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Russian Disease Expert Talks To US Intel Expert About Coronavirus In Iran—She Gets Thrown Into Spanish Prison, He Gets Bullet In Head

ANTIFA Terrorists Cripple Canadian Rail System As Train Derailment Attacks Begin Striking America

Moscow Prepares To Fire “Operative Trump” For Not Aiding Russian Invasion Of Ireland

He Stole Our Candy” Crying Democrats Know End Is Near As Trump Revenge Onslaught Accelerates

Populist Superstorm Slams Into Oregon And Britain On Same Day As End Nears For Global Leftist Forces

Over 250,000 US Combat Forces Deployed As “Something So Big In Play It’s Going To Shock The Conscience of the Nation” Revelation Nears

KatyDid” Ends Democrat Reign Of Terror As Impeachment Enters “Game Over” Phase

The Dangerous Evil Boredom Leading America To Ruin


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Sister Maria Theresa is the 73rd Sorcha Faal of the Sorcha Faal Order, Elected as Mother Superior 3 February 2007

 “Conspiracy theorists concentrate their time on transmuting the "base matter" of current events, official stories, propaganda and public relations into the gleaming golden truth buried within. They do this through the very right-brained activity of uncovering and inventing connections between disparate elements.

They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped—And Some Scientists Think We Wouldn’t Want To Even If We Could


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Sorcha Faal Belongs To A Cabal Of Ashkenazim Jewish Women From 1290 A.D.  


Sorcha Faal Belongs To A Zionist Jewish Criminal Syndicate  


Sorcha Faal Is A Misinformation Agent For The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SVR   


Sorcha Faal Works Within The Central Intelligence Agency In COINTELPRO


Sorcha Faal Is Part Of Russian State Propaganda Effort 


Sorcha Faal Used By DHS To Compile Report On Right Wing Extremism


Sorcha Faal Colludes With Team Trump


Sorcha Faal Is Information Warfare Site For British MI6, Mossad and CIA  


Sorcha Faal Is Part of Putin Troll Army


Sorcha Faal Is Part Of Kremlin-White House Lie Machine 


Sorcha Faal Link Says Proves US Broadcaster Sean Hannity Is Russian Spy


Sorcha Faal Called Right Wing By Guardian Newspaper For Aiding Judge Kavanaugh


How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations


American 2020 Death Toll Update:           0 Americans Killed By Terror    186 Americans Killed By Their Own Police

                                                                                   9 American Police Murdered       2 American Police Dogs Killed

American 2015-2019 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 5,304     Americans Killed By Terror: 271

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State? US Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As They Say They Were Scared


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Top World News Now                 

February 24, 2020



United States

Trump heads to India, where massive rally and Taj Mahal visit await

Judge Amy Berman Jackson denies Roger Stone's motion to disqualify her

401(k) Millionaires Surge To Record Level Under Trump

‘Don’t let them take it away from you!’ Trump congratulates ‘Crazy Bernie’ Sanders projected to win big in Nevada

Bernie Sanders Projected as Winner of Nevada Democratic Caucus

Chris Matthews Melts Down – Compares Commie Bernie Sanders Winning Nevada to France Falling to the Nazis in 1940 (VIDEO)

Biden Has Claimed Several Times He Was Arrested In South Africa While Trying To Visit Nelson Mandela

State Department Employee in Japan Ignored President Trump’s Orders and Allowed Americans with Coronavirus to Fly Back to the US

Judge blocks health officials from moving 50 patients with coronavirus to California city

U.S. Marines and Navy Prepare to Execute Pandemic Plan As Questions Resurface About Coronavirus Origin

Roger Stone’s defense team moved to force the recusal of Judge Amy Berman Jackson from the case for bias




Erdogan, Putin, Merkel and Macron to Meet March 5 on Idlib

Ryabkov - US embarks on dangerous game simulating nuclear strike on Russia

Eight Russians evacuated from Diamond Princess return home

Putin & Erdogan to ‘intensify contacts’ over Syria, but no sign of peace in Idlib yet

Kremlin Spokesman Criticizes Political Scientists for Always Making Putin 'Retired'

Russia grants $500,000 for UN project to upset weapons supplies to terrorists

Nowhere In Sight: Drive for rule of law falters 9 months into Zelensky’s presidency

