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Pentagon Rapidly Deploys Air Defenses While Warning America Is “Not A Sanctuary Any Longer

American School Children Told To “Eat Babies” Confirms “World Has Gone Mad

Russia Cuts NATO Ties As “Everything Shortage” Creating “Dark Winter” Throws World Into Pandemonium

Biden Faces 9 Day Deadline—Release Name Of JFK Assassin Or Face Destruction

US Capitol Child Porn Bust Follows Mysterious “Death” Of President Bill Clinton

Terrified Democrats Crash Into Their Own “Dangerous Creature” They've Branded “Super Villain

Everything That Could Go Wrong, Did Go Wrong” Death Spiral Slams America

Of Course They Are Coming You. What Did You Expect?

Americans Given Bill For Cost Of Freedom—World Wonders If They'll Pay It


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They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped—And Some Scientists Think We Wouldn’t Want To Even If We Could


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Top World News Now


October 21, 2021



United States

Trump Announces Formation Of Own Media Company, Social Platform To Counter Censorship

Mark Meadows: Pelosi asked about 'lunch' for Congress members during Jan. 6 Capitol riot

DOJ Allegedly Refused to Arrest Maniac Who Traveled to DC to Kill Matt Gaetz After Capitol Police Recommended

Indicted Clinton lawyer hired CrowdStrike, firm behind dubious Russian hacking claim

Brian Laundrie search: FBI confirms unidentified human remains, fugitive's backpack and notebook found

Biden’s State Department Tweet on ‘International Pronouns Day’ Ridiculed by GOP: ‘An Embarrassment to America’

White House Details Plan To "Quickly" Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11

FDA approves ‘mix & match’ vaccine booster shot regimen for ALL US-authorized jabs

"It's Like A Zombie Apocalypse Walking Into Parts Of San Francisco": Addict's Mother Decries

NYC Fentanyl Deaths Up 55% During Pandemic

SHOWDOWN: Indiana Recruits Chicago Cops Disgruntled By Lori Lightfoot’s Covid Vaccine Mandate




Putin urges to support investments in public transport

Russia won’t stand for unrest in former Soviet Union’s backyard, Taliban told at Moscow talks, as envoys praise end of civil war

Despite Kiev’s worsening energy crisis, Ukrainian MP says that gas deal with Russia would put country ‘on its knees’ before Moscow

Putin Won't Attend G20 Summit in Person

Lavrov says NATO’s reaction to Russia’s response steps reveals lack of diplomatic culture

Lavrov - Russia not considering official recognition of Taliban

Taliban Spokesman and Deputy Minister of Information and Culture Zabihullah Mujahid says Taliban to ask for economic and political assistance at Moscow meeting

Deripaska spokesperson denies US searches were part of criminal case

Almost 18,000 people killed as result of crimes in Russia in 2021

Zelensky, Austin discuss further cooperation in defense and security

Zelensky acknowledges that there is not enough gas in Ukrainian storage facilities




Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases Live Map

China sends in 100 rocket launchers to fortify border with India

Military tests nurses in nighttime island landing simulation

Xi faces resistance to property-tax plan

Beijing demands end to ‘risky’ US operations in South China Sea after sub accident

Chinese mainland denounces WMA's resolution concerning Taiwan

China's take-over in America's back yard: How Beijing has spent $140BILLION on ports, roads, and power plants in Latin America and the Caribbean

China's Magnesium Shortage Could Spell More Trouble For Global Car Industry

Canton Fair wraps up, but exporters lament the lack of foreign buyers

Lights out for some electricity retailers in Singapore: Why and what it means for consumers

EU reiterates support for Lithuania in row with China over Taiwan



United Kingdom

UK’s ‘Prevent’ anti-terror scheme ‘hamstrung’ by PC culture & ignoring radical Islam threat while targeting far-right

Wrong: CNBC Lies About COVID Hospitalizations in Effort to Amplify Calls For New Lockdown

