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Americans Celebrate Last Year As Free People

War Fears Rise After China Missile Tests Over Oregon

Plot To Kill Obama And Blow Up D.C. Subway Shocks US Allies

US In Shock After All Obamacare Signup Info Goes To Russian Hacker

Putin Ends NATO Missile Pact, Warns Military To “Prepare For War”

Obamacare “Death Spiral” Warned Could Collapse Global Economy By February

Evidence That 5 Million Americans Have Been “Disappeared” By Obama Shocks Russia

Shocking Travel Alert Warns US Cops Are On “Unprecedented” Killing Spree

Obama Orders CIA To Disappear His “Love Child” After Mother Assassinated

Russia Goes On Alert As “Planet Killer” Comet Targets Mars

The Video Proving JFK Kill Plot Backed By Secret Service


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December 3, 2013



United States

Obama launches effort aimed at HIV cure

Allen West warns Obama's 'backdoor gun control is moving forward'

Over 700,000 people on US watch list: and once you get on, there’s no way off

NTSB: New York train was going 82 mph when it derailed

Canada to file Arctic seafloor claim this week

Biden Heads on Delicate Mission to Defuse E. Asia Tensions

Top US Lawmakers Want Additional Iran Sanctions

Nobel Prize economist warns of U.S. stock market bubble

4 Dead After Metro-North Train Derails In The Bronx

Obamacare website being criticized for data insecurity

Canadian police arrest Toronto man on suspicion of spying for China

Wage Strikes Planned at Fast-Food Outlets in 100 Cities

Obama visits fasting immigration activists

Obamacare website faces crucial weekend

Crucial weekend for Obamacare website begins with a shutdown

U.S. Released Iranian Scientist as Part of Nuke Negotiations

U.S. airlines give China flight plans for new defense zone



Putin: Iran nuclear deal definitely useful for all

Putin Arrives In Armenia Amid Protests Against Customs Union

Putin: Ukraine protests seek to shake legitimate rulers

Gay Rights Protest Targets Putin, Coca-Cola for Sochi Olympics

Ukraine protests grow as president responds

Medvedev says United Russia has become country’s biggest political force

Thousands pour in for pro-EU rally in Ukraine, storm government buildings

Ukrainian Court Bans Mass Rallies in Kiev after Police Crackdown

Ukrainian Interior Ministry Website Reportedly Hit By Hackers

Ukraine Vows to Speed Up EU Integration, Wants ‘Equal Partnership’

Ukraine-Poland economic forum postponed 'until the political situation in Ukraine is stabilized'

Putin Inspects Main Venue Of Sochi Winter Olympics

Locals count toxic cost of Sochi Games: Builders are dumping waste, polluting rivers and cutting off villages ahead of Winter Olympics

Russia quick to exploit US row with Arab allies

Japan, Russia hold first diplomatic-defence talks

Russia Plans to Have 4 ‘Massive’ Military Training Ranges

Russian Army Goes East With Biggest 2014 Drill

Russia officials advised to stay away from Gmail



Xi: This is the moment for stronger China-UK collaboration

President Xi Jinping behind new defence zone

China Punishes 20000 Officials For Being Too Bureaucratic

Hong Kong confirms first human case of bird flu

Thailand rally leader tells protesters to target police

China Launches Moon Rover Mission

Chinese citizens warned again to avoid Thailand's rally sites

Anti-Government Protests Roil Thai Capital Bangkok as 3 Killed

Thai protest leader says he met PM Yingluck and told her to hand power to people

President Xi stresses fight against HIV/AIDS

Xi Jinping: Chinese ruler who's a riddle to the world

Beijing's air defence zone aimed at making Tokyo negotiate

China’s new air-defence zone suggests a worrying new approach in the region

China identifies 3 Tibet areas currently under Indian illegal occupation

China urges India not to complicate border issue

Reforms to unlock prison information

Activists condemn China's labour camps turned detox centres

Planned Tibetan Protest Over Theft Triggers Security Clampdown



United Kingdom

Cameron protests to Chinese president after UK journalist barred

David Cameron admits migration target may not be met

David Cameron distances himself from Boris Johnson over IQ comments

Fraud probe solicitor Peter Maine 'may have stabbed himself'

