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January 4, 2005

Western World Sleeps as Global Cataclysms Approach 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

In my December 22, 2004 report I had detailed how an ever increasing number of continuing energy surges have begun hitting our planet, and to the disruption of our world’s weather cycles. 

Conjointly with the disruptions of the world’s weather systems has been the unexplained lighting up of the winter night skies in the far Northern Arctic regions, and as summarized in an article that said in part,   "The entire horizon is raised like magic, like the hand of God is bringing it up.”

More ominous for the world’s human beings perhaps, is that what has been generally relegated to the earth’s Southern Hemispheric regions is now occurring in the Northern ones too.

The evidence for these increasing energy ‘blasts’ are increasingly being pointed towards a number of events that have occurred in the universe in years past, and to which we are now feeling their effects.

One of these events was the Supernova Blast (SN1987a) that occurred on Feb. 23, 1987, and as explained by Peter Garnavich of the University of Notre Dame, "The real fireworks show is finally starting, and over the next 10 years things will get spectacular.”  But, and as also contained in this information, the time line for the earth’s visibility of this event lies between the years of 1995-2015.  Current events are suggesting however that these events are going to be occurring much sooner than 2010.

The fear evident in Western scientists regarding this event belongs to their theories about Supernovas, and that state that they are one of the most energetic explosive events known. “They occur at the end of a star's lifetime, when its nuclear fuel is exhausted and it is no longer supported by the release of nuclear energy. If the star is particularly massive, then its core will collapse and in so doing will release a huge amount of energy.”

In a particularly strange event surrounding SN1987a, American scientists ‘reworked’ existing theories about supernovas to show not what is necessarily true, but rather what they seemingly wanted to see. (Or more ominously to keep this knowledge hidden from others.)  This ‘reworking’ though, still revealed the nervousness about this event by the American scientists, and as evidenced in the comment by Dr. Neil Gehrels of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center when he stated, "The possibility for mass extinction is indeed real, yet the risk seems much lower than we have thought."

This American reworking of these formulas to obtain the results they desired left out the continued ozone layer depletion over the Southern Hemispheric Pole, and which according to the currently ongoing 2004 British survey states, “The ozone layer over much of the Southern Hemisphere south of 50° remains around 10% below the long term normal.”

Where in past times ozone layer depletion was rightly ascribed to cosmic rays (gamma rays), Western scientists have with their reworked mathematics created a whole new methodology that blames these depletions on CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons), and which even first term Russian school child would laugh about if this were not so serious an event. 

Best stated about these events from a Western perspective though are these words from an unknown person, “Now, don't get me wrong; I'm not in favor of ANY strange laboratory-created substances polluting the air I have to breathe, and I wholeheartedly endorse the current campaign to rid the atmosphere of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the atoms being blamed for the so-called "holes" in the ozone layer. But just stop for a minute and think: If CFCs caused the so-called "holes," why are they ONLY over the Polar Regions? Are the polar explorers and scientists using too much spray-on deodorant and fly-killer?

Of course not. If CFCs had much to do at all with the so-called "holes," then the "holes" would be over New York, or Tokyo, or London, or at least somewhere relative to these places where it could be shown that the air currents were causing the CFCs to accumulate.  But they are not. The "holes" only occur in two places, over the North and South Polar regions, exactly in accordance with natural forces which create the bulk of ozone, and exactly in accordance with the theories and predictions of the scientists who discovered them in the first place.

Western science has a long history of contradicting itself, and this time is no exception, and as stated in this research paper contributed to by a number of  American educational institutions shows,  "Long-term effects of gamma ray bursts would spread around the Earth and include ozone layer depletion, global cooling, acid rain and radionuclide production."

So today as the world is awash in acid rain, the ozone layers at the Northern and Southern Hemispheric Poles are expanding, the Western scientists put before their ever growing uneducated citizens a scientific explanation that blames these events on CFCs and fossil fuels, when they know the science behind these assertions is totally false. 

An independent American researcher, Ricardo L. Carezani, in his article titled, “SN 1987 A and the Neutrino” says it best in describing Western scientists’ penchant for making facts fit their absurd assertions; “Putting together all 7 facts, the *overwhelming* neutrino evidence is replaced by an overwhelming evidence of "the pharaoh's science" (i.e. nothing).  For those of you not familiar with the pharaoh's science, you can perform it yourself with a table and ruler: measure an arbitrary number of table parts, use an arbitrary equation, and come up with PI. Anyone can do it! Really!!”

Coming literally on the heels of this Supernova event was the most astronomically significant event of human history with the most powerful explosion in the universe since the Big Bang that occurred in December, 1997.  “Astronomers are mystified by the most powerful explosion ever witnessed, an enormous burst of gamma ray energy 12 billion light years from Earth that in one second released almost as much energy as all the stars of the universe.”; and as stated in this article by the American news source CNN.

