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Attack On White House By Mexican Cartel Stuns Obama Regime


Obama Power Grab For Entire World Stuns Russia, China


Earth Warned Threatened After Mysterious “Force” Cripples Russian Space Craft


US Tree “Apocalypse” Warned Being Used To Destroy America


Soldiers “End Of The World” Email Sends US Into Panic


Obama Pushes For New ‘Police State’ Laws Over Argentina Fears


As The End Draws Near, A Nation Cowers In Fear


Silence Falls Upon America

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World News Now

November 19, 2011


United States

Obama and Wen meet in Bali amid disputes

Obama uses autopen, again, to sign bill into law

US warned is facing risk of new credit downgrade

House rejects balanced-budget amendment to US Constitution

US to slap new sanctions on Iran's petrochemical industry

Foreign hackers targeted US water plant

US bank failures for 2011 reach 90

Obama's more muscular China policy sets Beijing on edge

White House Shooting Suspect Charged With Trying to Kill Obama

US warns strike on Iran could hurt World economy

US Defense Chief calls China, India 'threats'

US warned is becoming a police state

Hundreds held in Occupy protests across America

US home foreclosure crisis warned is far from over

US corporate giant GE paid no taxes on $14 Billion in profits

FBI ordered to pay California Muslims‎ after deceiving US Federal Court

CIA harnesses the power of Facebook and Twitter



Russia warships to enter Syria waters in bid to stem foreign intervention

Putin, Medvedev praise values of Soviet Union

Russia warns NATO on its readiness for nuclear World War III

Ex-Soviet states take first step to 'Eurasian Union'

West, Russia compromise on Iran UN nuclear resolution

Russia says Syrian conflict is 'similar to civil war'

US calls Russia's warning on Syrian civil war "incorrect"

Russia flies humanitarian aid to Kosovo Serbs

Russian Mars Probe Said May Be Trying to Save Itself

Russian lawmakers back fines for gay 'propaganda'

European missile shield is not aimed at Russia, says US

Russia said maintains dialogue both with Assad and Syrian opposition

With a Russian in a Tajik Jail, Moscow Aims Its Reprisal at Migrant Workers

Russia Says UN Report on Iran Shows 'Nothing New'



Wen issues veiled warning to US over South China Sea

ASEAN Leaders Meet; Security and Burma at Forefront

US-China tensions warned risk spilling over into Asia summit

China, Philippines Spar Over South China Sea

US claims Chinese military were behind hackers who seized control of two American satellites

China Trade Surplus Warned May Be Wiped Out Within Two Years

Planned US-Australia ties provoke China

China official paper urges calm despite fears over US push

Tensions rise on South China Sea dispute after US-Philippine “land grab”

US assures Philippines of 2nd warship amid South China Sea territorial disputes

US panel calls for tough measures against China

At least 17 preschoolers killed in China bus crash

China state media slam Obama over currency remarks

China-Pakistan to hold joint military drill

China warned may attack India again


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United Kingdom


Britain reported in secret talks with Syrian 'rebels'

Eurozone crisis to dominate Cameron talks with Merkel

Cameron Said May Back Merkel on Changing EU Treaty

Tough choices for Cameron

UK’s largest business organization warns economy is in last chance saloon

British unions warned are set to launch massive strike

British Gas price hike triggers 200,000 customer exodus

British Central Bank warns of low growth and 'arduous' recovery

UK Consumer Confidence Drops to Record Low on Crisis Concerns

UK youth unemployment hits 1 million as foreign workers take yet more jobs

British spies said foiled Libya plot to kill Westerners

UK Unemployment Rate Hits 15-Year High

US to buy Britain's scrapped fleet of Harrier jets

Cameron Rebuffs Merkel Push for Closer European Political Union

Cameron warns European Union is in peril without reform

Cameron faces backbench rebellion over fuel price hike


European Union

Europe fears credit squeeze as investors sell bond holdings

European Central Bank Said Can Only Solve Crisis By Printing Money, Which Is Illegal

Euro Rescue Plan Falling Short Renews Franco-German Spat Over Role of ECB

Italy erupts in violent protests over "Cabinet of Bankers"

