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January 26, 2005

Powerful New Energy Surges Begin Hitting Southern Polar Region, Australia Hit With Hundreds of Thousands of Lightning Strikes

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to the Russian Academy of Sciences

A new, and yet again unprecedented, series of mysterious energy surges have begun hitting the earths Southern Polar Regions continuing our present global weather chaos and raising increasing concerns among the world’s scientific establishments, and ordinary people too.

As I had previously detailed in my December 22, 2004 report, “Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet, Global Weather Systems in Chaos”, the effects to the earths weather systems are on an order of magnitude unseen in our history, including: “On December 1, 2004 the largest recorded blast sent not only shockwaves through the world scientific community but also through the Northern Hemisphere resulting in one of the largest weather events in recorded human history when 86,800 square miles of China was shrouded in fog, bringing transportation systems (especially air travel) to a virtual standstill throughout the country.”

World weather disasters are also continuing on such a record pace that many are unaware of the plight facing the people of Guyana and their devastation from massive flooding that has even affected their capital city.  "Guyana appealed to the international community on Thursday to send food, boats, power generators and water pumps to help thousands of its inhabitants forced from their homes by the worst floods in more than a century.", reports the Reuters media source about this event.

Hurricane force winds are also continuing to pummel such diverse places around the world as Scotland, where it is reported "Heavy snowfalls followed last week's storms, when Scotland was battered by 124mph winds.", Australia, “Wind speeds of up to 120 kilometres an hour and large hailstones damaged homes.”, and the United States where it is reported, "Up to three feet of snow combined with hurricane-force winds piled up snow drifts several feet high across Cape Cod."

Well documented also are that these energy surges are related to increased lighting strikes and we find that in Australia yesterday, and as reported by the Central Western News Service, "RFS duty officer Brett Bowden said the RFS lightning data showed an extraordinary number of strikes on Sunday.  "When you look at the map it is something like hundreds of thousands; there was massive activity," he said."

Visual atmospheric evidence of these energy surges was released to the public this past week by the Israeli National Academy for Sciences and the Humanities from their research done during the American space shuttle flight of the Columbia, and as stated in the media reports, "An unprecedented flash observed by the space shuttle Columbia crew in 2003 over the Indian Ocean may be a new type of transient luminous event, like lightning sprites, but one that is not necessarily caused by a thunderstorm. The discharge was observed less than two weeks before the shuttle was lost during its Earth reentry."

The Space Daily report goes on to say about this event, "The authors describe the discharge as a Transient Ionospheric Glow Emission in Red, or TIGER, event. It was recorded by a video camera in the near-infrared spectrum in the nighttime sky just south of Madagascar on 20 January 2003. The authors analyzed the video several months later and found what visually looks like a bright flash. They report that the emission did not resemble any known class of luminous events, which typically appear in conjunction with thunderstorm activity."

Strange atmospheric events have also been previously observed, and as we can read in this report from the National Geographic News article from June 25, 2003 titled, "Huge Mystery Flashes Seen In Outer Atmosphere", and which says, "Su and his team have named these events "gigantic jets." The jets covered 40 kilometers (25 miles) at their widest point, and are estimated to have a volume of 30,000 cubic kilometers (about 7,200 cubic miles). "That's equivalent to ten billion Olympic-size swimming pools," said Su. Despite their scale, each of the jets had come and gone within less than half a second."

Not being reported by the Western media however is that the visual manifestation of these powerful energy surges with the earths atmosphere has previously been explained by Dr. Günter Sigl with the French Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, CNRS, as he states, “Neutrino-induced showers with E<E2(θ) are not absorbed and thus observable above the ground.” , in his report titled, “Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Radiation and what it teaches us about astro- and fundamental physics”

World scientists are further perplexed as to the origins of these mysterious energy surges, and as explained by Dr.'s James W. Cronin, Thomas K. Gaisser and Simon P. Swordy in their report titled “Cosmic Rays at the Energy Frontier” and in which they say, "These particles carry more energy than any others in the universe. Their origin is unknown but may be relatively nearby."