Absurd: Masks in Irish Nightclubs Mandated, But Not When Drinking or Dancing

UK partners with billionaire Bill Gates to deploy £400mn green investment package London can’t afford on its own

Boris Johnson leads tributes to ‘dedicated, passionate’ lawmaker Amess

UK will not ‘pitchfork away’ investment from China, says Boris Johnson

Johnson to laud green credentials of firm that runs ‘UK’s largest carbon emitter’



European Union

Nearly Half of Spanish Back Forcing People To Take Coronavirus Vaccines

Italian Senate Bans Parliamentarians From Working Without Green Pass

Czech president Zeman unable to fulfil duties, senate speaker reveals, as leader spends 8th day in intensive care

Polish PM vows loyalty to EU, warns of 'dangerous' centralisation

Facebook Targets EU Workers to Help Build Metaverse, Bring Social, Economic Opportunities

Israel’s Smart Shooter to pitch ‘one shot, one hit’ tech at European defense shows

World Economic Forum Unveils COVID Passport That Uses Blood Test Markers To Determine Vaccination Status




Berlin police warn border between Germany & Poland could COLLAPSE amid rise in refugees from Middle East crossing through Belarus

Medieval-style siege in central Berlin: German police move to evict iconic left-wing Kopi trailer camp (VIDEO)

State of Hesse allows ALL businesses to ban unvaxxed customers – even for groceries & other essentials

Merkel: 'very hard work' ahead to achieve EU climate goals

Norway bow-and-arrow attack appears to be 'act of terror' - police

German economic growth significantly lower than expected for 2021

Cologne Mosques to Begin Outdoor Broadcasting of Muslim Call to Prayer





Court orders France to fix greenhouse gas cut shortfall

Nuclear-Powered France Has Electricity Prices Nearly Half That Of "Green"-Powered Germany

France Invests in Small Nuclear Reactors Amid Europe's Energy Meltdown

Paris Mayor Hidalgo wins Socialists' presidential nomination

Top Bishop Acknowledges That Law Takes Precedence Over Confession Secrecy

Macron’s call for global abolition of death penalty may end up in another embarrassment as it’s doomed to failure

Macron could be recruited by ‘globalists’ and copy Tony Blair if ousted in 2022

Algerian president demands France's 'full respect'



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Drone Strike Victim' Brother - All The Money In America Won’t Bring Children Back, US Must Just Leave Afghanistan In Peace

UN Says 10,000 Children Killed Or Maimed During Yemen War

After 19 years of beatings & losing an eye, America’s innocent ‘forever prisoner’ may be about to spill the secrets of CIA torture

U.S. Will Not Join Russia's Afghanistan Talks This Week - State Dept

Suicide bombers kill nearly 50 at a Shiite mosque in Afghanistan

Starving Afghan Parents Forced To Sell Children To Survive

Taliban Rejects Vladimir Putin's Claim Of ISIS-K Presence In Northern Afghanistan

Pentagon offers unspecified ‘condolence payments’ for 7 Afghan children & aid worker murdered in botched drone strike



Interesting Developments

Pope Demands Silicon Valley "In The Name Of God" Censor "Hate Speech", "Conspiracy Theories"

Chicago's Magnificent Mile is dying from an increasingly familiar cause

"Prepare For The Worst" - Caribou Coffee Panic Hoards Arabica Beans Amid Global Deficit

Coronavirus ‘Contributed to a Significant Spike in Child Sexual Exploitation’

Missing Maryland zebra found dead in illegal snare trap, owner charged with animal cruelty

For the first time, surgeons successfully attached a kidney grown in a pig to a human patient

Ghost Ships from Legendary WWII Battle Suddenly Rise to Surface, Historians Are in Awe

Unbelievable Footage Captures Moment Labrador Retriever Kisses Gigantic Whale Shark




