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May 7, 2024

Putin Sworn Into Office As Europe Warned “Is About To Drown In River Of Radical Right

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin was sworn in for a fifth six year term as the leader of the Russian Federation this morning, says upon his inauguration, as required by law, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the cabinet resignedand prior to appointing a new government, President Putin addressed the Russian peoples about the global existential conflict raging between the BRICS Alliance of free nations and the despotic socialist Western colonial G-7 Bloc powers: “We are a united and great people, and together we will overcome all obstacles and realize all our plans...Let’s win together...Moscow is ready to build friendly ties with global nations that see Russia as a reliable and honest partner...We don’t refuse dialogue with Western nations...The ball is in their court...A conversation, including on issues of security and strategic stability, is possible...But not from a position of strength, without any arrogance, conceit and feeling of personal exclusivity, but only on equal terms, with respect for each other’s interests”.

Upon the inauguration President Putin, this report notes, the Ukrainian Nazi Regime proclaimed: “Ukraine sees no legal basis for recognizing him as the democratically elected and legitimate president of the Russian Federation...We call on foreign countries, international organizations, and the public to follow suit by not recognizing the results of these pseudo-elections or Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as a legitimate president”—a proclamation joined with the American investigative article “Journalism’s Latest Draft Recasts Ukraine Narrative”, wherein it most factually observed:

Journalism may indeed be the first draft of history but that old chestnut can be misleading.

Where it suggests a set-in-stone version of events, that first draft is really an unfolding detective story, revised and rewritten as we dig out better answers to the eternal questions of who, what, when, where, and how.

Two of my colleagues at RealClearInvestigations – Aaron Maté and Paul Sperry – recently recast one of the biggest stories of our time: America’s long, strange, and destructive entanglement with Ukraine.

As with all great investigative journalism, Maté and Sperry draw on a wide range of documents and insider accounts to reveal facts the powers-that-be have tried to conceal.

While President Biden and many other leaders from both parties cast Ukraine as a bastion of democracy and a beacon of freedom, Maté and Sperry reveal how a decade of anti-democratic interference by Biden and other U.S. officials has led that country to the brink of destruction while corrupting America’s domestic politics.

Their reporting shows that Ukraine is not an independent democracy but a client state of America which has pushed Ukraine into ever-deepening conflict with Russia.

In knowing the truth that “Ukraine is not an independent democracy but a client state of America”, this report continues, the Foreign Ministry warned: “The regime in Kiev and its Western abettors should finally realize that their reckless steps are bringing the situation ever closer to the accumulation of an explosive critical mass”—and is an “explosive critical mass” about to engulf the entire world in nuclear war fireballs should the socialist Western colonial powers provide the Ukrainian Nazi Regime with F-16 fighter jets, whose use of would result in an immediate full-scale Russian nuclear weapons strike against the West, and as the Foreign Ministry made absolutely clear: “We cannot ignore the fact that these planes are dual-purpose platforms that can be used both for nuclear and non-nuclear tasks...No matter what modification of the aircraft will be supplied to Ukraine we will treat them as nuclear-capable and we will consider this step of the United States and NATO as a purposeful provocation”.

During his visit to France yesterday, this report details, Chinese President Xi Jinping told the socialist Western colonial powers that he would support an international Ukraine peace conference only if it’s recognized both by Moscow and Kiev with equal participation of all parties and declared: “We are opposed to using this crisis to place the responsibilities on a third country and tarnish its image and incite a new Cold War”—a declaration swiftly followed by French President Emmanuel Macron proclaiming to President Xi: “We are at war against neither Russia nor the Russian people...Neither do we have an approach that aims to change the regime in Moscow”.

With every sane person knowing the truth that the socialist Western colonial powers are waging a war against Russia and China for global economic supremacy, this report concludes, the warmongering elites ruling the socialist European Union have branded all of their sane antiwar citizens as “far right”, but who are actually peoples that support traditional family values while opposing mass immigration, abortion, woke ideology and deviant sexual practices—are sane peoples preparing to vote in the European Parliament elections taking place 6-9 June, and about which the leftist New York Times, in its just released article “Europe Is About To Drown In The River Of The Radical Right”, observed: “Europe is awash with worry...Ahead of parliamentary elections widely expected to deliver gains to the hard right, European leaders can barely conceal their anxiety...For all its democratic rhetoric, the European Union is closer to an oligarchic institution...Overseen by an unelected body of technocrats in the European Commission, the bloc allows for no popular consultation on policy, let alone participation...Its fiscal rules, which impose strict limits on the budgets of member states, offer protection for the rich while imposing austerity on the poor...From top to bottom, Europe is dominated by the interests of the wealthy few, who restrict the freedom of the many”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]







May 7, 2024 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Note: Many governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about  the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagree with in believing that it is every human being’s right to know the truth. Due to our mission’s conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit us, and others like us, that is exampled in numerous places, including HERE.]

[Note: The website was created for and donated to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal in 2003 by a small group of American computer experts led by the late global technology guru Wayne Green (1922-2013) to counter the propaganda being used by the West to promote their illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq.]

[Note: The word Kremlin (fortress inside a city) as used in this report refers to Russian citadels, including in Moscow, having cathedrals wherein female Schema monks (Orthodox nuns) reside, many of whom are devoted to the mission of the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.]

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