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US Laser Test That Destroyed Germanwings, Next Plunges Holland Into Darkness

Obama Rages Over Germanwings Plane Shootdown, Refuses To Meet NATO Leader

US Laser Test Destroys Germanwings Airliner Killing 150 Innocent Civilians

Terrified US Aircraft Carrier Flees From Russian Subs To UK Safety

Just Hours Away From Nuclear War, America Remains Asleep

“Prepare For Nuclear War” Russia Warns Citizens As US Tanks Flood Into Europe

Top US Commander Under Arrest For Refusing To Fire Nukes At Russia

Moscow Bomb Shelters Begin To Fill As Russia Prepares For War

Obama Meets With Top Russian Spy, Warns He Can’t Stop War

Russia Warns “State Of War” Exists As UK Nukes Prepare First Strike

Bodies Of US Soldiers Killed In Ukraine Float Ashore In Florida

“Cheney Gives The Orders, Not Obama!” US Official Rages At Kremlin

Russia Issues Dire Warning: “Most Dangerous Time In History Now At Hand”

US To Hit Russia With Nuclear First Strike




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Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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Top World News Now                 

March 30, 2015



United States

NSA Facility Attacked

Obama Ramps Up Lobbying on Iran as Deadline Looms

Video Shows Troops Training to Intern Citizens in Fort Lauderdale

Islamic Republic of Texas? How Jade Helm Could Be a Mock Invasion of Iran

Google controls what we buy, the news we read - and Obama’s policies

Analysts: Obama anti-terror plan likely a victim of Saudi push into Yemen’s war

Obama defends consumer agency as it unveils controversial payday loan rules

Rubio: Eyeing potential presidential announcement April 13 in Miami

Special forces set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise

Senate passes budget proposal after marathon ‘vote-a-rama’ session




Putin: Russia to Help Palestine Become Independent State

Putin letter to Arab summit triggers strong Saudi attack

Russia's 'troll factory' runs thousands of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts to flood social media with pro-Putin propaganda

Yatsenyuk warns of fresh Russian offensive as Putin seeks to end Ukrainian independence

New Witness to Nemtsov Murder Contradicts Previous Version of Events

Russian Combat Robots to Be on Display at Army 2015 Forum

Putin Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Yemen in Talks With Iran

Why Putin’s Warplanes Are Penetrating European Airspace

Grounded? Russia's answer to US next-gen fighter hits the skids

Russia & US agree to build new space station after ISS



Xi meets entrepreneurs, promising more opportunities in China

China Banks on Sharing Wealth to Shape New Asian Order

Navy evacuates Chinese nationals from war-torn Yemen

Kim Jong-un impersonator disrupts Hong Kong broadcast of Lee Kuan Yew's funeral

Xi Jinping spells out ambitious Asia vision at Boao Forum

President Xi emphasizes mutual respect in ties with Sweden

Russia to join China-led Asian bank; Beijing opens door to Taiwan membership

Taipei arrests 13 protesters over China's Taiwan Strait flight route

Xi Jinping: AIIB welcomes all countries

Beijing ‘seriously concerned’ as Philippines resume works in South China Sea



United Kingdom           

RAF stages biggest drills in 13 years to show Britain is ready for any military confrontation

Cameron Pledges Making UK Health Services Available 7 Days a Week by 2020

Russia slams Hammond for ‘unacceptable language’ after he names it #1 foreign policy challenge

British Airline Introduces Rule on 2 People in Cockpit After A320 Crash

Irish Government tries to hide horrific child abuse record from public view

Cameron Rejects Charge He's Become Lame Duck by Nixing Third Term

Cameron trips up Labour campaign by pledging not to increase VAT

Cameron apologises over UK's contaminated blood scandal

Fallon talks up British forces’ role in fight against ISIS, blasts MPs’ verdict


European Union

Tens of thousands march against austerity in Brussels

Greece aims to unlock bail-out cash with €3bn reform plan

Operation 'Boo Putin' Targets Russian Ambassador to Poland

Italy's top court overturns Amanda Knox conviction

Major power outage throughout northern Holland

Armed Police Cordon Off Oslo Synagogue, Call in Bomb Squad

Leave Facebook if you don't want to be spied on, warns EU

Greenpeace Protests Against Spain’s Anti-Demonstration ‘Gag Law’

Lithuania Sulks at Latvia's Refusal to Call Russia a Threat




Black box reveals Lubitz badgered captain to leave cockpit of doomed plane

Ex-Chancellor Schroeder criticizes Merkel’s Russia policy

Lufthansa offers up to 50,000 euros per passenger in Germanwings crash

Germanwings pilot told ex-girlfriend 'everyone will know my name'