Israel Approves $1.5 Billion Budget For Potential Attack On Iran

Former Mossad Chief Stuns Audience By Admitting Iran "Not Even Close" To Getting Nuclear Bomb

Hamas conference considers which Jews 'should and should not be killed'

Power restored after nationwide blackout in Lebanon caused by lack of fuel

Lebanese Army Seizes Over 28 Tons Of Ammonium Nitrate In Town With Terror Ties

Jordan fully reopens main border crossing with Syria, expects trade to begin recovering after war & sanctions

Booster jab every 6 months? 1.5 million double-dosed & recovered Israelis lose Green Pass privileges as stricter Covid-19 rules kick in

Bennett Claims He Said 'No Three Times’ to President Biden During Their August Meeting




‘World is bigger than five’: Erdogan slams ‘handful of WW2 victors’ ruling the globe during whirlwind tour of Africa

Lira Crashes To Record Low After Turkey's Erdogan Fires Three More Central Bankers

"Final Straw": Erdogan Signals New Turkish Military Operation In Syria, Sending Lira Plunging

Turkey sentences deceased Kurdish politician to eight years in prison

Erdogan believes purchase of Russia's S-400 systems worth tensions with US

Biden not doing enough to fight terrorists, says Erdogan, vows closer ties with Russia & Putin despite NATO obligations

Erdogan Expects Russia to Change Approach to Syria

Erdogan pledges support for Ukrainian ‘territorial integrity,’ telling UN that Ankara will not recognize Crimea as Russia




Moroccan Liberal Parties Form Coalition Government, Ousting Islamists After Decade of Rule

Egypt receives vaccine doses via France

Dueling Tunisian protests erupt over president's power grab

South Africa

S.Africa Rejects Russian Sputnik Vaccine Over HIV Fears

Boko Haram Moves Into North-Central Nigeria in Apparent Expansion

WHO Employees Involved In Congo Sex Abuse During Ebola Crisis




Iran, Venezuela To Sign 20-Year Economic Cooperation Deal While Facing US Sanctions

Fire At IRGC Research Facility In Tehran Injures 3 Revolutionary Guardsmen

Iran Demands IAEA Closely Monitor Nuclear Fuel For Australia Submarines In Wake Of AUKUS Deal

Iran's New Defense Minister Ashtiani Says Enemies Will Get 'Crushing Response'

Tehran Threatens to Expand Strikes Against Terrorists in Northern Iraq, Demands Closure of US Base

Israel’s Mossad Destroyed IAEA Equipment in June Op at Iran’s Karaj Nuclear Facility

IAEA and Iran Reach Agreement to Avert Nuclear Deal Crisis




Venezuela Blames U.S. for Frozen IMF Coronavirus Economic Relief Fund

Almost 77% of Venezuelans now live in extreme poverty

At least 100 killed, some beheaded, in Ecuador prison gang war (VIDEO)

Rome court rejects Venezuela extradition bid for ex-oil czar

Maduro sees legitimacy challenged in rare trip abroad

Venezuela reports another ‘terrorist attack’ on its electrical system as power outages hit Caracas region & other areas

Venezuela Hits Out at Colombia’s ‘Flagrant Theft’ of Petrochemical Corporation Monómeros




Leaked Senate report says Brazilian lawmakers to recommend HOMICIDE charges for President Bolsonaro over handling of Covid-19

Chile: Indigenous Group Using High-Caliber Weapons Against Police

President Jair Bolsonaro has confirmed he will not get vaccinated against Covid because he was previously infected, recovered, and has immunity

Bolsonaro Denied Entry to Football Match Due to Not Being Vaccinated

Bolsonaro Unchained: ‘If You Accept This Vaccination Passport’ It Will Lead To ‘Population Control’

Bolivian official who approved faulty Lamia 2933 flight plan arrested in Brazil

Welcome to NYC! Unvaccinated Brazil President Bolsonaro is refused indoor dining and forced to eat pizza on sidewalk ahead of UN General Assembly




