August 7, 2005

Note: This Page is a Research Archive for Weather Events World-Wide and is not updated on a daily basis.



Drought to leave mark on global grain flows

Record heat strains power grid in US

Heaviest rain on record hits India

Record rains kill at least 71 in India

Heat and drought bringing crisis to US Midwest farms US

Heat wave erases records across Colorado US

Weakened Hurricane Emily still wreaks havoc

Nevada Record wilts in heat spell US

Drought sweeps all of Portugal, fires kill one

Bizarre season of heat, hail and floods

Typhoon Shuts Taiwan Markets, Businesses, Airports

Hurricane Emily pounds Grenada, Head for Texas

America feels the heat US

5 Named Storms Sets New Record Says US Hurricane Center

Tropical Depression 5 Forms In The Atlantic

PAKISTAN: 17 killed, 400,000 people affected in Punjab flooding

Wildfire Threatens 750 Buildings in Colorado US

Rare Hailstones pelt Beijing Again

Killer hurricane heads for US

Hurricane Dennis Category 4 Headed For Florida

Heatwave continues to hit China

Missouri declares drought alert in 23 counties US

Missouri River drought divides the U.S. Senate US

Tropical storm warning issued for US, Four named storms sets record for most in a season by July 5 US

Flood situation remains serious as Indian monsoons rage

The Cause of Weather Crises

Record Rains In Canada

June rainfall breaks three-year record in Montana US

Rains disrupt western India, kill 58 in week

France stops exporting electricity to Germany due to Heat Wave

Pakistan heat wave toll hits 175

China on emergency alert

Permanent El Nino climate warning

Heatwave puts UK on smog alert

Heat-wave alert in France, drought in Portugal

A Foot of Hail Hits Colorado Springs US

Storms, floods and sunshine: welcome to global warming

Scotland, 2005: Warmest, Wettest Since Records Began

Spain's drought strangles farming

Indian heat wave toll touches 130, Temperature hits 122 degrees

World Bank Pushes 'Panic Button' Over Failed Monsoons in India

Record Drought Hits Spain

Chinese Northeast flooding death toll rises to 103

Snow, Sleet Close Roads in Colorado Mountains US

Flooding drenches as drought scorches in China

Monsoon to decide market direction

Rainy Weather Dampens Crop Yield in California US

4 Foot Wall of Water Hits North Dakota Town US

Unusual Storm Floods Parts of Kansas US

Perth, Australia: Most rain in  more than 50 years

U.S. says no El Nino for now, but trend uncertain US

Tropical Storm Arlene develops; wind picks up in South Florida US

Monsoon Rains Falter In India

Torrential Rains, Flooding Hit Alberta Canada

Dire hurricane season forecast for Atlantic

Australian drought threatens wheat supply

Typhoon 'Dante' skirts Philippines

Spain Forced To Ration Water, Worst Drought In 60 Years

Australia May Cut Wheat Forecast as Drought Worsens

First-Ever Seattle Heat Warning Issued US

Record Rain, Floods Hit Brazil

Snow Tsunami Claims 41 Lives in Chile

Drought might kill '06 barge season on Missouri River US

East Antarctica puts on weight, Increased snowfall could slow sea-level rise

Severe Australian Storm Leaves Millions in Damage

After years of drought, weather fears cast pall for crops US

Heavy Spring Snowstorm Dumps on Dakotas US

Ottawa's Cold May Morning Ties Record

Storms produce tornadoes in western Kansas, damaging hail in Missouri US

Heat, humidity reign as trades blown away US

Weather regulations unleash tempest in US Senate US

Montana wants National Guard troops in Iraq back to fight fires US

Many dead in severe India storm

Record Cold: Florida US

Boy killed, trees uprooted as dust storm hits India

Oregon Asks For Help To Ease Drought US

Planes diverted after hail pounds Colorado US

Record High Temperatures: Michigan US

Snow Accumulation 372 Percent of Normal, Southwest Worries About Flooding US

President declares major disaster in Pennsylvania due to flooding US

UN agency expands emergency food operation in drought-stricken Eritrea

Rains fail in France, Worst Drought in 30 Years Feared

Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota Reservoirs all at record low levels US

