Code Red: The Coming Destruction Of The United States

By: David Booth  (Special Offer! $30.00 US)

For the first time since 2004, the Booth Family Trust has authorized a limited printing of what is, without doubt, one of the most reviled and intriguing books of the past decade, rivaling only the 1950 publication of Immanuel Velikovsky’s ‘Worlds In Collision’, and which was, likewise, met with a storms of protests and spurious allegations.

Upon its initial release in February, 2004, Code Red and David Booth garnered World-Wide attention, and scathing attacks, which, of course, led to very limited sales of what has in the past 3 years turned out to be one of the most prophetic books about America written in our lifetime.

In interviewing Mr. Booth prior to the writing of this review I asked him if now, three years later, and after the controversy Code Red caused upon its initial release, and in looking back, ‘Was it worth it?’ to which he replied:

“Truth is one of the rarest commodities in the times we are living through, to expose it to the masses is  tantamount to slapping the entrenched power structure of the United States in their very face, but which, at times, someone needs to take the risk and do, otherwise, and what we are seeing in America now, lies become the truth because they are more comfortable for people to believe.”

What I personally found most important about Code Red was it’s laying the precise groundwork for understanding the headlines of today, such as "Americans Have Lost Their Country" and "The Pentagon’s Power to Arrest, Torture, and Execute Americans", and from the perspective of a country that in 2004 could not even fathom how fast, and far, their country could descend into a virtual, and growing, Police State with an economy near collapse.

What I found most interesting about Code Red was in researching the Booth Family Trust’s original sales invoices for 2004, and which showed that at the same time the elite media forces within the United States were castigating Code Red  they were the exact ones who were buying it! 

From the corridors of power in Washington D.C., to the entrenched media elite in Hollywood, the ‘power brokers’ of America made sure they knew what David Booth had to say, they just didn’t want you to know.

Not all of the elite power structure within the United States are against David Booth, in fact the numbers of his supporters, within both the media and government, grows by the month, and for good reason as Mr. Booth is the only person in the World to have had a pre-cognitive experience fully documented by a United States government agency prior to the event happening, and which you can learn more about by watching him on the A&E Network Television Special Programme to air on March 8th and 9th, 2007.

Real Premonitions®

Rated: TVPG

Running Time: 60 Minutes


Closed Captions: Yes

Upcoming Airings:

Thursday, March 08 @ 10pm/9C

Friday, March 09 @ 2am/1C

Everyone has dreamt that somebody they love has died. Most of the time, we wake

up in horror, only to realize that it was only a dream...But what if it wasn't? What if

your dream foretold real tragedy? How would you know that it was really going to

happen? Could you do anything to stop it?  Cutting-edge research now suggests we

may all have the ability to predict what is about to occur. Premonition...precognitive

dreams...presentiment...these phenomena might not be a matter of faith, myth, or

just making a lucky guess. Join us as we explore extraordinary cases of real people

who have had their dreams and nightmares come true.


For the true researcher seeking to understand the causes, and future, of yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrows events, Code Red remains a vital resource for understanding and explaining the maddening events engulfing our World.  Please do not miss out on this rare opportunity!  Order your copy today!!!





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