Top police official investigates journalists exposing his wealth

Merkel, Macron Tell Putin They Are Ready to Facilitate Northwestern Syria De-Escalation Efforts

Putin says terrorist threat should be neutralized while observing Syria's sovereignty

Putin’s interview for TASS caused by interest in summing up his 20 years at helm - Kremlin




Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases Live Map

"Big Hit" – Xi Warns Of Economic Fallout From Covid-19 Outbreak

Chinese Scientists Find Coronavirus Did Not Originate In Wuhan Seafood Market

"Crazy Amount Of Requests:" Private Jet Demand Soars As Elites Flee Asia Amid Pandemic

It Begins: Samsung Shutters Smartphone Factory In South Korea After Virus Outbreak

"It's More Profitable Than Growing Crops" - Coronavirus Outbreak Threatens To Put China's Wildlife Traffickers Out Of Business

China's 'Fake' Coronavirus Numbers Exposed: Doctor In Hunan Confirms 50 New Cases, Only One Reported

Xi chairs leadership meeting on COVID-19 control, economic development

Researchers Find 61.5% Of Coronavirus Patients With Severe Pneumonia Won't Survive

Hundreds Of Animals Drop Dead In China After Being Poisoned By Virus Disinfectant

Covid-19 Triggers Global Luxury Bust



United Kingdom           

Boris Johnson clashes with Whitehall's most powerful civil servant

BBC licence fee backlash: Boris Johnson urged to hold referendum on broadcaster’s future

UK Court: Sharia Marriages Not Valid Under English Law

Pay creeps higher than it was in pre-financial crash 2008 with the rise in the average wage ending a 12-year squeeze on workers

HSBC cuts bonuses and warns its investment bank will take a hefty proportion of the around 35,000 job cuts

Boris Johnson adviser quits over race and eugenics controversy

Brexit negotiator tells Brussels 'UK must be able to set its own laws'

John Bercow claims bullying accusers are ‘snobs and bigots’ in latest angry attack

Labour leadership hopeful says she would vote to abolish the monarchy



European Union

Austria stops passenger train traffic from and to Italy amid coronavirus panic

Italy becomes Europe’s largest coronavirus hot spot with 76 cases & 2 deaths

EU poised to create massive transatlantic facial-recognition database, link with US

Italy locks down TEN towns after 1st coronavirus death as cases jump to 17

Swedish MP Warns of 'Arabisation' as Arabic Becomes Main Language in Some Preschools

Coronavirus Empties European Cities of Chinese Tourists

Here’s How the EU Could Tax Carbon Around the World

European Union rejects Mark Zuckerberg's offer on regulating online content

Amid protests, Greece suspends migrants detention plan




Germans say far-right MORE DANGEROUS than Islamists, but is Merkel’s shaky government there to take on growing threat?

German Conservatives Fire Starting Gun In Race To Succeed Merkel

Shooting spree at TWO hookah bars in German city of Hanau leaves at least 8 dead

Hanau shooting suspect found dead at home with another body nearby

Erfurt, Germany: 20,000 demonstrate against fascism

Germany rejects proposed law to naturalize Jews who fled Nazis

Suspect in Norway mosque attack charged with terror

AfD vows to take Merkel to COURT over ‘abuse of office’

Zero-emission champion Tesla allowed to keep building Europe’s 1st Gigafactory by... sweeping out woods near Berlin




‘We can’t have Turkish laws on French soil’: Macron vows to fight foreign imams preaching ‘Islamist separatism’

Macron ‘broke the nuclear taboo’: Poland rebuffs France’s play for European independence from US

Macron's pension reform plan introduced to parliament amid protests

Russian Artist Broke Unwritten Rule in France: Don’t Expose Politicians’ Sex Lives

Ski resort in France uses helicopters to deliver snow, angering environmental groups

With UK out, Macron unveils 'nuclear weapons doctrine' with France leading an EU army

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner reveals that in 2019 the French government closed down two radical mosques and placed another 63 under surveillance

Chinese tourist dies in France, becomes first coronavirus fatality in Europe



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Five things to know about emerging US, Taliban peace deal

