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July 5, 2005

Massive Raising of Atlantic Ocean Bed Triggers Current Changes As North American Plate Pressures Build To ‘Unprecedented Levels’ Scientists Report 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Reports being circulated by Russian Scientists today are suggesting that a massive ‘anomalous’ event is occurring in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Region suggesting an ‘extreme alteration’ of the Atlantic Ocean Bed itself, or as some Scientists are suggesting, that a new Atlantic Ocean Island is about to form.

Of the main effects being felt by the raising of the Atlantic Ocean Bed are the alterations to its current flows, and as we can read as exampled by the British Telegraph News Service in their article titled  "Surfers search for wave that went missing" and which says, "A famous European surfing beach has mysteriously lost its waves, to the consternation of locals and dismay of surfers, who fear that a "wonder of the world" has vanished forever. Surfers flock in their thousands to Mundaka, on Spain's north Atlantic coast, to master its enormous tube-like roller - a giant often reaching more than 20 feet. Now anyone arriving to catch the "Basque wave" will find themselves riding no more than a ripple. The Basque government has dispatched scientists and academics to find a solution."

On the American side of the Atlantic Ocean we can also see the effects of these massive current changes in the reporting of the first deaths in history due to riptides in their New England Region, and as we can read as reported by the Boston Globe News Service in their article titled "Riptide claims two lives at beach" and which says;

"Two Massachusetts men drowned and a 10-year-old boy was taken to the hospital yesterday evening after a riptide pulled swimmers out to sea at Hampton Beach, according to hospital and emergency officials. Authorities said as many as 12 people were swept out about 6 p.m. The Hampton Fire Department responded with a 34-foot boat and the Coast Guard dispatched two 25-foot boats and a helicopter. ''We've never had beach conditions like that before," said lifeguard captain James DeLuca. ''They were swimming in a bad area after the lifeguards went off duty." Authorities said they couldn't remember another case of a riptide drowning at the beach."

The alterations of these Atlantic Ocean currents are also responsible for the devastation wrecked upon the New England Regions fishing industries due to their recent Red Tide disaster, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled  "Romney declares red tide a disaster for Massachusetts" and which says;

"Gov. Mitt Romney on Thursday declared a state of emergency because of the red tide bloom off the coast of Massachusetts, allowing the state to seek federal disaster aid for the shellfish industry.”I have declared a state of emergency, and am seeking disaster relief," he said. Red tide is the result of algae that contaminate shellfish and can be dangerous to humans who eat the shellfish. The heavy bloom this year was pushed by unusually strong north and northeast winds into Massachusetts Bay, where it thrived in warmer waters. The growth around Cape Cod and forced its way through the Cape Cod Canal for the first time. The bloom has closed down about two thirds of Massachusetts shell fishing flats, and is expected to persist through what is traditionally the peak shell fishing season leading to the July 4th holiday."

The significance of the Atlantic current changes being responsible for the massive outbreaks of Red Tide can be found in the research being conducted by the Rhode Island Sea Grant Organization and as stated in their Research Paper titled "Red Tide in the Northeast" and which says, "The organism that causes toxic red tide in New England is a microscopic one-celled alga called Alexandrium tamarense.  Alexandrium propels itself through the water using two tiny whip-like extensions called flagella.  Its life cycle includes a dormant cyst stage that can survive cold winters in bottom sediments.   The cysts, which also contain toxin, are the seeds for future blooms.  These cysts facilitate the spread of toxic red tides into new areas since they are easily transported by tidal currents, dredge material disposal, and transplanted shellfish."

As the massive Ocean Current Changes occurring around the world, and not just to the Atlantic Ocean alone, reawakening these buried cysts, the world’s scientists are speculating that worst changes may be on the way, and as we can read as reported by the Boston Globe News Service in their article titled "Scientists wonder if algae bloom is a red flag", and which says; "As Massachusetts officials scramble for disaster relief for shellfish farmers strapped by the worst bloom of red tide in decades, scientists are trying to figure out weather the toxic algae explosion hints at an ecological disaster.  Red Tides appear to be on the increase world-wide..."

