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January 19, 2005

Message from the Inuit People to the West: 'Our land is changing - soon yours will too'

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

The sun today continues its latest series of X and M Class flare explosions directed towards our planet, more sightings of meteorites entering our atmosphere are continuing to be reported from around the earth and today North America remains in the hands of a brutal cold air mass that has plunged the temperatures in some of their most Northern Regions to -54 degrees below zero.

In the American Region of Texas we have a report that says people “saw something that looked like a comet shooting though the sky.”   Another report from the United Kingdom says, “Paul Davies, of Rhosddu, was enjoying a break with four colleagues at 4am on Friday when two of them spotted a ball with a flaming tail shooting across the night sky.”

I have previously detailed to you, and is contained in a previous report: “Increasing Western Media Concern about Chaotic Global Weather, Earthquakes and Meteor Explosions in Atmosphere” that these continuing meteor events (Over 50 being reporting worldwide in the past 5 months.) are not supposed to happen, at least according to the American Meteor Society, and who have said, "...only a handful of witnessed meteorite falls occur each year."

"A coronal mass ejection (CME) is heading for Earth and extreme geomagnetic storms are possible when it arrives on Jan. 18th or 19th.", is also being reported by the American space authorities.  Most perplexing to Russian scientists are the continued erratic pronouncements by the United States space agency NASA, and regarding these types of sun events, such as their statement in October, 2004 that says,   "Something strange happened on the sun last week: all the sunspots vanished. This is a sign, say scientists, that solar minimum is coming sooner than expected."

The continuing bombardment of our earths atmosphere by meteors, continuing mysterious energy surges increasingly depleting our ozone layer and throwing our weather systems into global chaos and the continued chaos to our earths sun should greatly suggest to even the Western minds the connectedness of these events towards a much greater conclusion, and of a much greater cataclysmic effect to all of the worlds people.  But to the separateness of not only these events, but all others, does the Western mind so cling too, that their present state of mind can only be described as insanity.

But to the connectedness of these events their own governments know well, and the severe conditions soon to overtake us all. It is only the common people’s of the Western Nations who are insane of their minds, and this being so because of their not being told the truths about these events, and their conditioning to not see ever the connections in life, and our dimension (reality), only that everything is separate is what they believe.

On our English Language website to the Western peoples, in the United Kingdom, Australia and the Americas, we present to them daily the ‘pulse’ of the world as it is seen through the ‘eyes’ of the world’s media collectives for them to see and to understand.  We are not alone in this endeavor, and there are many other websites being presented to them which continually detail these events of our knowing.

But as the Western people stumble like drunken men in darkness they are not in the knowing that: China is building up strategic sea lanes, China and India are forecast to overshadow U.S., The United States is in fury over EU weapons sales to China, Iran and Cuba stress consolidation of ties in all fields, Iran has granted Cuba a 20-million euro credit, American Soldiers are conducting secret missions in Iran in preparation for war, Russia and Germany are strengthening ties, Brazil is China’s main regional trade partner, New Oil find in Brazil, Japan asks Israel to end arms sales to east Asia, Japan drafts remote island defense plan out of China concern, U.S. to develop missile interceptor with Japan and All households in Japan to get leaflet on emergency evacuation.

These are not my wordings alone, these are the actual words used by Western media organizations to describe these stories, and are only a very small sample of these types of stories, and over the past 5 days alone.

The disconnectedness of the Western people from this world, and its events, are because the Western people are disconnected from themselves and have no knowing of their many other selves and beside helpers.  But, just because they are not knowledgeable about these true things does not mean that their other selves and beside helpers are not helping them.  This can be best be seen by an American example where one economic report shows that though American family income increased 2% their indebtedness increased 10% and their rate of saving  dropped to a new low of 1.5%.”

This shows to us that parts of themselves realize the foolishness of saving for a future that isn’t going to exist. There is a time to gather and save and there is another time to seek shelter. But by their other actions we can see that they are not using these monetary resources to build up the stocks of food and supplies that will be needed by them, and their families, as we venture further into this most dangerous of futures.

In a world where temperatures have risen in Antarctica to the extent that grass is now growing, and as said by one scientist, "On this trip I saw grass growing in areas that I have not seen grass before. I am seeing mosses and animals on land that was covered in ice just five or 10 years ago." , the Western people change nothing in their present lives in order to protect their future ones.

But to the earth’s older peoples, like us, the warnings to the Western people continue in number and intensity. And best said today by Sheila Watt-Cloutier, who is the elected chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference and which represents the 155,000 Inuit who live in Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Chukotka, Russia, in just the title of her article in the British newspaper The Guardian, 'Our land is changing - soon yours will too'.

© January 19, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.


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