Six more counties declared drought status: Oregon US

Kansas gets unusual mix of weather - snow, sleet, hail, tornadoes US

Storms kill 18 in China

Storm dumps up to two feet of snow on upstate New York US

Nine million Chinese face water shortage

Record flooding: New York US

Praying for rain: Pacific Northwest US

Gobi 'yellow dust' storms hit North Korea

Melting snow wreaks havoc in China, 35,000 homes damaged or destroyed

Tornado Kills Dozens In Bangladesh

ANGOLA: Flooding leaves at least 10,000 homeless

The Floods Are Here Again: Nature Or Man-Made Folly?: Africa

Snow pack less than during 1977 drought year, getting worse: Washington US

Record High Temperatures: Oregon US

Drought-stricken Southeast Asia seeks assistance

AFGHANISTAN: Floods expected following harsh winter

Snowfall Record Looming: Ohio US

Washington State Declares Drought Emergency US

Snow, rain kill at least 15 in southwest China

Rare rains bring Death Valley to life US

Tornado wrecks New Zealand town of Greymouth

Fierce cyclone threatens Australia's Queensland Coast

Drought could be declared in days: Northwest United States US

Record cold snap continues in Europe, several dead

This winter's snowfalls break record in Kamchatka

Record Cold Grips Europe

Snow, fog brings Europe to a halt

Brutal Afghan winter kills at least 580

Planes diverted from Kamchatka due to heavy snowfall

Hong Kong covered in fog and smog

Rains cause havoc in California US

Record snow freezes life in Srinagar

173 feared dead in landslide: Indonesia

Death Toll in Kashmir Avalanches Jumps to 110

Major disaster declared in American Samoa following cyclone

Venezuela-Colombia flooding kills 150

California Storm Triggers Flooding US

Death toll rises to 43 in Colombian flooding

Heavy flooding in Arizona US

Pakistan steps up rescue as rain casualties mount

Kamchatka warned about approaching cyclone

Yellow sand blowing in on the breeze curbs global warming

Report says 2005 flood set records US

Venezuela floods leave at least 13 dead

Avalanches, wall collapse, lightning kill 15 in North India

WASHOUT: Residents' shock after flooding: England

Cyclone Harvey grows in gulf

Tourists flee as cyclone nears Cook Islands

Woman freezes to death in snowbound Germany

Melbourne has coldest Feb day on record

Freak storms lash eastern Australia, at least two dead

Thousands without power after storms sweep Sydney

Heaviest Snowfall Ever Hits Moscow

Record rain for Adelaide: Australia

Hungary hit by record lows

Weather forecasting computer models are failing all over the world

Storm warning announced in Kamchatka: Record Snowfall Recorded

Tornados, hail, rain, snow all hit state: Arizona US

At least 4 dead, 79 missing from Madagascar cyclone

Entire Country of Guyana Halts Working From Flooding Disaster

Record snow, record precipitation, record cold: Ohio US

Huge Pacific Wave Damages Vessel Carrying Students

Fire, tornado left nine dead, more than 12,000 homeless in South Africa

Worst Drought In 74 Years: Cuba

20 killed in US storm US

Record low possible this morning: Florida US

Near-Record Warmth for Plains US

Cold snap grips western Europe

Deep freeze grips Ottawa, Winter storm pummels province

Flood-Hit Guyana Appeals for International Help, Worst storms in 100 years

Cyclone chance high: Australia

Thousands flee rising flood waters in Guyana

Scotland: 124mph winds

Record cold: Minnesota US

Minnesota Town Hits 54 Below Zero US

Record Snowfall: Nevada US

Record cold across B.C.: Canada

Record Cold, High Winds Kill 2: Missouri US

Hurricane Frances shattered record for twisters – 117 US

Six dead after fierce storms in northern United Kingdom

