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August 29, 2005

‘Unprecedented’ Super Storm Threatens American Economy as American President Declares Martial Law, Pressure on New Madrid Fault Zone Reaches ‘Unseen’ Levels 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Reports from the United States are showing that their President has declared ‘States of Emergency’ in many of their Southern Regions in advance of the approach of an unprecedented Super Storm that Russian Scientists estimate will hit the United States with some wind gusts in excess of 200 miles per hour.

The significance to these State of Emergencies being declared, according to Russian Intelligence Analysts, is that the Americans Presidents declaration of Federal Rule (Martial Law) over these regions came before the Governors of those States most affected had requested assistance from their Federal Government as is extremely rare in that country,   "In the United States, the chief executive is typically empowered to declare a State of Emergency. The President of the United States, a governor of a state, or even a local mayor may declare a State of Emergency within his or her jurisdiction. This is relatively rare at the federal level, but quite common at the state level in response to natural disasters."

According to Russian Meteorologists about this Super Storm there is no better word to describe it other than ‘Unprecedented’ due to its massive size and rapidly growing powers of destruction, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled  "Katrina bulks up to become a perfect storm" and which says;

"Katrina could turn out to be the perfect hurricane, much to the dismay of south Louisiana residents. "I don't remember seeing conditions as favorable as this for a strengthening hurricane for a long time," National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield said Saturday.

He was referring to a unique combination of physical and meteorological conditions that are expected to cause Katrina to spin up to Category 4 or 5 strength, like a top accelerates when you pull its string. The northern Gulf of Mexico is unusually warm, rising past 85 degrees this year. And while that could, in part, be due to less cool freshwater entering the Gulf from the Mississippi River, National Hurricane Center meteorologist Eric Blake said it's more likely the result of relentless high temperatures in recent weeks along Louisiana's Gulf Coast.

That warmth extends more than 200 feet deep in one area in advance of Katrina, thanks to a donut-shaped pool of hot water called the loop current, which breaks off from the Gulf Stream and floats around the Gulf each year. The warm water acts like a flame, heating the atmosphere above it. In this case, that atmosphere already has formed into the circular system of thunderstorms that make up a hurricane. Above the storm circle, an upper-level high-pressure system helps squeeze out the rising hot air, a process called outflow, which increases the wind speeds and keeps the storm healthy."

The main reason for the American President declaring Martial Law in these Regions, according to these reports, lie in their strategic value to the United States, as major destruction in these areas could deal a ‘death blow’ to the American economy due to its dependence upon oil.  The Louisiana Region alone accounts not only for the greater amount of the United States Oil Economy (pipelines, refineries, Gulf of Mexico oil production) but also contains parts of the Strategic Reserves of the United States, and as we can read as reported by the US Department of Energy;

"Louisiana is a major oil producing state with abundant crude oil reserves, ranking 5th in production and 8th in reserves. Petroleum infrastructure is extensive with a large network of crude oil, product, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) pipelines and storage facilities. Louisiana is also home to two of the four Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) storage facilities: West Hackberry in Cameron Parish and Bayou Choctaw in Iberville Parish, Louisiana.

Other infrastructure include 17 petroleum refineries with a combined crude oil distillation capacity of nearly 2.8 million barrels per calendar day, the second highest in the nation after Texas. Louisiana has numerous ports including the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP), which is capable of receiving ultra large oil tankers. Natural gas and electricity dominate the home heating market with similar market shares totaling about 47 percent each."

The destruction of this Region, and its importance to the American Oil Economy, cannot be minimized as these losses represent nearly 20% of their daily capacity, and with no resources available to make up for this massive loss, and as we can read as reported by the US Department of Energy, “While some refineries have closed, and no new refineries have been built in nearly 30 years, many existing refineries have expanded their capacities. As a result of capacity creep," whereby existing refineries create additional refining capacity from the same physical structure, capacity per operating refinery increased by 28% over the 1990 to 1998 period, for example. Overall, since the mid-1990s, U.S. refinery capacity has increased from 15.0 million bbl/d [barrels per day] in 1994 to 16.9 million bbl/d in September 2004. Also in September 2004, utilization of operating capacity at U.S. refineries was averaging around 90%, down from 97% in July and August."

To the causing of this Super Storm and its potential cataclysmic effect upon the already stressed New Madrid Fault Zone we had previously reported on in our July 5th report titled "Massive Raising of Atlantic Ocean Bed Triggers Current Changes As North American Plate Pressures Build To ‘Unprecedented Levels’ Scientists Report" and wherein we had said;

“Of the warnings being issued to the Americans about the imminent dangers they are facing we can see little of on a National Level, but to a smaller extent the warnings of both Russian and American Scientists are being sounded, and as we can see exampled by the St. Louis Post Dispatch News Service in their article titled "Bracing for the Big One" and which says;

"Two-thirds of the way between St. Louis and Memphis, between the towns of Tiptonville, Tenn., and New Madrid, Mo., the Mississippi River makes an outrageous loop northward, like it's avoiding something. The river's levees dead-end at a bulge in the landscape. For decades, geologists have studied this gentle swell in the cornfields. They have a name for it: the Reelfoot fault.