NASA Headquarters at the Goddard Space Flight Center further added about this event: “A recently detected cosmic gamma ray burst released a hundred times more energy than previously theorized, making it the most powerful explosion since the creation of the universe in the Big Bang.”  For about one or two seconds, this burst was as luminous as all the rest of the entire universe," said Caltech professor George Djorgovski, one of the two principal investigators on the team from the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.

Aside from the majority of Western peoples being ignorant of these events, Western scientists, at least publicly, are still not acknowledging the significance of them for all of the world’s peoples.  Even with hundreds of thousands lying dead in Asia there can be no expectation that Western peoples will either become knowledgeable about or heed these many universal warnings.

As incredible as it may seem to us Russians, Western people, (and especially the Americans) these Social Darwinist thinking human beings, fail to even see the connection between the last American space shuttle disaster, the present lighting of the Arctic Regions of the Northern Hemisphere and continuing global weather chaos!  They even have State ordered training of their children through their educational systems that indoctrinate them into this way of being!  The parents and grandparents of these children even willingly hand over their children to these mass indoctrination centers, and with their knowing the destructiveness of these institutions from the very examples our own Russian history has shown them.

The Western media did report that, “Upper atmosphere may hold clues in Columbia mystery” in an article that appeared in an American national publication, USA Today.  This article states in part, “The space shuttle Columbia's troubles began as it dropped like a meteor from orbit into a mysterious and poorly understood atmospheric region that scientists have dubbed the "ignorosphere”.  The Concorde, the supersonic jet, flies in the bottom of this region at more than 11 miles above the Earth's surface.

Nothing but a rocket can fly at its upper limit of 53 miles. The "ignorosphere" encompasses the mesosphere and upper stratosphere. Invisible clouds, strange electrical flashes called red sprites and blue lightning bolts that strike upward from the tops of clouds inhabit the thin air. This is the place where falling stars are made. The "ignorosphere" earns its nickname from the fact that you can't get there from here without a rocket. It is too high for weather balloons and too low for satellites to dip down to gather information.

(And what Russian can ignore the childlike language used by one of the Americans’ most read national newspapers in addressing its citizens in their use of the make believe word  “Ignorosphere” instead of its proper name, ionosphere.   This is more sad than able to be laughed about because if any peoples of the earth are knowing what is being done to the Americans it is us.)

The connection to these seemingly disconnected events is the rare earth phenomena called Noctilucent Clouds.

What are Noctilucent Clouds?  “NLC were first discovered in the summer of 1884 after the eruption of Krakatoa which occurred in 1883. The volcanic eruption was at first thought to have contributed to the formation of NLC due to the ejection of huge quantities of dust into the upper atmosphere; however it has been proven that the eruption was not responsible for their formation.”

The actual "discoverer" is debated, however recent work has shown that the first conclusive observations were performed by T.W. Backhouse from Sunderland, U.K. Gadsden and Schroder (1989) question why Noctilucent Clouds were not discovered prior to 1885 and suggest that the eruption of Krakatoa was significant in that it caused observers to take more of a careful note of the twilight skies. This is a very difficult hypothesis to comprehend as it suggests that no observers ever bothered to take note of the twilight sky. This is a highly unlikely scenario as it is would seem very improbable that astronomers and meteorologists who frequently observed would miss such a highly conspicuous phenomena.

Of such concern are these phenomenal Noctilucent Clouds that a number of Western scientific studies are underway in the search for the answers as to why they are increasing, and to the extent that light from them is being reflected back into the normally darkened winter Northern Arctic skies.   “Increased sightings of noctilucent clouds may be related to climate change.” states one of these research studies underway by an organization named CAWSES (Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System), and as stated in their report titled: A proposed new SCOSTEP Program for 2004-2008.

Another study being conducted is by the HAIL Project (Holographic Array for Ionospheric Lightning), associated with the American Stanford University, where their approach is being directed towards, “Direct electrodynamic coupling between lightning discharges and the mesosphere/lower ionosphere evidenced by spectacular luminous optical emissions known as red sprites and elves, VLF signatures of rapid conductivity changes and radar detection of transient ionization patches above a thunderstorms.”

Specifically, these increasing cosmic ray bursts hitting our planet are causing, among other things, an ever increasing amount of upper atmosphere lighting occurrences that are also disturbing our earth’s magnetic field and causing such bad things to happen as small planes falling out of the sky due to disruptions in our magnetic field. 

These are best known to aircraft pilots as gravity, or buoyancy waves. Gravity, or buoyancy waves, are pressure waves generated by disturbances within the atmosphere, where the restoring forces (potential energy) for the wave motion is provided by buoyancy and gravity, rather than compression/expansion as in higher frequency acoustic waves.”

Coinciding with all of these events have been the Americans associating them with their older people’s knowledge (to them myths and legends) and warnings of not only these events, but the future events to come.

