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December 27, 2004

Social Commentary on the Great Earthquakes of 2004

By: Sorcha Faal (as reported to her Russian Subscribers)

The world mourns this morning tens of thousands of deaths associated with yesterdays multiple earthquakes and their associated tidal waves.

Scientific research is now showing that the main earthquake was of a 9.0 magnitude, thus making this earthquake event equal to the Great Kamchatka Earthquake of November 4, 1952, and it being the 4th largest earthquake event of the century past.

Not receiving attention in the Western media has been information relating to the 8.2 magnitude Antarctica earthquake prior to yesterdays 9.0 earthquake event, and as if there were no connection between the two.This is no doubt due to the American publics continued inability to face coming global cataclysms, and their government and medias continued pacification of the populace towards the true and drastic changes to occur to our planet in their lifetime.

Neither America nor their secular Social Darwinist counterparts, the European Union, heeded the warnings given by both the whales and dolphins prior to these earthquake events.Where many Russian lives have been saved by knowing, and heeding, these warnings from our animal world counterparts; Western world peoples are still ignorant to their significance, and in fact live under a system that teaches their children a form of disassociation from animal warnings also.

Western world peoples continue to labor under the false historical impressions that our great countries time period under the oppressive yoke of communism was due to our own internal workings.They continue to fail understanding that communism was a Western world dogma enforced upon the Russian peoples by outside agents and powers for the purpose of imposing their Social Darwinism upon us.

Their own histories even today fail to educate their children that the Russian people, and virtually alone, stood against the vile dogma of Social Darwinism and in fact our own Russian scientists had completed alternative evolutionary theories to steer humanity towards its rightful path of world connectedness, instead of Darwinís world of competition.

The American and European peoples in a perversity of human justice are now taking upon themselves the very yoke of communism that we as Russians took over seven decades to throw off of ourselves and our children.

American and European schools are now almost complete models of those prison camps called schools our parents and grandparents labored through.Children are taught from the youngest ages to disassociate themselves from the world of nature they exist in, from their parents as the guardians of their well being and from their religions that throughout history have complemented the good parentís roles in providing moral compasses to these precious young minds.

Where we Russians had thrown off the shackles to our people of the gulags we now see them being reinstituted in American and European nations, and now American itself finds more of its citizens behind the walls of prisons then ever occurred in Russia under communism.(Leave it to America to vastly improve on any model, even a very bad one.)

Many of you remember the stories of our parents and grandparents where in the dark of night they searched through the radio dials to find those few cracks where the light of freedom would be shining through, The Voice of American and the BBC were two of them.

So this past week Iíve decided, and determined myself, to give back to the American people whatever portion of light I am able to, in now their time of darkness and need.

Towards this end I have accepted the editorship of a combined American, Canadian and British website, WhatDoesItMean.Com, wherein I will shine our light towards all of those who cower in the darkness of fear and ignorance, like our parents and grandparents once did.

As we all know well, but unknown to them, the children of this world are those who will be tasked with the rebuilding, and to teach them and have them understand this most important of lessons we should spare no effort of intellect or spirit, for if any people know the tyranny our brothers and sisters of America and Europe are presently living under it is us.

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