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Russia Issues Dire Warning: “Most Dangerous Time In History Now At Hand”

Top Russian Spy Boris Nemtsov Gunned Down In Moscow

Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

One Million Ukraine Soldiers Flee To Russia After Thousands Die In Key Battle

Kremlin In Shock After Obama Abandons Hundreds Of US Troops In Ukraine

Top US Newsman Brian Williams “Destroyed”, 3 Others Killed Over Obama 9/11 Fears

David Icke 2015: The Truth About 911




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Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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March 6, 2015



United States

Obama administration asks judge to speed up immigration decision

Majority of House members sign letter blasting Obama bullet ban proposal

White House to Netanyahu: You Created the Crisis, You Fix It

Opposition Growing Against ISIS War Authorization

TV ad airing in Las Vegas asks drone pilots to refuse to fly

Clinton Wants You to See Her E-Mails, Except Those She Didn't Hand Over

Delta Jetliner Skids off Snowy NYC Runway, Stops Feet From Icy Bay

State agencies mobilize after crude oil train derails and catches on fire in Illinois

FBI Ran Anti-Drug Operation Out of Chicago 'Black Site'

Canadian faces $20k fine, jail time for refusing to unlock his phone during airport check




Putin: E.Ukraine situation difficult, at least cities not being destroyed

Putin orders to deliver targeted aid to families of Ukraine mine explosion victims

Security chief: Russia to team up with Asian allies in fight with Islamic State

Kremlin will draft response to Poroshenko’s request to release Ukraine's Savchenko

Russia launches war games in disputed territories

Emergencies ministry sending its representatives to Donetsk

Russians can cross into Ukraine through international checkpoints only

Putin Calls Murder of Boris Nemtsov 'Political'

Activist Yashin Vows to Publish Nemtsov's Ukraine Findings

Snowden ‘working exhaustively’ with US to secure terms of trial



Li Keqiang tells assembly Chinese economy faces tough year ahead

Obama sought as guest for China's war parade, but China unsure about Abe

Flight route controversy: a pre-election gambit from Beijing?

Top Officials Sent on Prison Tours as Anti-Corruption Measure

New weapons to make up bulk of China's new defense budget

Knife attacker shot dead at Guangzhou railway station after nine people injured

China to speed up implementation of free trade zone strategy

North Korea's state media praises the knife attack

So. Korean Police Seek Attempted Murder Warrant for US Ambassador Attacker

Family: Canadian pastor being held in North Korea


United Kingdom  

Cameron Warns West Is Prepared to Significantly Increase Sanctions Against Russia

Terror 101: Scottish primary school kids given terrorism homework

Cameron accused over energy tariffs 

Cameron pledges 200,000 cut-price starter homes

Farage to propose new immigration watchdog and five-year ban on unskilled migrants

UK ministers issue spaceport shortlist

Save the Children apologizes for handing Tony Blair legacy award

British refusal to cooperate with spy inquiry causes row in Germany


European Union

NATO’s Typhoon fighter jets ‘scrambled to accompany’ Russian military plane

Barcelona Rallies in Support of Ukraine Conflict Participation Suspects

European Central Bank to Start Buying Public Sector Bonds

Council of Europe Extends Sanctions Against Former Ukraine President

Is Sweden Recruiting People to Die in a CIA Shadow War?

US Army Official: Atlantic Resolve May Expand

6 NATO ships to stage war games in Black Sea

IMF Stands Firm, Forcing Greece and Syriza to Accept Hard Concessions




Spy Agency BND's New Headquarters Targeted by Thieves, Flooded

Suspected German ISIL Member Arrested at Dusseldorf Airport

Merkel says EU ready with sanctions if Ukraine ceasefire violated

Merkel invites leaders of ‘Normandy Four’ to Berlin over Ukrainian peace process

Merkel to examine German immigration reform

Germany debates bill to set gender quota on corporate boards

Merkel calls for reforms, trade deals, investment at EIB conference



French Submarine Sinks Entire US Aircraft Carrier Group During Drills

Marine Le Pen lays out radical vision to govern France

Hollande and counterparts agree to boost Ukraine monitoring

President Hollande to visit Cuba as EU pursues talks

Al-Jazeera Journalist Fined $1,120 Over Paris Drone Flight

Council of Europe ‘set to rebuke France’ for failing to ban smacking of children

France to double Islamic university courses to counter extremism



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Syria's al-Nusra Front commander 'killed in strike'