Floods hit Costa Rica and Panama

Record Warmth, No Snow for many parts of Europe

Powerful storm kills three in the UK

String of storms gives parts of Sierra most snowfall in nearly 90 years US

Storms, worst to hit Scandinavia in years, 121kph winds

Heavy Rains in West Begin Chasing Its Drought US

Freeze strands thousands; record lows hit US

Extremely High Temperatures In Alaska US

Lightning claims 8 lives: South Africa

California: 9 feet of snow US

Floods, Winds devastate South Africa

Record High Temperatures: Washington D.C. US

2004, the Year of Disasters

Winter storm heads across West setting records US

Record Rain and Snow: Arizona US

Authorities on alert for heavy storms around the country: Greece

Record Rainfall: California US

Atlantic Canada bogged by fierce storm

Millions wake up to a white Christmas: England

Windsor, Ontario Record Snow: Canada

Victoria, Texas: First White Christmas in 86 years US

Fog Blankets South Florida US

Record Rains Hit South Africa

India Fog 2 Kilometers Thick over Large Area

Giant Storm Spans Sea of Japan, dumps 3 feet of snow: Russia

Major storm lashes Ontario, Quebec: Canada

Worst Winter Storm In History: Ohio US

Blanket of snow, chill swathes U.S. US

Powerful winter storm wreaks havoc; damage around Finland

Fierce Alaskan storm might worsen oil spill US

Five killed, traffic chaos as storms hit Germany with 105mph winds

Heavy wind, record rain: Alaska US

Cyclone raging in Kurile Islands, Tatar Strait

Severe weather, gale force winds: England/Scotland

Record Cold: Florida US

Strong winds bring dust storms, overturned trucks, fires to Calif. US

Australia is on track to record its tenth hottest year on record

UN states, 2004 was fourth-warmest year on record

Cold dip expected to send chills through S. Florida, possible records to be broken US

Major blackout as mercury rises in Brisbane

Climate change threatens China food production

Malaysia, Worst floods in 40 years

Typhoon buries valley; slide shuts pass, Wyoming US

Texas nearing record for annual precipitation US

Strong cyclone hovering over southern Kamchatka

Record Rain, Mt. Shasta, California(subscription) US

Storms wreak havoc in Melbourne

Heavy snow storm paralyzes traffic in North Korean capital

Storms batter western Norway, Rain Levels approach 100 year records

Argentina warns of climate crisis

Wettest Fall On Record, Kansas US

Floods kill 11 in Indonesia

Lack of snow sets record in Huron US

Cyclone watch on Christmas Island

Super-typhoon approaching Luzon

Wind whips Northeast; California cold sets record US

More than 1,000 dead or missing in Philippines flood

A little snow leads to 180-plus wrecks US

Emissions double heatwave risk

Record Cold, Nevada US

Record Cold, 3ed snowiest November on record, Colorado US

Asia Faces Living Nightmare from Climate Change

Record Cold, Southern California US

Chaos after East Rand storms

Violent storms, heavy rain South Africa

Strong storms cancel schools, cause flooding US

Record cold, Wyoming US

Storms leave thousands homeless US



Fires rage across south-west Europe

Heavy rain and potential flooding forecast for UK

Drought order follows area's worst dry spell since 1970s in UK

French Farmers Suffer as Record Drought Triggers Bug Invasion

Power plants worried as heat wave warms Great Lakes US

Hurricane Emily Pounds Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

Fires kill 14 as winds blow across Spain, Record Drought Continues

Heat Wave Pushing California Towards Energy Crunch US

Europe: Floods in Austria, soaring temperatures in France, gales in Croatia, and Portugal's worst drought in more than a century