Syria Stands As A Mega-Embarrassment For America  

"Biggest Humanitarian Horror Story Of The 21st Century": Up To A Million Refugees Trying To Flee Idlib

US, Taliban Agree to Week-Long Truce in Afghanistan

Turkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops

In Surprise Flip, Turkey Asks US For Patriot Missiles "To Deter" Russia In Idlib

Erdogan Holds Surprise Meeting With Libyan GNA’s Sarraj in Istanbul

Russian Su-24 Planes Strike Pro-Turkish Terrorists, Allowing Syrian Army to Repel Attacks


Interesting Developments

Flat-Earther ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes killed in crash-landing after homemade rocket launch

In 2020, More People are Enslaved on Earth Than Ever Before in Human History

iMask? Companies Race To Build Next-Gen Facewear To Block Germs

American Adults Have More Than $20 Billion In Unused Gift Cards, Study Finds

Half Of Undelivered 737 MAX Jets Inspected Have 'Debris' Found In Fuel Tanks

“Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Float Makes Mardi Gras Parade — With Trove of Epstein Actors in Orange Jump Suits and Nooses (VIDEO)

Babylon Bee - Pigeon Wearing MAGA Hat Attacked By Pigeon Antifa

Poop, Screams and Divebombing Birds: Miami has a Peacock Problem

Ohio Court Tells Christian Professor To Use Trans Pronouns Or Get Fired




Israel carries out air raids against terrorist targets in Syria & Gaza

Blue and White Party’s Gantz Denies Wrongdoing Amid Investigation Reports

Netanyahu “Optimistic” Israel Can Use Political Pressure To Shut Down ICC War Crimes Probe

Defense Chief - Israel To Step Up "Offensive Action" - Will Turn Syria Into "Iranian Vietnam"

Palestinians seek alternatives to U.S. peace plan to resolve conflict with Israel

Settlers to Netanyahu: If you want our votes, apply sovereignty now

Iran FM phones Abbas to discuss US peace deal

US envoy warns Washington could pull support as Israel unilaterally starts drawing map for West Bank annexations




Several dead, 1000+ collapsed buildings after earthquake rocks eastern Turkey

Turkey grows erratic as clashes in Idlib escalate

Turkey to Face Charges Over 2017 Embassy Clash During Erdogan’s DC Visit

Two avalanches in Turkey kill victims and rescue team trying to recover them - 38 dead  more still missing

Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 Crash-Lands At Istanbul Airport

NEW earthquake hits already quake-devastated E. Turkish province

Turkey Moves Toward Passage Of Controversial "Marry Your Rapist" Law

Turkey earthquake: 18 dead and buildings collapse after powerful quake




Saudi FM: No meeting planned with Netanyahu, Palestine policy ‘firm’

H5N8: Saudi Arabia reports outbreak of HIGHLY pathogenic bird flu virus

Gunmen blow up gas pipeline between Egypt & Israel

South Africa

‘Nothing Left to Harvest’: African Farmers Face Locust Devastation

Study: China Is Selling Kenya Fish Poisoned with Mercury, Lead, Pesticides

Sudan Says It Agrees to Compensate Families of U.S.S. Cole Bombing




Iran's Hardliners Win Landslide Victory In Low Turn-Out Parliamentary Elections

More coronavirus cases in Iran's Qom as religious gatherings seen at risk

Supreme Leader Tweets "Wealthy Zionists" Control America Amid Push To Get Him Banned From Twitter

US sanctions Iranian officials involved in vetting election candidates

U.S., Iran use Swiss as go-between to negotiate release of Americans held in Iran

Head Of Iran's IRGC Operations In Syria Killed Near Aleppo

US Treasury Formalizes Channel For Continued Humanitarian Aid To Iran




Venezuela Stages Massive Live-Fire War Drill Amid Invasion Threats

Venezuela to sue US at ICC

Maduro warns opposition leader’s arrest ‘will come’

Venezuela's PDVSA to unload $57 million oil cargo disputed by rival Citgo boards

‘Murderer!’ Protests and fights erupt as Guaido arrives at Venezuelan airport, gets booed and DOUSED with water (VIDEOS)

Maduro Embraces Capitalism and Venezuelan Emigres Are Returning

US Special Envoy: Any Move Against Venezuela's Guaido Will Be ‘Mistake’ for Maduro Regime

