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Putin Signs New “War Dead” Order After Obama Shatters Russian Treaties

British Leader “Begs” Putin To Spare UK In Coming Nuclear War

Obama Massacres Innocent Waco Bikers Over Putin Fears

Obama Left In Terror After Putin Purges Masonic Agents From Kremlin

Obama “Black Masonic” Police Force Said To Number Over 100,000

Renegade US Spy Who Warned Russia Of War Put In Mental Hospital By Obama

ISIS Attack In Texas Linked To US Bird Flu Pandemic Plot

CRITICAL UPDATE: NSA “Sonic-Wave” Weapon Use In Baltimore Horrifies Russia

Great Cataclysm Of “May 9th” Propels Global Fears

US Expands Massive Animal Kill To Include All Domestic Cats

CIA-ISIS Bio Attack Warned Spells Death For All Dogs In America

US Special Forces In Yemen Take Over American Walmart Stores

Gerald Celente Predictions 2015: Disastrous Christmas, World War 3, US Economic Collapse




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Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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Top World News Now                  

May 28, 2015



United States

Obama cancels national emergency over Russian uranium sales

Obama immigration plan dealt another blow by US Federal Court

US Senate Seen Unlikely to Approve Last-Minute Patriot Act Renewal

US storm death toll hits 17, as Texas town braces for dam to fail after historic rains

Bird flu virus rampage continues across US

Bird flu warned could be as deadly as the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

US Marine court-martialed by Obama regime for refusing to remove Bible verse

US Government proposes to classify cybersecurity or hacking tools as weapons of war

School Children Arrested and Criminally Charged for Inciting a Riot - For a Food Fight



Putin says some Western nations 'are beginning to see the light'

Ten ships of Russian Northern Fleet involved in Barents Sea military drills

Russia, India to conduct manoeuvres off Indian coast

Wildfires sweep over record 32,000 hectares in southern Siberia

Russia indicates French warship deal is dead

Russia Digs Ditches to Slow Inflow of Arms and Men From Ukraine

World Blasts Ukraine for Honoring Nazi Collaborators in New Laws

People of Transnistria to Ask Putin for Protection From External Threat

Russia launches massive air force exercise with 250 aircraft



Xi to be hosted by UK during October state visit

IMF Says Chinese Yuan Is Ready To Become World Currency

China Warns World War 3 Is ‘Inevitable’ If U.S Refuses To ‘Stop Meddling’

US-China War Is Inevitable If THIS Happens

China retaliating against US spy flight

H7N9 Flu Pandemic Continues To Sweep China

China secures at least US$80 billion in deals during Russia, Latin America, India trips

Warming and warning: Xi's speech on China-Japan ties in foreign eyes

Officials Visit Prisons as Part of Corruption Awareness Program

China breaks up 181 terrorist groups in Xinjiang in year long crackdown



United Kingdom           

​​The One Nation Queen's Speech: Cameron lays out plans for first Tory-only government for two decades

Cameron set to delay plans to scrap Human Rights Act

Queen’s Speech Confirms UK Government’s Plan for EU Referendum

UK consumer confidence hits pre-crisis levels of 2006

Irish Times blocks UK newspaper's online title

Plus500 just admitted that ALL of its UK accounts are frozen

Britain sends biggest warship for NATO drills on Russian border

The United Kingdom, ‘Operation Bookend’ & One Epic Whoopsie


European Union

EU & Switzerland ink historic agreement to end Swiss banking secrecy

Secret Meeting in London to “End Cash” Central banks aim to institute "governmental approval" for all purchases and sales

US warns against game of brinkmanship over Greece

Greece Says Has Started Drafting Deal With Creditors

EU states to take 40,000 migrants from Italy and Greece

Nuts and Bolts of EU Migrant Plan to Help Italy, Greece

US indicts world soccer officials in alleged $150 million FIFA bribery scandal


Merkel's fear of Russia said could turn her into Greece's unlikely guardian

Merkel said is still the world's most powerful woman

How Adolf Hitler Haunts Angela Merkel

Germany lobbies India to buy Eurofighters, submarines

German Court rejects Yemenis' case against Germany over US drones

Germany World War 2 bomb find prompts Cologne's biggest evacuation

How German film foreshadowed Hitler

Germany protests as MP who called Russia a 'warmonger' is denied entry



Hollande set to give "one of the most important speeches of his presidency"

