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American War Hawks Recoil In Fear AfterThis Time It’s Different” Warning

World War III Alert Issued By Trump Joins WHO Nuclear Emergency Bulletin

Unvaccinated “Have Blood On Their Hands” For Failing To Warn Vaccinated

Western Tank Fantasy Collides With Putin’s AI Robot “War Toys

Nuclear Apocalypse Brink Reached After Biden Wipes 10 Seconds Off Einstein Doomsday Clock

CIA Ukraine Cover-Up Exposes Arrested FBI Official And Murdered Obama Pilot

Horrified West Watches “Penicillin” Weapon Eradicate Ukrainian Weapon Disease

Exorcism And Clairvoyants Emerge While “World Moves Closer To Irreversible Disaster

Musk Brands Western Elites “Satanic” As Russia Issues “This Is A Declaration Of War” Alert

Trump Vows ToSave Our Country From DOOM” As Shocking Nixon Truth Exposed

Russian Church Issues Apocalyptic Warning After American “Doomsday Plane” Takes Flight

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They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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Top World News Now


January 29, 2023



United States

Trump joins Biden, Obama in condemning 'horrible' beating of Tyre Nichols: 'Never should have happened'

FBI Seizes Biden’s Notebooks

US To Pressure Partners Into Enforcing Anti-Russia Sanctions

SCORPION Unit That Included Officers Who Beat Tyre Nichols Disbanded Permanently

Cops identify 3 protesters arrested in Times Square in Tyre Nichols demonstrations

Massive 85-vehicle Wisconsin pileup injures 27, blocks major interstate for hours in both directions

CT - Firefighters Continue to Assess Damage After Large Fire at Bozrah Egg Farm

Donald Trump Unveils Plans to ‘Save American Education’ from ‘Radical-Left Maniacs’

Treasury Withholds Biden Family Suspicious Bank Records, James Comer Threatens Subpoena

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA): If Biden’s Record Were My Record, I Would Hide My Head in a Bag




Kremlin responds to Nuland’s sanctions offer - "unacceptable for Moscow"

Moscow Says 14 Killed In "Deliberate" Ukraine Strikes On Hospital; Russia On Verge Of Taking Bakhmut

Russian forces take control of Blagodatnoye settlement near Soledar - Wagner group

Russian forces hit 86 Ukrainian army units at firing positions - Defense Ministry

Russia Readies Robotic Response To 'Secret Armor-Less' Abrams Tanks In Donbas

Russia Condemns Second ‘Sacrilegious’ Koran-Burning In Denmark

Zelenskyy Warns International Olympic Committee Against Allowing Russia 'Terrorist State' Into Games

Ukrainian Armored Vehicle Blown Up by Anti-Tank Mine Placed by Friendly Troops: Video

Russian foreign ministry puts question to Stoltenberg

Russian media watchdog takes on CIA website




Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases Live Map

Xi congratulates Bob Dadae on re-election as governor-general of Papua New Guinea

Xi Jinping tells Australian Governor-General David Hurley ties between two countries moving in 'right direction'

Netherlands, Japan, US Reach Agreement To Throttle China's Chip Ambitions As Tech War Heats Up

U.S. General Predicts War With China In 2025, Tells Officers To Get Ready

China makes progress on advanced warship bigger than Type 054A frigate, according to new satellite images

Cash-strapped Finland zoo may have to return pandas Lumi and Pyry to China

China weaponized zero-Covid policy to subdue Tibetans: Report

North Korea to always be ‘in the same trench’ with Russia - Kim Yo-jong

Soaring Food Prices Prompt Eurasian Nations To Ban Food Exports



United Kingdom

Sunak gears up for new Cabinet row over foreign students with plan to allow them to work more

Convicted paedophile given custody of young girl and gets her pregnant - as authorities believe 'he poses low risk to kids'

UK chancellor says has never paid tax fine amid calls to oust Zahawi

Treasury chief believes the country cannot cut taxes until the inflation rate drops

Student nurse in Britain charged with planning to attack air force base, taking homemade bomb to hospital

Police Scotland Must Record All Rapists As Men, Say Tories

UK Under Fire Over Retreat From Windrush Scandal Reforms

Amazon workers stage their first walkout in the UK this week, demand better working conditions



European Union

Almost 60% of Italians Oppose Tanks, Other Weapons Being Sent to Kiev, Poll Finds

Former NATO general Pavel elected president of Czech Republic

NATO state Belgium unveils its largest Ukraine arms package at €92 million ($100 million)

EU Threatens Migrants’ Home Countries

France, Italy close to deal on supplying air defence system to Ukraine

European Union, Pfizer working on deal to pay more for COVID-19 vaccines in exchange for lower volume

Greek Government In No-Confidence Vote Over Spying Scandal

U.S. and EU to launch first-of-its-kind AI agreement




Scholz to announce fresh investment in the Amazon Fund, says Brazil diplomat

Orban Tears Into Scholz For Tanks Deployment To Ukraine And Declares 'You Are At War'

German parliament officially commemorates LGBTQ victims of Nazi regime for first time

How do Germany and the EU fund military gear to Ukraine?

