyiv 'Until Ukraine Has Won'

Prime Minister Sunak Outlines 5-Point Action Plan for G20 to Restore Economic Stability

Caught on radio: British Border Force vessels and French Navy ships heard colluding in Channel to provide 'handover' of traffickers' boats that are bringing migrants to the UK

Albanians Protest Potential Migrant Crackdown in London, Cover Churchill Statue with Albanian Flag



European Union

Greta Thunberg Leads Hundreds of Youths in Suing Swedish State for 'Illegal' Climate Policy

Hungary faces pressure to ratify NATO expansion

Orban angers neighboring countries with ‘irredentist’ scarf

The Ridiculous Reality Of The "Russian Oil Price Cap" Debate In One Picture

Start-up stripped of prize money over Russia ties

Sweden arrests suspected Russian spies - 60 year old couple moved from Russia in the 1990s

Croatia rejects training Ukrainian troops

Belgian Authorities Seize So Much Cocaine It's Overloading Incinerators

Europe Rushes To Fill Up On Russian Diesel Before Ban Begins




Finland Sees Rise in Jailed 'Total Objectors' Amid Country's NATO Bid

Germany hoarding cash to deal with blackouts

German fireman arrested over Ukrainian refugee shelter arson

Germany becomes Europe’s bordello with 400,000 prostitutes

Germany 'bracing for run on cash amid power cuts'

No-fly zone over Ukraine not on the table – Germany

Berlin To Expand Former Airport Migrant Shelter To Accommodate 3,600 More Ukrainians

KFC Sorry For Urging Germans To Mark Nazi Attacks On Jews With 'Extra Cheese'





France Is Facing A High Risk Of A Power Supply Squeeze In January

Macron plans to call Putin after G20 summit ends

France Charges Right-Wingers Over Plot To Attack Macron

Macron Declares Operation Barkhane Over, Despite 3,000 French Troops Still in Sahel

French Army Incapable of Participating in Large Military Operations - Defense Minister

France's far right replaces Le Pen with Jordan Bardella

French lawmaker suspended after shouting, 'Go back to Africa,' in Parliament

France is ‘changing gear’ - will introduce tough immigration legislation next year

Court overturns sentence of feminist who simulated aborting Jesus on Catholic altar while topless, urinating



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

US says NATO ally Türkiye ‘directly threatened’ American troops

Poland Rebuffs Germany’s Offer to Deploy Patriot Missiles

US Endorses Turkish Operation In Syria

Turkish armed forces kill 184 terrorists during operation ‘Claw-Sword’ in Syria and Iraq

Türkiye claims first success in Syria operation

Afghanistan Goes Full Sharia

Weapons depots organized by Syrian militants in refugee camps in Idlib — defense ministry

The ‘Persian Spring’ – Libya and Syria script now playing out in Iran

US Forces Reportedly Loot 94 More Truckloads of Syrian Oil and Wheat


Interesting Developments

MIT Reports Breakthrough In Solid-State Lithium Battery Development

Meta uncovers US military-linked propaganda campaign

New Video of Ray Epps on Jan 6 Uncovered by Jason Goodman at “Crowdsource the Truth” – Epps Brushes Past Another Man Making Hand Signals

Unbelievable: Researcher Claims Anti-vaxx Groups’ Fear Mongering and Scare Tactics Cause Vaccine-Related Adverse Events Like Blood Clots and Heart Attacks

Is Mercedes Intentionally Detuning Its EVs To Charge $1,200 Yearly "Acceleration" Fee

The Hill Claims 600+ ‘Mass Shootings’ for 2022 Using Misleading Data

Violent crime comes to previously peaceful and safe Martha's Vineyard. And guess why!

Kroger had to pay $180,000 to workers who were fired after they wouldn't wear LQBTQ+ pride symbols



President Herzog To Make First-Ever State Visit To Bahrain Next Month

Israel caves in to US pressure over Ukraine

Israel plans to build 9,000 new settlements over ruins of Jerusalem airport

Netanyahu To Form New Conservative Government In Israel

Israel explains refusal to supply air-defense systems to Ukraine

Far-right Ben-Gvir emerges as key player in Israel elections

Israel elections: Netanyahu in lead, exit polls say

UN General Assembly Says Israel Must Get Rid Of Its Nuclear Arsenal

The Israel-Lebanon Agreement Could Be A Game Changer For Natural Gas Markets




Terrorist bases destroyed in Turkish army operation in Iraq and Syria - defense minister

Earthquake hits northwest Turkey, at least 22 injured

Cult leader who 'forced teen sex slaves into cosmetic surgery' jailed for 8,658 years

Female citizen of Syria linked to PKK committed terrorist attack in Turkey

Six Dead, 53 Injured After "Bomb Attack" Rips Through Busy Istanbul Street

Turkish police detain man who left bomb on Istiklal street in Istanbul — Interior Ministry

Turkey deepens its defense diplomacy in Africa

Tower Block Catches Fire In Istanbul (VIDEOS)