Some 30,000 Greek protestors march on US Embassy in Athens

Thousands of teachers, students protest in Madrid

UN reports Hungarian lab is source of EU radiation


Sarkozy urges Germany to expand powers of European Central Bank

Sarkozy Defends Nuclear Industry Against Opposition Plans

French officials warn of sacrifice, but few people are listening‎

France and Germany clash over ECB crisis role

Record Setting French Borrowing Costs Warned Signal Danger

France warned needs tough reforms to halt debt spike



Germany tightens the screw on 'isolated' Britain as tensions soar

Merkel Rejects ECB as Crisis Backstop in Clash With France

Merkel tightens grip on Eurozone as Irish budget ends up in Berlin

German plot to block UK Euro referendum and take over Europe revealed

German pressure on EU said riles British sensibilities

Merkel Says Germany is Ready to Cede Some Sovereignty to EU‎

Merkel clashes with Irish leader over changing EU treaty

Merkel reiterates opposition to Euro bonds

Moody's Downgrades 10 German Lenders

Resilient German, French growth said fails to dispel gloom‎

Germany to Launch National Registry of Neo-Nazis

Germany Rebukes UK Over Tobin Tax Opposition‎

Merkel Warned Risks EU Clash Over Political Union to End Crisis

Merkel's Leadership Said Is 'Like Captain of Titanic'

The founders of the EU were trying to prevent another German Superstate. But that is precisely where we are heading


Insight Into Today’s News

The next financial crisis will be hellish, and it’s on its way

The Crisis Eats Its Way Into The Core

Germany's Central Bank against the World

19 true things Generals can't say in public about the Afghan War

Tough times: Life inside the hardest hit county in the U.S.

Eighty-Nine Seconds

Map shows nuclear material spread across United States

A new breed of survivalist is wealthy, educated, and plans to ride out 2012 in style

Iran: Five Minutes to Zero Hour

Put the Eurozone out of its misery‎

The great $26 Billion real estate swindle

The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the World has ever seen

Greece teaches Europe about democracy again

Why the usual war propaganda won’t save the American empire

Israel’s Big Bluff: How we'll go to war with Iran

Nostradamus, 'Occupy' This!

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Netanyahu's policies said have turned Israel into Iran

Rice Said She Was  ‘Shocked’ By ‘Ethnic Purity’ Claims For Jewish State

Palestinians Deny 'Deal' With Israel to End UN Statehood Bid

Israel effectively annexes Palestinian land near Jordan Valley

Abbas calls on Palestinians to mount non-violent resistance against Israel

Israel warned is on its way to becoming only 'democracy' without free press

Israel Warned Would Target Iran Civilian Infrastructure

Netanyahu said is now the last hope for Israeli democracy‎‎

Livni warns Netanyahu is trying to turn Israel into dark dictatorship

Israel threatens Gaza with new war

Israeli ministers to debate bill forcing government to approve settlement construction

Abbas pledges swift action on new government

Netanyahu warned is preparing to limit Israel's freedom of the press‎

Israel said must topple Netanyahu before it's too late

Livni says World community must stand together against Iran

Israelis said doubt World will stop Iran's nuclear quest

Israel to hold $100 million in taxes owed to Palestinians

Israel refuses to tell Obama of its Iran intentions



Erdogan assures Fule that Turkish ships will not harass Noble

Erdogan makes cover of Time's Europe, Asia-Pacific issues

Turkey Follows Russia, Warns of Syrian Civil War

Turkey urged to take military action on Syria

Deaths Rise as Outlawed Kurdish Guerrillas Continue Fight

Querying Erdogan Zero Rates Plan Creates Turkey Enemies List

Turkey loses faith in Syria as Arab Nations meet

Turkey says there are no plans for nuclear cooperation with Iran

Turkey says their NATO radar system is not against Iran, Russia

Turkey slams Syrian leader Assad over crackdown on opposition

Magnitude 5.2 quake hits eastern Turkey; already a virtual ghost town after earlier tremors

Death toll in second east Turkey quake rises to 40‎

Turkish commandos shoot dead lone ferry hijacker

23 survivors pulled from rubble in Turkey 2 weeks after 7.2 quake

At least 67 reported killed in Turkey during Eid al-Adha holiday‎

Turkey investigated over claim it used chemical weapons against Kurds

Erdogan warns nobody shall expect Turkey's security forces to lay down arms



Tens of thousands of Egypt protesters return to Tahrir Square to protest military 'dictatorship'

Live Updates: Egypt's 'Friday of One Demand' as it unfolds‎‎

Egypt Shocked After Female Dissident Blogger Posts Nude Photos

Bahraini regime arrests female students‎

“Troll” Attacks on #Bahrain Tweets Show Depth of Government Attempts to Silence Dissent

Thousands of Angry Protesters Storm Kuwait National Assembly

Kuwait's ruler orders 'stricter' security

Outrage as Tunisia's Likely Prime Minister Hopes for New Caliphate

US Hones Warnings to Egypt as Military Stalls Transition

Jailed activist blogger sparks outrage in Egypt

Terrorist attacks kill 115 Syrian Shias

Bahraini anti-government protest rally slams US duplicity

Bahrain, US joint war games continue

Arab League Vows Syria Sanctions if Killing Doesn't Stop In 3 Days

Mubarak party members allowed to run in Egypt vote

Egypt says it won't withdraw Syria ambassador

Syrians protest Arab League suspension vote, embassies stormed


[Note: Final Moves Of The New Great Game Are Now Being Planned.]

