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War Has Just Been Declared On Me, On Me Personally—Now I Am Alone, On Enemy Territory

The Epistle of Saint Helena: The Hidden Map Of Truth

President Trump Blueprint For Military Takeover Of America Goes On Full Display In Venezuela

Europe Prepares For War As New Signs Point To Summer-2019 Takedown Of Hillary Clinton By President Trump

French President Warns Of Coming Executions As Mass Mexican Protests Shutter Auto Plants Across America

Earth’s Very First Worldwide Revolution Throws Panicked Elites Into Buying Frenzy Of Child Blood Costing $8,000 A Liter


The Revival of Christianity in Russia



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Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations


American 2019 Death Toll Update:           5 Americans Killed By Terror    56 Americans Killed By Their Own Police

                                                                                   4 American Police Murdered       2 American Police Dogs Killed

American 2015-2018 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 4,375     Americans Killed By Terror: 212

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State? US Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As They Say They Were Scared


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January 27, 2019



United States

Trump Wants To Know Where Hillary’s Indictment Is After Roger Stone’s Arrest

More Force Used On Roger Stone’s House Arrest - Than to Storm Osama Bin Laden’s Compound

Roger Stone's indictment offers more proof of no contacts between him and Julian Assange – WikiLeaks

Here's How Much Democrats’ Refusal To Fund Border Security Cost America During Shutdown

Trump donates $100,000 to alcoholism research from presidential salary

Pelosi: Trump’s State of the Union Address Not Happening on Tuesday

Telegraph to Pay Melania Trump ‘Substantial’ Damages for Article

US delays returning asylum seekers to Mexico

Texas Attorney General Reveals 95,000 Non-Citizens on State’s Voting Lists

Canadian PM fires China envoy after he ‘misspoke’ that Huawei CFO better not be extradited to US

Five US, Canadian aircraft scrambled to escort two Russian bombers - NORAD




Putin Praises India For "Impressive Success" In Republic Day Message

Russian envoy explains why UN Security Council failed to agree joint statement of Venezuela

NATO claims US combat UAVs, ballistic defense target missiles ‘not in violation’ of INF

Heavy Snowfall Causes Series of Massive Multi-Car Pileups Near Moscow

Putin, Russia’s Security Council say meddling in Venezuela impermissible

US asks Russia for help with agenda on North Korea's denuclearization — Russian diplomat

‘US should look for its problems at home’ – Russian minister on Soros rant about ‘dangerous’ China

‘Carried 35kg for hours & barely tired’: New PHOTOS of Russian military exoskeleton

Putin speaks in favor of peaceful dialogue to overcome Venezuela crisis

Lavrov urges all countries to abandon idea of military intervention in Venezuela

Medvedev invites US to imagine Venezuelan-style change of president in Washington




Xi Jinping sends condolences to Brazil over dam collapse

19 killed, dozens injured in twin blast targeting Catholic cathedral in the Philippines

China Responds To George Soros

China reacts after American warships sail through Taiwan Strait

Xi stresses integrated media development

Chinese Capital Is Fleeing Offshore Again - And Now We Know How

Xi presides over 6th meeting of central committee for deepening overall reform

VP Wang Qishan calls for shaping global architecture for better future of mankind

China voices support for Venezuela's efforts in safeguarding sovereignty, stability

Beijing tells cadres to ‘prepare for the worst’ amid uncertainties of its high-stakes trade war with the US

Chinese Rocket Forces Simulate ICBM Launch From ‘Underground Great Wall’



United Kingdom           

DUP privately agree to support PM May's 'Plan B' Brexit deal

Theresa May’s UK government comes out in support of Venezuela’s Juan Guaido, after attempted coup

‘MPs would vote down 2nd EU referendum’: May presents her ‘plan B’ to parliament

UK homicides increase by 14% as knife crime rises

UK Royal Air Force to Reduce Presence in Syria, Iraq

Spying Agency MI5 Named One of UK's 'Best LGBT Employers'

This Sucks: Dyson Set To Relocate HQ to Singapore Amid Brexit Countdown

Ex-UKIP Head Farage Aims to Lead New Pro-Brexit Party

May Seeks Bilateral Treaty on Border With Ireland Amid Brexit



European Union

Europe 'coming apart before our eyes', say 30 top intellectuals

‘They are taking us for a ride’: Italian PM slams France & Germany’s ‘hypocritical’ role in EU

Spanish toddler found dead in hole after dire 13-day search

Belgian woman kidnapped, kept as SEX SLAVE by group of migrants for MONTHS

Yellow Vests group gears up for European elections, gets under fire from their own comrades

EU launches action against Austria over child benefits policy

Police detain 133 people for riots at Greek Parliament

Salvini Refuses to Reopen Italy’s Ports: Stopping Migrant Boats Saving Lives

Car Rams Gate of Polish Presidential Palace




Heiko Maas says Germany 'not neutral' on Venezuela, seeking 'fresh elections'