Millions face food shortages in Southern Africa

Drought to Worsen in Illinois US

Extreme Heat Alert declared in Canada

Record High Temperatures Forecast For California US

Panhandle avoids widespread damage from Dennis US

Weather threatens to stir up, expand wildfire in Colorado US

Rains kill 24 in Venezuela

Tropical Storm Cindy Comes Ashore; Dennis Strengthens US

Record 4 storms already for '05

Power cuts loom after record drought in Australia

Russia Hopes to Export Grain to Europe as Spain Suffers From Drought

Mediterranean paradise turns to hell

Flooding continues around southern Manitoba

Icecaps and hurricanes: the proof of climate change

Fear of disease grows in flood-hit western India

Farmer 'lifted in air' by tornado in UK

It's Unofficial: L.A. Did Have Its Wettest Year US

Storm warning announced in Vladivostok

Australia starts flood mop-up

Thousands evacuated in post-drought Australia rain

Heat wave alert for Europe

Rains Destroying US Agriculture Regions US

Monsoon advances slowly; heatwave toll 329

South China flood toll surges, death toll over 500

China death-floods worst this century

Continuing heat triggers water shortage in northern India

Emergency Declared In Calgary, Canada After Massive Flooding

Australian drought towns run out of water

Monsoon late in Mexico

Heat wave Hits UK

Hailstone weather leaves seven dead in east China province

President Expresses Concern Over Flooding in Taiwan

Plains Drought Cycle Has Long History, Ominous Future US

After Years of Drought, Salt Lake Rising US

Widespread rain prompts farming frenzy in Australia

Weather Causing Wheat Production to Shrink in US US

Ocean Food Chain Flips as Cod Disappear

Winter sun sets records in Australia

Massive Floods In Southern China Bring Country To Standstill

New York: Temperature Breaks 155 Year Old Record US

Drought-plagued China sees water crisis peak in 2030

Flooding Hits Montana US

Record rain: Florida US

Oklahoma Tornado Free In May, First Time In Recorded History US

Death toll in central China flooding rises to 87

Heavy rains in Brazil: 28 dead, over 30,000 evacuated

Storm of the century batters southwestern Manitoba

Hundreds feared dead as China floods raze village, devastate farmlands

New Research Indicates A 'Troubled' Greenhouse Is Brewing

Blackout, record heat slam Moscow

Rare Hurricane Slams El Salvador Coast

Analyst cuts EU grain crop due to Iberian drought

Drought, locusts leave millions hungry in Africa

Forecast: Expect 3 to 5 major hurricanes

North Sea fish on the move to cooler waters due to climate change

Drought threatens rare black cockatoo population

Record High Temperature: Indiana US

High temperatures hit record lows in parts of Minnesota US

Rain, Snow Cause Flooding, Slides in West US

Hail hits Central Indiana US

Typhoon-strength winds blow over 23 giant shipping containers in Hong Kong

Dry winter has Spanish farmers worried, driest on record

Flooding kills fifteen in Indonesia

Rare Snow Hits Ohio US

Drought blamed for creepy crawlies coming indoors

That was the winter that was

Heavy rains, flooding in western Romania

Record Rain: Montana US

Rain soaks central U.S. US

President declares disaster area for Southern California flooding US

Idaho Governor declares drought emergency US

Drought continues to plague Swazi farmers

11 killed in Colombia floods

Massive fog hits New Zealand

Prices tumble as drought worsens: Australia

Brazilian Drought Could Cause Losses of $1.65 Billion

Deluge of destruction hits Cape: South Africa

Temperature soars in north India

Australia Drought Spreading

Thousands in 3 states flee flooding US

Worse than Ivan: New Jersey

Floods cause havoc in New Zealand

Cyclone brings strong winds, wet snow to Maritime region: Russia

Pakistan, Torrential Rains Sweep Away 300 Villages

Funnel cloud rips over roofs in South San Francisco US

Coastal community hit by big waves: New Zealand

Torrential Rains kill 200 Afghanis

After Heaviest Snowfalls, UN Agencies Prepare For Floods: Pakistan

Torrential rain, sweeping floods leave 8 dead in Yemen

Madagascar Flooding Leaves Thousands Homeless

New Mexico Pummeled By Freak Winter Storm, 3 Ft. of Snow in some places US

Super cyclone moving in for third hit on Australia

Drought causes worry in Brazil

Drought grips Montana: Warmest February on Record US

Gove Peninsula prepares for Ingrid: Australia

Fog makes surprise return to Capital: India

Okinawa endures record cold spell

Fifth cyclone rises in battered South Pacific

Australian drought deepens, lowest rainfall on record

Portugal, worst drought in decades

'Wild' Weather Hits Australia

More than 100 vehicles in pile-ups on foggy German motorway

Snow, fog causes havoc in Europe

Recent rains post stunning numbers: Arizona US

China launches relief effort in blizzard-hit Tibet

Cyclone Percy threatens South Pacific

Blizzards cause havoc in UK

Drought Threatens Important Fishery US

Unprecedented snowfall isolates villages in Iran

Storms pummel California, leaving four people dead US

Tornados hit California US

Torrential rains and flooding displace thousands in Venezuela, Colombia and Guyana