US mercenaries offered Gaddafi $10 million deal to flee Libya‎

Afghanistan warned faces 'regional war' if NATO troops go

Taliban peace talks in Afghanistan said have failed

Afghanistan explosion kills two British soldiers

Risk of civil war warned looms in Syria

Muslim Brotherhood rejects NATO intervention in Syria

Syria shells area on border with Turkey

US moves to withdraw troops from Iraq weeks ahead of schedule

Iraq executes 11 'terrorists' says state TV

Militia warning issued as Libyan Prime Minister forms government

Libya warned may be heading towards Sharia Law

Yemen said is experiencing two revolutions

Kenya asks US for help with Somalia offensive

Pentagon Dismisses Karzai's Call to End Night Raids

NATO Airstrike Kills 27 Afghan 'Insurgents'

UK Iraq Report Delayed Until Summer 2012

US, France Blame Each Other for Somalia Bombing

Afghanistan says US must stop night raids if it wants to keep bases in country

Afghanistan insists on Iran ties 'at any cost'

Saudi prince rules out strike on Iran, warns of catastrophic consequences

US, China in Sudan "Great Game"

Massive Crop Failure In Afghanistan Leaves Millions At Risk From Severe Drought

US Shifts Drones From Iraq to Turkey

Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Said Would Have Devastated US Dollar

US Official Insists Stolen Missiles Still Inside Libya

NATO fears Libya war crimes investigation by World Court




Ahmadinejad goes on the offensive against clerical opponents

UN Nuclear Watchdog Considers Iran Report

China, Russia Resist UN Sanctions Against Iran

US creates an Iranian albatross

Iran insists Israel was not behind blast that killed missile expert

Iranian students form human shield near nuclear site amid fears of Israeli attack

Top Iran nuclear scientist killed in Revolutionary Guard base explosion, Israel blamed

Explosion in Iran rocks Revolutionary Guards military base

Israel's MOSSAD reported was behind Iran blast

CIA Reported Using Terrorist Groups for Bombings inside Iran

Supreme Leader threatens to hit back with 'iron fists' to any Israel, US attack

Ahmadinejad says Iran won't retreat from nuclear path

UN report cites secret nuclear research by Iran

Iran looks to China, Russia to break out of US sanctions

The IAEA report: what does it really mean and will it lead to war with Iran?

Really? Is this all the UN nuclear agency could come up with?

Imminent Iran nuclear threat? A timeline of warnings since 1979

Real Iran Nuke Threat: Thousands of ‘Loose Geeks’

Iran calls IAEA's documents on its missile program "fake"



Chavez Blames US for Possible “Nuclear War”

Chavez foes seeking presidency hold 1st debate

Video Captures Gun Attack on Chavez Opposition Candidate

Chile envoy shot in Venezuela kidnapping attempt

Welcome to Venezuela -- The Kidnap Capital of Latin America‎

Chavez cancer said progressing faster than expected, may have only 6 months to live

Chavez says Venezuela is watching Carlos the Jackal trial in France

Chavez Urges Reform Of Venezuela's Prison System‎

Illness seen binding Chavez more to Venezuela poor

Venezuelan troops seize radio station equipment

Chavez orders more land taken from British firm disputing compensation for earlier seizure

Chavez expresses solidarity to Brazil’s ex-leader Lula after cancer diagnosis

Corporate Media Press Group Attacks Venezuela

Chavez says he won't recognize new government in Libya

Chavez calls Colombia, Venezuela summit 'successful'

China's top legislator vows to boost strategic partnership with Venezuela

Venezuelan inmates release hostages at prison‎

Bolivia, Iran discuss ways of strengthening mutual ties



Rousseff orders probe of US energy giant Chevron after historic oil leak

Rousseff complains German chancellor Merkel “listens to nobody”

