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October 30, 2009

Putin Orders Russian Nukes To “High Alert” As Israel Prepares For War

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Grim reports are circulating in the Kremlin today stating that Prime Minister Putin [photo top left] has ordered Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces (RVSN RF) to put on “high alert17 Topol Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles [photo 3rd left] after the warning issued by Lebanese Ambassador Noaf Salaam to the United Nations that Israel is preparing for an “imminent attack on his country” and which Moscow believes is intended by the West to be the “first salvo” fired in initiating Total Global War.

Alexander Khramchikhin, deputy director of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis, had previously warned Putin and President Medvedev about the United States planned invasion of Russia along with its NATO allies upon the outbreak of Total Global War from the numerous bases they have been rapidly building in Eastern Europe, and which Russian Military Analysts warned that the Motherland’s Forces could not stop and forcing the Kremlin to adopt a new Military Doctrine allowing preemptive nuclear strikes by RVSN RF Forces, who hold the largest nuclear weapons stockpile in the World.

Medvedev, working in concert with Putin, also today rushed to the Federation Council his new law, previously unanimously adopted by the Duma, stating that “Russian troops can be used abroad to repel an attack on Russian military units or other troops deployed outside the country, to repel or prevent an armed attack on another state asking Russia for military assistance, to defend Russian citizens abroad from an armed attack, to combat sea piracy and to ensure safety of commercial shipping.”

Important to note in these latest “Great Game” moves, and as we had previously reported on in our report “Putin Given Shocking Report Saying Obama “Ousted” In Right-Wing US Coup”, the Kremlin further states in these latest reports that “in all likelihood” Chinese Military Forces will move to take Siberia upon the outbreak of Total Global War. 

Aside from preparing the Motherland for Total Global War, these reports continue, Putin has ordered Russian Military and Diplomatic Forces to protect “at all costs” the Presidency of Barack Obama (currently under constant attacks by the fascist right-wing forces in his country aligned with their counterparts in Israel) and whom the Kremlin believes commands the “only power bloc” left able to prevent a Global catastrophe.

Towards Putin’s order to protect Obama, the Kremlin has announced their willingness to give the American President a “foreign policy victory” by signing a new arms reduction treaty with the US prior to Obama’s December 10th trip to Sweden to accept the Nobel Peace Award recently bestowed upon him and bolstering his power over those fascist rogue forces seeking to destroy him.

Russian Military Forces have also announced their plans to provide Obama, and those NATO Forces still loyal to him, with Russian Helicopters and special purpose weaponry to be used in their titanic struggle in Afghanistan,  which has devolved into a war between the West’s military might and the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) controlled warlords, al Qaeda and Taliban fighters intent upon protecting the vast wealth of the CIA’s heretofore Global Drug Empire that when combined with their cocaine operations in South and Central America have reaped them an estimated $5 Trillion in the past decade alone.

Being lost to the American people about these critical events accelerating around our World, aside from their crucial lack of knowledge as to whom is really fighting for whom, is that by even the most optimistic estimates, the ravages of climate change has so decimated our Planets ability to feed itself there remains “only months” before massive starvation begins.

Most critical on the list of our World’s regions being decimated is Iraq where the drought in that Middle Eastern country is said now to be the worst since the “earliest days of civilization”. Expected next to fall to the ravages of climate change is India, who though being the World’s second largest rice grower is now reporting it is going to have to start importing this vital grain for the first time in 21 years after its failed monsoon season, said to be the weakest since 1972, and catastrophic flooding in other regions have crippled its ability to feed itself. 

So dire have the conditions grown in Asia, that new reports are now warning that this regions food security is now at risk, and with China having declared earlier this year that their catastrophic drought is now the worst in 50 years, the ominous 2004 secret report given by the Pentagon to then President Bush warning that “climate change will destroy us” is now coming true.

And to the most horrific statement issued by the Pentagon in this report that warns “disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life, once again, warfare will define human life” we must all take notice of for our greatest understanding of these times.

For being forgotten in this “new age” of Global economic collapse and chaos, by the vast majority of Westerners, is that economic crisis such as these have throughout history always been “paired” with great climate upheavals, such as the last “cycle in the wheel” during the 20th Century which saw the Great Depression (1929-1940) being paired with the Great American Dustbowl (1930-1940), the Great Chinese Famine (1929-1936), the Great Soviet Famine (1932-1933)  and Ukraine Famine (1932-1933), and which cycles have always overturned what was and created New World Orders.

And this bears more than a passing mention due to an addendum to these reports, prepared for Putin by one of his most important advisors, the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, who though banned from ever entering the United States was secreted by US FBI agents into New York, and where in a series of meetings with US banking giant Goldman Sachs and the now US government owned auto giant General Motors, he “confirmed” that the American banking, financial and political elite factions had “looted” nearly the entire wealth of the United States, and is continuing to do so, as they fully expect their Nation to collapse before the end of 2010 and have “positioned themselves” to be the rulers in the New World Order to come.  

Being left out of this diabolical equation, however, are the American people themselves, who by the time they decide to awaken from their long drunken slumber will awaken into a World they are not nearly equipped enough to understand or comprehend, especially the horrors of mass death and catastrophes that will soon surround their every waking moment.

As to those of us who seek to awaken these peoples to the brutal realities which lie ahead of them? As always, we are met by scorn and ridicule.  But in truth, what more can be expected of peoples such as these, who have forsaken the wisdom of their ancestors who left in these witless souls care what was once the Greatest Nation our World has ever seen, but in their rush for material riches and decadent perversions have squandered it all away.

To be scorned and ridiculed by peoples such as these there is no shame; it should be worn like a badge of honor.      

© October 30, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved

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[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

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