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Dam Lies” Follow Russian Declaration Of “Global Rebellion” Against American Hegemony

OPEC Oil Cuts And Russian Fleet Deployments Fracture NATO Unity Facade

Jubilant Russians Say “Thanks Joe!” For Biden Making Their Economy Strongest In History

Socialist Western Colonial Powers Warned “Put A Stop To This Madness Now!

Vengeful Biden Crashes To Ground Over White Whale Terror

Ukraine Weapons Appear In Mexico As Another Biden Accuser Flees For Life

China Prepares For “Perilous” World As Biden Accuser Flees Soviet America For Russian Safety

Russia Warns Of “Huge Explosion” In The Center Of Europe

The Storm Is Coming” Warning Issued As “Doomsday Playbook” Appears

Psychosis Bombs” Deployed By Soros Threaten “The Very Fabric Of Civilization

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 “Conspiracy theorists concentrate their time on transmuting the "base matter" of current events, official stories, propaganda and public relations into the gleaming golden truth buried within. They do this through the very right-brained activity of uncovering and inventing connections between disparate elements.

They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped—And Some Scientists Think We Wouldn’t Want To Even If We Could


Here’s 100 Confirmed Conspiracies From the Last 75 Years!


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How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations


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Top World News Now


June 7, 2023



United States

Trump Invites Greenville Children’s Choir Halted From Singing In Capitol To Next SC Rally

FBI Harbored Biden Allegations Since 2017, Through Impeachment, Election, Lawmaker Says

Afghanistan ‘dissent’ cable shows Biden knew Kabul would collapse quickly

Nikki Haley's CNN Town Hall Viewership Fraction of Trump

Tucker Carlson in First Twitter Show: ‘Any Fair Person’ Thinks Ukraine Struck Kakhovka HPP

New York City installs free crack pipe dispensers

BREAKING: Southern Poverty Law Center Adds Parental Rights Groups to ‘Hate Map’

Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Parc 55 owner stopping loan payments, surrendering hotels to lender, firm confirms

Two Dead, Several Injured After Shooting Near High School Graduation in Virginia

California Colleges Are Flooded With 'Ghost Students' Attempting to Steal Financial Aid




Ukraine blew up Kakhovka dam as revenge for failed offensive – Kremlin

Scott Ritter: Kakhovka Dam Attack Designed to Cure West’s ‘Ukraine Fatigue’

About 2,700 houses flooded after Kakhovka HPP’s dam collapse, 1,300 people evacuated

Water that flooded Novaya Kakhovka after dam incident continues to recede — authorities

Russia holds West responsible for dam disaster – UN envoy

Russia Reveals Battle Casualties

Moscow to Host 3d Russia-Gulf Summit in July

Russia will ‘never again’ accept US rules – Lavrov

There Never Was An Off-Ramp In Ukraine

Kiev Orders Monks To Vacate Iconic Monastery

Kiev to refer Kakhovka dam incident to International Criminal Court — Zelensky




Xi urges sustained efforts to curb desertification

Premier Li Qiang calls for enhanced dialogue, coordination with Germany

One-time weapons executive and now vice-premier, Zhang Guoqing targets China’s manufacturing sector  

Singapore banks are so flush with cash that they’re struggling to work out what to do with it

North Korean youth group donates rocket launchers to military

US and Chinese diplomats hold ‘candid, constructive, fruitful discussions’

Honduras President Xiomara Castro headed to China in first trip after ties established

How a floating hydrogen farm has moved China closer to clean renewable energy

Chinese ships leave Vietnam waters after US-China talks

Man to sit gaokao for 27th time to realize his dream



United Kingdom

Extortion demands feared after hacking spree hits British Airways, BBC and Nova Scotia

Britain's military shame with '1 in 3 troops' saying equipment 'not good enough'

Migrants stage pavement protest outside London hotel, demand private rooms and better Wi-Fi

British Royal Air Force nixing ‘useless white male pilots’ in quest for diversity, inside emails show

Animal Rights Activist Tackled While Disrupting Race, Accused of ‘Threatening the Safety’ of Horses

British Airways fined almost £1 million by US government over Covid refunds

Boris Johnson Hands COVID-Era WhatsApps to UK Government Amid Inquiry Row

Migration figures: Rishi Sunak denies he's lost control of rising migration


European Union

Bulgaria's New Defense Minister Announces Plan to Provide Military Assistance to Ukraine

Elon Musk, farmers torch Ireland government proposal to slaughter 200K cows to meet EU climate change goals