Brazil says no BRICS expansion wanted for now

Chevron Says Brazil Offshore Well Sealed

Chile to install 43 monitoring stations after massive ash destruction

Brazilian commandos occupy Rio's biggest slum

Rousseff said could see another minister out due to corruption

TV cameraman reported killed during Rio police raid

Brazil labour ministry accused of graft

Top Colombian rebel leader Alfonso Cano killed in raid

Rousseff Suspends Money Transfer to NGOs After Political Scandal

Rousseff Pension Push Said Could Bring Brazil a Ratings Upgrade

Lula to Undergo Treatment for Malignant Throat Tumor

Brazil Said to Be Prepared to Help Europe Rescue Through IMF

Brazil to be World's sixth largest economy in 2011

Brazil and Uruguay Move Against Crimes During Dirty War

Argentina: Why President Fernandez Wins and Obama Loses‎

Argentina: Between ayatollahs and democracies

OECD's Gurria Warns China Ties Hurting Latin American Integration‎


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US National Debt Clock

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Train to Survive

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The Red Cross Movement: Play the Prisoners of War Game  

Total US War Casualties To Date




Calderon Says Death of Mexico's Interior Secretary Won't Change Drug Fight

Calderon sister apparently defeated in Michoacan vote

Mexico Arrests Knights Templar Drug Boss; Cracks Down On Cops

Mexican drug cartels accused of greater aggression against US

Mexico's drug war: Billions of dollars, thousands of deaths

Immigration to US From Mexico Reported in Decline Amid Tough Economy

US Joins Mexico Chopper Crash Probe, Blast Ruled Out

Top Mexican official killed in helicopter crash

Obama shocked and saddened at Mexico minister's death

Mexican drug gang beheads ANOTHER blogger and dumps body and severed head in street with bloody warning note

SWAT teams dispatched as gun battle erupts on US-Mexico border

Anonymous abandons plan to expose Mexican drug cartel collaborators after mass killing threat

Mexican Drug Lord Makes Forbes 'Most Powerful' List

Over 70 people tied to Mexico drug cartel busted in Arizona



Fidel Castro warns against attack on Iran

Cuba's Economic Reforms Herald New Resolve by Castro; Time for US to Reform Relationship

Cuban oil project fuels US anxieties

Castro and the US Cuban embargo: Be afraid, be very afraid‎

Relenting on Car Sales, Cuba Turns Notorious Clunkers Into Gold‎

New law allows Cubans buy and sell real estate

Cuba, China pledge to enhance bilateral ties, military cooperation

Latin Americans grade Obama high, Castro low

First World Bloggers Meeting Condemns US Blockade of Cuba

Russian Tourists to Cuba Break Record

Fidel Castro calls NATO "brutal" for Libya role‎

UN resolution condemning US embargo against Cuba passes once again

US Federal Judge sentences Puerto Rico's top drug dealer to life in prison

Raul Castro gives Ukraine President highest state award

Cubans optimistic about economic reforms, independent group finds


United Nations

UN Chief asks Syrian leader to stop civilian killings

UN Chief Condemns New Sudan Rebel Alliance

UN Chief Urges World Leaders to Create Climate Fund

Palestinian UN bid goes to the Security Council

UN Chief condemns attack on Darfur peacekeepers

UN to reveal evidence of Iran nuclear testing plan

Chances said are slim for stiffer UN sanctions against Iran

Palestinians win full membership on UN cultural agency

Palestinians aim to join 16 other UN agencies

UN Chief voices concern after deadly violence in Gaza and southern Israel

UN calls for calm as Middle East ceasefire falls apart

Arab meet vows support for Palestine UN bid

UN envoy warns Israel must take Abbas threats to dismantle PA seriously

Attack near UN guest house kills 4 in Afghanistan

Central banks around World top up gold reserves


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The World Clock

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Today’s Date, All Of Them


Internet Traffic Report                                   

US Northern Command


Noda Pledges to Join Trans-Pacific Partnership

Noda Said Arranging China Trip December 12-13

Japan central bank keeps interest rate near zero

Japan central bank warns of widening impact of Europe's debt debacle

Japan Buys 800,000 Tons Corn From Ukraine as US Substitute

Japanese Emperor extends hospital stay‎

Fukushima $10 Trillion Nuclear Catastrophe Warned Could Bankrupt Japan

Japan's Lower House Approves Noda's ¥12.1 Trillion Stimulus Plan

Japan Core Machine Orders Plunge 8.2%‎

Corporate Japan Rocked by Scandal at Olympus

Olympus’s Possible Delisting Means ‘Japan Way’ No Longer Excuse

Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Hits Near Japan

Noda vows to hike consumption tax rate

Noda Cabinet Approval Drop Shows Fickle Perceptions Continue



Singh Meets Obama Over Nuclear Law

Indian Navy Chief calls South China Sea an area of "significant concern"

Extra troops along China border will raise tensions, harm India's interests

With China in mind, India tests new-generation Agni missile with high 'kill efficiency'

