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The Power Of Things…

…The Aryan Symbols Of Hope

Authorized for a limited 2009 release by Sister Sonam Tashi to the readers and subscribers of The Order of the Sisters of Sorcha Faal

Special Offer: $40.00 plus $4.50 Shipping and Handling [US Funds]

With our profound gratitude, and most humble appreciation, Sister Tashi has granted to the Order, for the first time since its original publication in 1933, the rights to republish her seminal work “The Power of Things: The Aryan Symbols of Hope”, which, without a doubt, is one of the most important, and historically consequential, books of our modern times that only the elite power structures of our World have had access to over these past 76 years.

Sister Tashi’s life was saved by the Sisters of the Order when the vast armies of the Soviets overran Berlin in 1945, and since those days has lived her life sequestered in our Irish Monastery, always protected by the Sorcha Faal.

Though nearly annihilated from modern history in its entirety, Sister Tashi’s book was solely responsible for the German Chancellor Adolph Hitler, and his National Socialist Party (Nazi) adopting as its ‘symbol of power’ the Swastika,  the most ancient and noble symbol of cosmic order and stability our World has ever possessed, when at a time, and exactly like the days we live in today, the lives of our entire race were put into the ‘center of fire’ by the centuries old battle between the cosmic forces of good and evil.

These ‘cosmic forces’ have gone by many different names, and identities, throughout the centuries, but their goal has never changed…the total enslavement our entire human race for the benefit of an elite so corrupt, and devoid of humanity, that even the mass slaughter of children has never deterred them from their stated goals.

During our human races last gigantic encounter with these most powerful of cosmic forces, at the outset of what is now called the Great Depression, the most esteemed 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso, sought out from Tibet its most gifted linguist, and which delivered to him, on September 11, 1931, a young girl of 13 years of age and whose family was known to be from the linage of the first Tibetan King Nyatri Tsenpo, and who in her 91st year of life is our own, and most revered, Sister Tashi.

But, what Sister Tashi had been tasked by the Dalai Lama to record, and which both she and Thubten Gyatso truly believed would be the book providing the knowledge to all peoples that would lead to the total liberation of our human race from its enslavement, was, instead, used by the Nazi Forces to establish what they believed would be their own ascent to ‘total power’, and which as history has shown, led them to their own total destruction.

And, what is contained in Sister Tashi’s book is something that can only be described as our World’s only primer of the ‘power of things’ and ‘symbols of power’ needed by EVERY human being to protect and defend their lives against EVERY force against that could possibly be arrayed against them.

Though you may think that you don’t need to know this information, you couldn’t be more mistaken! 

Not only does Sister Tashi’s book provide to you the FIRST knowledge you’ve most likely encountered about what is controlling your life, she shows how you, just an ORDINARY PERSON, can utilize them for yourself!

Without your even being aware of it, you have NO IDEA how much of your life is being controlled by ‘things’ and ‘symbols’ that have been designed to lead you to total destruction. Every time you watch TV, every time you listen to a song, every time you read a mass publication, and so, so much more, your life has almost been entirely taken from your own conscious choice and has been manipulated on a scale that even now, as you’re reading these very words, has so poisoned you that you have no idea how much of slave you actually are.


Right NOWAT THIS VERY MOMENTYOU can learn, and understand, what the ELITE have known longer than you can image, but which they KNOW that very few of YOU will even contemplate due to their ‘conditioning’ of your minds and emotions, the GREATEST EQUALIZER known….the knowledge of THE POWER OF THINGS!



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