Guatemala Joins Pro-Life International Declaration: ‘There Is a Fundamental Right to Life that Must Be Defended’

Illegal Immigrant Trafficker Warns Americans: “We’re Leaving from Tapachula – We Are Ready for War” (VIDEO)

Mexican Cartel Fires Upon U.S. National Guard With Machine Guns From Across Border (Video)

Disturbing video shows Mexican cartel lining up rivals for mass execution

AMLO says ‘Conservative feminists’ behind violent abortion protest

Mexico criticized at home and abroad for welcoming Cuban, Venezuelan leaders

Obrador pitches European Union-style bloc for Latin America, Caribbean

Mexican Officials Bus Thousands of Migrants to Border near Texas Bridge Camp




Notorious Haitian Gang Demands $17 Million Ransom For Kidnapped Missionaries

Haiti gang kidnaps US missionary group, including children

Cuba Becomes First Country To Mass Vaccinate Children As Young As 2-Years Old

US Federal Court Expected To Address Constitutionality Of Vaccine Mandates In Puerto Rico Case

Cuban researchers say ‘no scientific evidence’ for US’ ‘Havana Syndrome’ claims

Political Intrigue in Today’s Cuba

A look at Hurricane Ida’s path and destruction left in Louisiana, Cuba

‘Everyone was crying’: grieving Haitians bury their dead a week after quake



United Nations

UN Official Will Press for Regulating Used Car Market to Advance Electric Vehicles

Envoys of Afghanistan, Myanmar refuse to speak at General Assembly

Taliban requests speaking slot at United Nations meeting

Bolsonaro BREAKS NYC mandates by entering the U.N. General Assembly hall unvaccinated

No ministers' meeting on Iran nuclear deal at United Nations, says EU's Borrell

UN to require world leaders be vaccinated in order to speak before assembly

Biden administration worried UN General Assembly meeting could turn into COVID superspreader event




Japan's Largest Active Volcano Violently Erupts; Warnings Issued

Vaccines, masks? Japan puzzling over sudden virus success

New Prime Minister Admits Abenomics Was A Failure

Ruling Liberal Democratic Party unveils manifesto with focus on COVID-19, defence

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida claims Japanese sovereignty covers South Kurils

Tokyo hit by 6.1 magnitude earthquake, bringing public transport to a halt and causing sporadic power cuts (VIDEOS)

In surprise move, incoming Japan PM to call Oct 31 election

Japan’s Covid-19 state of emergency was fully lifted on Friday




Death by snakebite: new murder weapon of choice in India

India Faces Rolling Blackouts As Coal Shortage Forces Power Plants To Adopt Emergency Measures

India wants Russia to be major importer of Darjeeling tea, like it was back in the USSR


Pakistan Navy Intercepts Indian Submarine In Maritime Border Breach, Blasts "Deplorable" Aggression

Pakistan nuclear scientist AQ Khan, at centre of proliferation scandal, dies

At least 15 people killed in southern Pakistan earthquake




Victoria Premier Says Restrictions for Unvaccinated To Continue Into 2022: ‘Don’t Try to Out-Wait Us’

Is the Mickleham quarantine facility a $200 million white elephant?

‘Coffee cup Gestapo’: Australian cops slammed for checking man’s beverage to verify his excuse for not wearing Covid-19 mask

Unvaxxed is the n***** of the world? Here’s a list of everything the unjabbed can’t do in Sydney

Northern Territory Chief Minister to Frontline Workers: Get the Covid Jab by Nov. 13 or Lose Your Job and Pay a $5,000 Fine (VIDEO)

New Zealand Forces Vaccination Mandate On All Education, Health-Care Workers

Aussie Freedom Blogger Arrested At Home For Alleged 'Breach Of Public Health Act'

Anti-lockdown pro-life Catholic becomes premier of Australian state







Are "Conspiracy Theories" Tearing Society Apart Or Saving Us From Destruction?

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