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January 12, 2005

The Prophetic Sign of the Red Dragon and its Warnings to Humanity

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

There is a fear blinding and deluding Western people into the belief that they are all knowing and that we older people of the earth have nothing to give to them, and that is why they do not listen to our warnings.  The skies of the earth continue to shower death and destruction upon human beings yet the signs in the heavens that are foretelling of these events are being ignored. 

I had previously written to the Western people about the importance of the Green Comet and its role in warning humanity of cataclysmic earth changes.  Today I am telling them about the Red Dragon and it’s meaning as another warning sign for humanity.  But, to us what is known as the Red Dragon, the Western people have named Vulcan.

Of Vulcan being the Roman god of fire, and coming from the Greek god Hephaestus, who married Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, they know, but of the connectedness between the fire and love aspects of this mythology, and the planet Vulcan’s existence, they have no knowledge of.

But even in the Christians prophetic book, the Bible, there are these words that say, “And another portent appeared in heaven; behold, a great red dragonand which is likened to our own and many other older people of the earth legends.

To the Western people their first historical references to the Planet Vulcan are derived from the December, 1859 sighting of this planet by the French physician and amateur astronomer called Edmond Modeste Lescarbault.  “Lescarbault described in detail how, on 26 March 1859, he noticed a small black dot on the face of the Sun, which he was studying with his modest 3.75-inch refractor. Thinking it to be a sunspot, Lescarbault was not at first surprised, but after some time had passed he realized that it was moving. Having observed the transit of Mercury in 1845, he assumed that he what he was observing was another transit, but of a previously undiscovered body.”

Earlier sightings of this planet were also made by: Gruithuisen, on 26 June 1819, reported seeing "two small spots … on the Sun, round, black and unequal in size" Pastorff, on 23 October 1822, 24 and 25 July 1823, six times in 1834, on 18 October 1836, 1 November 1836 and on 16 February 1837, also claimed to have seen two spots; the larger was 3 arcseconds across, and the smaller 1.25 arcseconds.”

Along with many subsequent sightings, "During the total solar eclipse of 29 June 1878, two experienced astronomers, Professor James Craig Watson, director of the Ann Arbor Observatory in Michigan, and Lewis Swift, an amateur from Rochester, New York, both claimed to have seen a Vulcan-type planet close to the Sun. Watson, observing from Separation, Wyoming, placed the planet about 2.5 degrees southwest of the Sun, and estimated its magnitude at 4.5. Swift, who was observing the eclipse from a location near Denver, Colorado, saw what he took to be an intra-Mercurial planet about 3 degrees southwest of the Sun. He estimated its brightness to be the same as that of Theta Cancri, a fifth-magnitude star which was also visible during totality, about 6 or 7 minutes from the "planet." Theta Cancri and the planet were very nearly in line with the centre of the Sun."

Western interest in planet Vulcan appeared to ‘die’ in 1915 when “Einstein's theory of relativity explained the perturbations of Mercury as a mere byproduct of the Sun's gravitational field. His equations predicted slightly different results than classical mechanics, and exactly in the right amount to explain Mercury's actual orbit.”

But subsequent scientific investigations by scientists not convinced of Einstein’s theory showed:  “A few, however, remained convinced that not all the alleged observations of Vulcan were bogus. Among these was Henry C Courten, of Dowling College, New York. Studying photographic plates of the 1970 eclipse of the Sun, he and his associates detected several objects which appeared to be in orbits close to the Sun (Miami Herald, 15 June 1970). Even accounting for artifacts, Courten felt that at least seven of the objects were real. The appearance of some of these objects was confirmed by another observer in North Carolina, while a third observer in Virginia saw one of them.”

And now today we have more scientists questioning Einstein as shown in this December 27, 2004 article titled “Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity tested” and which says in part, "You might think that this is too little to worry about, but not so. It is well above the level of measurement error and must be accounted for. One possible explanation could be the existence of a planet circling the Sun inside Mercury’s orbit. Astronomers were so sure that it must be there, that they even gave it a name; Vulcan."

Where Einstein used the light measurements from a solar eclipse to confirm his theory, we know “Today the deflection of radio waves from a quasar passing near the Sun when it is occulted, or eclipsed, by the Sun is measured and gives a much firmer result, than using a total solar eclipse.”

To the older people of the earth the signs of the Red Dragon (Vulcan) are always to be heeded, and a warning given to all human beings.  To the Western people their thinking is still muddled in their conflicting “theories” and their various, and sometimes disputed, sightings of this planet whose role has historically been to signal humanity the soon to be occurring cycles of cataclysmic changes.

One American amateur astronomer, Glen Deen, has written that according to his research Vulcan could appear on February 23, 2005.  He further says, "I was able to be definite in my now obsolete prediction because I was neglecting the gravitational effect that Vulcan will have on the Earth, and vice-versa.  I did that before I calculated that Vulcan's mass would become 3.9 times Earth's mass.  Since Vulcan will eventually nearly collide with the Earth, it means that they will both experience the gravitational slingshot effect that will change their orbits.  This introduces a new degree of freedom into the math model that prevents the calculation of a definite date for the first Vulcan-Mercury encounter."

