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Stephen Hawking Reported Murdered To Stop Trump From Disclosing Truth About Aliens

German Intelligence Officer Seeking Asylum In Russia Reveals Western Plot To Remove Children From Christian Parents

“Deep State” Electronic Gulag Joins Obama-Clinton “Knife Fight” Against Trump As Russia Prepares US Obliteration

Russian Spy Poisoned In UK Offered To Give Evidence That MI6 Created “Trump Dossier” So He Could Return Home

Trump Prepares To Declare California “In State Of Rebellion”—Then Establish New Government

Russia Rejects UK Ultimatum Over Fake Nerve Gas Attack, Followed By Trump Firing Tillerson For Backing This Lie Too

“Deep State” Issues Non-Subtle 9/11 Attack Warning To Trump With Massive Explosion

Evidence Warned Growing That Gulf Of Mexico “Supervolcano” May Be Preparing to Erupt

Putin-Trump Begin Emergency Talks After Top US Nuclear Commander Disappears

How Insane Can America Become And Still Be Able To Survive?

Memory Wiping Of American People Poses Grave Global Threat


The Revival of Christianity in Russia



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They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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American 2018 Death Toll Update: (as of 19 March)    4 Americans Killed By Terror    260 Americans Killed By Their Own Police

                                                                                                                     20 American Police Murdered       5 American Police Dogs Killed

American 2015-2017 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 3,388     Americans Killed By Terror: 178

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State?


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Top World News Now                 

March 19, 2018



United States

A frustrated Trump lashes out at special counsel Mueller

Trump prepares for visit by Saudi crown prince who has rocked the kingdom

Trump to announce anti-opioid plan with death penalty for dealers

White House says no plan to fire Mueller

White House staffer left encrypted email passwords at bus stop

Senate Judiciary Dem calls on Zuckerberg to testify before committee

GOP pushes for 'phase two' of tax cuts

Third package bomb - Explosion reported in Austin, at least 2 injured

On the Rebound: Robust Overseas Demand Triggers Rise in US Industrial Production

Police seize first firearms under Florida's new gun-control laws

System Fail - Some wanted shooting suspect Cruz forcibly committed in 2016




Vladimir Putin decisively re-elected as Russian president – preliminary results

‘Dictator’ Putin wins ‘fraud-tainted’ vote: Western media sticks to narrative on Russian election

'We Need a Leap Forward': Putin Addresses Rally Amid Projected Landslide Win

Putin - 'It's nonsense' to think Russia tried to poison Skripals ahead of elections & World Cup

Russian Senate Records External Attempts to Meddle in Presidential Election

Brides, babushkas and ballistic missiles: Russia’s uniquely Russian election day

Election Commission: 1,400 Russians Voted at Embassy in Washington DC

Russian polling stations in Ukraine blocked by police & radicals

Navalny accuses Sobchak of running in exchange for 'tremendous sum of money'

Saakashvili's Supporters Hold Rally in Kiev Demanding Poroshenko's Resignation

Kuwait and Ukraine sign a number of agreements




Xi Jinping applauds Vladimir Putin re-election, hails 'best level' ties

Newly-elected President Xi steers China toward prosperity

Chinese National People's Congress Appoint Four New Vice-Premiers

China names former missile force commander defense minister

China appoints US-trained central banker

North Korea's Kim Jong Un congratulates China's Xi Jinping on re-election as president

North Korean nuclear-armed ICBMs can reach Europe

North Korea to Meet for Talks With U.S., South Korean Delegations in Helsinki

China will ban people with poor ‘social credit’ from planes and trains

Australian Engineer Claims Malaysian MH370 Boeing 777 Found

Myanmar's Suu Kyi welcomed to Australian amid protests



United Kingdom           

May to 'consider next steps' after Moscow announces expulsion of British diplomats

Skripal Possibly Poisoned Through Car Air Ventilation System

Corbyn writes to May about man's £54,000 NHS cancer bill

UK Intel Warn Key Power Companies of Cyberattacks From Russia

Boris Johnson Slams Moscow's Response to Expulsion of Russian Diplomats From UK

Met Police - 'Challenging & complex' Skripal investigation could take months

The poisoning of Sergei Skripal leads right to Hillary Clinton and the DNC

Car drives into Kent nightclub, multiple injuries reported



European Union

Sweden Slams as 'Unacceptable' Russia Statement of Novichok Nerve Agent Origin

Slovakia Foreign Ministry Debunks Bratislava Connection to Novichok Nerve Agent

Statement by the North Atlantic Council on the use of a nerve agent in Salisbury

Economic crisis looming? Hungary latest country to repatriate gold

European Parliament in 'secret' talks with N. Korea

EU Parliament adopts Brexit resolution to press Britain

EU urges Russia's Gazprom to resume Ukraine gas flows

EU to tell other countries - Take refugees or face visa caps




Merkel to press Ukraine peace talks after Russian election

Facebook Post Pushes Norway Government to Brink of Collapse

Failed Afghan asylum seeker is arrested in Germany for killing his girlfriend because she refused to convert to Islam