EU Member Hungary Deletes Peace Proposal After Pressure From Ukraine

Wave Of Defaults Looming – Deutsche Bank

EU's Ambitious Plan to Boost Ammo Production to Cost Taxpayers Billions

Europe suffering sharp munitions deficit due to military aid largesse to Kiev — newspaper

3 Europeans Return Home After Release by Iran in Prisoner Swap

Too much ‘blah blah’ in EU politics – Orban




Germany to Send Warships to Indo-Pacific in 2024 Amid Standoff With China

Statistical Shock: Foreigners Account for 50% of Gang Rapes in Germany, Defying Population Ratio

Germany To Force Russia To Close Consulates

Germans Are Outraged About The Country's Oil And Gas Boiler Ban

Alternative for Germany Party Gains Ground Ahead of Elections

German police investigate Roger Waters for Nazi-style costume at concert

German Police Say Probing Suspected Poisoning of Russian Exiles

Norway's Women Asked for Baby Boom as Fertility Rates Hit Rock Bottom





France faces 14th day of nationwide protests to derail pension reform

Le Pen’s far right served as mouthpiece for the Kremlin, says French parliamentary report

France at risk of 'décivilisation', Macron tells cabinet meeting

Medical Establishment Calls On Authorities To Punish Researcher Didier Raoult For Research On Covid Disease Prevention And Treatments

Mob of Migrants Stone Police Patrol on French Beach

France promises Zelensky weapons after EU honors Ukraine fight 'for Europe'

Macron urges pause in EU environment regulations in push to 'reindustrialise' France

Free at last - France welcomes home two men released from an Iranian prison



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Oil Surges After Saudis Make Additional 1 Million Bpd Voluntary Production Cut

Almost 80 schoolgirls poisoned, hospitalized in northern Afghanistan

Meet the U.S.-Funded Force Behind Lebanon’s Refugee Crackdown

US And Saudi Arabia Suspend Jeddah Talks As Fighting Rages In Sudan

Kabul Stresses Need for Negotiation with Tehran Over 1973 Water Treaty

The Taliban Is Using Leftover American Gear To Fight A Border Skirmish With Iran

UN: Staggering 15.3 million Syrians, nearly 70 percent of population, need aid

US Airstrike in Somalia Targets al-Shabaab After Attack on African Union Base

As Biden Eyes More War, South Yemen Intensifies Push for Secession



Interesting Developments

Medieval Town Swallowed by Sea For 'Prodigious Sins' Found Off Coast of Germany

‘What About the Morality?’: PGA Tour Caves, Merges with Saudi-Backed LIV

LGBT Groups Demand Target Denounce ‘Anti-LGBTQ+ Extremism’

Scientists Collect First-Ever Samples From Earth’s Mantle

Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Crafts Of Non-Human Origin

Hollywood Actor Says He ‘Summoned Satan’ During a Filming and Paid the Price

California state groomers redefine little girls’ breasts as invasive species

This is What Happens When Two “Conspiracy Theorists” Go on a Date




IDF attacked secret Iranian weapon factories in Syria

Netanyahu Agrees to Chair Committee to Fight Soaring Arab Crime After Meeting Israeli-Arab MKs

‘We need protection’: Palestinians brace for Homesh resettlement

Israel, Egypt investigate deadly border incident

Netanyahu Government Says Doubled Airstrikes in Syria

Thousands of Israelis Protesting Outside Knesset Ahead of Crucial State Budget Vote

US reacts to Israeli order greenlighting illegal settlements

Islamic Jihad continues rocket volleys after IDF kills leaders




Who is Hakan Fidan, Turkey’s new foreign minister with spy powers?

Turkiye to Increase Fees for Passage Through Its Straits by Over 8% From July 1

Turkey to send commando unit to help quell unrest in Kosovo

White House Steps Up Pressure On Turkey: "Time Is Now" To Admit Sweden Into NATO

Victorious Erdogan Promises To Fulfill Pledge To Putin

Election Body Confirms Erdogan’s Win

Voting for Erdogan ‘a sin’ – election rival Kilicdaroglu

Erdogan evades answering if Biden wants to topple him



Saudi Arabia welcomes Venezuelan leader Maduro, reaching out to yet another U.S. foe

