The Masks Of The Dark Gods: The Coming Destruction Of Planet Earth


Volume 2 of the Apocalypse Series


By: Sorcha Faal (Translated into English $29.95 US)

Join Sorcha Faal on one of the most incredible journeys you have ever experienced…Your Own Death! 

This second volume of the Sisters of Sorcha Faal’s Apocalypse Series is one of the most important works ever made available to the Western World in that it provides to the initiate the most detailed description of every human beings journey from the moment of their death to their ultimate destination in the hereafter.

For those who wish to experience the ritual passage of human death and rebirth this monumental work provides the clear path for what can only be described as the most terrifying journey any human being will ever encounter….the destruction of their life, the unmasking of all illusions and a rebirth that can only be described in the most mystical of terms.

This book is not so much a slap in the face to all Western ideas as it is a decapitation of every single illusion that the people of the West have been led to believe is ‘normal’.

The Masks of the Dark Gods strips away all pretence of being gentle and loving to a society immersed in such wickedness, and degradation, that the accumulation of atrocities being committed by these peoples has caused the entire Universe to call for the destruction of the Planet Earth and the Masters of pure evil who are now its current rulers.

Our common history as human beings has shown us that in turbulent times, and times of great change such as these, that people head for the two extremes: fundamentalism and personal, spiritual experience.  What is lacking in today’s World is the knowledge of what a personal spiritual experience is.

The Sisters of Sorcha Faal have heard, and responded to the cries of those Western peoples seeking to be delivered from a World so steeped in spiritual darkness that only the Light that shines upon the Ancient Spiritual ways of Death and Rebirth can redeem lives that are now completely worthless.

The Western illusion of masking through drugs, alcohol, and mass media entertainment, the need of every human being to know, and experience, the death that comes prior to their bodies death, and from that death then being reborn, shatters more by the day, but without the people of the West knowing why their lives are so buried in pain and misery.

The everlasting gift of life freely given to all of Earth’s human beings has indeed been corrupted beyond all measure of redemption, but the freedom from this bondage is as close as every single human heart….for the greatest secret being kept from the people of the West is that ALL they need to reclaim their lives lies within them already.

Join Sorcha Faal on the most terrifying and soul saving journeys you’ll ever experience….if you dare!     



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