Cameron in first China trip since Dalai Lama row

Cameron pledges new measures to cut energy bills

Eastern European leaders blast David Cameron over migrant benefits plan

Britain targets Guardian newspaper over intelligence leaks related to Edward Snowden

Irish woman becomes first female bishop in UK and Ireland

UK authorities forcibly removed baby from Italian's womb

Officer knocked out during Belfast protests

Republicans in Northern Ireland look to Taliban for weapons

Scotland mourns its dead as inquest starts into cause of helicopter disaster


European Union

Brussels Balks As UK Urges Beijing Accord

Discussion on Association Agreement between EU-Ukraine to be hosted next week in Brussels

As protests boil, EU keeps arms open to Ukraine

Italian authorities say at least 5 killed in fire at Chinese-run garment factory

EU ponders compulsory speed limiters on cars

EU, Russia face off before divisive summit

New EU sanctions undermine Iran Geneva deal

EU discreetly repairs ties with Syrians

Netherlands finalizes bank guarantee for Greenpeace’s Arctic 30 release

Pope Sends Swiss Guards Into Rome To Help Poor, Homeless

Spanish government mulls second labor reform for 2014

Greeks put on major protests in Athens

Sweden Parliament Votes to Limit Transparency Laws

Spanish government clamps down on public protests

Victims fear release of Spain rapists, killers under rights law



Rare Iceland armed police operation leaves man dead

German universities contributing to US war effort

Germany’s proposed new government is set to turn the motor of Europe into a slowcoach

German Pirate party seeks electoral comeback

German industry braces as EU backs new car emissions rules

Germany plans to curb energy transition

Swiss lawmaker fired after anti-Israeli comments

Swiss banks cleared to take part in US tax deal

Norway reports outbreak caused by rare salmonella strain, 18 affected

Norway Increases Quota for Syrian Refugees

Norway to Penalize Glorification of Terrorism

German cop arrested over cannibalism website murder

Merkel Concedes on Minimum Wage, Spending in Coalition Accord

Leakers, Privacy Activists Find New Home in Berlin

Germany, U.S. agree on efforts to rebuild trust

Merkel's Quest for Consensus


French soldier accused of cannibalism was suffering PTSD from Afghanistan

IOC President meets President François Hollande

François Hollande: Strident Neocon, Lame Socialist

Hollande says French upward unemployment trend reversed

France to host meeting on Central African Republic

French truck drivers blockade roads in ‘ecotax’ protest

Demonstrators march through Paris against racism

Sex workers and prostitutes protest outside French parliament while sex bill is debated inside

Mystery of Missing Mushrooms Leaves French Blaming Roma

France dismantles Roma camp, evicts 800 immigrants

France to Send 1,000 Troops to Central African Republic

War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

UN: Syria war crimes evidence implicates Bashar al-Assad

Children escape as mortar hits French school in Damascus

At Least 20 Dead in New Air Bombardment in Syria

Sniper kills three as clashes hit Lebanon's Tripoli

US To Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons

US in secret talks with Hezbollah

Americans Are Joining Syria's Civil War, Posing Security Risk

Starving Syrian Rebels Eat Lion From Zoo

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Rejects a Request by Syria to Convert Arms Sites

Iran, Syria reiterate alliance as Assad government says it's winning the war

Syria-fuelled violence leaves four dead, 30 wounded in Lebanon

Casualties rise to 6 killed, 23 injured in Lebanon's Tripoli clashes

Scores of inmates escape Libya prison

Insight Into Today’s News

Nuclear Deal With Iran Prelude to War, Not “Breakthrough”

'Great Satan' meets 'Axis of Evil' and strikes a deal

European prisons become smaller with every year while Americans get more overcrowded

Army Veteran Recalls the Unforgettable Moment When a Judge Told Him: ‘Your Time in Iraq Makes You a Threat to Society’

WikiLeaks reveals documents showing 'unintended consequences' of US sanctions

Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know… and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”

Despite Eight Criminal-Civil Investigations of JPMorgan Chase, the Bank Remains a “Law Enforcement Partner” With the NYPD

Anonymous: Boston proved that NSA spying is not about terrorism

America as Economic Spy: NSA's Mission Is Self-Aggrandizement, Not Fighting Terrorism

"Will I be Next?" US Drone Strikes in Pakistan

No, NSA Surveillance Wouldn’t Have Prevented 9/11 And It Hasn’t Foiled a Single Terror Plot


Israel reassures U.S., Palestinians it has frozen new tenders for West Bank housing

Israel's new opposition chief meets with Abbas

Israel's Foreign Ministry continues to lose relevance

Al Qaeda-linked group claims foothold in West Bank

Palestinian security arrests 20 Salafists in West Bank

Hamas cancels anniversary rally over Gaza economic woes

Netanyahu heads to Italy to meet Pope Francis

Israeli Officials Denounce Obama for Giving Iran Right to Enrich, Destroying Sanctions

Will Israel 'come to terms' with Iran deal?