Not just to these changing Ocean Currents but also to the continuing massively building pressure being built up upon the North American Plate are Russian Scientists concerned about, even to the point where the internal stresses of this tectonic plate are building up such pressures that the Great Lakes of the United States are now heating up, and as we can read as reported by the American All Headline News Service in their article titled "Great Lakes Reach Mysterious Temperature High" and which says;

"Water temperatures in the lower Great Lakes are at a 5-year high, mysteriously measuring now where they were in mid-August of last year. Rochelle Sturtevant, a systems ecologist with the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network says researchers might not make sense of current temperature data for months or even years..."

But not to anything ‘mysterious’ is the heating of these Great Lakes as it has long been known that the heating of such large bodies of waters are but precursors to much larger geological events, and as exampled by the current events occurring in Japan, and as we can read as reported by the British Register News Service in their article titled “Volcano erupts underwater, boils ocean" and which says;

"A volcano has erupted underwater near the Pacific island of Iwo Jima off the coast of Japan, sending a column of steam rising a kilometre into the air. The Japanese Coast Guard sent a plane to investigate, according to reports, after Defence officials reported that the surface of the water appeared red in the region of the steam column. Larger eruptions in the area have been recorded three times in the last 100 years, each eruption large enough to form a new, but quite small, island, according to a paper from the American Geophysical Union."

Of the warnings being issued to the Americans about the imminent dangers they are facing we can see little of on a National Level, but to a smaller extent the warnings of both Russian and American Scientists are being sounded, and as we can see exampled by the St. Louis Post Dispatch News Service in their article titled "Bracing for the Big One" and which says;

"Two-thirds of the way between St. Louis and Memphis, between the towns of Tiptonville, Tenn., and New Madrid, Mo., the Mississippi River makes an outrageous loop northward, like it's avoiding something. The river's levees dead-end at a bulge in the landscape. For decades, geologists have studied this gentle swell in the cornfields. They have a name for it: the Reelfoot fault.

In the winter of 1811-12, this is where two blocks in the earth wrenched apart so savagely - the western block up, the eastern block down - that the Mississippi River pooled backward into the sunken block. The river, cutting and silting away, has done its best to hide the scar. "The fact that it's there at all means it has been deforming and growing faster than the Mississippi River has been eroding it," said Arch Johnston, director of the Center for Earthquake Research and Information at the University of Memphis.

Research published June 23 in the journal Nature shows that the fault is coiling up like a spring again - at a rate comparable to the San Andreas fault in California. Geologists know that huge New Madrid earthquakes happened in the past. Now, for the first time, they can say the Reelfoot fault is building up a pressure that could make it buckle again."

But perhaps most ominous of all of these events has been the American Scientists recent confirming Russian research that details the effects of weather upon fault zones like New Madrid, and as we can read as reported by the New Scientist News Service in their report titled "Earth trembles as big winds move in" and which says;

"HURRICANES can trigger swarms of weak earthquakes and even set the Earth vibrating, according to the first study of such effects.When Hurricane Charley slammed into Florida in August 2004, physicist Randall Peters of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, had a seismometer ready to monitor any vibrations in the Earth's crust. He did so for over 36 hours as Charley travelled briefly over Florida, then slid back out into the Atlantic.

As the hurricane reached land, the seismometer recorded a series of "micro-tremors" from the Earth's crust. This happened again as the storm moved back out to sea. Then, as Charley grazed the continental shelf on its way out, it caused a sharp seismic spike. "I suspect the storm triggered a subterranean landslide," says Peters.

More surprisingly, the storm also caused the Earth to vibrate. The planet's surface in the vicinity of the hurricane started moving up and down at several frequencies ranging from 0.9 to 3 millihertz. Such low-frequency vibrations have been detected following large earthquakes, but this is the first time a storm has been found to be the cause."

Today as more massive low pressure systems are being formed in both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Region, and as the Sun itself is ready to unleash more massive flares upon the earths already chaotic weather systems, Russian Scientists report that the greatest danger continues to lie within the very heart of the Americas itself.  To the peoples of the Americas however these warnings go unheeded, as if every tomorrow will be like their yesterdays. 

© July 5, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

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