Hospital confirms having Germanwings co-pilot as patient

Airlines race to require two crew in cockpit after Germanwings crash

Police Search Home of A320 Co-Pilot Suspected in Alps Plane Disaster

Reports say German copilot blamed in crash showed no sign of distress

Lufthansa CEO stunned that co-pilot apparently crashed plane





Sarkozy’s center-right party victorious in French local elections

Hollande to take part in Tunisia's anti-terrorism march on Sunday

Francois Hollande: France to assist to promote democracy in Kyrgyzstan

Foreign minister Fabius to join Iran talks on Saturday

Families of Germanwings crash victims arrive in France

France’s Anti-Immigration Party Gets an Economic Makeover

Prosecutor: Passengers shrieked as jet crashed into Alps

Prosecutor Says Germanwings Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Plane

France Conducts First Bombing Against Islamic State in Tikrit


War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Arab League unveils joint military force amid Yemen crisis

Arab League points finger at Turkey, Israel, Iran over ‘interference’

Bashar al-Assad says US air strikes are not easing jihadist threat

Saudi king: Yemen intervention won't stop until country safe

UN staff, diplomats evacuated from Yemen as 24 killed in airstrikes

Ousted Yemeni president backs Saudi airstrikes on Houthi militants

Yemen’s Houthis Advance Despite Continued Saudi-Led Strikes

Insurgents Seize Much of Key Syrian City Idlib

Pentagon Selects 400 Recruits to Become Syrian Rebels

At least 17 dead as Al-Shabaab siege at Somali hotel ends



Interesting Developments

Sweden adds gender-neutral pronoun to dictionary

A Tale Of Two Streets: Main Street Lagging, Wall Street Booming

Six Million Euros for Freedom: Russia Unveils Flying House Project

Night vision eyedrops allow vision of up to 50m in darkness

Another Oligarch Preaches To The Peasants: Charlie Munger Says "Prepare For Harder World"

Study shows humans are evolving faster than previously thought

Antarctic ice shelf thinning speeds up

US military-grade equipment ends up for sale on Craigslist, eBay

It's OK to leak government secrets - as long as it benefits politicians

Intelligence Services Block Activists’ Emails And Frame Them With Fake Emails

CERN Large Hadron Collider's Relaunch Delayed Indefinitely




Israel reduced to heckling Iran pact from afar

Former Premier Olmert found guilty in bribery case

Netanyahu looks for way out of rightist coalition

Israel to stop withholding Palestinian tax revenues

Fifty People Take Part in Four-Day March for Bedouins' Rights in Israel

Netanyahu’s Spying Denials Contradicted by Secret NSA Documents

Amnesty International: Hamas rocket attacks amounted to war crimes

Israel suspends East Jerusalem settlement building plan

Israel Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With U.S.




Erdoğan: Turkey's parliamentary system in the waiting room to be replaced by the presidential system

Turkish parliament now grants secret fund to President Erdoğan

Erdogan: Ground Intervention Needed to Defeat ISIL

Cartoonists fined for suggesting President Erdogan is gay

Court Blocks Jihadist Website Used to Recruit Turks to Islamic State

Erdogan Urges Renewal in Kurdish Settlement Process

Government official criticizes Erdoğan over Kurdish process

Kurd leader Ocalan calls for congress to end Turkey armed struggle




Prosecutor Names Brotherhood Leaders as Terrorists

Militant bomb near Cairo University wounds 8

Nigeria votes in bitterly contested election

Boko Haram kills, ‘beheads with chainsaws’ 40 people to derail Nigeria elections

Saudi Arabia says it won't rule out building nuclear weapons

At least 10 killed in Mogadishu hotel attack

Uganda Confirms Security Threat, US Mission Issues Attack Warning

Saudi Government Retains GOP’s Big Data Firms

Security Remains an Issue as Nigeria Prepares to Vote




Tehran 'conditionally willing to accept new nuclear constraints'

German foreign minister: Talks with Iran at decisive stage

Iran, powers struggle to overcome disputes in push for nuclear deal

Foreign Ministry: P5+1 Must Make Tough Compromise Decisions Toward Nuclear Deal

US Senate threatens Iran with new sanctions

President Rouhani sends letter to Obama as nuclear talks near deadline

US proposes to let Iran operate fortified nuclear site

Two Iranian journalists among dead in Germanwings flight 4U 9525 crash




President Nicolas Maduro Plans to Give Obama Anti-US Petition

Maduro Says “Venezuela Is Ready” for Dialogue with U.S.