‘Day of rage’: UK protests Israeli plan to remove 70,000 Bedouins

Tired of Endless Talks, Palestinians Want to Push Recognition

Human Tragedy Unfolds as Gaza Runs on Empty


Erdoğan’s top adviser Yiğit Bulut expects ‘European Spring’

Erdogan's blacklist

CHP and the US rediscover each other

Turkey to Seek Baghdad's Consent for Iraqi Kurdish Oil

Poll shows over half of Turks support forbidding co-ed student housing

Iraq death total for November hits over 900

Erdoğan: Government struggling against ‘those who promote their own interests’

Islamic Scholar Gülen ‘speechless’ on government action plan against his movement

Iraq bans private Turkish jets from its airspace ahead of Kurdish oil conference

Turkey, Iran to boost ties after nuclear deal

Turkey’s real unemployment rate 20 pct when all jobless considered

Efforts to impose Sharia law in Iraq spark controversy


Battles in the street as Egypt assembly approves proposed new constitution

Egypt police use tear gas against Pro-Morsi students on Tahrir square

Egypt panel retains military trials of civilians in charter

North Yemen fighting kills more than 120

Strong, dangerous earthquake strikes volcanic region of Congo

Hagel puts Egypt on notice  

Egypt police arrest nearly 200 people

Tear gas, stones, clashes in Cairo amid new anti-protest law

For Egypt’s New Rulers, Familiar Scapegoats

Egypt panel to vote on new constitution

Police use teargas, stun grenades against protesters in Bahrain

11,000 Sudanese migrant workers return from Saudi Arabia

Mozambique plane crash kills 33, national mourning planned


Iran deal recasts regional politics

Iran, Russia Talk New Nuclear Power Plant Deal

Iranian report: Israel, Saudis plotting new computer worm to sabotage our nuclear program

Iran's sanctions straitjacket loosened

The Sufi challenge to Iran’s clergy

Rouhani: Dismantling nuclear facilities red line for Iran

FM Zarif: Iran will not enter nuclear negotiations that include Israel

Rouhani: Iran Will Not Dismantle Nuke Facilities

Iran admits close intelligence links with Turkey

Iran Sees Nuclear Deal Implementation Starting by Early January


Power blackout plunges Caracas, other cities into darkness

Colombia’s ELN Guerrillas Release Kidnapped Engineer

Maduro Steps Up Economic Offensive 18 Days Before Elections

Venezuela Temporarily Takes Over Smurfit Plant in Valencia

Colombian FARC Rebels Say They Taxed Coca Growers

Maduro vows stricter business inspections

Capriles Dares Venezuela’s President to Jail Him, Calls Supporters into the Streets

Venezuela's opposition stages nationwide protests

Venezuela accuses US of interference in its internal affairs

Venezuelan Authorities Arrest 26 for Alleged Speculation

Maduro to decree two economic laws on Thursday


Rio de Janeiro Lights World’s Tallest Floating Christmas Tree

Brazil finance official resigns in bribery scandal

Veterans of Pinochet Secret Police Still on Chilean Army Payroll

French riot police training Brazil for Olympic crowd control

Rio de Janeiro Honored as World’s Best “Smart City”

Cabinet Chief Says Government Focused on Stimulating Argentina’s Economy

Rousseff Rallies Communist Party Allies

Pessimism on Brazil Soars to Record in Poll as Downgrade Looms

Argentina President Fernandez: We'll Expand Economic Model

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Makes Cabinet Changes After Medical Leave


