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Putin Orders “Massive Response” After Alien Space Fleet Spotted Over Japan

Queen Elizabeth II Orders Horror Plane Shootdown In 9/11 Cover-Up

US Marine “Jesus Killers” Hit Team Arrested In Austria

The Assassination Is Going To Happen…The Only Question Is Whose?

Jade Helm-15 War Exercise Assassinates First Alien Target

The Full Scale And Horror Of It All Is Nearly Incomprehensible

Real “Game Of Thrones” Climatic Battle Set To Begin

Obama Warns Putin “Israel Is Next” After Historic Iran Nuke Agreement

“Ley Line Surge” Explodes Rhode Island Beach, Kills 23 Russian Troops

US Special Forces Alerted After Nazi Revolt In Ukraine Stuns Obama Regime

American Cops Gone Wild: Domestic Terrorist Edition



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Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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August 3, 2015



United States

Obama To Announce The 'Biggest, Most Important Step' So Far On Climate

Obama on Medicare, Medicaid: ‘These Programs Aren’t in Crisis’

Trump Says Americans Won’t Vote For Another Black President Because Obama Was So Bad

Obama Appointee And Bundler Blocks More Video Releases By Group Behind Planned Parenthood Sting

U.S. Democrats see 'fire wall' holding to preserve Iran deal

Sixty people give one third of all 2016 campaign cash

Bomb blasts outside two New Mexico churches disrupt Sunday services

Memphis police officer killed; suspect identified

Thunderstorms kill one, wreak havoc around Chicago

Northern California wildfire grows, closes two highways

Stephen Harper triggers election campaign




Putin promises protection for ancient Crimea ruins

Putin, Erdogan to Discuss Turkish Stream Impasse

The unlikely political return of Putin’s nemesis

Snowden 2.0: Japanese Journalist Lives in Moscow Airport, Wants Russian Citizenship

Opposition Leader Calls Out Lavish Watch At Dimitry Peskov's Wedding

Security Forces Battle Gunmen in Nalchik, Caucasus

Anti-Terrorist Committee says they have killed eight suspected Isis members in North Caucasus

Civic Chamber Launches Hotline on ISIL Related Issues

Fears grow as Ukraine rightwing militia puts Kiev in its sights

Ukraine police put 11 DPR ministers on wanted list

U.S. Tries to Stir Ethnic Division in Crimea




China elevates UN events, downplays Obama meeting for Xi visit

Xi Jinping taking graft busts to villages

No-shows likely for China’s World War II parade amid rising tensions with West, neighbors

China will expand medical insurance to alleviate 'poverty by illness'

China expands its maritime militia in S. China Sea

China freezes U.S. fund Citadel's account in war on stock speculation

Shaolin abbot under investigation after sex and fraud claims surface online

China manufacturing shrinks at fastest rate in two years

Major protest brews as Hong Kong jails woman for 'breast assault' on police officer

Regional powers to meet in Malaysia as N. Korea defends nukes

North Korea installing cover at launch site in bid to evade surveillance

United Kingdom           

​​Calais deputy mayor warns Cameron they will tear up border control agreement as UK and France call for international help

Cameron under fire over 'absurd' Tory peerage for lingerie tycoon

Mob of 200 migrants storm the Calais entrance of the Channel Tunnel

Immigration Bill: Landlords must evict failed asylum seekers

Bin Laden plane crash: aircraft went down in near perfect conditions

Barclays and Britain wave goodbye to the big time

SNP claims tax credit changes will make 346,000 children in Scotland worse off

Roma community in Ireland marks the ‘forgotten Holocaust’



European Union

Tsipras Battling on All Sides Finds No Solace in Greek Economy

Key players doubt Greek rescue plan has a chance

Greek shares 'set to plunge 20%' as stock exchange reopens

US economist Galbraith denies being part of 'criminal gang' over secret Plan B for Greece 

