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May 20, 2006

United States Orders Military Forces To Highest Alert Status As Russian President Putin Issues Warning Against American ‘Wolf’

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the Military Leaders of the United States have issued an immediate order placing their Military Forces on their highest Alert Status, and which is occurring immediately prior to the Massive Tsunami drill being planned for their Northwest Pacific Regions, and as we can read as reported by the United States Department of Transportation in their bulletin titled “Pacific Peril” and which says:

"The US Department of Transportation in cooperation with Federal, State, local, and Canadian partners will host ‘Pacific Peril 06’ from 23-25 May 2006 at Camp Rilea on the NW Oregon Coast. The three-day event will consist of a training day presenting earthquake and tsunami hazards and response plans; a full day Command Post Exercise (CPX) and a final day table top review. The exercise postulates a catastrophic seismic event that triggers a massive tsunami that devastates Pacific coastal communities from British Columbia to northern California."

The curious timing of the United States Military being put on this high alert status, and combined with their announced ‘Pacific Peril’ earthquake and tsunami exercise, has led to many fears around the world because of these events occurring during the exact time frame of our Earth encountering the strange Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3, and which for reasons unknown to scientists has been dramatically exploding into many hundreds of fragments, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s News 24 News Service in their article titled "Dying comet swings past Earth", and which says:

"A comet that has broken up catastrophically will swing past Earth on Thursday. It will be the nearest approach by any comet in the past two decades. The American publication Sky & Telecoscope ( predicted a meteor shower for May 22 or May 23, as Earth travelled through dusty debris trailed by the disintegrating comet."

Though Western scientists and propaganda organs have sought to play down the fears of their citizens regarding this Comet by stating that there are no chances of any debris hitting our World, the current facts remain at odds with this assessment as pieces of this Comet have begun to rain upon the Earth, and as we can read as reported by Australia’s Herald Sun News Service in their article titled “Meteor shower sparks alarm", and which says:

"South-east Queensland residents have been startled by a bright, green ball of streaking light that initially sparked fears of a plane crash. A police spokeswoman said the suspected meteor was seen travelling east to west in the region from Bribie Island, across the Sunshine and Gold Coasts as far inland as Warwick.She said a Warwick farmer alerted police about 6.30pm (AEST) of what he thought was a "fire ball" from a plane crashing on his property. A search of the area found nothing.Police were then inundated by sightings of a "green ball of light."

In our review of these current events since our April 13th report, "Comet Impact Warning For May 25th Claims French Military Researcher As Massive Cosmic Blasts Continue Global Weather Assault", we continue to hold to our previous assessment, and where within this previous report we had stated:

"Russian Scientists agree with Dr. Sidharth on the unlikelihood of the parts of this Comet directly affecting our Earth, but remain more concerned with the events in our Solar System that are causing Comets to fragment as new reports show another Comet has been similarly shattered, and as we can read as reported by the New Scientist News Service in their article titled "Hybrid comet-asteroid in mysterious break-up", and which says:

"Something substantial has broken off an icy 50-kilometre object beyond the orbit of Saturn, leaving puzzled astronomers trying to figure out why. Comets have been seen breaking up before, but only after heating when passing close to the Sun or a gravitational disturbance following a close encounter with a planet.

However, at 1.9 billion kilometres, this object is very far from the Sun. Another mysterious feature is that much more gas and dust is escaping from the breakaway fragment than from the parent body. The disintegration has created a dust cloud more than 100,000 km across and which is several times brighter than the original object was before the event.

The object, called 60558 Echeclus, was discovered in 2000 and is a “centaur” - part rocky asteroid and part icy comet. Its new activity, revealed in images taken on 2 April, makes it look “really strange", says William Romanishen of the University of Oklahoma, US, one of the team that took the images. "The first thing that came to mind was a collision."

To the greatest significance of these events however we can see evidenced in President Putin’s address to the Russian Motherland regarding the current status of the United States and its Military Leaders, and as we can read as reported by the Gulf News Service in their article titled "Putin breaks the silence of the wolves", and which says:

"In his annual State of the Union Address, Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out at "wolf-like" America. In a veiled reference to Washington's approach to international affairs, he said "comrade wolf knows whom to eat. He eats without listening and he is clearly not going to listen to anyone".

Lost to the American people is the exact esoteric warning President Putin has issued to their Military Leaders by naming them as Wolves, but which to our knowing has been correctly stated, and as we can read from history about them:

"Formed in the 19th century by the Grande Orient of Italy for the elites, the organization evolved out of the violent organization known as the Carbonari. Pagan elements suffused the rituals of the organization to which all Grand Masters of Regular Italian Freemasonry belonged. The head was known as Naj Hannah (King Cobra).

In the meeting room, twelve members of P-2, dressed in satin ceremonial robes and wearing black hoods reminiscent of those worn by members of the Ku Klux Klan, sit in leather chairs at a red marble conference table. They are the elite members of the Wolf Pack, Gelli's disciples - some say his execution squad. None of the black-clad disciples knows the identity of any of his eleven brothers. Grand Master Licio Gelli is the only one who bares his face."

Of these Masonic Wolves the American people of today are likewise in total ignorance of their own history, and which shows that in the early 19th Century their Nation rose in common revolt against their secretive Masonic Masters after the horrific murder by torture of one of their greatest American Hero’s William Morgan, and who to this very day remains the only American citizen where the town in which he lived erected a giant monument so that future generations would never forget the war of their people against the Masons. And though unknown to the American people of today the words inscribed upon that monument serve as a warning to the American people today:

"Sacred To The Memory Of w Morgan

A Native of Virginia,

A Capt In The War Of 1812

A Respectable Citizen Of

Batavia And A Martyr

To The Freedom Of Writing

Printing And Speaking The

Truth He Was Abducted

From Near This Spot In The

Year 1826 By FreeMasons

And Murdered For Revealing

The Secrets Of Their Order"

Equally unknown to the American people are that the monsters they face today were equally faced by their ancestors, with the difference being of course that their ancestors in seeing the dangers of the Masons did not hide from them but rose in rebellion against them led by one of their former Presidents, John Adams, and of whose history we can read:

"Although now an ex-president, Mr. Adams did not long remain in private life. The greatest part of his career still lay before him. Owing to the mysterious disappearance of William Morgan, who had betrayed some of the secrets of the Masonic order, there was in some of the northern states a sudden and violent prejudice against the Freemasons and secret societies in general. An "anti-mason party" was formed, and by its votes Mr. Adams was, in 1831, elected to congress, where he remained, representing the same district of Massachusetts, until his death in 1848. He was shortly afterward nominated by the anti-masons for the governorship of Massachusetts, but was defeated in the legislature, there being no choice by the people."

Though certainly not vanquished by the revolt against them in the early part of 19th Century America, these Masonic Wolves buried themselves even further in secrecy until the ascension to total power of the current American President, and since attaining total power in the United States have embarked upon their ‘Master Plan’ for total Global domination through the utilization of our Earth’s most ancient knowledge, but as they also know is not privy to them alone.

For in the very symbol of these Masons remains the letter “G”, and which stands for our Gnostic traditions and beliefs, and which have for uncounted years stood in opposition to their rule by slavery. 

Their “Line of Power” which lies from Stonehenge to Boston to New York to Philadelphia to Washington D.C. to Baltimore, and varies not in any degree, has in fact belied the undercurrent of their power, but to our holding of the most sacred places in New Hampshire is at the same time their greatest frustration and their future defeat as the waters once again rise.

To their holding of Babylon do they now believe will be their protection with their new gods, but to those of the oldest order is the truest knowledge held.

© May 20, 2006 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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