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UPDATE: February 14, 2011    Surprise, Toyota Not Guilty Of Building Killer Cars

February 15, 2010

US Warns Japan They Will Destroy Toyota First, Honda Next

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Foreign Ministry sources are reporting in the Kremlin today that President Obama has issued a “blunt warning” to Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama that unless Japan “immediately” reverses course away from China their giant automaker Toyota will be “completely destroyed” to be followed “very quickly” by Honda’s destruction too.

These reports note that the growing tensions between the United States and Japan have accelerated since the historic election this past summer that brought Hatoyama to power and his vow to the Japanese people to “rein in” Americans influence over his country and its economy and which has led to Japan balking at paying the nearly $2 Billion bill presented to them by Obama that is three times more than Germany (World War II’s other loser) has to pay for the “privilege” of hosting American troops.

As the World’s second largest economy Japan is faced with a staggering debt-to-GDP ratio of over 220% (compared to the Americans 97.5% rate) that prompted the United States Standard & Poor’s credit reporting giant’s threat this past week to downgrade the Japanese government’s credit rating because Hatoyama is moving too slowly, they say, to reduce the debt.

Equally enraging Obama, these reports continue, is Hatoyama’s efforts to expose to his citizens the many “secret” agreements made with past Japanese governments and the US, and as we can read as reported by the New York Times News Service:

“They were Tokyo’s worst-kept diplomatic secrets: clandestine cold war era agreements with Washington that obligated Japan to shoulder the costs of United States bases and allow nuclear-armed American ships to sail into Japanese ports.

For decades, Japanese leaders have gone to great lengths to deny the pacts’ existence, despite mounting proof to the contrary from the testimony of former diplomats and declassified documents in the United States. The most sensational instance came in 1972, when a reporter who unearthed evidence of one of the treaties was arrested on charges of obtaining state secrets, reportedly by means of an adulterous affair.

Now, the so-called secret treaties are causing problems again, this time in how Japan is handling its suddenly rocky relationship with the United States.

The new administration in Tokyo, whose election last summer ended a half-century of nearly unbroken control by the Liberal Democrats, wants to expose the treaties as a showcase of its determination to sweep aside the nation’s secretive, bureaucrat-dominated postwar order. Last fall, the foreign minister appointed a team of scholars to scour Japanese diplomatic archives for evidence of the treaties. Its findings are due this month.

The problem is that the inquiry is coming at a delicate moment in Japan’s ties with its longtime patron, the United States. The administrations of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama of Japan and President Obama are already divided over the relocation of an American air base in Okinawa. By exposing some of the less savory aspects of Japan’s military reliance on the United States, the investigation has drawn criticism, particularly from conservatives in both nations, as an effort by the left-leaning Hatoyama government to pull away from Washington.”

But to Obama’s sharpest blow against Hatoyama, these reports say, was his targeting of their most famous corporation Toyota by requiring them to recall vehicles that have nothing wrong with them and has left the Japanese in shock over the destruction of one of the World’s most recognized brands.

Being kept from the Japanese by their leaders, including Hatoyama, fearful of further enraging the US are the truer facts of this fast expanding trade war, and as we can read as reported by the Executive Intelligence Review News Service:

“Japanese and U.S. sources have indicated to EIR that the Toyota recall of millions of cars (mostly in the U.S.A.), and the massive media campaign to demonize Toyota, may be at least in part the result of a conscious effort to undermine, or even destroy, Toyota's U.S. operations, for refusing to support efforts to bailout worthless debt instruments. Japanese sources said that it was widely believed by knowledgeable people in Japan that there is an effort to undermine Toyota, but that the Japanese press won't report it.

Today, however, the Korea Herald reported it:

The world's most dominant and profitable automaker's recall of over 8.5 million cars has spiraled out of control. At first, it seemed to be a normal recall of defective cars. But the crisis Toyota Motor Corp. faces has surpassed the purely 'business' level to involve political and geopolitical dimensions. Many observers suspect something other than safety concerns behind the harsh response of the United States to Toyota's recall. To former Kia Motors chairman Kim Sun-hong, the U.S. reaction to the Toyota problem is an act of 'killing the chickens to scare the monkeys.'

The Herald explains this Chinese proverb as a reference to the cruel yet effective tactic of killing one to tame a hundred: As monkeys misbehave in the treetops, annoyed humans violently kill chickens in front of the monkeys. From fear, the monkeys get silent and tamed.

The former Kia chairman told the Herald that Toyota has had many recalls, which are a normal and responsible thing among all auto companies. However, said Kim, in the eyes of certain American financial interests, "Toyota has crossed the line that it should not have crossed."

Sources told EIR that the "line" being referred to was that Toyota pulled out of joint ventures with General Motors last year, when U.S. interests were asking Toyota to help bail them out (referring to bailing out huge amounts of worthless financial derivatives and other speculative financial instruments that GMAC got stuck with in its financial speculative activity). Founded to finance motor vehicles sales, GMAC Financial Services is reportedly one of the world's largest financial services companies, having expanded into financial services, including banking, mortgages, investing, and insurance. GM now only owns 6.7% of GMAC Financial Services, while the hedge fund Cerberus owns about 15%, and over 56% is owned by the U.S. Treasury, as the result of the U.S. government bailout.

Not only has the U.S. press run, on a daily basis, exaggerated and selective reports on the supposed dangers of Toyota cars (for years recognized as among the safest and most solidly constructed cars in the world), but the Wall Street Journal even ran a lead story blatantly advising that people sell their Toyota stock.

Kim added:

The message that Washington wants to send through the Toyota recall crisis is that other companies could also be put into such a quandary. The U.S. government wants its trading partners to heed the warning.”

To an unsuspecting American public who were led like “sheep to slaughter” by their propaganda media organs to elect Obama believing that a “new era” of change was upon them should view these actions against the Japanese people in alarm as he is now attempting to assume even greater dictatorial powers over them then even Bush had attempted, including allowing, for the first time ever, his intelligence agencies to assassinate American citizens in their own homeland, and as we can read as reported by the ABC News Service in their report titled “License to Kill? Intelligence Chief Says U.S. Can Take Out American Terrorists”, and which says:

“The director of national intelligence affirmed rather bluntly today that the U.S. intelligence community has authority to target American citizens for assassination if they present a direct terrorist threat to the United States.

“We take direct actions against terrorists in the intelligence community; if … we think that direct action will involve killing an American, we get specific permission to do that,” Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair told the House Intelligence Committee.”

What can one say about a once great Nation like the United States that targets for destruction one of the most honored companies of its allies, while at the same time announcing it has the right to assassinate its own citizens?

The first thing that comes to our mind is how incredibly sad for the American people who, even as these words are being written, remain asleep to the growing horrors around them, but which can not be said of nearly 100 Police Chiefs across America who have “suddenly” resigned rather than be a part of Obama’s “New America” that, in fact, is nothing more than a continuation of Bush’s push to militarize the entire United States so the “rich can richer” and the “poor even poorer”.

© February 15, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?.]

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