In the winter of 1811-12, this is where two blocks in the earth wrenched apart so savagely - the western block up, the eastern block down - that the Mississippi River pooled backward into the sunken block. The river, cutting and silting away, has done its best to hide the scar. "The fact that it's there at all means it has been deforming and growing faster than the Mississippi River has been eroding it," said Arch Johnston, director of the Center for Earthquake Research and Information at the University of Memphis.

Research published June 23 in the journal Nature shows that the fault is coiling up like a spring again - at a rate comparable to the San Andreas fault in California. Geologists know that huge New Madrid earthquakes happened in the past. Now, for the first time, they can say the Reelfoot fault is building up a pressure that could make it buckle again."

But perhaps most ominous of all of these events has been the American Scientists recent confirming Russian research that details the effects of weather upon fault zones like New Madrid, and as we can read as reported by the New Scientist News Service in their report titled "Earth trembles as big winds move in" and which says;

"HURRICANES can trigger swarms of weak earthquakes and even set the Earth vibrating, according to the first study of such effects.When Hurricane Charley slammed into Florida in August 2004, physicist Randall Peters of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, had a seismometer ready to monitor any vibrations in the Earth's crust. He did so for over 36 hours as Charley travelled briefly over Florida, then slid back out into the Atlantic.

As the hurricane reached land, the seismometer recorded a series of "micro-tremors" from the Earth's crust. This happened again as the storm moved back out to sea. Then, as Charley grazed the continental shelf on its way out, it caused a sharp seismic spike. "I suspect the storm triggered a subterranean landslide," says Peters.

More surprisingly, the storm also caused the Earth to vibrate. The planet's surface in the vicinity of the hurricane started moving up and down at several frequencies ranging from 0.9 to 3 millihertz. Such low-frequency vibrations have been detected following large earthquakes, but this is the first time a storm has been found to be the cause."

Today as more massive low pressure systems are being formed in both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Region, and as the Sun itself is ready to unleash more massive flares upon the earths already chaotic weather systems, Russian Scientists report that the greatest danger continues to lie within the very heart of the Americas itself.  To the peoples of the Americas however these warnings go unheeded, as if every tomorrow will be like their yesterdays.”

But to this July 5th none of these Americans heeded, nor to our July 22nd report titled "Massive New Atlantic Storms Force Russian Naval Evacuations from the Americas as Scientists Declare Global Weather Systems Totally Broken" and wherein we had stated;

“To the confirmation of these scientists warnings linking these massive storms and hurricanes there is no longer any doubt as evidenced by the July 20th earthquake of 5.2 Magnitude occurring simultaneously with the devastating Typhoon Haitang that has left much death and destruction in both Taiwan and China.

The vast uncertainty created by the breakdown of our worlds weather systems have prompted much speculation among the Western peoples, and as we can see as evidenced by the British Heralds News Service article titled  "Bizarre season of heat, hail and floods" and which says, "Floods sweep Romania, hailstones the size of walnuts batter Switzerland, drought-stricken France dreads a plague of locusts, while Spain and Portugal are burning up. A vision of the start of the Apocalypse? No, just Europe's bizarre weather pattern over the past couple of days."

But more closely to the truth was this British writer by his use of the word Apocalypse, as if seen in its totality it is what our whole world is facing these days due our planets complete weather system breakdown.  Eerily coincidental with these events are the reports that the sounds of our world literally ripping apart have been heard by scientists, and as we can read as reported by the CNN News Service in their article titled "Quake sounds reveal Earth 'ripping apart" and which says;

"Scientists are gaining insight about December's devastating earthquake and tsunami from the actual sounds of the magnitude 9.3 quake in the Indian Ocean. "It's really quite an eerie sound to hear the Earth ripping apart like that. We hear it on smaller earthquakes quite frequently but something of this scale that goes on for eight minutes is very much unprecedented," said Maya Tolstoy, a marine geophysicist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory."It really gave me the chills when I first heard it," she said."

To the final outcome of these massive global weather changes, and what kind of world we as human race will end up living in, perhaps a clue can be found by this most chilling of reports from the United States reported by the ZDNet News Service in their article titled "Former Bush official to get RFID tag" and which says;

"Tommy Thompson, the Health and Human Services Secretary in President Bush's first term and a former Governor of Wisconsin, is going to get tagged. Thompson has joined the board of Applied Digital, which owns VeriChip, the company that specializes in subcutaneous RFID tags for humans and pets. To help promote the concepts behind the technology, Thompson himself will get an RFID tag implanted under his skin."

As to when the Western peoples will awaken to these dangers we do not know, only to our continued efforts and prayers for them is our certainty today.”

Tonight as the prayers of the World go towards these American people during this most trying of times, it does not pass our notice that with each cataclysmic strike against them, more of them are beginning to awaken to the truth that ‘all is connected’, that no life on this Earth exists apart, or alone, but together we all live and breathe the same air, look towards the same sun and in times such as these share the agonies of our fellow human beings.  

© August 29, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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