Islamic State torches oil field near Tikrit as militia advance

ISIL Fighters Bulldoze 3000-Year-Old Assyrian Ruins

28,000 flee amidst military op in Tikrit, Iraq

Libyan government forces to halt air strikes for peace talks

Saudi foreign minister urges allies to face IS 'on the ground'

Yemen's Houthis Seize National Dialogue HQ

Newly Released Records Show US Paid $6 Million for Civilian Harm in Afghanistan

Iraq says it alone will decide on Mosul offensive



Interesting Developments

Advertisers Shocked to Find Their Ads Run Before ISIL Videos on YouTube

LSD cures depression? Scientists plead for cash to fund ‘exciting’ drug study

Revolutionary Engine Could Fuel Human Life on Mars

Eating Three Meals a Day Declared Racist by Mother Jones

Best Kept Nazi Secret Revealed? Man Claims He Knows Location of Amber Room

Japan's WW2 Musashi battleship wreck found

Fly Me to the Sun: Unique Commercial Flight to Watch Solar Eclipse

Holy Lights: Jordan’s 6,000 Mosques Will Go Solar By Year’s End



Norway urges donors to speed up donations for Gaza reconstruction

Suspected Jewish Extremists Burn Cars, Graffiti Building in West Bank

Palestinian Council Questions Security Arrangement With Israel

Israel is Left Divided By Netanyahu Address to Congress

In NYC, Thousands Protest Netanyahu for Claiming to Speak for All Jews

Netanyahu speech brings an oil bump

Livni: Netanyahu, Adelson destroying Israel-US ties

UN: Israel must investigate civilian killings in Gaza war




Thousands of People Stuck in Kathmandu After Turkish Airlines Crash Landing

President Erdogan: Saudi Arabia wants us to make peace with Egypt

President Erdogan fined for ‘insulting’ Armenia peace statue

Öcalan Urges PKK Congress to Decide Quitting Arms, Introduces 10 Measures

Davutoglu urges for immediate PKK disarmament

Turkey to search for oil near PKK's Iraq stronghold

MHP likens government’s joint statement with HDP to treaty that ended Ottoman Empire

Turkey Delivers Military Aid to Iraq



Boko Haram attacks and burns Nigeria village; 68 killed including children

Chad president tells Boko Haram leader to surrender or face death

UAE financed Egypt military coup

Russia, Egypt to hold joint naval drill in Mediterranean

Kerry Seeks to Ease Gulf Concerns About Iran Nuclear Deal

Oil Minister Says Egypt Open to Gas Exports From Israel

Blast rocks outside Cairo's top court building

Egypt closes 27000 places of worship




FM Zarif: We saved Jews 3 times, Netanyahu should revise history lessons

Iran hints might be open to 10-year partial freeze of nuclear work

After Netanyahu warnings, US, Iran resume talks

Iran denounces Netanyahu’s ‘lie-spreading’ Congress speech

Iran Calls Obama's 10-Year Demand In Nuclear Negotiations 'Unacceptable'

Netanyahu Speech Has Eager Audience in Iran

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei likely to live only two years

President Rouhani says Vienna talks helped Iran, world powers bring closer their positions

Rouhani: Iran sanctions must be lifted all at once

Rouhani urges serious economic efforts




Venezuelans fret Maduro measures may slow U.S. visas

Colombia arrests captain of arms-trafficking ship bound for Cuba

Maduro claims Venezuela has detained Americans for 'espionage'

