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Obama Sells Top US Defense Contractor To Chinese Military For Pennies On The Dollar


America Died Today, Her Citizens Barely Noticed


Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers As Israel Prepares For All-Out War


Israel To Outlaw Christian And Islamic Religions As “Threats To State”


Bilderberg Group Orders “Total” Destruction Of US Dollar


Savage Battle In Iraq Targets US House Speaker Pelosi, Leaves 5 Dead


Chilling New Law Gives US Government Ownership Of All Water In Nation


Death Star Pandemic of 2009-2012: End of Age Begins


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World News Now

June 6, 2009

Significant Date for week ending June 13th, 2009:  June 8th                 

United States

Obama tells American Muslims he will ease the impact of post-9/11 scrutiny of charities

Obama did not forget Israel

American media divided over Obama's Cairo address

Muslim Americans find inspiration in Obama's speech

White House Set to Appoint Pay Czar To Oversee Companies Being Taken Over By Government

US Federal Police Search for Man on 'Mission to Kill the President'

New 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Battle Heads To US Supreme Court

Strange Clouds Begin Appearing All Over The World

Canada refuses US request to accept Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo

Oil Trades Near $69 a Barrel As Unemployment Set To Hit 25-Year High

Obama slapped down by US Federal judge in Islamic wiretapping case

Obama says he's open to requiring all Americans to buy health insurance

World's richest man Bill Gates urges fellow billionaires to give away most of their wealth

Software billionaire Steve Ballmer threatens Obama he'll move US jobs overseas over taxes

US Government benefits soar to historic high as 1 in 6 Americans on dole

New study shows medical bills underlie 60% of US bankruptcies



Putin warns of new European crisis as gas through Ukraine to come to grinding halt

Putin pledges deeper cooperation with Finland amid Global economic crisis

Medvedev says Russia ready to back sanctions against North Korea

Medvedev says Russia to grow more grain, boost food security

US says nuclear arms talks with Russia productive

No Russia economic recovery until year-end, says top minister

Protest That Caused 400 Kilometer Highway Backup Spurs Plan To Seize Factories In Russia

Russia Cuts Rates to Spur Growth on Stability Signs

Ukraine economy plunges by 21 percent in first quarter

Georgian Defence Minister warns Obama of Russian military buildup

US pork industry baffled by swine flu bans in China, Russia

Medvedev says perception of US dollar changed, warns of accelerating Global inflation

Russia Says Draft of Treaty With US on Nuclear Arms May Be Ready Soon

Gazprom Issues New Warning to Ukraine on Gas Payments

Russian Banker With Links To Putin Reported Behind Georgian Mutiny

Russian political expert says nuclear catastrophe 'inevitable'



China, World's biggest holder of gold and forex reserves, to buy $50 billion in IMF bonds

North Korea reported ready to launch missile

US to impose financial sanctions on North Korea

Taiwan president tells China to face up to June 4 Tiananmen massacre

China Floods Tiananmen Square With Police to Bar Protests

One of Tiananmen's 'most wanted' returns to China

China launches trade probe of US, Russia steel

North Korean warship intrudes into South Korea waters sparking more tension

North Korea Missile Tests Don’t Qualify as Terrorism, US Says

North Korea puts two US journalists on trial

Hummer's Chinese buyer says no plan for China plant, will keep US workers

Hu and Obama discuss North Korean crisis

China, Russia Delay UN Action on Sanctions Against North Korea Over Nuclear Test

China battens down hatches as Tiananmen anniversary nears

World's most popular networking services go dark in China days before Tiananmen anniversary

China bars foreign reporters from Tiananmen Square

US Congress calls on China to free Tiananmen prisoners

Chinese company buys iconic Hummer brand from US government owned GM


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United Kingdom

Brown seeks unity with British cabinet reshuffle

Brown faces anxious wait ahead of European and local elections

Who is going to knock at No 10 and tell Brown the game is up?

