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January 10, 2005

Continuing Earth Changes Cripple American Submarine and Pose New Dangers for the American Continents

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Continued energy surges, and as yet still unexplained by Western scientists, continue to bombard the earth’s Southern Hemispheric Regions this morning causing many widespread and anomalous events throughout the world and affecting all of its peoples.

Western media sources are presently reporting the dire circumstances surrounding the United States Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine San Francisco and the latest reports are saying that one crewman has died and  ‘23 other crew members are being treated aboard for injuries including broken bones, bruises and lacerations’.

The BBC also reports in this article that, “The US Navy said it did not know what the vessel had struck and was investigating severe damage to the outside of the submarine.”

Not being reported by the Western media though is that the USS San Francisco (SSN 711) is part of the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet, and a part of what is known as Submarine Squadron Fifteen based out of the US Territory of Guam, located in the Mariana Islands Region of the Pacific Ocean.

The significance of this lies in the eruption on Anatahan Island, a part of the Mariana Islands and in the ‘patrol zone’ of the USS San Francisco.

As related to us by one Russian Naval Official, “Imagine you walking around your house at night with the lights off and someone had re-arranged the furniture, make no mistake about it, the American submariners ‘know’ their courses too well and are too highly trained for this to happen suddenly.  Some extreme geologic ‘change’ had to have happened for this accident to occur.”

Could this ‘extreme geologic change’ have been this eruption? 

As reported in the Western media regarding this event we hear, “The volcano's activity intensified beginning Tuesday and Wednesday last week after months of extremely low seismic activities, which followed the second batch of eruptions from April to June last year. The volcano on Anatahan first erupted after centuries of dormancy on May 10, 2003, with ash plume rising to more than 30,000 feet.”

We are also continuing to receive reports of meteor fireballs entering the earth’s atmosphere.  Yesterday another such sighting was reported as occurring in the United States region of Alaska, and where it is said, “It streaked quickly from the west to the east in a steep downward arc, and soon wasn't visible behind the mountains.”

More information also continues to be received by us also relating to my December 28, 2004 report, Evidence for Sumatra 9.0 Quake Leans towards Meteorite Strike.

In one research report by the United States National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) it clearly states, and in apparent contradiction to the known facts about The Great Tsunami of 2004, that, “In the Indian Ocean, however, the Indo-Australian plate is being subducted beneath the Eurasian plate at its east margin. Therefore, most tsunamis generated in this area are propagated toward the southwest shores of Java and Sumatra, rather than into the Indian Ocean.”

As recent events have occurred however we know this not to be the case due to the fact that the waves propagated out from a ‘center’ to all areas of the Indian Ocean, to even the African Coast and beyond.

Numerous, yet conflicting, Western media reports also continue to be generated about this cataclysmic event with no regard to science fact but rather relying on speculation alone.

Reports are varying to many extremes of sea floor horizontal and/or vertical movement, such as one report that states, “slippage occurred along about 1,200 km of the interface between the tectonic plates”, and another that states that it was, “…a 600-mile-long (965km) rupture that generated a 35ft vertical displacement in the sea floor.” 

But the differences in how many kilometers of vertical displacement did or did not occur, or how high or low various parts of the sea floor rose or fell are not as important as to how fast these assertions of fact were being spread by the Western media sources. 

They in fact began within hours of the cataclysm occurring, with no scientific research being conducted and in contradiction to what the United States National Geophysical Data Center had reported and Prof Ravinder Kumar of the Centre of Advance Studies in Geology, Punjab University who has said, There is no historic record of a tsunami in the Indian Ocean.”

This information alone does not constitute proof of a meteorite strike being the cause of this cataclysmic, but neither do the pronouncements by the Western media stating the cause as being an earthquake event.  The behavior of the waves in the Indian Ocean though do suggest a meteorite due to their concentric nature of flowing throughout the oceans basin, where if these were caused by an earthquake would have been omni or bi directed only as scientists have previously predicted, and particularly in a region where no historical reports of a tsunami had ever been recorded.

Not being connected in the Western Media about this event either was its precursor which occurred in the Macquarie Island region of Antarctica and was measured as an 8.2 event on the Richter scale. (An 8.2 Richter event is equal to 3 billion tons of TNT and the 9.0 event in the Indian Ocean was equal to 32 billion tons.)  But released almost simultaneously with the Antarctica 8.2 event was a report from the United States space organization NASA's Near Earth Object Program in an ‘Asteroid Alert’ which in part said, “For comparison, the Barringer Meteor Crater in northern Arizona is thought to have been created by an iron meteorite between 30 and 100 meters in diameter. Its impact would have released energy equivalent to about 3.5 million tons of TNT.”

More interesting in the light of these recent events are that these two events have more in common than their historically rare power in that both the Antarctica event and the Indian Ocean event are connected by their sameness in both geological and magnetic anomalous features, and as previously mapped by scientists. 

One such other area on the earth is known as the Cayman Trough and is located in the Northwest Caribbean Sea.

A number of the world’s top scientists in their fields have reported on this region in a report that in part says, “We review the plate tectonic evolution of the Caribbean area based on a revised model for the opening of the central North Atlantic and the South Atlantic, as well based on an updated model of the motion of the Americas relative to the Atlantic-Indian hotspot reference frame.  We focus on post-83 Ma reconstructions, for which we have combined a set of new magnetic anomaly data in the central North Atlantic between the Kane and Atlantis fracture zones with existing magnetic anomaly data in the central North and South Atlantic oceans and fracture zone identifications from a dense gravity grid from satellite altimetry to compute North America-South America plate motions and their uncertainties.”

As we are all aware, the largest magnetic anomalous area in the world is located in Russia and is named the Kursk Satellite Magnetic Anomaly (KMA), and in the memory of our fallen heroes from the great Russian Submarine Kursk of the same naming. 

© January 10, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

(Note: There is no easy way to describe to foreign speaking peoples the style of writing one encounters when reading Russian writers like Sorcha Faal, who are steeped in Russian shamanistic thought and in the lives they live.  A report like this particular one can best be analogized as ‘circle of thought’ writing in that the beginning should equal the end. In this report for example it begins with an American Submarine disaster and ends with a Russian one.  The meanings that can be derived are for individual thought and are not meant to be ‘scientific’, as it is defined in Western nations.  Russian shamanistic thinking encompasses the ‘whole’ of all things and can be likened to seeing and attempting to understand the ‘connections’ between all things.  The same ‘known’ facts of information are used like Westerners do, but then are ‘added’ with the ‘unknown’ so that in knowing the greater ‘whole’ of ‘thing’ warnings can be given to help prepare the entire tribe.)


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