Saudi Arabia obstructs Yemeni pilgrims from completing Hajj: Ansarallah

OPEC snubs major Western news outlets

South Africa

A ‘Russian love affair’: Why South Africa stays ‘neutral’ on war

Dozens Of Peacekeepers Killed By Militants – Ugandan President

Political clashes in Senegal leaves 15 dead




Iran Joins Hypersonic Club With ‘Fattah’ Missile – Video

Iran officially reopens embassy in Saudi Arabia

US, British navies come to rescue of ship ‘harassed’ by Iran in Persian Gulf

IRGC Navy Chief Tells US to Get Out of Persian Gulf as Tensions Surge

Taliban Clash With Iranian Forces

IRGC Navy Gets Ultra-Long-Range Cruise Missile Superior to Tomahawk

Tehran pushing for energy diplomacy in Iraq

Raisi Calls Syria Trip A 'Turning Point'



Arriving at Talks, Venezuelan Opposition Leader Guaidó Is Rebuffed and Rerouted

Maduro meets Lula in Brazil as relations improve

Colombia's President Retracts Claim Children Were Rescued

Venezuela, Colombia to increase military presence along shared border

Chile to repatriate Venezuelans stranded at Peru border

China Renews Embrace of Maduro’s Venezuela as the US Looks On

Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó seeks support in Washington after causing a stir in Colombia




Brazil Election Court To Hear Bolsonaro Case On June 22

Lula da Silva Receives Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro after stealth flight to Brazil

Lula da Silva Calls for Creation of Common Currency for South American Trade

Lula explains why he didn’t meet with Zelensky

David Miranda, Partner of Glen Greenwald, Gay Rights Activist and Snowden Ally in Brazil, Dies at 37

‘Country of beggars’: Argentines reel as 104% inflation keeps rising

Trial for crimes against humanity in Uruguay ready for sentencing




Mexico ruling party wins governor’s race in most populous state

Cartel Gunmen Pose as Federal Police During Border State Kidnapping in Mexico

Shootout at car rally leaves ten dead near Mexico-US border

Fury unleashed: El Salvador's Bukele shows how a true leader avenges fallen heroes

Mexican President Mum on Cartels During Border City Visits

‘What now?’: Scenes from the US-Mexico border

Mexico claims proof of Chinese fentanyl smuggling




At Least 42 Dead, Thousands Homeless After Floods in Haiti

Cuba signs legal agreements with Spain and Russia

Time to ditch the dollar – Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel

‘They Are Starving Us to Death’: Hundreds of Cubans Protest Castro Regime

Cuba fuel shortages spark fistfights, queues and holiday cutbacks

Haiti: Vigilante Mobs Go on Another Lynching Spree, Incinerating Alleged Gangsters

What’s Going On In Haiti Now Will Chill You To The Bone



United Nations

UN Agency To Slash Food Rations For Refugees In Tanzania

China, Russia Ignore US Call at UN to Condemn North Korea Launch

UN Warns Against Splitting The World ‘In Two’

5 United Nations staffers among hundreds killed in Sudan conflict

Up to their old tricks again: New intelligence leaks expose American spying on UN chief Gutteres

United Nations to Withdraw From Afghanistan if Taliban Won’t Let Women Work

United Nations Issues Rare Rebuke Of United States Over Leaked Documents



Ex-Diet member Gaasyy arrested on ‘involuntary return’ to Japan

Japan's Birth Rate Plummets To Record Low For Seventh Straight Year

Japan’s seafood catch has hit record lows – but there’s still plenty of salmon and anchovies

Japan to Take 'Destructive Measures' After Warned of N.Korean Satellite Launch

Four Killed in Rare Shooting and Stabbing Rampage in Japan

Post-Fukushima Shift: Japan Court Rejects Citizens' Concerns, Paving Way For Nuclear Power Restart

Yoon, Biden, Kishida hold summit in Hiroshima

S. Korean inspection team arrives in Japan for Fukushima inspection




India opposition leader Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at Modi over China in US visit

Odisha train accident – latest: Death toll rises again as unclaimed bodies ‘to be embalmed’

India Train Disaster Death Toll Jumps To 288, Another 900 Injured


Imran Khan: U.S. Was Manipulated By Pakistan Military Into Backing Overthrow

Militant attack on Pakistani security post near Iran border leaves 2 soldiers dead

Pakistani trans activists to appeal Sharia court ruling




PwC Australia names former partners it says misused confidential information in tax scandal

Australian mother is pardoned after 20 years in prison over deaths of her 4 children

Jacinda Ardern Awarded "Damehood" for Handling of the Pandemic, As Excess Deaths Continue to Mount and Media Crackdown Intensifies

Australia’s Most-Decorated Soldier Loses War Crimes Case

Magnitude 7.7 earthquake near Loyalty Islands triggers tsunami threat for Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia

Australian government approves first new coal mine since elected

Australian terrorism prediction tool considered autism a sign of criminality despite lack of evidence







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