Erdogan Orders to Promptly Start Work on Gas Hub Idea




Former Egyptian lawmaker third person to die in detention in just two days

Gas Tanker Blast Leaves At Least 9 Dead, Many Wounded At Baghdad Soccer Field

Saudi Arabia’s King, Crown Prince send well wishes to Iraq’s new government

South Africa

Hundreds Flee As Congo's M23 Rebels Near Key City Of Goma

Exxon Mobil Makes First Oil Discovery In Angola In 20 Years

Canadian Company Accused of Neocolonialism, Natural Site Endangerment in Southern Africa




Conspiracy to dismantle Iran foiled – FM

President Raisi says backing 'terrorism' not in West's interests

Multiple ‘Terrorist’ Attacks Reported In Iran

Two Iranian Rappers May be Executed for Supporting Protests

Iran has developed hypersonic weapon – top commander

US jets in 'show of force' to Iran

At Least 15 Dead After Mass Shooting At Shia Shrine In Iran

Top Zelensky aide calls for strikes on Iran




Argentine President Calls on Latin American Countries to Support Dialogue in Venezuela

Venezuela, opposition reported preparing to resume talks

Venezuela: Armed forces make largest pot bust in a decade

Venezuela Surpasses Syria as World’s Largest Migrant Crisis

Police Officers Injured During Rally in Support of Argentine Vice President

"The War On Drugs Has Failed": Colombia Looks To Decriminalize Cocaine

Nicaraguan police detain Catholic bishop, other priests in raid




Brazil's Lula government to ban or tax guns, says aide

Bolsonaro Files Complaint Challenging Election Results Over 'Malfunctioning' Ballot Boxes

Inflation in Argentina Up 66.1% in Nine Months of 2022 - Statistics Institute

Lula Minister Signs Order Allowing Child Services to Take Children Away from Free Election Protesters

Brazil’s reclusive Bolsonaro has a skin infection, ‘cannot wear pants’

Video: Massive Protests Rock Brazil as the People Rise Up Against Communist Takeover





Mexico Uses Footage Of Philadelphia Street Drug Users For Anti-Drug Ads

Cuba to send Mexico rocks as well as docs

After Final State Passes Law, Same-Gender Marriage Made Legal in All of Mexico

Suspected Cocaine Poisoning of School Students Provokes Outrage in Mexico

Cartels Behind Mexico’s Recent Mysterious Energy Worker Deaths

Strong 7.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico's Central-West on Anniversary of Catastrophic 1985 Quake

Eight migrants drown crossing Rio Grande, 37 rescued




The Mixed Reception of Cuba’s Radical New Family Code

Critical Haiti gas terminal freed after weeks of talks with G9 gang leader

Gunmen in Haiti slay leader of major political party

Migrant boat collides with Cuban border guard, killing 5

Haitian singer Mikaben drops dead on Paris stage at age 41

Haiti Receives Armored Vehicles From Canada and the U.S.

Western Cuban Province Recovers More Than 53% Of Electric Service



United Nations

Guterres Warns World Is On ‘Highway To Hell’ From Climate Change

Cuban president says U.S. left alone at United Nations with sanctions policy

US to put United Nations focus on Iran protests

UN urges world court to address Palestine occupation

US Backs Sending 'Multinational Rapid Action Force’ To Haiti

Head Of The U.N. Weather Agency Says Ukraine War May Be ‘Blessing’ For Climate



Japan to Seek U.S. Flexibility on EV Purchase Incentives, Kyodo Reports

Japan looking to buy US Tomahawk missiles

PM Kishida orders Unification church investigation as scandal engulfs party

North Korea's missile launch prompted Japan to issue an alert to residents in northeastern regions to evacuate buildings nearby in what was the first such alert in five years

Japanese Man Sets Himself on Fire in Protest of Shinzo Abe’s State Funeral

Almost 2 Million People in Southwestern Japan Ordered to Evacuate Due to Powerful Typhoon

Post-Fukushima Shift: Political And Public Support Rises In Japan For More Nuclear Plants

Japan Building Military Ports Closer To Taiwan In Preparation For Cross-Strait Crisis




India's Border Security Force Shoots Down Pakistani Intruder, Another Arrested

BJP Member Plasters Delhi With Poster Comparing Arvind Kejriwal to Adolf Hitler

Air Quality in India’s Capital Is Dreadfully Bad. Again


Pakistan "Has No Option But To Ration" Nat Gas Supply This Winter

Ex-PM Khan pauses protest march after shooting

Khan Undergoes Surgery After Surviving Assassination Attempt, Shooter Confesses




One million Australian directors facing $13k ATO fine

Earthquake triggers tsunami scare in Pacific

Flash floods in Australia's southeast cut off inland towns

800 Coronavirus Patients Disembark Cruise Ship in Australia

Rescue Efforts In Full Swing As Australia's Inland Towns Brace For Flood Peaks

Get Woke – Go Broke: Australian Company Withdraws Sponsorship After Woke Players Condemn Owner for Comments Her Father Made in 1984

Australian Bank Begins Linking Customer Transactions to Carbon Footprint







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