Greek statistics chief steps down as bailout talks under way

Italy coast guard rescues 1,800 sea migrants, five found dead

Executives of Italy’s oil giant ENI in Tehran on Tuesday

MEPs call for thaw in EU-Russia relations




Merkel's conservatives set sights on absolute majority

Parliamentarians to Discuss Visit to Crimea

Guinea asylum seeker reported shot by police at Bonn refugee center

Intelligence chief defends charges against Netzpolitik reporters

Germany rules former Nazi suspect unfit for trial

Switzerland central bank announces 51 billion dollars loss in six months

Swiss Border Town Hit by Franc as Shoppers Defect to Germany

Scandinavian housing bubbles spark financial stability fears





MH370 investigators to meet in France ahead of debris analysis

Ministers leave for holiday but promise to stay on duty

Calais migrants abandon plans for life in UK and start learning French

Saudi Arabian king leaves France after holiday controversy

French farmers have Hollande's support

Hollande Invites Iran’s Rouhani to Visit France

Migrant Crisis Continues at U.K.-France Border

Hollande Gambles on Jobs Growth for 2nd Term Bid



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

​​U.S. to Defend New Syria Force From Assad Regime

Kurdish villagers under fire in PKK-controlled Iraq say Turkey is 'no different from Isis'

U.S. reports 24 strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria 

Ron Paul: US Military-Industrial Complex Needs Russia as an Enemy

Yemen Houthi leader tells men to fight on, dismisses loss of Aden

Iraq's Kurdistan laments caught in middle of Turkey-PKK fight

Mission Creep in Syria

Who’s who in the fight against ISIL in northern Syria



Interesting Developments

A Killer on the Loose

Recent Dead Sea Earthquake Ushering In End of Days Prophecy

Washington’s Fifth Columns Inside Russia and China

Cellphone Radiation Can Cause Cancer 

Alien in Chelyabinsk: 2,000 year old skeleton with cone head dug up at Russian Stonehenge

Japan claims to have fired the most powerful laser ever created

World Explodes over Dead Lion, Ignores Planned Parenthood

US Military Will Test a New Terrifyingly Loud Noise Gun

Obama's Best Friend? Jon Stewart's Secret White House Visits Revealed



Netanyahu vows 'zero tolerance' for Jewish extremists after deadly attacks

Netanyahu delays cabinet meeting due to differences among coalition regarding proposed cutbacks

Israel wants U.S. to release Pollard but not as compensation for Iran deal

Dozens of Palestinians clash with Israel Police at Temple Mount

Netanyahu, Abbas speak for first time in 13 months

Israel Security Establishment Breaks With Bibi on Iran Deal

Israel introduces controversial 20-year jail sentences for stone throwing

Netanyahu continues to attack Iran deal, charging it "risks the world"




Erdoğan visits Pakistan as part of official Asia tour to boost ties

Erdogan in China amid Uighur tensions

Erdogan’s shift on Islamic State linked to Kurdish gains in Syria

Davutoglu says no plans for ground troops in Syria

Turkey’s new “war on terror” mainly targeting Kurds

Erdogan’s daughter heads secret ISIS hospital

President Erdoğan to visit Cyprus amid new talks

Health Ministry staff under investigation for insulting Erdoğan



Kerry says Egypt-U.S. ties restored despite human rights concerns

US-Saudi alliance stays strong after Iran nuclear deal

Egypt Prolongs Emergency State in North Sinai Until October 2015

Fire kills dozens in Egypt factory

New Suez Canal Mega-Project Greets The First Three Container Ships

Military Says Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Troops in Sinai

Obama visit highlights Ethiopia's role in fighting Islamic terrorists

Egypt, Saudi Arabia affirm support of Yemeni government ‘legitimacy’ in Cairo talks




Supreme Leader continues anti-US propaganda, publishes picture of Obama with gun to head

Iran wants Gulf nations' cooperation

Iran Accuses Bahrain Of Stoking Tensions In Gulf

Rouhani Defends Nuclear Deal as New Page in History

Iran eyes $185 billion oil and gas projects after sanctions

Iraq ambassador says Iran Offered Iraq 'Open Check' in ISIS Fight

Supreme Leader says Iran is hostile to US despite deal 

Tehran turns down Berlin’s request to recognize Israel




Maduro angers Spain by calling PM a 'hitman'