Merkel, Hollande defy Cameron with EU convergence plan

Central Africa slams France for not sharing soldier child abuse claims

Air France flight over Africa has near miss with volcano

Foreign investment in France rises but brings few jobs

It's Now Illegal in France for Grocery Stores to Throw Away Edible Food

French jihadists behind IS group suicide bombings in Iraq

National Front: EU Jobless Rate to Skyrocket in Coming Years

Gypsies are gathering in the South of France to celebrate their saints


War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

​​Military Drills Increase Globally- War Preparations in Progress?

Obama, NATO Chief Denounce Russia’s 'Increasingly Aggressive' Posture

Flashback: WikiLeaks reveals NATO attack plan against Russia

West Remains Silent As Saudi Arabia Continues Mass Beheadings

US directed Saudi air strikes kill at least 80 in deadliest bombings of Yemen war

ISIS: An Inside Job? You could say that

New York Times Trumpets US Restraint against ISIS, Ignores Hundreds of Civilian Deaths

Militias Predict Quick Victory as Iraqi Troops Attack Ramadi

Libyan Prime Minister survives assassination attempt



Interesting Developments

This Stealth Missile Will Use EMPs To Cripple Enemy Electronics

US proposes to classify cybersecurity or hacking tools as weapons of war

COBRA: Bilderberg’s Weapon Of Choice

Bill Nye, The Alarmist Climate Guy, Says It’s ‘Unpatriotic’ To Question Government Approved ‘Science’

Global Trade Dives Most since the Financial Crisis

Philip Zimmermann: king of encryption reveals his fears for privacy

Large Hadron Collider Smashes its own Particle-Smashing Record

Chinese Herbal Plant “Thunder God Vine,” A One-Stop Cure For Obesity?

Mysterious Sinkhole Appears on US Golf Course

Pentagon Considers Secret Underwater Recharging Stations for Sub Drones



Netanyahu Wants Talks With Palestinians on Settlements

Netanyahu two-faced on two states? Maybe not

Israel Thanks Obama for Keeping Its Nuclear 'Secret'

Israel drawing up 'wish list' of US sweetners over Iran deal

Israeli army confirms: At least one rocket hit the south

IAF strikes Gaza targets in response to rocket fire

Netanyahu Appoints Hawkish Ally to Run Foreign Ministry

Opposition MK vows to 'make life hell' for Netanyahu government

Abbas's Fatah Calls to Conquer Israel By Force




Erdogan's war on critical media heats up ahead of Turkish election

The general election in Turkey will test President Erdogan

Turkey, US fail to agree on Syria no-fly zone

Jewish people in Turkey eyeing move to Spain

Uneasy neighbors in Turkey: atheism and Islam

President Erdogan Denounces US Media Criticism of Turkey's Leadership

President Erdogan: ISIL appropriating region’s oil

Officials say Turkey continues to fulfill Gaza aid pledge

Muslim televangelist: Masturbating men will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife 



Al Sissi under pressure to scrap Germany visit

Libyan tribes meet in Cairo as Egypt seeks allies against militants

Egypt says it has discovered 521 tunnels into Gaza Strip

61 civilians referred to military court in Egypt

Mosque suicide bomber identified as IS-linked Saudi national

Copts praise Sisi but await more tangible support

New leak alleges plan for Egypt and UAE to arm Libya campaign

US Evacuates Dozens of Americans, Foreigners in Burundi Amid Violence

Former leader Morsy given death sentence in jailbreak case



Iran to allow 'managed access' to military sites

Trial of Iranian-US journalist in Tehran to be closed

Ex-president Ahmadinejad still meets humble petitioners

Iran will need to spend most of any post-sanctions windfall at home

Iran Increases Its Fuel Prices by 40% in a Bid to Boost Revenue

Iran commander warns of Isis threat to its security

Supreme Leader rules out interviews with nuclear scientists

Major General Safavi: Iran Could Raze Tel-Aviv to Ground if Israel Attacks




Jailed opposition leader Leopoldo López announces hunger strike - calls for protest against the government