"Roughly once a second, a subatomic particle enters the earth's atmosphere carrying as much energy as a well-thrown rock. Somewhere in the universe, that fact implies, there are forces that can impart to a single proton 100 million times the energy achievable by the most powerful earthbound accelerators. Where and how?" , they also ask in seeking to understand this immediate threat to our world.

Dr. Ed Mercurio from the Natural Sciences Department of the United States Hartnell College has clearly spelled out this threat in his draft report titled, “The Effects of Galactic Cosmic Rays on Weather and Climate on Multiple Time Scales” and in which he states, “In this article, evidence is presented that galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) are a major forcing agent on weather and climate on multiple time scales ranging from weekly through glacial-interglacial. Known effects of GCRs are used to explain phenomena and observations in the fields of meteorology, climatology, paleoclimatology and paleoecology. Evidence is presented that primary effects of increases in levels of GCRs are increases in the amounts of low clouds- especially over the tropics, increases in the albedo of low clouds and decreases of the temperature of and   increases of the strength of the stratospheric polar vortex. This has widespread effects on atmospheric circulation including the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Other effects of increases in levels of GCRs include increases in relative humidities and surface condensation, possible decreases in average amounts of precipitation and increases in storm intensities (vorticity area index).”

Since these energy bursts are hitting the Southern Polar Region of the earth it is not surprising that even since January 9, 2003 reports are continuing relating to the thawing of this vast continent.  In this article from the United States University of Washington we can read about this event, "Rocks deposited by glaciers on mountain ranges in West Antarctica have given scientists the most direct evidence yet that parts of the ice sheet are on a long-term, natural trajectory of melting."

Occurring simultaneously with this vast melting of the Antarctica Continent is the continuing ozone layer depletion of the Southern Hemispheric Region, and which I had detailed in my previous report, “Western World Sleeps as Global Cataclysms Approach” and had stated, “This American reworking of these formulas to obtain the results they desired left out the continued ozone layer depletion over the Southern Hemispheric Pole, and which according to the currently ongoing 2004 British survey states, “The ozone layer over much of the Southern Hemisphere south of 50° remains around 10% below the long term normal.”

More ominous for the world at this moment in time is the evidence that these energy bursts are not just associated with our present chaotic weather but are also the cause of increasing worldwide earthquake activity, and best stated by the United States National Geophysical Data Center in their stating, "In some circles it is thought that there is persuasive evidence of an ionospheric precursor to large earthquakes that can be used a predictor. Besides the obvious acoustic waves generated before and during an earthquake, a part of the preparation process of large earthquakes is the generation of electromagnetic emissions (EMEs). These EMEs have been detected in the ionosphere up to six days prior to a large earthquake, such as with the May 1960, Chilean 8.3 earthquake."

The greatest failures in Western scientific thinking regarding these events are becoming more self evident to them as our earth continues its path towards greater cataclysmic events. This is evidenced by the United States National Academy of Sciences in a recent statement that says, “We will need an integrated approach, both interdisciplinary and interagency. Parsing the science into the traditional categories of physics and astronomy and working narrowly within agencies and without coordination and cooperation will not realize the full science potential. In fact, it is important to note that in practice the physicist and the astronomer are often the same individual, and that the boundaries between the disciplines are generally indistinct."

For an entire civilization indoctrinated into the Darwin mindset of the separateness of all things this new ‘push’ towards a more holistic viewing of our earth, its peoples and our universe are coming at a point where little can be done other than to protect as many people as possible with timely warnings and advice as to how to survive by oneself in the absence of normal government and community services.

If the events of these past few months worldwide effects due to these mysterious and increasing energy surges are an accurate indicator of future events to come, we can expect more, and ever increasing, cataclysmic events with much greater loss of human life, and with little to no warning, except of course from the animals who have shown human beings once again the necessity of listening to our ‘inner’ warnings more than those of Western scientists, governments or media collectives.

© January 26, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

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