Labour bloodletting suspended as British voters go to the polls

Europe poll likely to strengthen British Eurosceptics

Barclays Says UK Economic Growth Will Resume in Second Half

British nurse contracts swine flu as confirmed cases exceed 400

UK car sales fell by 24.8% in May

Ireland post worst economic performance by an industrialized Nation since Great Depression

British Government in "death throes" as Ministers abandon Brown

Brown facing major Cabinet crisis after resignation of senior ministers throws government into disarray

Second British cabinet minister quits Brown government

It ends as it began: a Blairite vs Brownite row

Prince Charles To Attend D-Day Ceremonies In France After Week Of Controversy

UK Pound Advances Against Euro as Consumer Confidence Jumps



Europe voters swing to Right, say pollsters

Dutch Voters Put Anti-Immigration Party in European Parliament

Debris Found In Atlantic May Not Be From Air France Jet

Airbus warns airlines after Air France crash

Sarkozy slams Iranian leader for Holocaust remark

Expectation mounts ahead of Obamas' Paris weekend

France to Honor US D-Day Veterans with Nations Highest Award

Turnout fear as EU election opens to 375 million voters

European Central Bank Keeps Key Rate at Record-Low 1% as Signs of Recovery Emerge

EU agrees to deal on accepting Guantanamo detainees

Air France jet exploded in mid-air, wide dispersion of wreckage shows

Air France Crash Claims Steel Executives, Oil, Social Workers

Usually tolerant Italy reels from sex scandal

Sarkozy’s Secret Plan for Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

Obama says Americans love all things French

Why every vote counts at the European elections on June 4

The European Parliament: Where the Fringes Flourish



Merkel Backs Obama on Push for Accord in Middle East

Never before seen photos of Hitler published by Life Magazine

Merkel Blasts US Federal Reserve, Bank of England and European Central Bank

US Federal Reserve Chief Bernanke rejects Merkel criticism

EU businesses defend European Central Bank against Merkel comments

Germany hit with a Merkel backlash after her broadside against central banks

More German companies seek government support

German court rules Nazi forced laborers entitled to pensions

Germans Balking at Taking Guantanamo Detainees

Researchers say Obama has German roots dating to the 1700s

Iceland Lowers Key Interest Rate to 12%, Defying IMF As Economy Hits Worst Slump In 60-Years

Merkel blasts Bank of England for printing money

Merkel seeks to calm backlash over Opel rescue

Workers at German retailer Arcandor press for government aid after Opel rescue

Germany's HRE bank takes final steps towards Nationalisation


Insight Into Today’s News

The speech Barack Hussein Obama should be making

Why Bernanke is right to be worried

Shulamit Aloni / Israel is controlled by religious fanaticism

When Did Your County's Jobs Disappear?

How to Find a Plane at the Bottom of the Ocean

The trillion dollar question: China or America?

The War Party Returns

Dark days for the US dollar

The mysterious case of the Israeli spy ring, Hezbollah and the Lebanese ballot

Obama remains by far the most popular World leader among people in major Western Nations

US autoworkers swallow a bitter pill as American dream slips away

New disaster shelter system announced in US

8 Nations carried out 2,054 nuclear explosions from 1945 to 2009

The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation

Have you heard 'the Hum'?


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Israel says it will not heed Obama's powerful appeal to halt all settlement activity

Obama says he will personally pursue two-state solution

Netanyahu said will comply with Obama's demands

Obama said to want Livni in Netanyahu government

Jewish Settler leaders say 'Hussein Obama' bought into Arab lies

Palestinian Authority says Obama speech in Cairo a good start

Far-rightists threaten top Israeli general with death for his hatred of 'real Jews'

Israel is World's fourth most dangerous country, study says

Obama holds surprise meeting with Israeli defense minister Barak

Obama to tell Israel: Form new peace policy by July

Lieberman says Israel does not intend to bomb Iran

Climate change could spark "environmental wars" in Middle East, warns new Danish study

Two elderly Israelis arrested in massive UK marijuana bust

Netanyahu sounds defiant note before Obama speech to Arab World



Erdogan responds to criticism over Israeli firms used to clear mine fields

Turkey Begins To Emerge As Global Power

Top Turkish general says fight against Kurdish rebels ends when its presence in northern Iraq ends