Walls, Armed Guards Protect Davos Elite

Germany bans Iranian airline from its airspace after U.S. pressure

Record Number of Migrants Sent Back From Germany to Other EU Countries in 2018

German arms manufacturer to sue government over weapons deliveries’ halt to Saudi Arabia

Merkel talks of EU 'compromise' as German industry grows anxious of No Deal

Bundestag approves plan to deter migrants from Georgia, 3 N. African nations

Shinzo Abe and Angela Merkel to headline Davos as Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron deal with domestic problems





French 'yellow vests' defy Macron again in tense protests

Yellow Vests Rage For 11th Straight Week; Organizers Plan Night Rallies, Human Chain Of 50,000

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Compares Yellow Vests to Brexiteers

Non-yellow-vest protests are good? Macron hails Venezuela coup attempt as ‘restoration of democracy’

France hits Google with record €50 million fine over ‘forced consent’ data collection

Same old elite? Macron's 'revolution' fails with fed up French

Macron Calls on French to Participate in National Debate to End Protests

Death toll from gas explosion in Paris rises to four after rescue workers find body of missing woman in rubble

Yellow Vests Destroying Speed Cameras



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Pompeo - US 'Serious' About Promoting Peace in Afghanistan, Withdrawing Troops

Hawks Are Trying To Convince Trump To Keep This Tiny Piece Of Syrian Soil Indefinitely

Here’s The Scientist Who Helped ISIS Get Its Chemical Weapons

Erdogan wants Syria 'safe zone' in place within months

Pentagon - US Troop Numbers to Fluctuate During Syria Withdrawal

Several hundred Jabhat al-Nusra militants attack Syria’s forces in Idlib zone

Damascus Threatens to Respond to Israeli Attack With Strike on Tel-Aviv Airport

Taliban Used US-Made Humvee in Ambush That Killed Dozens

An Unholy alliance: The Use of Terrorism According to John Bolton


Interesting Developments

Snopes Refuses To Correct Nathan Phillips "Stolen Valor" Fact Check; Google, Facebook Promote Disinfo

YouTube Tweaks Recommendations Algorithm To Block Videos By Flat Earthers, 9/11 Truthers

'It's Our Backyard!': Bill Maher Cheers US-Led Coup in Venezuela in Unhinged Colonial Tirade

Will car-loving Angelenos say yes to congestion pricing?

Clearing Out A Walmart Then Reselling It On Amazon Can Make You Millions

"Dangerous Ideas" Loom As Once Democratically Chosen, There's No Reversing Socialism

Morgan Stanley CEO and chairman James Gorman says Saudi Arabia's jailing & torture of businessmen ‘creative and efficient’

‘Genetic dice loaded against them’: Fat people rolled poor genes, concludes largest-ever study




Netanyahu's Risky Election Run-Up Bombing Campaign Of Syria May Lead To War

Israel to Allow Qatari Payment to Hamas - Hamas says will refuse much-needed cash to protest Israeli delays on the delivery

IDF commander turned PM candidate touts body count & bombing Gaza into ‘stone age’ in campaign ad

Ultra-Orthodox City ‘Erasing Women’ From Public Eye, Censoring Them From Billboards

Israel launches new barrage against 'Iranian' targets in Syria, warns against retaliation

Leaked - US' Middle East Plan: 90 Percent of West Bank for Palestine, Divided Jerusalem

Gazan Violence Continues at Israel’s Border

Hamas sets $1 million bounty for IDs of Israeli commandos involved in botched Gaza raid




Erdogan Faces Syria Choice as Putin Revives 21-Year-Old Treaty

Erdogan 'shocked' by Trump’s backing Venezuelan opposition leader

Disappointed by Joint Saudi Probe, Turkey Seeks International Khashoggi Investigation

Erdogan wants to revive cannabis production, and Turkish Islamists love it

Erdogan confirms Turkey plans to create security zone in Syria

Erdogan Delivers Scathing Speech Aimed at John Bolton

Turkey Rejects New US Offer to Cancel Purchase of Russian S-400 Systems

US Authorizes $3.5 Billion Sale of Patriot Missile System to Turkey




Saudi Arabia: We'll Pump The World's Very Last Barrel Of Oil

Satellite Imagery Reveals First Ever Saudi Domestic Ballistic Missile Program

Dozens killed by Egypt forces in North Sinai

South Africa

Walkout: Entire Cabinet, Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Quit En Masse

The Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo is moving toward a major city. That’s not good.

Congo opposition candidate Fayulu declares himself president




Iran announces oil discovery in untapped region

Zarif: Iran Will Support Venezuelan Government and People Against Conspiracies

Iran calls for release of its journalist arrested in U.S.

