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Top Russian Spy Boris Nemtsov Gunned Down In Moscow

Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

One Million Ukraine Soldiers Flee To Russia After Thousands Die In Key Battle

Kremlin In Shock After Obama Abandons Hundreds Of US Troops In Ukraine

Top US Newsman Brian Williams “Destroyed”, 3 Others Killed Over Obama 9/11 Fears

David Icke 2015: The Truth About 911




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Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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March 2, 2015



United States

Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Jets If They Attacked Iran

Obama, Netanyahu On Collision Course 6 Years In The Making

Anti-Israel Divestment Push Gains Traction at US Colleges

Rand Paul Wins the CPAC Straw Poll

Google Moves To Shut Down Alternative Media By Ranking Sites On “Facts” Rather Than Popularity

Obamacare challenge heads to Supreme Court

The backdoor move to ban AR-15 ammunition

Mysterious booms shake Washington state community

US Seeks to Deport 150 Bosnians Over War Crimes

Dow Bets $6 Billion That US Fracking Boom Will Last Another Decade

NSA spying program renewed ahead of congressional showdown



Putin approval rating soars to 86%

March to mourn Nemtsov moves towards crime scene

Opposition leader Nemtsov’s murder caught on CCTV camera (VIDEO)

Witness Describes Killer of Russian Politician Boris Nemtsov

Russia warns it is ready to repel any nuke strike, retaliate

US Mulls Replacement for Ukraine President Poroshenko

Ukraine is heading for a total economic collapse

Ukraine unofficially has 272 percent inflation

Alaska flights canceled over ash from Russian volcano

The divine purposes of America and Russia



Xi urges the promotion of good values

Top Chinese diplomat backs Putin and says West should 'abandon zero-sum mentality'

South Korea says North Korea fires two missiles into sea

Is fascist America ready for total war against Russia and China?

China's Neighbors Bulk Up Militaries

US Navy Says that China Now Has More Attack Submarines than they do

China Cuts Interest Rates to Stimulate Slowing Economy

China removes top US tech firms from government purchasing list

The US Doesn't Like It When China Wants To Build Encryption Backdoors

China censorship sweep deletes more than 60,000 Internet accounts


United Kingdom

Cameron says 'callous murder' of Boris Nemtsov must be rapidly investigated

Cameron Defends UK Security Services Over ‘Jihadi John’

Sir John Sawers, ex-MI6 chief, warns of Russia 'danger'

UK govt figures wrangle over 'hate preachers' law

UK anti-Islamic Pegida rally met with thousands at counter-protests in Newcastle

UK weather: Britain on course for sunniest winter since 1929 – but also one of the wettest too

Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman clashes with UK over North Sea plan


European Union

Humiliated Greece eyes Byzantine pivot as crisis deepens

Tens of thousands of migrants flock to EU door at Hungary's border

EU’s plan for an energy union would call Putin’s bluff

EU-Russia-Ukraine gas talks to be held on Monday

BBC's apocalyptic drama about the tragedy of an EU break-up is condemned as 'scaremongering propaganda'

EU Requests France Adopt Additional Budget-Deficit Cuts


Merkel to Visit Japan on March 9-10

Germany, Rest of Europe Proves Lack of Backbone

Germany Trusts Greece to Fulfill Bailout Terms

Police in Germany's Bremen heighten security citing possible Islamist threat

Germany is ready for the republication of Mein Kampf

How Britain covered up the friendship between Hitler & Edward VIII

Yes, investors now pay to lend Germany money


Hollande Condemns ISIS's 'Barbaric' Museum Destruction

3.2 billion euros of Egypt-French arms deal financed by loan from Paris

Madonna compares France to modern day “Nazi Germany”

The dangerous folly of trying to divide France’s Jews and Muslims

Fabricated freedoms in France

France, Britain dismiss calls to renew relations with Syria's Assad

Algerians suffering from French atomic legacy, 55 years after nuke tests


War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

How British intelligence primed both sides of the ‘terror war’

35 Killed as al-Qaeda Overruns US-Backed Syrian Rebel Bases

Islamic State fighters attack Samarra ahead of army offensive

Ukraine Military, Rebels Continue Withdrawing Heavy Arms

Heavy Clashes and Bombings Leave 97 Dead, 127 Wounded in Iraq

New Zealand troops could opt out of Iraq

US sends spy plane to patrol disputed South China Sea

Interesting Developments

The global financial system stands on the brink of second credit crisis

"This Is Just The Beginning" - Strange Events Happening At Alternative News Sites - Kill Switch Being Tested?

Chips Under Your Skin Will Keep You Connected To Your Phone, House, Car, Bank Account

Earth under the influence of Coronal Hole and High Speed Stream, which is stirring up geomagnetic storms

Insanely dangerous! Anti-gun public service announcement encourages kids to steal parents' guns and turn them in to teachers

Google Reveals Government Attempt to Scrub Alleged Prisoner Abuse



Netanyahu flies to US, as "emissary of the entire Jewish people"

'How Iran duped the West' - Israeli embassy produces mock 'New York Times' front page from future

Despite Tensions, Israel Keeps Pushing US for Massive Military Subsidies

Activists pitch tents in pre-election housing protest

Kerry pressing Abbas to hold off on anti-Israel measures before election

Corruption verdict delayed for Abbas rival Dahlan

Israeli military holds surprise West Bank drill

Palestinian killed in blast near ruined Gaza airport

Protest erupts as Herzog and Livni visit Arab town




Erdoğan again declares Egypt’s Sisi ‘illegitimate’

