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August 31, 2005

Catastrophic Disaster of ‘Biblical Proportions’ Strikes United States, Entire Geography of Region Altered as Super Storm Rated as Worst In Recorded History 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Scientists are reporting this morning that the Massive Super Storm striking the United States was the worst in all of recorded history, not only to the unprecedented geographical expanse of this Super Storm, but also to its high winds, and were estimated at being over 217 miles per hour.  The tidal surge preceding this Super Storm has been estimated by Russian Scientists as being over 50 feet in height which their reports state would have reached into their inland areas in some places up to 3 miles.

These reports further state that a tidal surge of this magnitude has the potential to ‘level’ virtually ever human made structure in its path, leaving a ‘trail of devastation of Biblical Proportions’, and displacing even the most anchored mammoth structures, including oil platforms.

To the American City of New Orleans, which lies entirely under sea level, these reports state that an incredible disaster awaits them as their drainage canals are flooding into this city as well as numerous breakages in their protective levee system.  Not since the Great Disaster of 1953 in the Netherlands has the world seen a catastrophe of this magnitude, and as reported of that disaster from last century;

"In February 1953 the Netherlands faced disaster when the dikes protecting the southwest of the country were breached by the joint onslaught of a hurricane-force northwesterly wind and exceptionally high spring tides. The flood came in the night without warning, a fateful combination of freak high tides and gale-force winds that killed 1,835 people. Almost 200,000 hectares of land was swamped, 3,000 homes and 300 farms destroyed, and 47,000 heads of cattle drowned. It was The Netherlands' worst disaster for 300 years. Flooding caused by storm surges were nothing new to the Netherlands, but this time the nation was stunned by the extent of a disaster unparalleled for centuries."

So powerful is this Super Storm that Russian Scientists are reporting that the satellite photos taken of this region today show ‘vast geographic changes’ to the land mass in the southern parts of their Louisiana Region. From this region itself we can read as reported by the Australian News Service in their article titled “Hundreds feared dead after Katrina" and which says;

"HELICOPTERS plucked frantic survivors from rooftops of inundated homes today and officials said hundreds of people may have died in Hurricane Katrina's attack on the US Gulf Coast, which sent a wall of water into Mississippi and flooded New Orleans. The economic cost of the hurricane's rampage could be the highest in US history, according to damage estimates. "The devastation is greater than our worst fears," Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco told a news conference. "It's totally overwhelming." She spoke after an overnight breach in New Orleans' protective levee system allowed water from Lake Pontchartrain to flood most of the city."

It is also important to note that the propaganda organs of the American Military Leadership are continuing their efforts to ‘minimize’ the impact and true extent of this Super Storm, even going so far as to actually state to their citizens that this massive Super Storm had been ‘downgraded’ prior to making landfall, but according to Russian Scientists actually increased ‘beyond our known scales’, and to which these Military Leaders had known the true extent of before their citizens, and had indeed ‘warned’ the world, and as we had previously reported in our August 25th report titled  "United States Warns Foreign Governments of ‘Impending’ Internal Crises While Massive American Troop Movements Continue".    

Even more appalling is that though the world has known of the potential for these Super Storms forming in the waters surrounding the East Coast Regions of the United States, and to which President Putin ordered all Russian Navy Vessels to leave this troubled region, and as we had previously reported on in our “Massive New Atlantic Storms Force Russian Naval Evacuations from the Americas as Scientists Declare Global Weather Systems Totally Broken" and wherein we had stated;

“As the growing Global War between the various factions of the United States and Israel continue, and as evidenced by yesterday’s terrorists attacks on London, the greater concern among Russian Military Authorities has centered upon the Atlantic Ocean Region where yet another massive hurricane storm is forming and has prompted an emergency evacuation of all Russian Naval Vessels to immediately leave this most troubled area.”

The Military Leaders of the United States had chosen to not tell the truth of these things to their own citizens.

And in not telling their citizens the truth of these things, many have perished, all have lost everything, but even more reprehensible has been their treatment of their poorest peoples, and should stand as an ‘object lesson’ to those Americans not directly affected by this Super Storm but as a warning also should they ever be faced with this horrific circumstances, and as we can read as reported by one of their opinion writers in the article titled "Superdome of Shame" and which says;

"Watching news coverage of the refugees trying to enter the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans for safety from the approaching force-five Hurricane Katrina, I was incredulous how the people attempting to enter the stadium were being treated by the National Guard troops and local police. The people were made to stand for hours outside in the awful Louisiana climate while they were admitted one or two adults at a time so they could be searched "for firearms and alcohol."

The frail elderly, many grasping walkers and others in wheelchairs seemed to be near collapse. They, along with hundreds of small children needing water and rest-room relief, were forced to wait as long as four hours to get to safety. It was often repeated during the video reports that the last time the Superdome was used as a hurricane shelter, a few of the temporary occupants removed some furniture. But this time, they had a large security force on hand, so that was NOT going to happen again, no-siree-bob.

There were THOUSANDS of poor, mostly black citizens of the lower Louisiana area, many of them little children and sickly elderly, being forced to stand for hours while the government violated their civil rights with forced searches that were patently unconstitutional, unjust and unreasonable under the dire circumstances. "Don't want to be searched? That's turn around, go outside and die!" Big choice.

Think about it. They can allow in 30,000 screaming fans with fifty-dollar bills and costly NFL tickets in their hands in a few minutes, but poor black people fleeing for their lives, four hours. Four HOURS! None of the news people I saw on the major cable and broadcast networks noticed this outrage. Apparently, they are still "embedded" with the government and couldn't possibly risk dislodging their heads long enough to report the truth right before their eyes.

We let morons take away our rights to person and property at the airports, all for the false "protection" they promised us and can't possibly deliver, so now we see them doing it to helpless citizens even when the citizens' lives are in danger. "First, we gotta check you for weapons and drugs...pull your dress up, lift up your arms...." – let those old people collapse and those kids soil themselves – "This is FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY."

From my own personal observations of meeting these most strange American people for the first time, one cannot help but notice how kind of spirit and generous of heart they truly are, but at the same time how thoroughly they have been indoctrinated into servants of their Military Leaders and State Media Organs cannot be denied.  Like the German people living under the Nazi Regime, these Americans likewise accept nothing as being true unless their Military Leaders and/or Media Organs tells them it is so.

Yet, and almost beyond comprehension, they freely admit their firm belief that they are being lied to by both their Military Leaders and Media Organs, and will freely explain to anyone who listens to them how they are being lied to and manipulated every day.  One can only describe these contradictions in their thinking as being those of people who are insane.

But to their greatest trials and tribulations the effects of this Super Storm are but just the beginning of the cataclysmic changes soon to overtake them, and the world too.  To those who have sought to warn them of these dangers they take no heed, even as many thousands of them lie dead in their country today, and millions more will perish in the tomorrows to come, they remain steadfast in their belief that though the worst may happen they will be ‘taken care of ‘ by their Military Leaders.

If only they knew true history, if only they paid attention to what is happening to them now, only then could they fully understand how utterly absurd their thinking is.  

© August 31, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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