Pakistan Floods Leave 500 Dead

Flooding kills 11 in Colombia

Death toll rises to 20 in Venezuela rains

Cold spell may lead to failure of nation's electricity system: Israel

Hot and cold: Northern hemisphere swung through temperature extremes

Heavy rains, snow kill 23 in Pakistan, 10 year record broken

Winter storm leads to record electricity consumption: Israel

Downpour causes millions of dollars damage: New Zealand

Police monitor floods as Harvey dissipates

Suspected disease from flooding kills two more in Guyana

Antarctic ice sheet is an 'awakened giant'

Storms a 'warning' of future climate change

Thousands Hit By Madagascar Cyclone Receive Emergency UN Food

Australia: Highest January Temperatures on Record Recorded

Cloudier winters a Tsunami Effect

Storms bring flooding to Hawaii US

Heavy snow hits Afghanistan, Pakistan: 16 Dead

Four dead as ice storms grip southern Germany

Record cold winter may increase ozone hole over North Europe

Two People Injured In Tornado In Canakkale: Turkey

Deadly Storm Blankets Southeast In Ice US

Cyclone Hits Russia

Lightning strikes continue to pose fire threat: Australia

Snow-deprived Europe gets walloped

Wacky weather causes havoc in B.C.: Canada

January snow total record topped: Massachusetts US

Britain feels a chill as US and Alps are snowed in

Severe cold continues to grip North India

Unseasonably warm temperatures have ski areas scratching for snow US

Twin Cities set low snow record US

Heavy snowfall in northern India's upper reaches, first snow in over a decade

Near-record warmth won't be leaving soon: Colorado US

120km Winds, Large Hail Hit Australia

Frozen fog continues to blanket northern Nevada US

Dixie flooding disaster: Utah US

January cold snap worst in 50 years: Montana US

Fog causes 61-car pile-up in Poland

Record cold: South Dakota US

Worst Flood In 100 Years Causes Chaos: UK

Wettest January on Record: Illinois US

6 Reservoirs at Record Flood Levels: Ohio US

Torrential Storm Tears Up Western States US

Winter storm leaves behind damage worth EUR millions in Finland

Record Rain, Death Toll 21: California US

Cyclone Kerry makes presence felt in Australia

Record High Temps: Russia

Storms Pound Northern Europe, 7 dead

Mighty Cyclone approaching Kamchatka

Ice storms kill power to 140,000: Indiana US

Lightning sparks bushfires: Australia

December chill the worst for 59 years: New Zealand

Record Heat: Virginia US

First snow, then rain, now flooding: Kentucky US

Heavy rains compound tsunami survivors' pain

Record-tying warm weather expected today: Kansas US

Record rain floods California roads US

First Snow in History for United Arab Emirates

Record Rain: Nevada US

Southern Alaska Rain: 212 percent of normal US

Massive Storms headed towards Montana US

Severe frosts sweep Russia Maritime territory

Record Amounts of Snow: Texas US

Record Cold: Ohio US

Rio Grande Valley could see first snow since 1895 US

Thousands Stranded After Gale Chaos: Scotland

Record Breaking Cold: Indiana US

Record snow buries parts of Midwest US

Record Cold: South Carolina US

More Than A Dozen Daily-Record Highs Set In West US

Gusts near 100 mph lash Front Range US

More storms on the way: Norway

High winds sweep country: Scotland

Strong winds smash valley US

Stratospheric balloon launched from Antarctica’s McMurdo base

Sub-Zero Temperatures in Israel, Coldest in 50 years

Cold snap to hit France after freak storms

Powerful cyclone hits Russia Maritime region

Deadly toll from heatwaves: Australia

Record rain in cotton regions

Wild storms lash Sydney

Extreme weather marks 2004: Canada

50 foot waves expected in Hawaii US

Europe heatwaves 'soon routine'

