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August 25, 2005

United States Warns Foreign Governments of ‘Impending’ Internal Crises While Massive American Troop Movements Continue

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the Military Leaders of the United States have communicated to many of the worlds leaders that a ‘crises’ is about to occur in their country and further warning that any ‘outside’ interference into the internal affairs of the United States will be met with ‘swift and sure’ action.

This unprecedented warning comes at a time when multiple threats are confronting not only the United States, but also the entire world, and which include; 1.) An impending flu pandemic estimated to kill upwards of 1 billion people; 2.) An acceleration of Global Weather Changes destroying up to 20% of this years crops in many Western Nations; 3.) The skyrocketing costs of oil threatening the stability of the Worlds Financial Markets; 4.) The impending crackdown on American citizens and imposition of Martial Law; and 5.) Growing instability in the very core of the Earth itself giving rise to fears of mass earthquakes and volcanic activity on a scale not seen in modern times.

Prior to the terrorist attacks in London on July 7th, the British Government announced that their computer systems had come under attack almost one month prior on June 17th, and as we can read as reported by the Headlines News Service in their article titled "British Authorities Warn Of Sweeping Trojan Horse Attack" and which says, "A British government agency warns Thursday that hackers are targeting computers within the central government, corporations, and individuals, with trojan horses designed to gather and distribute commercially valuable information."

Today Western News sources are reporting that a similar attack against the computer systems of the United States Government is now occurring, and as we can read as reported by the Washington Post News Service in their article titled "Hackers launch attacks on U.S. sites from China; Defense Department system breached" and which says, "Internet sites in China are being used heavily to target computer networks in the Defense Department and other U.S. agencies, successfully breaching hundreds of unclassified networks, say several U.S. officials. Whether the attacks constitute a coordinated Chinese government campaign to penetrate U.S. networks and spy on government databanks has divided U.S. analysts. Some in the Pentagon are said to be convinced of official Chinese involvement; others see the probing as the work of other hackers simply using Chinese networks to disguise the origins of the attacks."

Russian Intelligence Analysts are further reporting that these attacks, both against the British and Americans, were designed to coincide with major terrorist related training exercises for the purpose of disrupting ‘Command and Control Centers’, and which the American exercise, named ‘Orbit Comet’, had just concluded, and as we can read as reported by the US Army News Service in their article titled "Army, FBI lead ‘Orbit Comet’ anti-terrorism test" and which says, "More than 21 local, state, federal and military agencies last week took part in “Orbit Comet,” the largest full-scale anti-terrorism exercise ever in North Carolina."

Of the greater significance to these exercises however, as these reports state, has been the complete ‘melding’ of American policing authorities into the Military Structure of the US Armed Forces under the command of the United States NORTHCOM Military Division comprised of mostly foreign soldiers, and as we had previously reported on in our August 22nd report titled "United States Positions Tens of Thousands of Foreign Troops Throughout America, Cancels All Military Leaves and Ousts Another Top General" and wherein we had stated;

“According to these reports the internal rebellion of not only these two Generals, but ‘many more’, were based upon the massive recruitment of foreign mercenaries into the US Armed Forces and the stationing of them at ‘strategic points’ throughout the United States and training them almost exclusively for ‘riot and crowd control’ purposes.  To date these foreign mercenary soldiers stationed throughout America number in the tens of thousands, and as we can read as reported American Strategy World News Service in their article titled  "U.S. Army Encounters Strange Recruiting Patterns" and which says;

"And then there are the foreigners. About 35,000 non-citizens are currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, while another 12,000 serve in the Reserve Components. The navy has the largest proportion of non-citizens on active duty, almost 16,000, nearly half the total. The Marine Corps has about 6,500, the Army about 5,000, and the Air force about 3,000."

The ‘umbrella’ US Military organization to which these foreign mercenary soldiers have been assigned is the newly established NORTHCOM which has been established to ‘protect’ the Continental United States and has led to much fear among its citizens, and as we can read as reported by the Online Journal News Service in their article titled "How about that Pentagon plan for martial law?" and which says;

"Of course, few are putting it that way. But in an August 8, 2005, Washington Post article, its author Bradley Graham headlined it this way: "War Plans Drafted To Counter Terror Attacks in U.S.—Domestic Effort is Big Shift for Military." What a flair for understatement. Datelined from Colorado Springs, the Evangelical Christian, Northern Command headquarters, Graham writes, "The U.S. Military has devised its first-ever war plans for guarding against and responding to terrorist attacks in the United States, envisioning 15 potential crisis scenarios and anticipating several simultaneous strikes around the country, according to officers who drafted the plans." Well thanks, fellas, for the effort, but it's been nearly four years since 9/11.

Nevertheless, "the classified plans . . . outline a variety of possible roles for quick-reaction forces estimated at as many as 3,000 ground troops per attack, a number that could easily grow depending on the extent of the damage and the abilities of civilian response teams." Huh? When, where, who? And "the possible scenarios range from 'low end,' relatively modest crowd-control missions to 'high-end,' full-scale [and/or multiple] disaster management after catastrophic attacks such as the release of a deadly biological agent or the explosion of a radiological device, several officers said." Translated into everyday English, if there's a real or, dare I say, "false flag" op/disaster in the A (atomic), B (biological) or C (chemical) areas, a la 9/11, or like the Maryland-based, government "anthrax" attack, we could be in a national state of martial law, up to our ears."