Merkel: time for new government to get to work

Merkel, Macron delay plan to present euro zone reforms

German Lufhansa boss says teaching UK a lesson over Brexit might be a good thing

Germany's new health minister Jens Spahn defends food bank's move to bar foreigners

Germany: PYD/PKK supporters post mosque attack footage





France calls Skripal poisoning 'disgusting attack,' warns of 'firm' response

'I didn’t fight against French Algeria to accept an Algerian France': Bardot slams modern-day France

Le Pen seeks party rebranding into ‘National Rally’ to better appeal to French voters

Emmanuel Macron wants France to replace Britain as India's 'gateway to Europe'

France signs deals worth $16 billion in India; to deepen defense, security ties

France gears up for next wave of asset sales

Steve Bannon tells French far-right 'history is on our side'

Hundreds of Demonstrators Protest in Pro-Kurdish Rally in Paris

France, Where Age of Consent Is Up for Debate



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Erdogan: Syria’s Afrin city center ‘entirely under control,’ Kurds ‘fled’

‘We were about to die’: E. Ghouta civilians say militants used them as human shields & barred escape

Over 48,000 Syrians evacuated from Eastern Ghouta - reconciliation center

Syrian War For Dummies - Three Versions

Syrian army captures key rebel stronghold in Eastern Ghouta as 12,500 civilians evacuate

U.S. Military Helicopter Crashes Near Syrian Border In Iraq, Fatalities Reported

U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria

Shadowy Terrorist Group Emerges in Iraq



Interesting Developments

Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Rebranded As "Social Media"

Pfizer CEO Gets 61% Pay Raise as Drug Prices Skyrocket

Virgin Mary ‘apparition’ attracts hundreds to German town

Restaurant Patrons Fight Back Against Cop As He Savagely Beats Autistic 12yo Girl “UFC-Style”

The Cambridge Analytica Files  - ‘I created Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower

John F Kennedy's 'lost' speech after assassination recreated by sound engineers

Ohio Student Suspended for Staying in Class During Walkouts

Excessive drinking can kill you -- and claims the lives of an estimated 88,000 Americans per year, according to a first-of-its-kind study




Israeli fighter jets strike Hamas post in Gaza

Israeli Drones Tear-Gas Gaza Protesters in Latest Unmanned Weapons ‘Experiment’

Chaos in the Knesset: Netanyahu’s Coalition on the Verge of Shattering

Hezbollah Deputy Chief Pledges to Counter US, Israel Attacks on Lebanon

Israeli soldiers pose as news crew to abduct student leader from West Bank university

Palestinians to hold 1st leadership meeting in decade on April 30

U.S. and IDF troops, in major joint drill, simulating battle on 3 fronts

Israel Accused Of Illegally Spraying Toxic Herbicides On Palestinian Farms, Destroying Their Food

Netanyahu to talk with Trump about attending embassy opening

Police to Question Netanyahu Friday as Possible Suspect in Telecom-giant Bribery Case




‘US won’t even sell us rifles’: Turkey’s FM explains purchase of Russian S-400 air-defense systems

Turkey sees Cyprus gas search as a threat if not agreed with Turkish Cypriots

Turkey wants to walk with Africa: Erdogan

US embassy in Turkey to be closed over 'security threat'

Turkish court detains Greek soldiers held after crossing border

Who Is Saleh Muslim? Turkey's Hunt Spreads to Europe

Erdogan sparks outrage after telling crying girl she will be honored if she is 'martyred' after spotting her in a military uniform

Turkey renames US embassy street amid row over Syria operation

Erdogan threatens US with 'Ottoman slap,' says all NATO countries created equal

Breaking point? Turkey demands ‘concrete steps’ from US while Washington wavers




Saudi crown prince: If Iran develops nuclear bomb, so will we

Court in Egypt Sentences 10 People to Death for Terrorism

Leaked Emails Reveal UAE Lobbied US to Remove Tillerson for Backing Qatar

Concerns Mount in Egypt as Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam Nears Completion

South Africa

South Africa’s white farmers reportedly being murdered & tortured off their land

Zuma Faces Trial as South African Prosecutors Pursue Graft Case

Did South Africa's New President Just Guarantee An Imminent Banking Crisis?

Doctors in Kenya performed a brain surgery on the wrong patient




Iran Security Service Arrests Close Ally of Ex-President Ahmadinejad

Iran warns US not to make ‘foolish’ decisions on Syria

Rouhani: Evacuating terrorists from Ghouta is step toward security in region

Iran summons UK envoy, vows ‘decisive response’ to embassy flag incident

Iran could soon join Russia-led free trade zone

Khamenei says Iran’s regional affairs none of US business, ‘We’ll talk when we step into America’

Iran's Supreme Leader Sides With Democrats: "The Solution Is To Make Guns Illegal"