Such an example is the association of the 1987 Supernova (SN1987a) with a deliberately planted falsehood of it being the ‘Blue Star’ much talked about in the Hopi American Indian legend.  The problem is that the much reported on Hopi ‘Blue Star’, and its significance, is a lie.  This is able to be so because the ‘power’ involved with Social Darwinism is that it subverts in the human being their ability to find truths within themselves and surrenders it to the mass propaganda of the State.  Like the National Socialistic System (Nazi) of Germany during the Great Patriotic War (World War II) the individuals not in step with the masses are cast outside their social folds. 

For this particular example we can see that the beginnings of these rumors that the Hopi peoples had in their older people’s stories a Blue Star began not with the Hopi peoples but with two Western people, Thomas E. Mails, in his book titled “The Hopi Survival Kit” and Moira Timms with her book titled “Beyond Prophecies and Predictions”. 

"I am nobody. I am not a shaman, a medicine man, a guru, a channeler, or a psychic. I am not an ex-intelligence officer from the CIA, the NSA, the secret services or any other branch of any service. I am not the reincarnation of an ancient being, an ancient deity or a heavenly visitor. I have nothing to offer you in the way of credibility. I am a nobody... and I like it that way."

---Robert Morning Sky, introducing himself in an article called, "The Blue Star Hoax" that appeared in LEADING EDGE #95. Among other things, Morning Sky, a Hopi, claimed that the fabled "Blue Star" does not exist in Hopi legends, teachings or mythology. It was a term that he invented in the early 1970's that has since been pirated by researchers who falsely claimed to have spent time with Hopi Elders learning the secrets of the Blue Star Kachina (a kachina that Morning Sky says doesn't exist), and channelers, psychics and clairvoyants who claim to have received Blue Star revelations from their spiritual sources.

As we know in Russia about the older people of the earth, it is also possible that their trickster nature has been at play here when it comes to their interactions with the Western peoples of the world.  Such exactly are the people of the Kachina Cult, and who the Western people call the Hopi.  The Western people’s ‘everything’ is separate, nothing is ‘connected’ world view contributes to their beliefs that ‘their’ older peoples are disassociated with the other older peoples of the world, and therefore gives them no understanding that all of the earths older peoples are the same in thought and spirit about all things.

The mythical lies and State organized propaganda facing the Western people’s however keep them locked away from the incredible mysteries surround these events I’ve presented here before you today. 

In my last letter to my American subscribers, and to which I’ve also shared with all of you, titled Now Visible Comet Heralds Warning of Doom to World”  I wrote about the significance of this new ‘Green Comet’ and it’s historical meaning to us living in these years of great tribulation and coming cataclysms, if only we listen to the earths older peoples and the universe itself and learn their songs.

In the ‘choices of the threes’ that human beings are always presented with, we have been shown from these past weeks events that the earths older peoples still know the songs and did not perish in this latest cataclysm: “Elders' Sea Knowledge Spares Some Thais”.  We also have the examples of the earth’s animals knowing these songs too: ‘Tsunami Adds to Belief in Animals' 'Sixth Sense'  And we also have from another of the earth’s older peoples, that our dreams hold these songs too, if we but listen to them: “His wife dreamed of floods, he built on stilts, and they survived Tsunami”.

The ancient examples of the warnings of  ‘oneness’ show to us all also that there is no insignificant event that for the greater warning of all human beings will be made known to all, and these are three.

For many years now the Universe has been singing its song of warning to all human beings. 

From the Southern Hemispheric Regions, and where one looks into the great Magellanic Cloud, the older peoples of Australia they call the Aborigines “Slept and dreamt under the stars. They took the night stars for granted. They embraced the darkness. It is woven into their culture through song, dance, ritual, art and myth.”

The Greater Clouds of Magellan is a nebula located about 200,000 light years away and can be viewed with the naked eye. It appears to be like a slightly blurred cloud. In addition, the Tarantula Nebula, said to be the most beautiful sight in the skies (it resembles a spider), runs over the Greater Clouds of Magellan, so it is a constellation with plenty of sights.”  It is written here.

It also carries the name of The Swordfish, and which I had previously written to you about.  In a book titled “Our Rock Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name”, written by Jacqueline Brook, it is written: “The comet [or literally, "swordfish"] associated with Hermes shines bright green with an oval shape...”

On February 23, 1987 “…the brightest supernova in four centuries lit up the southern sky…” and began singing a song to the earth’s human beings.

Are you listening? 

If you are you’ll know that the lies being told by the scientists from the nations of the West are those born out of fear.  Their fear comes from a knowing that the materialistic world that they have spent thousands of years building, and in defiance of the stewardship of this earth and its people’s safekeeping they were entrusted with, is soon to be no more.

While the great and terrible armies of the world and the vast and mysterious powers of the universe gather for battle, the peoples of the Western Nations remain asleep and in ignorance of their soon to come deaths.  In this world today the Western peoples are truly lost, soulless and faceless, not knowing any of the events about to befall them.

From this slumber of theirs, we, and many others of our kind, have pledged ourselves to save as many as can be saved, not from the death of their human lives, but the death of their very souls.

© January 4, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.        

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