This earth is abundant in showing everyone that at some time in our common and distant past there was a world of human beings with technologies more sophisticated than our own.  To this very day there are numerous theories relating to the construction of some of the architectural wonders of these long lost civilizations, yet with our own technology we are still not capable of building the likes of the Great Pyramid.

The common histories of all of earth’s human beings point to the sudden, yet apparently unknown, demise of these cultures, and again the theories are numerous as to the agent of cause for this to have happened.

Now as our earth enters into yet another period of great and terrible cataclysmic changes many are the voices crying out to warn human beings of that which is occurring now.  These are all important voices to hear too because such a large message has many parts and many messengers. 

From our past these warnings have been handed down over thousands of years from the earths older peoples.  From the future these warnings are in the words of the prophets and seers, from all times and all lands, and detail these terrible events to come. 

But to the Western people these are not ‘warnings’, but are called legends and religious myths and are not to be believed by human beings of sophistication.

But as we well know, these warnings are given on many levels to human beings, even unto their very souls.  For a human being to ignore these warnings will also bring to them great internal agony and suffering to the point of their total mental collapse.  And as each day goes by bringing us ever closer to these titanic events of world cataclysms the Western peoples continue to deny these warnings, while at the same time they are collapsing mentally and spiritually on a scale unprecedented in human history.  It is as if their very souls have left them.

Western peoples are now using psychological medical terms, such as ‘post-traumatic stress’, to describe their collective mental collapse. 

Some of the many symptoms they associate with this condition are: vigilance and scanning, elevated startle response, blunted affect or psychic numbing (the loss of the ability to feel), denial (mental reorganization of the event to reduce pain, leading sometimes even to amnesia), aggressive, controlling behavior, interruption of memory and concentration, depression, generalized anxiety, episodes of rage, substance abuse, intrusive recall and dissociate "flashback" experiences, insomnia, suicidal ideation, and survivor guilt.

But what they describe in their medical terms we know that they are simply separated from the knowing of all things and they have become faceless and soulless.

It would be childish to argue that all the Western people, without exception, suffer from each and every one of these symptoms.  Nevertheless, these symptoms do almost indisputably characterize most human beings of the Western people.  Many of our older people when meeting Westerners frequently remark on how they appear generally to be disconnected, alienated, aggressive, controlling, easily frustrated, addictive, and obsessive.

In the spiritual journeys I have taken with these Western people one can see the total fear of their whole being towards everything in life and this world itself.  They are less than children and can only be understood by understanding babies, who need teaching for everything.  But their belief among themselves is that we are the children who need teaching and that we are the ones backwards in our thinking and in our souls.

We are measured by them according to a standard that equates the accumulation of material things and wealth of money with our knowledge of all things. 

For our knowing of the plants and animals of the earth and how to feed ourselves they would give us food houses of great size containing unnatural chemically filled delights that do not strengthen the body but makes it weak and diseased.

For our knowing of how to make our homes in the mountains they would give us homes built upon the sandy shores of the oceans and rivers.

For the peacefulness of our hearts, spirits and souls they would give us alcohol, tobacco and mental medicines, and to which they even give their own children!

For our knowing of all things in the inner and outer worlds they would give us their ever growing and always divisive religions of death, ritual, sacrifice and immorality.

For the closeness of our families they would separate children from mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers from grandsons and granddaughters, and to the end that the most cherished elders of their tribes are to live and die alone in the home of the nurses.

For the wonders and delights of this earth and in the companionship of human beings they would give us aloneness with televisions and other such spectacles of their technology. 

For our humility and modesty they would give to us their immorality and sexual perversions of the most unspeakable kind.  Many have been the female children from our own country sold into slavery to the Western people; and many are their own children who are slaves also without their knowing they are slaves.

The people of the West say that they are free without even seeing that they are in fact the most enslaved people the world has ever known.  As their words of freedom are shouted to all the other people of the world they can’t see the walls being erected around themselves.  As they talk of justice and mercy to the world they can’t see that justice and mercy do not exist in their own countries anymore.  As they shout to the world the rights of privacy their technology captures everything about them, even to their very thoughts.

They are in fact not free but instead live their lives in constant fear.  So powerful and all pervasive this fear has become within the Western people they do not even know it as fear anymore.  And for those that do know they suppress their natural instincts with mind altering medicines of every sort and kind.   

And to the dangers of this fear, and the warnings written in their very own religious books, the Western people continue to seek and follow many bizarre cults, religious beliefs and dangerous leaders, such as Sergei Torop who has been called by the Western media the “Jesus of Siberia.”

Always in ones heart, in ones soul, alone, lie the answers for all things, but they do not know this.  Their outer life here on this earth they believe is real. They do not know that this is not the real life, this is the dreaming.  We must make our efforts towards their realization of this truth so that inside of themselves they will start looking, instead of always outwards. 

© January 12, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.


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