Iran's Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit, Crashes Into Indian Ocean

Iran is “on the verge” of producing fuel made up of highly enriched uranium

Iran plans naval drills with Russia in Caspian Sea

Iran Slams EU for Lack of Progress in Sidestepping US Sanctions

'US is in No Position to Lecture': Tehran Balks at US Warning on Missile Tests




U.S. calls on world to 'pick a side' on Venezuela; Europeans set to recognize Guaido

Venezuela's Highest Ranking Military Attaché Flips On Maduro; Urges Armed Forces To Recognize Guaidó

Maduro - Last Group of US Diplomats Left Venezuela

Maduro announces military drills to show Venezuela is ‘unassailable’

US Order Non-Emergency Government Employees Out Of Venezuela

Coincidence? Venezuela Green Lights Russia to Mine Gold, Days Later US Attempts Overthrow

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Says Rules Out Start of War in Latin America




Vale Dam Collapses In Southeastern Brazil, Up To 200 Missing

Bolsonaro to present 'new Brazil' in Davos

Since arrest of celebrity faith healer John of God, Abadiânia has become a ghost town

Magnitude 6.8 Quake Strikes Coast of Chile

Brazil says it recognizes Venezuelan opposition leader as president

Brazil gang attacks challenge Bolsonaro's security strategy

Bolsonaro says open to US military base in Brazil

Bolsonaro Thanks Trump - Vows To Bring Prosperity ‘Under God’s Protection’




Across Mexico border from safe El Paso, violence surges in Juárez

Death toll from Mexico pipeline blast reaches 91, Pemex defends response

Obrador vows fuel theft crackdown after deadly pipeline blast

New migrant caravan enters Mexico, legally or not

New Migrant Caravan Organizer Arrested in Honduras on Rape Charge

As new U.S.-bound caravan grows to more than 2,000, Mexicans lash out

El Chapo paid $100M bribe to ex-Mexican president: secretary

Morales Expels U.N.-Backed Corruption Investigators from Guatemala




Diaz-Canel Slams Pompeo's Comment on Cuba's Role in Venezuela Crisis

Scraping to survive: Cubans forced to defy government to eke out existence

Vatican News Paid Tribute to 60th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution in Deleted Post

Rich kid of Communism: Fidel Castro's model grandson flashes his wealth and love of the high life on Instagram as he travels the world

Cue the crickets: Berkeley researcher finds Cuba ‘sonic attack’ sound is actually insects chirping

After 60 years of revolution in Cuba, cracks in leadership emerge

Huge waves unexpectedly hit coastal Peru and Cuba triggering floods, damage and evacuations

Cuba Blames Trump for Bread, Egg, Meat, and Rice Shortages Before New Year



United Nations

World Health Organization declares Anti-vaxxers are among the top ‘threats to global health’ in 2019

UNGA Passes Resolution Urging US to Stop Illegal Moves Against Russian Diplomats

Divided nations: UN migration pact sows discord as states turn away & face domestic tensions

UNGA Adopts Resolution Calling for End to Israel’s Occupation of Palestine

First Western Sahara talks at UN in six years begin in Geneva

UN to vote on Haley's last stand: Condemning Hamas

UN Environment Chief Quits After Racking Up A Massive Air Travel Tab




Japan resumes oil imports from Iran after latest US sanctions

Detention Hearing for Former Nissan Chairman Ghosn Starts in Tokyo

Abe - Russian-Japanese peace treaty will be beneficial for US

As Japanese Emperor Prepares to Hand Over, What Next for the 'Lost Generation'?

2020 Olympic torches to be made of recycled aluminum from Fukushima

Japan announces withdrawal from IWC to resume commercial whaling in 2019

About 40% of Japanese teens say sex education at school is useless

Japan seeks drones, subs, F-35 jets as part of $243 billion defense-spending plan

Explosion at Pub in Northern Japan Injures Over 40




'Let the Public Decide': India Echoes Russian, Chinese Sentiment on Venezuela

'Deads' to Contest Polls Against Heavyweights in the Indian Elections

Tiny Indian state proposes world's biggest experiment with guaranteed income


Pakistani Coast Guards Reportedly Enter Indian Waters, Open Fire at Fishermen

30 killed in gold mine collapse in Afghanistan

Pakistan Army Claims to Have Shot Down Second Indian Spy Drone in Two Days

Alleged Mastermind Of Chinese Consulate Attack In Pakistan Reported Dead




'Invasion Day' Mob Attacks Man Carrying Australian Flag

Roads melt and animals drop dead as Australia suffers through its 'most significant' heatwave for 80 YEARS and temperatures top 120F

‘A Loose Cannon’: Manila Seeks Review of 1951 Defense Treaty With US

Hazmat teams respond to ‘suspicious packages’ at multiple consulates across Australia

Scott Morrison slams ‘ugly racial protests’ in Melbourne

Former Philippine mayor killed hours after President Duterte threatens to slit throats of big-time drug dealers

'First Transgender Cyclone': Aussies Crack Up Over 'Obscene' Weather Forecast

1 killed, 16 year old attacker arrested after stabbing at Scientology HQ in Sydney

7.2 earthquake strikes Philippines’ Mindanao island







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