Storms pound northwestern Norway

Witnesses tell of changes from global warming at climate conference in Buenos Aires

Summer-like weather warms San Diego

Storms fail to beat heat, Highest Recorded Rainfall

Storms spawned by typhoon wreak havoc, Oregon US

Near-Record High Temperatures, California US

Record Rain, Mississippi US

One Degree Short Of Record High, Kentucky US

Record Heat, Japan

Record Rainfall, California US

Meteorologist Likens Fear of Global Warming to 'Religious Belief'

Record November Heat, Canada

Landslide hits mountain village in China

Cyclone Heads For Somalia Coast

Mysterious Fog Shrouds Most of China

Smog clouds Beijing's pre-Olympic clean-air target

Record Heat, Australia

Record Cold, San Francisco US

Typhoon Nanmadol, 27th tropical cyclone of year, nears Taiwan

Oregon resorts praying for snow US

Record Heat, Italy

Rain, new monthly records set, Texas US

At least 500 dead in Philippines storms

Caribbean struggling to recover from storms

Massive storm brings record snow to Sierra US

Australia Cuts Wheat Forecast as Temperatures Surge

Region Feeling Record Cold, Boston US

British Scientists: Temperatures in Europe to Increase

Record Rain, Nevada US



Of Note

Record Heat Sizzles North Carolina US

Spain says drought could last years

Brussels to help drought-stricken farmers

Drought hits European farmers

Drought strains US Midwest residents US

18 dead in smothering Arizona heat US

Colorado State braves soaring heat and raging fires US

Heavy Rain Causes Earth Tremors in German Alps

Typhoon causes death, destruction in Taiwan and China

Typhoon ‘Feria’ batters Batanes islands

Storm Front prompts red-flag warning in Montana US

Monsoon floods leave one dead, 50,000 marooned in Bangladesh

Extreme heat takes toll in Ontario, Canada

Portugal: Livestock perish in worst drought for sixty years

Record-breaking heat to continue in US

France brings in water rationing after worst drought for 30 years

China's death toll from floods reaches 800

Water off Newfoundland hits record temperature

Snow cuts power, phones in Australia

Landslides in North Korea leave 88 dead, 105 missing

Wild, warm weather sets record in Canada

Unusual Snow Hits Australia

Monsoon active over central, north-west India

Drought dries farmers' hopes in Illinois US

Drought Situation Worsens in Italy

10 Warmest Years on Record Are in the past decade, Scientists clash over solutions to problem

Much of Kentucky slips into drought US

Lightning sparks rash of fires; hotter temps ahead for Colorado US

Record Rain in Florida for June US

Belgian Army Deployed To Combat Flooding

Typhoon expected to arrive in northern Philippines Wednesday

IMD silences Bangalore lab on monsoon forecast

India battles raging water

At least 18 deaths in Italy due to heat wave

Los Angeles Rainy Season Was Wettest in 121 Years, Shy of Record US

Pakistan heatwave death toll rises

Record Rainfall and Flooding Continue in Canada

Record Floods Force 1.5 Million To Evacuate

Prepare for tornadoes, UK told

China scorched by record heatwave

Heat, drought back haunting Europe on first day of summer

Record High Agricultural Losses In Taiwan Due To Record Rains, Flooding

Arkansas Drought Destroys Agriculture US

Heat kills 10 in India, monsoon arrives in northeast

Heavy rain kills 12 in Venezuela

Severe droughts predicted for New Zealand

El Nino fears fade as the east Pacific cools

Monsoon remains weak over Kerala, India

Australian farmers say rains not enough to break drought

Many Children among Dead in Flooding in Northeast China

Heat wave fries Central Canada

UK: wet weather causes havoc for potatoes

Balloons, supercomputers chase India's monsoon

Torrential Rains Hit Ontario Canada

Record Low Temperatures, Unusual Rain Hit California US

Stark warning over flooding issued: UK

Bad Weather Hits Food Production in Malaysia

No response to funds appeal for desperate drought victims

Rain Hits San Francisco on June 8th, only 12th time in 155 years US

Cold snap sweeps across much of Europe

Drought Warnings Issued For UK

Spring snow socks Wyoming; closes interstate US

Australia's Drought Worsens as Autumn Rains Fail

Snow Hits Somalia For First Time In History

Torrential rains lash central China

Worst Droughts in Century, Prime Minister Tours Areas

Record Heat: Arizona US

Freak China snow and sand storm kills 15 explorers

Warming Deadlier than Hitler

US Senator Moves To Restrict Weather Information To Public US

Global warming threatening ‘roof of the world’