Pompeo, Guaido Pledge to Redouble Efforts to Oust Maduro




Two Years After Handing It The Biggest Ever Bailout Loan, IMF Finds Argentina Debt Levels Are "Unsustainable"

Bolsonaro militarizes his inner Cabinet

Brazilian Judge Rejects Criminal Charges Against Journalist Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald Responds To 'Grave And Obvious Attack On Free Press' Following Charges

Brazil Charges Glenn Greenwald With Cybercrimes

In "Spectacular" Jail Break, 75 Prisoners Including 6 Contract Killers Flee Paraguay Jail Through Tunnel

Brazilian Culture Secretary Resigns Over Allusion to Goebbels




Mexico To Unload Presidential Jet, Sells $80 Million Of Raffle Tickets To Super Rich

Earthquake of 5.1 magnitude rocks Mexico's south-west

Pablo Escobar’s hitman Popeye dies of cancer at 57, showing little remorse for his killings

4 children among 9 killed in attack on arcade in Michoacán

Two monarch butterfly activists found dead in Mexico

Mexico begins flying, busing migrants back to Honduras

Migrants Scuffle with Police as Caravan Reaches Mexico's Southern Border




Puerto Rico Government Loses $2.6 Million In Phishing Scam

7.7 Mag Earthquake Hits Caribbean – Shaking Felt in Miami – Roads Cracked in Caymans

Puerto Rican Protesters Bring A Guillotine To Governor’s Mansion

The US is pushing Latin American allies to send their Cuban doctors packing

Puerto Rico's former housing secretary claims governor knew about unused aid

US sharply reduces flights to Cuba

Puerto Rico's emergency services director fired after supplies from Hurricane Maria discovered  in warehouse



United Nations

WHO Holds Secret Talks With Tech Giants To Stop Spread of Coronavirus “Misinformation”

Coronavirus declared global health emergency by WHO after 1st person-to-person US case reported

UN Body Rules Climate Threats Are Grounds For Seeking Asylum

Half Central African Republic population needs humanitarian aid: UN

UN Security Council passes resolution on extending cross-border aid to Syria

UN to meet on Libya as Turkey deploys troops to back Tripoli government



2 passengers from coronavirus-hit cruise ship in Japan die as countries rush to evacuate citizens

Thousands Ordered To Work From Home As Experts Warn Japan Is "On The Cusp Of A Large Outbreak"

Japan to step up efforts on coronavirus testing, containment after first death

Japan Releases First 500 'Diamond Princess' Passengers As 14-Day Quarantine Ends

Japan Unexpectedly Reports Terrible GDP As It Slides Into Recession

Health Minister Confirms First Coronavirus Death in Country

Another 41 on cruise liner off Japan have new coronavirus

People on Virus-Hit Cruise Ship Stranded Off Japan Ordered to Stay in Cabins

The Ship Has Literally Sailed: Carnival Admits To Coronavirus Case 6 Days After Cruise

Japanese Bus Driver Who Drove Chinese Tourists In December Comes Down with Virus




Indian Security Forces Killed 2 Lashkar-e-Taiba Terrorists in Kashmir

Modi Orders Wall Built To Hide Poverty-Ridden Slums From Donald Trump

Coronavirus: India Offering Medical Equipment, Medicine to China as 'Goodwill Gesture'


As Foreigners Flee China, Pakistan Tells Its Citizens to Stay

Imran Khan Promises In-Depth Probe as Skyrocketing Food Prices Hit Pakistan Hard

Coronavirus: Pakistani Student Seeking Government Help in Wuhan Posts Video of Indian Student Evacuation




Fires in New South Wales contained for the first time since Australia's fire season began

Australian Soldiers Using Breaks to Care for Koalas Displaced by Fires

Australia extends ban on visitors from China

Whistleblower lawyer represents whistleblower in Australia

Coronavirus: what life is like inside an Australian quarantine camp after being trapped in Wuhan

Australia Declares Emergency in Canberra as Forecast Warns of Acute Bushfire Threat

‘End that son of a b*tch’: Duterte confirms US-Philippines military collaboration agreement is toast

Scientists hail game changer as version of coronavirus grown in laboratory







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