President Erdoğan slams Austria's controversial Islam law

President Erdoğan visits Mecca for pilgrimage

PM Davutoğlu to visit Portugal to foster bilateral ties

Turkey slams Libyan PM's ‘misleading' claims

MHP's Devlet Bahçeli accuses Erdoğan of ‘treason’ over Kurdish peace process

Kurdish rebels call disarmament move historic, want Turkey to step up reforms 

Missing UK teens seen on video in Turkey before going to Syria

PKK fighters mislead Yezidi children



Al-Sisi meets King Salman in first Saudi visit

Sisi says media attacks on Qatar reflection of public opinion

Sisi's ever-widening terrorism net

Court ruling in Egypt another setback for parliamentary elections

Egypt announces plans for new capital city amid signals of renewed Gulf ties

Crackdown on illegals in Saudi Arabia to begin next week

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi could be retried and beheaded

Saudi women react to new king

14 reasons the Qatar World Cup is going to be a disaster




Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei likely to live only two years

President Rouhani says Vienna talks helped Iran, world powers bring closer their positions

Rouhani: Iran sanctions must be lifted all at once

Rouhani urges serious economic efforts

Velayati: Lengthy talks convinced world that Iran’s nuclear work is peaceful

Iran denounces Egypt court’s ruling against Hamas

Iran ready to let Google, other internet services in

KRG, Iran to boost energy cooperation

Iran’s first plane lands in Yemen

‘Iran threat’ grows as it expands to Yemen




Maduro claims Venezuela has detained Americans for 'espionage'

Venezuela imposes mandatory visas for all US citizens, bans for Bush & Cheney

Maduro Orders U.S. Embassy in Venezuela to Slash Number of Staff

Trinidad and Tobago offer Venezuela a deal: Toilet paper in exchange for oil

Colombia High Court Convicts Uribe Aides of Illegal Spying

Uribe opens door for Santos after Kofi Annan meets both

US envoy meets FARC peace talks delegates behind closed doors

Uruguay offers landlocked Bolivia use of Atlantic port



Brazil Government Raises Payroll Tax, Rejects Higher Levies on Wealthy

Brazil consumers' power bills increase an average 23.4% as of next Monday

Brazilian police arrest fugitive cult leader from Minnesota

Supporters Rally for Embattled Argentine President Cristina Kirchner

Vast Argentine Wildfire Burns Out of Control for Almost 2 Weeks

Tabare Vazquez sworn in as Uruguay's new president

Chilean girl appeals to president to be allowed to die

Former Peru Interior Minister Urresti Charged in 1988 Journalist Killing



Peña Nieto Replaces Beleaguered Attorney General

Most-Wanted Mexican Capo Nabbed After Authorities Penetrated Security Rings

Mexico moves to save endangered porpoise

Severed Heads Found in Western Mexico

Anger protesters call Peña Nieto's bluff

Mexico Summons Uruguay's Ambassador Over 'Failed State' Comment

Mexico cuts 2014 growth forecast after surprisingly weak third-quarter

US Marshals help Mexican Marines in raids




Delegates from U.S. State, Commerce and Treasury Departments to Visit Cuba

U.S. Hopes to Reopen Cuba Embassy Ahead of Americas Summit

Is Obama contemplating unilateral action on Cuba?

Cuba Ready to Arrange Training Bases for Russia Ahead of 2016 Olympics

Spanish Foreign Minister: Visit to Cuba Is Going “Well”

Spain to relay "very concrete messages" from U.S. to Cuba

Bay of Pigs Vet, Families Seek Billions From Cuba

Cuba to Release Cholera Vaccine by 2015


United Nations

47 already dead in Madagascar plague outbreak

United Nations Urges North Korea Prosecutions

Ebola death toll rises to 5459; Cuban doctor 'stable'

WHO declares end of separate Ebola outbreak in Congo

Ban Ki-moon Calls for Establishment of Support Mission in Ebola-Hit Mali

U.N. blacklists Libya's Ansar al-Sharia, involved in Benghazi attack

Pentagon: US Anti-Ebola Military Effort May Last Over 6 Months

Doctor who treated source of second Mali Ebola outbreak dies



Tepco fails to halt toxic water inflow at Fukushima No. 1 trenches

Prime Minister Abe Heads Into Election With Wide Lead

Survivors Pulled From Ruins After Quake in Japan

Japan-based NGO Peace Boat sets sail from Yokohama

Abe-Putin ties key to territorial issue

Japan raises military profile in naval war games with U.S.

Fastest train ride: Japanese whooshed at 500 kmh on maglev test ride

Millionaire with seven dead partners arrested in Japan over suspicion of poison murder

Japan to expand its Antarctic whaling area

Japan Weighs More Stimulus After Falling Into Recession




It's official (sort of): India to overtake China as fastest-growing major economy

Protests break out in Nepal as Modi reschedules Nepal tour

Home Minister: Pakistan Sponsors Terrorism in India

Rising suicide rate for Indian farmers blamed on GMO seeds


Pakistan to Have 200 Nuclear Weapons by 2020

500th Drone Strike Launched in Pakistan

Pakistan Courts Both US and Russia on Defense

Four Sentenced to Death for Pakistan 'Honor Killing'



Australia Raises A$5.7 Billion as Abbott Sells Medibank IPO

Fears Australian banks ill-prepared for housing-induced crisis

3 People Killed, 24 Injured in Philippines After Explosion

Abbott invites Ukraine leader to Australia

Abbott: Australia Is ‘Standing Up For Coal,’ Avoiding Climate Change Action

UK Tories slam Tony Abbott on climate policy

Solomon Islanders vote in first post-Ramsi election

Australia is blocking refugees registered in Indonesia. What will happen now?

Tony Abbott lauds Xi Jinping’s ‘commitment to fully democratic China’

Google to test-fly balloons which transmit internet over Australia










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