Venezuela is facing a very serious blow to the regime

Maduro Defends No. 2 Official Against Drug Trafficking Allegations

Venezuelan officials sanctioned by U.S. sue opposition leader Capriles

Citizens sour on Latin America’s faltering leftist governments

Four Soldiers Dead, Two Wounded in Military Helicopter Crash in Colombia

Morales Hopes Hague Court Rules “Wisely” in Bolivia-Chile Coastal Dispute




Opposition Charges President Dilma Rousseff With Public Finance Wrongdoing

Brazil Unveils $22 Billion in Budget Cuts

Isis Threatens Argentina, Chile Presidents Via Email

After 4th death in violent anti-mining protests, Peru suspends civil liberties in region

Decapitated body of Brazilian journalist and blogger investigating child prostitution ring found

Iran, Brazil to Build Oil Refinery in Latin America

Rousseff: Brazil Is “Tirelessly” Seeking Solution to Venezuela Crisis

Chilean President Begins Reshuffling Cabinet Amid Record Low Approval



Rousseff and Nieto Try to Revive Relationship Between Brazil and Mexico

In Mexico’s Money Hub, a Brazen Stand Against the Ruling Party

Mexico working hard to prevent new outbreaks of bird flu

Death toll from Mexico tornado rises to 14

Video of mob burning teen alive in Guatemala spurs outrage

Guatemala Central Bank Head Indicted as Crisis Deepens




El Salvador President Visits Cuba to Meet with Raul Castro

OAS chief stresses on Cuba's integration with organisation

Cuba-US Expect to Announce Embassy Openings Next Week

In Search Of Bandwidth, Cuban Entrepreneurs Head To Miami

Last Cuban Doctors Who Fought Ebola Back Home

Caribbean looks to France for climate financing



United Nations

UN: Donor Fatigue Hits Nepal One Month After Mega Earthquake

Ban Ki-moon says save migrants, deal with cause of flight as search for boats continues

Ban Ki-moon says North Korea cancels invitation to visit

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon to visit four countries in Asia, Europe

Liberia declared free of Ebola but officials warn against complacency




Shinzo Abe urged to confront Japan's colonial aggression and use of sex slaves

Abe lays out scenarios for SDF dispatch if security bills pass

Japan, Philippines to deepen ties as China asserts sea claims

Japan, China in race to finance building of Asia's infrastructure

Governor Onaga leaves on US trip to lobby against Futenma base relocation

Sendai nuclear plant obtains final permit needed to restart

US Funds Look to Japan for Retirement Cash

Tokyo to give $453m to Pacific islands to curb climate change

Japan pursues top-level talks with Russia despite U.S. concern




Death Toll in India’s Intense Heat Wave Soars to Over 1,100

India Heat Wave Death Toll May Be Vastly Underestimated

Delhi High Court Indian court orders Modi to unblock Greenpeace bank accounts

Congress assails Modi over Rafale deal, downsizing of attack corps along China border


Sharif chairs high level anti-terror meeting

Defence Minister: Taliban fighting against Pakistan as India’s proxy

Pakistani Taliban rejects Islamic State’s self-professed caliphate




Tony Abbott warns child terrorists face prosecution

No welfare savings from Tony Abbott's crackdown on foreign fighters

Amnesty International barred from Australia's detention centres

Welcome to Cambodia: What Australia isn't telling refugees

New Zealand to open Embassy in Iraq

NZ government accused of bribery after pouring more than $11 million of taxpayer money into an influential Saudi businessman's farm

Fear of witchcraft 'spreading like wildfire' in PNG

Militant Bayan Group to protest Chinese firms in Philippines

Deceived and ransomed: Rohingya refugees huddle in Indonesia











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