Russian Social Scientists have long reported that these American peoples will themselves be the ones to call for Martial Law from their Military Leaders, and much like the German citizens clamored for the protections of their Military Leader Hitler and the Nazi’s.  As Germany had done in the 1930’s by encircling their peoples with massive armies and internal secret police forces under the guise of ‘protecting’ the Germans from ‘unwashed foreigners’, today the world can see the American peoples clamoring for a likewise crackdown by their Military Forces, and as we can read as reported by the British Telegraph News Service in their article titled "Bush gives in to pressure over illegal migrants” and which says;

"The Bush administration has signaled a big policy reversal on illegal immigration, telling a worried public that it is "rightly distressed" about the nation's porous borders. The homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff, made what amounted to a U-turn on immigration policy after months of rising pressure from congressmen and law enforcement officials. Mr. Chertoff appeared to bow in the direction of public opinion, which is increasingly restive over the unrestricted flood of people into the US. "The American public is rightly distressed about a situation in which they feel we do not have the proper control over our borders," he said. Announcing a series of measures, Mr. Chertoff said he would build camps for illegal migrants, speed up deportations by providing more judges and lawyers and raise the number of officers tracking down fugitives ignoring expulsion orders."

How utterly chilling it should be to all of these American peoples when they hear the words of their Homeland Security Military Leader saying, Announcing a series of measures, Mr. Chertoff said he would build camps for illegal migrants…”, and not even realizing within themselves the Nazi’s too started out their ‘camps’ for lawful means, and as we can read;

"Dachau , one of the first Nazi concentration camps, opened in March 1933, and at first interned only known political opponents of the Nazis: Communists, Social Democrats, and others who had been condemned in a court of law. Gradually, a more diverse group was imprisoned, including Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies , dissenting clergy, homosexuals, as well as others who were denounced for making critical remarks about the Nazis."

But what the American Military Leaders know, but the American peoples themselves have forgotten, are the words of the Hitler himself, and who had said, "What luck for rulers that men do not think."  For if these American people ‘thought’ about these issues they would wonder why any ‘camps’ would be needed if only they secured their Southern Border regions to begin with. But when the barn door is left open and the animals run away, only then can the lazy farmer cry for more help, as the old saying goes. Or put in more modern terms; create the problems you need for the solutions you desire.

And much like the Jewish peoples, the Gypsy peoples, and many others in the early days of Nazi Germany, these present day American people do not even begin to see the gathering storm of Martial Law, Military Government and Totalitarian rule soon to overtake them.  Therefore they do not listen, indeed cannot listen, to the many warnings being shouted at them, from not only from those few who see these truths among their own citizens, but also from the many from outside looking in, and who not only know history but see it being repeated.

So powerful has the propaganda organs within American become that from their largest news sources, to even the smallest of them, all are being systematically controlled as to control dissent, pacify them against aggression against the State and destroy by all means those who do not bow down to their rule.  Even to our reports we have been told have been subjected to banning, as if the truth can ever be banned as it can only be concealed. But, and again like Germany under the Nazi’s, these once free people who had long championed the rights of all, now more closely resemble their German counterparts and have forgotten completely the date of May 10, 1933, of which history has recorded;

"An event unseen since the Middle Ages occurs as German students from universities formerly regarded as among the finest in the world, gather in Berlin and other German cities to burn books with "unGerman" ideas. Books by Freud, Einstein, Thomas Mann, Jack London, H.G. Wells and many others go up in flames as they give the Nazi salute."

As the Nazi Regime also proved, ‘put a ‘label’ on a human being and the masses will not care what happens to them’, has been used to great effect by the American Military Leaders too in that even today their ‘test case’ to deny all of their citizens their rights continues, and as this one American’s fate goes, so will go all of their fates, and as we can read as reported by the CATO Institute News Service in their article titled  "Jose Padilla: No Charges and No Trial, Just Jail" and which says;

"Jose Padilla is the U.S. citizen who supposedly plotted to detonate a "dirty bomb." Since his capture -- not on the battlefields of Afghanistan or Iraq, but at Chicago's O'Hare Airport -- he has not been charged with any crime. Yet, for more than a year, Padilla has been held incommunicado in a South Carolina military brig. Padilla's indefinite detention, without access to an attorney, has civil libertarians up in arms. That's why the Cato Institute, joined by five ideologically diverse public policy organizations -- the Center for National Security Studies, the Constitution Project, the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, People for the American Way, and the Rutherford Institute -- filed a friend-of-the-court brief in Padilla v. Rumsfeld, now pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York.

Consider this specious logic, endorsed by the Bush administration: Under the Sixth Amendment, the right to counsel does not apply until charges are filed. The government has not charged Padilla. Ordinarily, U.S. citizens cannot be detained without charge. But the administration has avoided that technicality by designating Padilla as an "enemy combatant," then proclaiming that the court may not second-guess his designation. Essentially, on orders of the executive branch, anyone could wind up imprisoned by the military with no way to assert his innocence."

Today in America the new camps are being built.  Today in America their Military Leaders keep imprisoned an American Citizen with no charges. Today in America protests against their regime are brutally suppressed.  Today in America their Military Forces patrol with tens of thousands of foreign troops.  Today in American their once giant industrial powerhouses of General Motors and Ford have their bonds reduced to ‘junk status’.  Today in America they remain the worlds largest jailer. Today in American they lead the world in mental illness. Today in America their combined government and personal debt exceed that of the entire world.

Today is indeed a tragic day in America, but in all of our tomorrows it will be a tragic day for the entire world. 

© August 25, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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