Costa Rica Sacks Ambassador to Venezuela for Open Support of Maduro

Venezuela Gathers Million Signatures Against Obama Declaring Caracas Threat

US troops, contractors sexually abused Colombian girls with impunity

Colombia drug debate revived as herbicide Roundup deemed carcinogen

FARC Vows to Continue Struggle Despite Minefield Clearance Efforts

Foreign Minister to OAS: U.S. Declaration a Prelude to Military Moves

Ecuador’s President Correa Accuses CIA of Involvement in Opposition Protests




Chile’s Bachelet Remains in Flood-Stricken Area to Oversee Response

2 Dead, 24 Missing in Chile as Abnormal Flooding Hits Driest Place Globally

Brazil Sinkhole Swallows Tourist Bus

Brazil Can't Clean Up Its Shit in Time for the Olympics

Argentina's foreign minister criticizes Britain for increasing military capacity in Falklands

Rio starts 500-day countdown for Summer Olympics

Uruguay Will No Longer Accept Guantanamo Prisoners

Rousseff says belt-tightening needed to reactivate growth




Political Official Gunned Down in Western Mexico

Strong eruption of Colima volcano accompanied by pyroclastic flows

World's Largest Gamma Ray Observatory Completed in Mexico

Attacks on Mexican media surge 80 per cent under Peña Nieto

Mexico Captures 'El Rama,' Regional Commander of Zetas Cartel

Russia’s return to Nicaragua worrying many in Central America

Costa Rica Goes 75 Days Completely on Renewable Energy

Honduras sends soldiers to protect 'lost city' from drug cartels




U.S. Confirms Human Rights Meeting with Cuba Next Tuesday in Washington

Russian FM Lavrov visits Cuba, calls to end US trade embargo

U.S. removes dead Cubans, sunken ships from sanctions list

Tourists flocking to Cuba 'before the Americans come'

Cuba flirts with free speech

South Florida Ferry Company Plans Trips to Cuba

U.S.-Cuba Talks on Restoring Diplomatic Ties End Abruptly

Fidel Castro warns Venezuela is ready to confront US on sanctions



United Nations

UN Warns Emergency Fund for Palestinians in Syria Near Empty

UNSC calls for possible exemptions to arms embargo on Libya

Guinea president announces new emergency measures in Ebola fight

France to propose UN Security Council draft on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

UN Condemns North Korea's Human Rights Violations

Liberia's sole remaining known Ebola patient dies

UN Report Warns of 40% Water Shortage by 2030

U.N. targets shelter, water in $29.9 million appeal for cyclone-hit Vanuatu




Eye in the Sky: Japan Launches Spy Satellite Into Orbit

Navy Gets Biggest Warship Since WWII Era Aircraft Carriers

US Military Base Row on Okinawa Worsens as Tokyo Shows Resistance

Fukushima's Nuclear Reactor Fuel Is "Missing"

Abe Vows to Back Bill Allowing Overseas Military Operations

Japan to build massive sea wall to combat tsunami threat

Japan's Real-Life "Radioactive Man" Returns to Fukushima to Feed Animals That Were Left Behind

Abe-Kuroda honeymoon soured by fiscal friction

Indonesia leader Joko Widodo eyes investment, defence on Japan trip

Japan mulls joining China-led regional bank




Brother of Sri Lankan President Killed in Axe Attack

Stampede at Hindu Bathing Ritual in Bangladesh Kills at Least 10

Modi Approves Investment Strategy to Restore Gas Power Generation

Modi Decries Land Bill 'Lies' Spread by Opposition


Pakistan airstrikes kill 30 Taliban-allied militants

Pakistan holds 1st Republic Day parade in 7 years

Afghan woman, killed by a mob for a crime she didn’t commit, becomes a rallying point for activists

PM Nawaz Sharif says little time for development, thanks to terrorism



Major 7.7 Quake Strikes Off Papua New Guinea, Tsunami Warning Issued

Australia To Start Taxing Bank Deposits

Philippines, Muslim Rebels Try to Salvage Peace Pact

Mandatory Data Retention laws pass Australian Parliament

Envoy Says Indonesia Leader Too Busy to Take Australia Call

Counterterrorism squads prevent 230 suspected jihadis from leaving the country

Residents Catch a Buzz as Indonesian Police Burn Tons of Marijuana

Indonesia Finds ISIL Funding Trail Leads to Australia

Theater in Australia Bans Holocaust Memorial Night for 'Zionism'

Government Troops Kill 139 BIFF Militants in Southern Philippines











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