Earthquake Rocks Mexico’s Southern Pacific Coast

Mexican Army Has Taken Control of Major Port in Effort to Combat Drug Cartel

Mexican drug cartels now make money exporting ore

Thousands March in Honduras to Demand Vote Recount  

Ruling Party Candidate Declared Winner of Honduran Presidential Election

Mexico, China in Talks to Correct Trade Imbalance

Two Catholic Priests Found Slain in Mexico

Mexico Frees Teen Cartel Killer, to Leave for US

Count in Honduras presidential vote goes silent


Alan Gross, former USAID contractor jailed in Cuba, appeals to Obama to intervene

Downpours in Havana Collapse 49 Buildings

Two Die as Building Collapses in Havana Due to Heavy Rains

Cuban Opposition Group Denounces Arrests, Raids

Jamaican authorities seize 3,300 warheads

Cuba Suspends Consular Services in US Over Lack of Banking

European Lawmakers Call for International Probe of Cuban Dissidents’ Deaths

Cuba Begins Massive Military Exercise

Obama Invites Cuban Dissidents to Washington

United Nations

Edward Snowden revelations prompt UN investigation into surveillance

UN Reacts to Growing Violence Against Aid Workers in Afghanistan

Russia Ready to ‘Eradicate’ Double Standards at UN Rights Body

UN 'seriously concerned' over Egypt's crackdown on dissent

Four Arrested for Witness Tampering in ICC Case

UN admits being late on civil war in Syria

UN sounds alarm over ozone-damaging nitrous oxide

US plots to kill idea of global digital privacy at the UN

UN climate talks fall apart as 132 countries storm out


Japan's Secrets Bill Turns Journalists Into Terrorists

USA sends submarine-hunting jets to Japan

Air defence identification zone tops Shinzo Abe-Joe Biden talks in Tokyo

Weak yen, costly fuel to fuel record trade deficit

'Rainbow' village emerges from tsunami's sea of mud in Rikuzentakata, Japan

Fukushima water decontamination system shutdown after chemical leak

Japan calls for action of China air zone

A-bomb cities to invite US, China envoys  

New enmity between Japan and Korea plays out in Tokyo's Koreatown

Radical group suspected in weapons fire close to US base near Tokyo


India’s First Mars Probe Successfully Leaves Earth's Orbit

India: Maoists Attack Inter-City Train in Bihar, 3 Shot Dead

China reiterates claim on Arunachal Pradesh through mouthpiece

India has ruled out death penalty for Italy marines


After 12 Yrs of U.S. Occupation, Afghanistan Sets Record for Growing Opium

Thousands rally in Pakistan against US drone attacks

Karzai Firm, Won't Sign US Troop Deal

US drone kills 1 alleged militant in Pakistan


Tony Abbott criticises ABC for working with Guardian Australia on spying story

Australian government steps up commitment to US “pivot”

Strong Earthquake Hits Indonesia

Death toll from typhoon Haiyan in Philippines rises to 5,632

Australian Greenpeace activist Colin Russell released on bail in Russia

UN agencies launch mass vaccinations for children in typhoon-hit Philippines

Malaysia Summons Singapore Envoy Over Spying Claims

18,000 Indonesians flee erupting volcano

Typhoon Evacuees Wait Out Life in Manila

Abbott Seeks to Repair Indonesia Ties After Phone Tap Revelation

Interesting Developments

'Web Robinson Crusoe' moves virtual office to desert island to prove we can work anywhere

Will natural gas eventually come from sea ice? Prospect thrills some, dismays others

Chinese doctors remove dandelion growing inside baby-girl’s ear

Spy Camera Takes 3D Photos in Almost Complete Darkness

Bitcoin Worth More Than Gold, Then Collapses

For Sale: Spacious Hand-Carved Cave Cathedral

Coming Soon, a Night Watchman With Wheels?

Comet ISON, Presumed Dead, Shows New Life

Incredible mile-long floating CITY - complete with schools, a hospital, parks and an airport for its 50,000 residents

Moon gardens: NASA to sow 1st seeds of future habitat

Swine flu death toll 10 times higher than thought in 2009

Comet ISON giving astronomers wild ride

Interactive map shows alarming forest loss in Canada, worldwide

Bones believed to belong to Saint Peter on display for first time

Enter America's Repository of Pain, 100,000 Weapons of War

Pepsi Pressured To Fight Big Sugar's 'Land Grab'

'Digital Lollipop' Will Allow Users to Taste Virtual Objects

DNA testing on 24,000-year-old skeleton reveals that Native Americans could have European origins

Astronomers report on brightest gamma-ray burst

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