New India missile can carry 1 tonne nuclear warhead deep inside China

India moves to deploy 100,000 more troops on China border


Pakistan Recalls US Envoy: Claims Grow that Zardari Sought to Move Against Military

Zardari holds closed doors meetings with Kayani, Munter

US Drone Strike Kills 16 in Northwest Pakistan‎

Pakistan, India agree to 'normalize' trade ties



Gillard welcomes Obama to Australia

US Marines to Be Stationed in Australia Under Obama-Gillard Defense Pact

Gillard U-turn on uranium exports to India said done under US prodding

Australia warns of Solomon Islands unrest

Police and officials swoop on Occupy Melbourne in Australia

Australia Wages Rise at Slowest Pace in Almost Two Years

Death toll from worst Thailand floods in 50 years rises to 564

Gillard claims Australia can maintain links with America and China

Gillard pledges $2 Billion to cover pay rises for 150,000 lowest paid

Asia-Pacific Economies Gird for Turbulence

Australian tourism industry warned is 'in crisis'

New Australia smoking law bans brand labels


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Every American Entitled By Law To Free Credit Report

US Prepared: Free Emergency E-Book

What To Do If Nuclear Attack Imminent

New research  reveals developing wave of potentially violent anti-Semitism in US, Germany

Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Critics of 9/11 Commission Report

November 30, 1941: Japan May Strike Over Weekend

FBI Declares Lack of Evidence to Connect Bin Laden to 9/11


Our World Today

Scientists warn world: Prepare for extreme weather

Basic principles of modern physics undermined after 2nd experiment confirms faster than light particle

Mysterious objects spotted by Google Map satellite in Gobi desert explained

World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns

Antarctic crack to produce monster iceberg

World to be hit by more weather disasters, scientists say‎

Lying, cheating climate scientists caught lying, cheating again

Geologists closely monitoring surge in central Arkansas quakes

Concerns Raised about Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes

Giant sequoia falls, raising questions about what to do next

New analysis of 1.6 billion weather records concludes the world IS warming (but still can't say what's causing it)

Toxic Seaweed Poisons Coral Reefs on Contact

Why the World May Be Running Out of Clean Water

Climate change warned may destroy world's coffee supply

Salmon-Killing Virus Seen for First Time in the Wild on the US Pacific Coast‎

Mysterious disease kills scores of seals in Alaska

Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons

Alzheimer's may be transmissible, study suggests


Interesting Developments

Russian Super Speed Camera Can Issue Thousands of Tickets Per Hour

Amazing low-tech harvester collects water from even the driest of air

Greeks claim having found Alexander the Great’s tomb, Ark of the Covenant

5 Myths of the Cast Iron Pan Explained

What happens to the human body after drinking a can of cola

Spotted Horses in Cave Art Weren't Just a Figment, DNA Shows‎

Hundreds Of Giant Aliens Unearthed Near African Village

US said glossed over cancer concerns as it rolled out airport X-ray scanners

This Man Could Rule the World

Web Security Expert Warns Of Cyber World War With 'Catastrophic Consequences'

Human ancestors mated with more than Neanderthals

Microsoft software bug linked to 'Duqu' virus

Giant spider webs 'cocoon' Pakistani trees

Brain DNA 'changes through life'

Alcohol linked to better survival after heart attack

Teen violence linked to heavy soda diet

BPA plastic tied to behavior problems in girls

Computer program to reveal who wrote the Bible

Fruits and Vegetables Could Modify Gene Linked to Heart Disease


Strange, Odd and Heroic

US mom pregnant with 20th child

Russian 'genius' lived with 26 female bodies

$1.1 Million German museum piece falls victim to cleaning lady

Dirty, sexy money: people saw sex toys, religious symbols on plastic cash

Dad Taking Photos of Daughter Gets Grilled by Cops, Banned from Mall

First Irish case of death by spontaneous combustion reported

Ketchup killing proves sauce of fun for Brazilian town

Why have 165 people gone missing from cruise ships?

This Toddler Won’t Eat -- and Never Has

Gamers solve molecular puzzle that baffled scientists

World's largest sperm bank has started turning down redheaded donors

English-speaking teen appears in German capital, says he lived in woods for last 5 years

US Judges rules women breasts are moral ‘threat’

Colorado cat, missing 5 years, is found on NYC street

Sole survivor of Bolivian plane crash saved by 'arrow of blood'

Moon to have no-fly zones by month end

Mutant pig 'alien' born in Guatemala after UFOs seen in the sky

Swede charged for 'shooting down UFOs'

When GLaDOS Asks You To Marry Someone, You Say Yes