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June 12, 2005

Bird Flu Breaks ‘Final Barrier’, Human to Human Transmission Begins, China Seals Internal Borders, WHO Issues Desperate Warning and UN states, “Prepare For The Worst”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Western Media Sources are reporting today on the findings of Russian Scientists that the ‘final barrier’ of the mutating Bird Flu Virus has been broken and the much dreaded pandemic has begun, and as we can read as reported by the British Independent News Service in their article titled "Fears that new strain of bird flu will kill millions" and which says;

"International experts fear that bird flu is mutating into a strain that will cause a worldwide pandemic, killing many millions of people after the mass deaths of wild birds in China.Unconfirmed reports say that more than 100 people have also died, suggesting that the virus may have evolved to pass from person to person, breaking the final barrier preventing a worldwide catastrophe.

The Chinese government, while denying the reports of human deaths, has adopted emergency measures in Xinjiang, its remote north-western province, and has sealed off affected areas with roadblocks and closed all nature reserves. "We are worried," says Noureddin Mona, of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's representatives in Beijing. "We should be prepared for the worst."

Also being reported is that the World Health Organization has issued yet another desperate warning to Western Nations, and as we can read as reported by the Israeli Haaretz News Service in their article titled "WHO warns of worldwide deadly flu epidemic" and which says;

"The message that came out of the international conference on the avian flu epidemic, which swept Vietnam this February, was clear: The virus that killed hundreds of thousands of birds and dozens of people in recent years is about to mutate and cause a worldwide epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated last month that millions of people will die of the new flu, which a senior WHO official called "inevitable."

Russian Intelligence Analysts are also reporting today an unusually high volume of traffic on US Military secure communications frequencies,  that combined with an accelerated movement within the United States of their Military Forces are indications of their preparing to seal their borders like the Chinese are currently doing in their interior regions.

Our previous reporting on these dire events in our report titled “Chinese Government Admits To Massive Epidemics as World Health Organization Granted Sweeping New Powers over All Nations and Peoples on Earth" clearly show also the likelihood that this pandemic will be the likely event to trigger massive changes in the alignments of the World’s Great Powers, even to the establishing of what Westerners refer to as ‘The New World Order’.

To the worlds peoples though the greater concern should be in the protection of their lives from this devastating pandemic through the strengthening of their immune systems by eliminating from their diets the Genetically Modified foods created by their monstrous corporations, and as we have previously reported on in our report titled   "Mutated Bird Flu Hits Dogs in United States, Tens of Thousands Killed as US Government Issues News Censorship Orders Under New Quarantine Provision Laws" and wherein we had stated;

“So serious have these genetically modified foods so affected the Americans that their Centers for Disease Control has begun to treat the obesity epidemic caused by these GM foods as a serious disease, and as we can read as reported by the New York Times News Service in their article titled   "C.D.C. Team Investigates an Outbreak of Obesity" and which says;

"For the first time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sent a team of specialists into a state, West Virginia, to study an outbreak of obesity in the same way it studies an outbreak of an infectious disease. Kerri Kennedy, the program manager at the West Virginia Physical Activity and Nutrition Program, said the state had requested the agency's investigation. "We were looking at our data," Ms. Kennedy said, and saw that "we are facing a severe health crisis."

Not just to our warnings are these American peoples not heeding, but even to the many of their own fellow citizens, such as the Network of Concerned Farmers who have also warned of these dangers, and as we can read as reported by them;

"According to a March 2001 article in the New York Times, "The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) now says that food is responsible for twice the number of illnesses in the United States as scientists thought just seven years ago... At least 80% of food-related illnesses are caused by viruses or other pathogens that scientists cannot even identify." The reported cases include 5,000 deaths, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 76 million illnesses per year. This increase roughly corresponds to the period when Americans have been eating GM food. In addition, obesity has skyrocketed. In 1990, no state had 15% or more of its population in the obese category. By 2001, only one state didn't. Diabetes rose by 33% from 1990 to 1998, lyphatic cancers are up, and many other illnesses are on the rise. Is there a connection to GM foods? We have no way of knowing because no one has looked for one."

Not being reported to the American citizens is that a secret study linking GM foods to the destruction of the human bodies immune system, the aforementioned obesity epidemic and the alarming rise of child autism in the United States has been suppressed from their knowledge, and only to the German courts has orders been issued for this secret studies release, and as we can read as reported by the British Independent News Service in their article titled "Judges order disclosure of secret study on GM risks" and which says,

"Judges have ordered the publication of a secret study which has raised fears that eating GM food may harm human health, after it was revealed in The Independent on Sunday last month. A court in Cologne last week granted Greenpeace access to the 1,139-page study - by the giant biotech firm Monsanto - which found that rats fed a modified corn had smaller kidneys and raised levels of white blood cells and lymphocytes compared with those fed a non-GM corn."

Though many things about these events can, and have been said, what remains beyond comprehension is how what was once one of the most free nations on earth, The United States, has allowed itself to become the most controlled and despised by the entire world, even to the circumstance that their Military Leaders have contracted out $300 Million (US) to begin a massive world-wide Psyops Campaign to improve their ‘image’, and as we can read as reported by the Washington Post News Service in their article titled "Pentagon hires firms to polish U.S. image abroad" and which says;

"The Pentagon awarded three contracts last week, potentially worth up to $300 million over five years, to companies it hopes will inject more creativity into its psychological-operations efforts to improve foreign public opinion about the United States, particularly the military. "We would like to be able to use cutting-edge types of media," said Col. James Treadwell, director of the Joint Psychological Operations Support Element, a part of Tampa, Fla.-based U.S. Special Operations Command. "If you want to influence someone, you have to touch their emotions."

How utterly absurd that instead of preparing and protecting their citizens from mass death the American Military Leaders instead want to “touch the emotions” of foreigners who do not like them. 

But perhaps no news story better demonstrates the depth of depravity that the United States has fallen too than this one reported by the WMUR Television News Service, "Libertarian Arrested In Manchester Airport Protest, Man's Demonstration To Promote Belief In Individual Freedom" and which says;

"A Keene Libertarian who tried to board a flight carrying nothing but a Bible and a copy of the Declaration of Independence was arrested Saturday at Manchester Airport. Russell Kanning, 35, was arrested after refusing to comply with security screening procedures and refusing to leave the screening area, according to the Rockingham County sheriff's department. He was charged with criminal trespassing and was being held at the Rockingham County jail."

Not just absurd, but how utterly strange that where in years past we once had to rely on United States radio broadcasts to learn the fates of our refuseniks, now they have to listen to us to know the fate of theirs. 

© June 12, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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