Ukraine war, inflation accelerate Germany's housing crisis

Berlin To Send Leopard Tanks To Ukraine – media

Switzerland Makes Decision On Weapons For Ukraine

Another Alleged Coup Plot Foiled In Germany




Macron Says He Will Continue To Speak To Russia

France Recalls Burkina Faso Ambassador Ahead of Troop Withdrawal

France, Iraq sign comprehensive strategic partnership agreement

Macron and Lula discuss common agenda for action on climate and hunger

Macron comments on heavy tanks for Ukraine

A Hit French Novel Tries to Explain Putin. Too Well, Some Critics Say.

RT France to close after accounts frozen

West must contribute to Russia’s search for ‘destiny’ – Macron

Union Leaders Threaten To Leave MPs Without Power



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

White House Refuses to Say If Ukraine Will Get Toxic Depleted Uranium Ammo

Israel Launches Air Strikes On Gaza, As Rockets Fired After Deadly Jenin Raid

US Forces Kill Key IS Leader Bilal Al-Sudani In Somalia Operation

US Marines Open New Base on Guam to Prepare for Future War With China

IAEA Chief Falsely Claims Iran Could Fuel ‘Several Nuclear Weapons’

George Soros Urged Use Of Eastern European Soldiers To "Reduce The Risk Of Body-Bags For NATO Countries" In 1993 'New World Order' Article

US Military Says 30 Al-Shabaab Killed in Somalia Airstrike

Canada says it will repatriate 23 of its citizens from Syria



Interesting Developments

George Soros Funds Global ‘Fact Checking’ Empire

Time Traveler From 2858 Claims Human Bones Will Be Found On Mars Later This Year

WATCH: Subject of Project Veritas Pfizer Sting Freaks Out After Being Confronted by James O’Keefe

Masterpiece Cakeshop Loses Appeal for Refusing to Bake Transgender Cake

Photos Capture ‘Bear’s Face’ On Mars

Pfizer lied, COVID Vaccinated Germans developed AIDS, & then 1 million died in less than a year according to Secret German Government Data

Cops Called to Home of Britney Spears After She Deletes Instagram Account By Fans Concerned for Safety

LG says it's in talks with Tesla to supply batteries from Arizona factory



Netanyahu Vows ‘Strong, Swift,’ Response to Deadliest Palestinian Terror Attack in Over a Decade

Palestinians Celebrate Deadly Terror Attack with Candy, Fireworks, ‘Allahu Akbar’

Jerusalem synagogue shooting: Israel arrests 42 after deadly attack

Eight Killed, Ten Wounded In Jerusalem Synagogue "Terror Attack"

Palestinians: Israeli Troops Kill 10 In West Bank Violence

Israel and US aim to send message with record military drill

‘Dictatorship of Criminals:’ Over 130,000 Israelis Protest Netanyahu Government’s Anti-democratic Reforms

Sullivan, Netanyahu Discuss Prospect of Israel-Saudi Normalization

Israel Planning To Restrict Protests With Heavy Fines, Easier Arrests




Turkey to not back Sweden’s NATO bid until it takes action against PKK - top diplomat

Türkiye concerned over sentencing 5 Crimean Tatars to 13 years in jail

Türkiye, Jordan reiterate condemnation of Israeli provocation at Al-Aqsa mosque

US changes to Turkey's preferred spelling at ally's request

FM Çavuşoğlu urges France not to allow ‘terrorist propaganda’

Relief for millions: Türkiye drops retirement age requirement

Erdogan nominated for Nobel Peace Prize — Turkish parliamentary speaker

Turkey seeks a trilateral mechanism with Russia, Syria - Erdogan

Erdogan Slams EU's Borrell For Urging Turkey To Sanction Russia Over Invasion Of Ukraine




Egypt Unveils 4,300-Year-Old Mummy, Tombs

Saudi Arabia Is Open To Discuss Non-Dollar Oil Trade Settlements

Egypt PM Madbouly - Government subsidizes basic commodities to reduce burden on citizens

South Africa

Gabon - Foreign minister dies after heart attack at cabinet meeting

Biden's 'Blood Battery' Energy Agreement Incentivized Forced Labor in African Mines

Fourteen Killed in Islamic State Attack on Congo Church




Iran Thwarts Drone Attack on Military site

Iranian Warships Dock In Brazil, Bound For The Panama Canal

Tourism and Heritage Minister Ezzatollah Zarghami urges tolerance for women over headscarves