Venezuela imposes mandatory visas for all US citizens, bans for Bush & Cheney

Maduro Orders U.S. Embassy in Venezuela to Slash Number of Staff

Trinidad and Tobago offer Venezuela a deal: Toilet paper in exchange for oil

Colombia High Court Convicts Uribe Aides of Illegal Spying

Uribe opens door for Santos after Kofi Annan meets both



Brazil's Attorney General Requests Probe into Allegedly Corrupt Politicians

Severe Flooding in Brazil Forces More Than 80,000 to Evacuate

Argentina Seeks Renewed Deal With Iran to Investigate 1994 Bombing

Paraguay Data Retention Act to Destroy Online Privacy - US Advocacy Group

Chilean Volcano Spews a Spectacular Lava Fountain

Brazil Government Raises Payroll Tax, Rejects Higher Levies on Wealthy

Brazil consumers' power bills increase an average 23.4% as of next Monday

Brazilian police arrest fugitive cult leader from Minnesota



Immigrants in U.S. get help preserving land rights in Mexico

Mexico arrests Zetas cartel leader Omar Trevino Morales

Pena Nieto faces human rights demonstrations during UK visit

Peña Nieto Replaces Beleaguered Attorney General

Most-Wanted Mexican Capo Nabbed After Authorities Penetrated Security Rings

More drug lords behind bars in Mexico, flow stays same

Mexico moves to save endangered porpoise

Earthquake measuring 5.5 strikes off Guatemala





US Anti-War Group to Visit Cuba, Meet Released Spies

Delegates from U.S. State, Commerce and Treasury Departments to Visit Cuba

U.S. Hopes to Reopen Cuba Embassy Ahead of Americas Summit

US to remove Cuba from 'sponsors of terrorism' list

U.S. and Cuban diplomats make progress, but still at odds

Cuba’s revolution comes full circle with a Hilton in Havana

Red flags in Cuba slow investment

Mexican company gets OK to invest in economic development zone in Cuba


United Nations

UN Sets Up Sanctions Regime for S. Sudan

Ban voices shock, condemnation at Russian politician's 'brutal killing'

UN envoy dispatches mission to Syria to lay groundwork for Aleppo 'freeze'

Opposition in Aleppo rejects UN truce plan

Security Council strongly deplores ISIL's 'barbarism,' says resolve stiffened to defeat group

U.N. Warns Arms Bound for Libya Pose Terror Risk

At UN-backed meeting, West African nations commit to ending statelessness

Humanitarian community must move quickly to halt cholera spread in Malawi



Japan Urges Vigilance Among Diplomats in Seoul

PM Abe faces questions about political donations

Government sounding out U.S. about Abe speaking to Congress

Britain's Prince William visits Fukushima with Abe

As Abe pushes for more robust military, Japanese push back

S. Korea, China, Japan to hold high-level talks ahead of FM meeting

Japan Plans Naval Exercises with Philippines

Chinese tourists flock to Japan for fresh air

Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Spikes 7,000% as Contaminated Water Pours into the Ocean

Entire Joban Expressway set to open with completion of Fukushima stretch




India Blocks Controversial BBC Rape Documentary

Indian, Pakistani Envoys Vow to ‘Find Common Ground’

FBI to help probe murder of US blogger in Bangladesh

Modi Forgoes Seizing Oil’s Drop to Engineer Deep Fiscal Fix


Afghan men don burqas, take to the streets for women's rights

Pakistan polio push: 471 parents arrested for refusing to vaccinate kids

Death toll after Afghanistan avalanches reaches 300

Sharif government to stay put even if rigging is proved



Police Arrest 183 Protesting Refugees From Aussie Detention Center in Nauru

Indonesia Rejects Prisoner-Swap for Australians on Death Row

Snowden Docs: New Zealand Collects 'Full-Take' Data for NSA, 'Five Eyes'

Australia to deploy another 300 troops to Iraq

Australian Drug Smugglers Transferred From Bali Prison to Execution Site

Ministers Rally Behind Abbott as Leadership Talk Lingers

Tony Abbott's 'captain’s call' over Tasmanian forest humiliated Australia, Greens say

Government moves quickly to adopt metadata retention law review recommendations

Australia says hunt for missing MH370 jet may be called off soon

Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia to trial new jet tracking system











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