Turkey's Kurdish rebels extend ceasefire to July 15

Iraqi Kurds start oil exports via Turkey

Eight from same family found shot dead in Turkey

Erdogan says standoff with IMF will continue until Turkish demands met

Kurdish rebels say will halt armed attacks against Turkish targets until July 15

Turkey confirms 2 more H1N1 flu cases

Leading British Space Scientist Killed as Hot-Air Balloons Collide in Turkey

Love-hate relationship of Turkey with the EU

Erdogan Initiates Debate over Turkey Minority Rights

Turkey Defies International Monetary Fund Demand for Austerity

Turkish warplanes strike Kurdish rebels in Iraq after 6 soldiers killed in mine blast



Obama delivers landmark speech to Muslim world in Cairo, Egypt

Reaction after Obama addresses Muslims

Egyptians Crave Deeds More Than Words

With Speech in Egypt, Obama Calculates Risk of Alienating Israel

As Obama Begins Trip, Arabs Want Israeli Gesture

Obama to Speak at Campus Where Political Freedoms Are Few

Egyptian merchants hail Obama, 'the new King Tut'

Few Americans have favorable view of Muslim World, new poll finds

Egypt quarantines 11,000 tonnes of Ukraine, Australian wheat

Israeli silence and the Lebanese 'spy rings'

Preparations for Egypt Obama visit in full force

Egypt to deport at least 13 Russian students, 22 still held in custody

Egypt police kill African migrant near Israel border

Shiite-Christian alliance shakes Lebanon politics

Lebanon sees more arrests in Israeli spying probe bringing total to 35

160 Syrian villages deserted due to climate change


World War III

[Note: All Conflicts In This Section Involve Western Nations And Their Allies Against Muslim Peoples]

New Report Ties Dubious Iran Nuclear Documents to Israel

One Day After Pledging to Abide by Deadline, US Reaches Deal With Iraqis to Ignore It

3 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan bomb attack

Bin Laden accuses Obama of following Bush's steps

At least 14 people have been killed in fresh fighting in the Somali capital

Somaliland under threat following invasion of desert locusts

Secret Afghan prison said to be Obama's new Guantanamo

In Afghanistan, time is running out, Pentagon worries

Top US General warns of greater casualties in Afghanistan

US looks for Saudi help in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Report finds US airstrike errors in Afghanistan led to civilian deaths

Blast Near Main US Base Kills 6 Afghan Civilians

US says 17,000 more troops to be in Afghanistan by mid-July

UN wants 'flood of drugs' in Afghanistan to devalue opium

18 Taliban killed in western Afghanistan fighting

US urges Asian allies to help more on Afghanistan

Fighting Taliban, if US patrols can find them

As Deadline Nears, US Still Unsure How Many Troops Will Remain in Iraqi Cities



Iran Supreme Leader says US 'deeply' hated in Mideast

Ahmadinejad lashes out at ex-presidents as Iran holds first televised debate

Ahmadinejad accused of tainting Iran's image in TV debate by questioning the Holocaust

Rafsanjani hits back at Ahmadinejad

Chairman of Iran's influential Expediency Council asks for massive turnout in presidential election

Iran wages lonely war on terror

Can Ahmadinejad lift his election campaign to victory?

Iranian ex-president clashes with Ahmadinejad over nuclear program

Iran presidential race appears to get tighter

Iran, France to open nuclear talks

Iran fire kills at least 5 during sectarian clashes in Zahedan

Ahmadinejad vows to reveal past government books on economy

Rival candidates rip Ahmadinejad on foreign policy

Polls put Ahmadinejad in lead for June 12 election

Homemade bomb on board plane raises tension ahead of Iran elections

US condemns 'terrorist attacks' in Iran

Hezbollah, Iran said plotted bombing of Israel embassy in Azerbaijan

Iran says reports on bombing Israeli embassy in Azerbaijan fabricated

Iranian officials defuse bomb found on plane



Chavez Jokes That He And Fidel Castro Are More Right-Wing Than 'Comrade' Obama

Chávez says readmission of Cuba to OAS marks the beginning of a new age

Venezuela Seizes 70 Gas Compression Plants

Venezuela hands to Russia major oil project in Carabobo

4 cases of A/H1N1 flu reported in Venezuela

Iran envoy says not interested in Bolivian uranium, blames Israel for rumors

Ecuador’s Correa forecasts the end of OAS and promotes the Group of Rio

Chavez cancels visit to El Salvador, accuses CIA of backing plot to kill him

Curious end for Chavez TV special

US says concerned about Venezuelan purchases of advanced shoulder-fired missiles

Officer Who Guarded Chavez in 2002 Coup Vanishes; Military Intelligence Suspected

