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April 13, 2006

Comet Impact Warning For May 25th Claims French Military Researcher As Massive Cosmic Blasts Continue Global Weather Assault

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Concerns among the World’s Scientists are growing today over the mysterious breakup of Comet 73P Schwassmann- Wachmann as it approaches Earth, with one French Military Researcher warning of an impact of a part of this Comet on the Earth itself, and as we can read as reported by the US Newswire News Service in their article titled "Former Military Air Traffic Controller Claims Comet Collision with Earth on May 25, 2006", and which says:

"Eric Julien, a former French military air traffic controller and senior airport manager, has completed a study of the comet 73P Schwassmann- Wachmann and declared that a fragment is highly likely to impact the Earth on or around May 25, 2006.

Comet Schwassman-Wachmann follows a five-year orbit that crosses the solar system's ecliptic plane. It has followed its five year orbit intact for centuries; but, in 1995, mysteriously fragmented. According to Julien, this is the same year that a crop circle appeared showing the inner solar system with the Earth missing from its orbit. He argues the "Missing Earth" crop circle was a message from higher intelligences warning humanity of the consequences of its destructive nuclear policies. He links this crop circle to May 25, 2006, and identifies the comet Schwassmann-Wachman as the subject of higher intelligence communications."

The concerns about this comet are also being echoed by Dr B G Sidharth, Director of the B M Birla Science Centre in India, and as we can read as reported by the Hindu News Service in their article titled "Comet breaking into 17 bits, fragments may be visible next month", and which says:

"Comet 73 P Schwassmann-Wachmann, which is breaking up, is heading for a rendezvous with the earth next month coming closer than any other comet in the past 20 years. "In 1995, it was seen to have broken into three bits, when it was about two hundred and forty million kilometers away from the earth. It now appears to have broken into nineteen fragments, the closest of these will be just nine kilometers away around May 12," Dr B G Sidharth, Director of the B M Birla Science Centre here, said. The break-up of a comet is a common phenomenon and sometimes fragments may even crash into the earth, as happened in Tunguska (Siberia) in 1908, he said, adding that fortunately, the site of the impact was uninhabited. It is believed that this devastation was cuaused by the debris of the Comet Encke."

Russian Scientists agree with Dr. Sidharth on the unlikelihood of the parts of this Comet directly affecting our Earth, but remain more concerned with the events in our Solar System that are causing Comets to fragment as new reports show another Comet has been similarly shattered, and as we can read as reported by the New Scientist News Service in their article titled "Hybrid comet-asteroid in mysterious break-up", and which says:

"Something substantial has broken off an icy 50-kilometre object beyond the orbit of Saturn, leaving puzzled astronomers trying to figure out why. Comets have been seen breaking up before, but only after heating when passing close to the Sun or a gravitational disturbance following a close encounter with a planet.

However, at 1.9 billion kilometres, this object is very far from the Sun. Another mysterious feature is that much more gas and dust is escaping from the breakaway fragment than from the parent body. The disintegration has created a dust cloud more than 100,000 km across and which is several times brighter than the original object was before the event.

The object, called 60558 Echeclus, was discovered in 2000 and is a “centaur” - part rocky asteroid and part icy comet. Its new activity, revealed in images taken on 2 April, makes it look “really strange", says William Romanishen of the University of Oklahoma, US, one of the team that took the images. "The first thing that came to mind was a collision."

But not to a collision are the breakups of these Comets being caused say Russian Scientists, but rather they are due to the Massive Energy Blasts repeatedly hitting our Solar System and seemingly directed towards our Earth’s Southern Regions, and which are having devastating effects not only upon our Global Weather Systems but also on the Antarctica Continent itself, and where the effects of these Massive Blasts has superheated the air, and as we can read as reported by the New Scientist News Service in their article titled "Air heats up high above Antarctica", and which says:

"If you thought that stories about global warming and Antarctica were a lot of hot air, you'd be half right. It seems that it is not just surface temperatures that are rising and melting the Antarctic ice: temperatures in the atmosphere high above the continent are also soaring. Although rapid warming at the surface of Antarctica has been well-documented, this is the first report of climate change much higher above the continent. What's more, it is the largest warming of its kind found anywhere on Earth. John Turner and colleagues of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, UK, monitored the temperature of the middle troposphere, at altitudes of up to 10 kilometres."

Under Western Scientific theories relating to Comets, the interaction of these Cosmic Blasts with Comets, and which they say are ‘dirty snowballs’, would not be possible, but even now some of these Western Scientists are beginning to see the side of Russian and Chinese Scientists, and as we can read as reported by the Boston Globe News Service in their article titled "The comets' tale: Maybe the dirty snowball theory is wrong", and which says:

"Three fly-by missions since 2001 have confounded almost everything astronomers thought they knew about the makeup of comets. Then, two weeks ago, University of Hawaii researchers announced the discovery of a whole new family of close-in comets -- which might help explain how the early Earth got its water. Our lack of knowledge could have dire consequences, scientists warn, because -- unlike asteroids, whose paths can be predicted years in advance -- comets could strike Earth with little warning."

Not to warning about these events are the Western peoples prepared to become knowledgeable either as the events of their Nations show their continued ignorance about these events, and the potentially catastrophic effects they will have on their lives.

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