Iran says interaction with IAEA still exists

Iran signs up with Russia-led free trade zone

Iran Executes Former High-Ranking Defense Official & Dual UK Citizen

Iran Says Ex-Official Had Role In Death Of Nuclear Scientist

Meta Oversight Board - ‘Death to’ posts OK for Iran leader



Petro - Colombia rejects US proposal to supply Ukraine with Russian weapons

‘Economic Suicide’: Colombia Tells Davos It Will Stop Oil and Gas Exploration Contracts

Maduro Blasts ‘Ridiculous’ UK Move to Extend Recognition of Long-Expired 2015 Assembly

Maduro hosts Colombia's Petro for 'very fruitful' talks

All-female team replaces Juan Guaidó as face of Venezuela opposition

Venezuelan embassy run by opposition in US closes after Guaido ouster

Never Gonna Give You Up: US to Continue Backing Venezuela’s Guaido After Opposition Abandons Him




Brazil police raid Bolsonaro nephew’s home in uprising probe

Brazil and Argentina to start preparations for a common currency

Peru Closes Famed Machu Picchu Ruins, Tourists Trapped, As Anti-Government Unrest Spreads

Brazil’s Army Chief Ousted Over Apparent Complicity in Jan 8 Riots

Peru: Police Say ‘No Doubt’ Marxist Terror Group Shining Path Involved in Deadly Riots

State Of Emergency Declared In Peru Amid Deadly Protests

Top Brazil Court Greenlights Probe Of Bolsonaro For Riot




Former top aide to El Chapo known as 'The Engineer' pleads guilty to drug charges

Egg Seizures Skyrocket At US Border As Arbitrageurs Attempt To Capitalize On Poultry Crisis

El Chapo Begs President Obrador To Be Brought Back To Mexico To Complete His Sentence

Mexican President Celebrates ’40 Million’ Mexicans in the U.S.

Judge Halts Extradition Of Ovidio Guzman To US

57 injured, 1 dead in Mexico City subway train collision

29 Killed In Arrest Of Mexico Drug Kingpin’s Son

Mexican Authorities Capture El Chapo’s Son In Operation Involving 900 Troops




Haiti: Police Officer Riot Targets Prime Minister’s House

U.S. Coast Guard repatriates 83 migrants to Cuba after multiple interdictions off South Florida’s coast

Priests From Cuba's Santeria Religion See Hard Year Ahead

Judge Orders Cruise Companies to Pay More Than $436 Million for Docking at Seized Terminal in Cuba

US reopening visa and consular services at embassy in Cuba

She spied for Cuba for years from inside the US government. Now she’s about to walk free

Cuban Activists Protest New Group of ‘Slave Doctors’ Sent to Mexico

Castro Regime Gives Warm Welcome to Congressional Democrats  



United Nations

UN Pushes For Troop Deployment In Haiti

‘Taliban divided on whether to restore women’s rights or not’: United Nations

UN rights chief calls for probe into Burkina Faso killings

UN to vote on aid deliveries to Syria's rebel-held northwest

UN votes for global court to rule on Israeli occupation

UN Security Council welcomes new members; 2 are first-timers

UN won't halt aid to Afghanistan despite ban on women in NGOs

UN chief warns of far-right, white supremacy threats in West



Japan to downgrade Covid-19 to same level as seasonal flu on May 8

Japan launches intel satellite to watch North Korea, disasters

'Now or never' to stop shrinking population: Japan PM Kishida

Japan Considers Downgrading COVID-19 to the Same Level as Flu

Japan Undecided on Imposing Price Cap on Russian Petroleum Products

Japan Starts Construction of Military Base on Kagoshima's Uninhabited Island

Japan to start releasing treated water from Fukushima this year

Kishida in Paris to discuss Ukraine, climate, food security




Adani Group Shares Slide After Hindenburg Alleges ‘Largest Con In Corporate History’

Indian diamond heiress, 8, enters monkhood and loses fortune

African swine flu: over 500 pigs to be culled in Kasaragod


Pakistan hit by nationwide blackout

Taliban attack on Pakistani police station leaves three officers dead

Taliban and Pakistan On Collision Course Over Cross-Border Attacks




New Zealand picks replacement PM

Candidates to replace Jacinda Ardern to start making their bids

Ardern Out: Tearful New Zealand Prime Minister Unexpectedly Announced Resignation

Watchdog Launches Investigation Into Qantas Flight That Issued Mayday After Losing Engine

What we know about Sun Cable and its collapsed Australia-Singapore solar energy project

Australia’s spud shortage takes a toll on the nation’s pubs and food retailers

High-level official reveals he wore Nazi uniform

New Zealand publishes list of disapproved baby names







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