Swiss wrap up glacier to keep it cold

Forecast of a heatwave ignite fears of a killer summer in UK

Storm surprises Utah US

Cuban Farmers receive Credits to Face Drought Losses

Ethiopia pleads for help as flood death toll increases

Farm debt mounts as drought continues: Australia

Record Warmth followed by Snow, Minnesota US

Vietnam faces power shortage following drought

Record Breaking Snows Set Stage for Alaska Interior Breakup this Spring say Scientists US

Grasshopper hoards hit drought stricken US Midwest US

Rare Spring Snow dumps up to 1 foot of on parts of Midwest US

Cambodia Receives Emergency Food as 500,000 People Face Drought

Heavy Snowfalls Hit France, Thousands Without Power

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Recurrent dry spells "cause for concern"

Experts Predict 'Significantly Above Average' Hurricane Activity

It is official: State in drought: Australia

Idaho faces 'dismal water supply outlook' US

Scores die in India's flash floods

Guangdong experiences worst drought in 50 years: China

Drought continues to cripple Australian farms

Blizzard hammers Colorado US

US Drought heightens fire worries US

Danube River bursts its banks, flooding out towns and roads

China says record dry spell could threaten spring crops

Drought still ahead despite weekend's record rainfall: Washington US

Africa: Food Shortage Looms As Weather Patterns Change

Flood waters kill at least 41 Pakistanis

Oceans getting louder, but effects still unclear

Ceaseless rains, thawing snow cause massive flooding: Kazakhstan

Rapidly melting Himalayan glaciers threaten water shortages for millions

Wild weather whips Northwest wind, warnings issued US

Cyclone destroys remote Australia town, resort

Highest March Temperature Record Set: San Francisco US

Heaviest Rains in Decades, Massive Flooding: Iran

Record Snow: Michigan US

Dust Storm Hits Colorado US

Record-low snowpack measurements confirm water worries US

South Korea, record snowfall causes chaos

Severe Asian Drought Leaves Millions Struggling

2004-05 Rainy Season Sets Records: California US

Another cold weekend for Britain

Record dry spell hits parts of Australia

Shivering UK braves icy weather

Snowstorm Slows Flights From Philadelphia to Boston US

Cyclone Percy devastates Tokelau

32 Ukraine settlements still without electricity after snowfalls

Record Rain: Texas US

US, East Coast Sunday storm, 'could become a giant'

Lightning strikes five in Bihar

Record Rain in Kansas in January US

Flooding displaces 50,000 in Indonesia

Thousands of children die in record Afghanistan cold

Records smashed by storm: Australia

New Mexico Residents Flee From Flooding US

Twin cyclones batter the South Pacific, could combine into 'perfect storm'