Iran says can produce higher enriched uranium in less than two days




Venezuela annual inflation exceeds 6,000 percent in Feb - National Assembly

Venezuela's Meltdown Comes At Convenient Time For OPEC

Venezuelans, Go Home: Xenophobia Haunts Refugees

U.S. mulls sanctions on Venezuela to put pressure on Maduro

Food crisis in Venezuela not just hitting humans, as shocking zoo photos reveal

"I Haven't Eaten Meat In 2 Months" - Venezuelan Oil Workers Are Collapsing From Hunger On The Job

Maduro Calls on Trump to Start Dialogue

Venezuela about to launch its ‘petro’ cryptocurrency



#SayHerName: Brazil Erupts in Protests Over Slain Human Rights Activist

Meirelles gains edge on Temer as Brazil ruling party eyes 2018 race

Bachelet Issues Sweeping New Maritime Laws For Chile As Her Term Ends

Robbers steal $5 million in airplane heist

Argentine ex-president Kirchner to be tried in Iranian cover-up case

As yellow fever spreads toward big cities, Brazil struggles to vaccinate millions

Desperate Venezuelans put dreams on hold in Brazil border camp

Brazil's top court approves controversial forestry law




Massive Cartel Money Laundering Scheme Busted; $6 Million Cash, Guns, Half-Ton Of Drugs Recovered

Mexico says progress needed before president meets Trump

Mexico City: Water cutoffs in capital worsened by sabotage

Explosives found on Mexican ferry to Cozumel, less than two weeks after a blast shook another ferry plying the same route

Ferry explosion at Playa del Carmen pier injures at least 12

Mexican Gun Control Ensures Cartels Outgun The Good Guys

Mexico Declares State of Emergency in 33 Oaxaca Municipalities Following Earthquake

Helicopter on earthquake mission crashes in Mexico, kills 13 on ground

Cracks in walls, falling ceilings & evacuations amid 7.2-magnitude Mexico quake




Cuba holds one-party vote as post-Castro era looms

Thousands of Cuban exiles are exploring an unusual option: Returning to Cuba to live

Cuba's likely next president Miguel Diaz-Canel pledges more responsive government

19 American travelers to Cuba report symptoms similar to those suffered by diplomats

Oxfam condemns staff over sex reports in earthquake-hit Haiti

Cuba on U.S. diplomats’ health attacks: No way it’s sonic weapons. Maybe it’s stress

UM doctor who examined American diplomats in Havana: Symptoms are not caused by stress

Cuban independent media say no thanks to Trump free press initiative

Cuba to exchange doctors for crude oil from Algeria

Fidel Castro's eldest son commits suicide



United Nations

United Nations Report Scolds Countries for Cannabis Legalization

BBC appeals to United Nations for first time over 'harassment' of BBC Persian journalists by Iranian authorities

Guterres calls for move from emergency aid to long-term assistance

ICC to open separate initial examinations of Philippines ‘war on drugs;’ Venezuela protests

Pakistan raises Kashmir in United Nations Security Council, asks for review of 1948 resolution

UN agency asks Arab nations for funds after US aid cut

Guterres issues worldwide ‘red alert’ instead of appealing for ‘world peace’ yet again

Indonesia’s Hard-Line Muslims Push Ban on Unmarried and Gay Sex




Abe Political Scandal Widens Amid Cover Up Attempt, Suicide

Shinzo Abe's political future in doubt as wife linked to cronyism scandal

Japan tells South Korea it wants abduction issue resolved in North Korea talks

Abe U.S. trip aimed at aligning on N. Korea - PM wary of Japan being left out of talks

Abe Lauds North Korea Denuclearization Offer

TEPCO Admits Fukushima-Radiation-Blocking "Ice Wall" Is Failing

Japan Appoints First Woman to Command Navy Warship Squadron

Japan Secretly Designed Destroyers as F-35-Loaded Aircraft Carriers

Japan Erects Huge New Roof Above Crippled Fukushima Reactor

Final version of mega Pacific trade deal dumps rules the US wanted



India And Pakistan: Inching Toward Their Final War?

Nepal air crash: 49 dead as plane veers off Kathmandu runway

Car Crashes Into School in Eastern India, Killing 9 Pupils

WW3 fears after gunfire erupts at Indian posts 'attacked' by Pakistan


Pakistan tight-lipped on Saudi Arabia troop mission

Afghan president slams Pakistan for harboring Taliban

No Way, Sharif: Former Pakistan PM Disqualified from Leading His Party

Jordan's king arrives in Pakistan for talks with officials




Turnbull meets Myanmar leader Suu Kyi, to raise human rights concerns

Duterte slammed the EU-backed International Criminal Court as a bunch of 'white idiots'

Malcolm Turnbull denies swapping military cooperation for US trade favours

Duterte goes to war with UN as he threatens to throw rights team to the crocodiles

Strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake hits off Papua New Guinea

Philippines, Honduras Are Embracing RFID Technology To Track Citizens' Movements

‘Not in a million years’: Duterte says ICC has no jurisdiction over him in drug war probe

Australia opposes clemency for Indonesia's radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir

USGS: Major Quakes Hit Papua New Guinea

Indonesian Christians flogged outside of mosque for violating sharia law







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