Beer shortages loom in Venezuela as troops occupy Caracas warehouse

Maduro: U.S. looking to stir up chaos in Latin America

Tricky negotiations in the wake of the Cuba thaw

Venezuelan Opposition Announces Single-Ballot Strategy

UN experts denounce televised reprisals against human rights defenders in Venezuela

Venezuelan farmers ordered to hand over produce to state

Venezuela bans another opposition politician from holding office




Operation Condor still in effect to impeach Dilma Rousseff

Brazil slashes fiscal savings' goals for 2015 and 2016 on plunging tax revenue

Peru to make 'first contact' with isolated Amazon tribe

Brazil corruption probe extends to ex-president Lula da Silva

Brazil’s House Leader Says He’s Not Trying to Create ‘Chaos’

Argentina opposition set to win Buenos Aires mayoral vote

Rousseff Says Government Won't Change Fiscal Target




Poverty rises under President Pena Nieto

President Nieto Involved in a New Corruption Scandal

U.S. outsources its migrant problem - to Mexico

Guatemala Ex-Dictator Sent for Observation, Delaying Genocide Trial

Escaped Drug Lord “El Chapo” Helped by Mexican Government

El Chapo Guzman will be Mexican President Pena Nieto's legacy

7 prison guards, officials arrested in connection to Chapo Guzman jailbreak




Cuba tones down anti-U.S. rhetoric on revolution's main holiday

US-Cuba Normalizing Relations - Fidel Castro Now a Prophet?

Cuban dissidents feel sidelined as US focuses on state ties

Raul Castro: Cuba is ready to peacefully coexist with the United States

With Hemingway there in spirit, Cuba prepares to open its embassy

Germany's Steinmeier  in Cuba to try to kickstart ties



United Nations

UN Warns Myanmar Flood Toll to Rise as Rains Lash Region

Obama, Putin, Rouhani, Xi and Hollande to address UN on same day

UN Aid Chief Warns of 'Devastating' Toll in South Sudan War

UN rights experts on use of mercenaries weigh ‘increasing activity’ of foreign fighters

Kerry: U.N. has the right to vote on Iran deal before Congress

UN Security Council to Vote Monday Morning on Iran Deal




Shinzo Abe Uses Paper Cutouts to Sell His Security Reforms on Japanese TV

Ex-PM slams Abe government on security Bills

Land of mutant daisies: Flowers grow strangely near site of Fukushima

Tokyo To Challenge China on Fiery Cross Reef

Abe's support rate plummets after defense bills pass lower house

Russian authorities detain Hokkaido fishing boat for overfishing

Mitsubishi Apologizes For Using U.S. POWs As Forced Labor In WWII

Japan Moves to Allow Military Combat for First Time in 70 Years

Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano says South China Sea surveillance possible

Japan Likely To Bolster Naval Missile Defense




Indian gangs found trafficking women from earthquake-hit Nepal

Modi praises speech demanding reparations from Britain

Shashi Tharoor demands reparation payments from UK for colonial rule

Modi Faces Dissent From Within on India Labor Laws Overhaul


Spy Agency ISI Tried to Tap Global Web Traffic

India, Pakistan trade heavy fire in Jammu district along LoC

Pakistan using technology to keep eye on India

Pakistan warns India, says can use nuclear weapons if needed



MH370 Search: Reunion Beachcombers Sift Through Scrap for Signs of Jet

Queensland shaken by eight earthquakes since Thursday

MH370 investigators evacuated as Reunion Island volcano set to erupt

Abbott's Climate Change Policy Slammed By British MP

Abbott says Australian flag will need changing if Northern Territory becomes state

Aussie man ‘forced to fight for ISIL’ returning home from Syria today

Tony Abbott backs Mike Baird's call to raise GST to 15%

Abbott says Bronwyn Bishop on probation after claiming $5000 for a helicopter ride

Suspected asylum seeker boat sighted off West Australia











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