Afghanistan: Record cold claims 67 lives

Heavy snowfall disrupts life in north of Iran

Apocalypse Now: How Mankind Is Sleepwalking To The End Of The Earth

Nevada governor seeks federal aid for snow, flood relief US

Another six killed by snow avalanches in Kashmir

Devastating Utah floods prove hazard maps faulty US

High temps set a record on Mount Washington US

Storms Continue to Batter Israel

Damage bill tops $100m from wild storms

Rare funnel cloud forms over Hawaii US

Weather all over the map US

Highest rainstorm on record: Tanzania

Mozambique: Pungue Begins Flooding

Flooding Worsens On Lower Zambezi: Africa

Record Cold: Florida US

Eleven injured after floods in Brazil

Unprecedented Rains Hit Kenya

Wild seas causing havoc for emergency services: Australia

Lightning knocks out gizmos in city

Spain in record cold snap as cold grips Europe

Heavy rains on way, people prepare for more flooding: Indonesia

North Georgia braces for approaching ice storm US

Europe shivers in severe winter cold snap

Blizzards paralyze Algerian city, Worst snowfalls in more than 50 years

1-month snowfall a 113-year high US

Thousands of Lightning Strikes Hit Australia

Snow, Intense Cold: Italy

Atlantic Canada buried under third blizzard to hit the region in a week

Aspen Area Hit By Huge Storm US

Blizzard wallops N.E., Heavy snow, outages are expected US

Scientists avoid blaming weather on climate change

Giant storms and heavy rains bless final Hajj rituals

Tragedy, turmoil in fog: India

How The Flood Swept City Back to the Dark Ages: Ireland

Rains bring floods and warnings: Washington US

Record Highs: Washington US

Dust covers western Queensland, Australia

Avalanche kills 11 in Russia

Record Rains: Virginia US

Record Flooding: Indiana US

Biologists find some animals get early warnings on natural disasters

Europe's 'Tsunami'

Record Flooding: Indiana US

Strongest storm in 40 years lashes Russia

Ohio River Floods in Aftermath of Storm US

Rare Desert Snowfall: Nevada US

Last year's record rain results in record river levels: Ohio US

State braces for new round of powerful storms: California US

Storm staggers California US

Lightning claims 27 lives: India

Ice, flooding in the forecast for Indiana US

Storms leave thousands without power: Australia

Storms continue attack on West with snow, rain US

From World's Largest Reinsurer on Global Weather Extremes, "Time is running out"

Rare Winter 'heat wave' continues US

Scientist: Weather Was 'Schizophrenic' in 2004

California storm spawns twister: 30 Recorded since 1918 US

Tornados, Floods, Landslides Devastate parts of Philippines

Floods, heavy rain kill 20 people in south of Iran

Massive storm moves into Northern California US

Indonesia quake triggers tidal wave in far-off Somalia

Storm cuts power to 60,000: California US

Cold Wave and Fog disrupt life in Northern India

Hurricane-force winds sweep island: Alaska US

Severe Storms Leave Most of Finland without Power

Arkansas, only the ninth white Christmas in 120 years US

Big storm shatters weather records for area: Kentucky US

Most all of England to have Christmas snow

Storm leaves path of destruction in Australia

Catastrophic Storms Hit South Africa

December weather headed for record: New Zealand

Edmonton, winds reached 100 kilometers an hour

Thick fog continues to envelop north India

Record Cold: New Jersey US

Mongolian herdsmen bracing for massive livestock deaths

Mysterious Light Brightens Artic

Record High Temperatures, Montana US

Storm system brewing: Marianas region

Hurricane Strength Winds Devastates Paris, Death toll in French storms hits four

Largest Iceberg in Recorded History Puts Penguins in Peril

Meltdown blamed for big freeze

Report: Global warming not killing coral reefs

Brutal storms hamper salvage efforts in Aleutians US

Storms create chaos, 'Day almost turned to night': Australia

2004 a banner year for disaster

Possible cyclone for the Marshall Islands

Lexington rain totals near record, Kentucky US

Minnesotans grapple with snowless season US

Volcanic lightning, very, very frightening

Annual rainfall over two feet above 30-year averages US

Unseasonable rain forecast for South Australia

November was Texas' wettest ever US

Powerful, Typhoon-Like Gusts Hit Eastern Japan

Freak Storm Hits South Africa

Philippines suspends all logging after storm disaster

Deadly storms leave Philippines reeling

Severe cyclonic storm Agni

Rare December Typhoon May Trigger Torrential Rains in Taiwan

High Winds in Northeast Kill at Least One US

Malta: November 2004 with the most thunderstorms in 18 years

Philippines braced for new storm

Colder winter in Tibet may impact India

Tropical Strom Otto forms in Atlantic

Record Snow, Israel

Heat rises as fire ban continues, Australia

Last decade brought more Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes than any 10-year period in history US

Record Tornados, Virginia US

Unusual weather, massive landslides in Trinidad & Tobago

Record Snow, Texas US



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