Venezuela declares state of emergency to avoid A/H1N1 spread

Black magic booms in Venezuela as grave plundering reaches epidemic proportions

Ecuador leader vows to deepen citizens' revolution

Chavez demands Venezuela TV station be punished

Chávez distributes 'must read' books in effort to transform Venezuela

Prices rising, goods disappearing in Venezuela's troubled economy

Accused Assassins Lead Bolivia to Target Enemies



Lula calls Cuba readmission to OAS victory for Latin American people

Obama said to want Lula as next World Bank president

Brazil's billion-dollar ethanol pipeline projects may join forces

Ethanol to take over 75 pct Brazil car fuel market

Bill Clinton speaks out for rainforests in Brazil

Peru Opposition Leaders Criticize Government Takeover Of TV Station To Stifle Dissent

Brazil Navy races to pull Air France wreck from sea

Brazilian judge suspends order to reunite American boy and father

Brazil sends planes, ships for Air France Flight 447 search

Prince Pedro Luís, third in line to Brazilian throne, on missing Air France flight

Lula popularity rises to near record 69 percent

Brazil to Allow International Companies to Bid for Huge Offshore Oil Fields

Brazilian beef industry blamed for Amazon deforestation

7 confirmed dead in Brazil dam break, 3,000 homeless

Brazil plans mega push for tourism

Colombian president demands quick rescue of kidnapped councilor

Fierce battles between Colombian military and Marxist guerillas leave 14 dead

At least 44 inmates escape from Peru prison

US Judge Holds Argentina Government In Contempt Of Court


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Official US Mortgage Help Website

US National Debt Clock

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Calderon to Avert Debt Rating Cut, Goldman Says

Mexico mid-term vote could tie Calderon's hands

47 police officers questioned in disappearance of Mexican customs official

At Least 25 Mexican Police Officers Accused of Links to Drug Traffickers

Mexico drug arrests leave prisons crowded, violent

Mexican drug violence spilling into Guatemala

Mexico grounds Aviacsa airline, deeming planes unsafe

Al Qaeda said eyeing bio attack on US from Mexico and seeking white militias as allies

Violent and cult-like drug trafficking gang takes control of Mexican state of Michoacan

Mexican judge orders arrest of 30 Michoacan officials for drug links

Mexico has detained almost 600 officials since 2006

Mexico Captures Lieutenant of Country’s Most-Wanted Drug Lord

Mexico's most-wanted drug lord's power said waning



Fidel Castro calls OAS a "US Trojan horse"

Cuba offered reinstatement to OAS after 47-year absence

Cuba rebuffs OAS overture to rejoin organization

US-Cuba talks increasing, but normal relations far off

Venezuela to lay undersea telecom cable to Cuba

Talk of Cuba ties divides the Americas at annual summit

El Salvador resumes Cuba ties after 50 years

Fidel Castro responds to US sentence against Cuba

Fidel Castro Congratulates Chavez on his Talkfests

In Turnaround, Cuba Agrees to Talks With US

Cuba, US Will Discuss Migration, Postal Service, Clinton Says

US offers resolution on Cuba's re-entry into OAS

Cuba Blasts Microsoft for Blocking IM Service to Island

US judge awards $1 billion in lawsuit against Cuba

Cuba to Review US Offer for Talks on Migration


United Nations

World Health Organization reports flu spans 69 countries, 21,940 people infected, 125 deaths

WHO considers move to pandemic phase 6 for H1N1 virus

WHO official says World edging towards pandemic

Police say 61 miners found dead in South Africa

New report says climate change crisis 'catastrophic'

Scientists identify new lethal virus in Africa

Amnesty warns World is sitting on a "powder keg" of social unrest

Greenland ice could fuel severe US sea level rise researchers warn

UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test

UN faces fierce clash over call for Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry

World Health Organization to Rewrite Rules for Declaring a Pandemic

UN Security Council Unanimously Calls For Creation Of Palestinian State

World economy out of "free fall", reports OECD

UN Security Council Urges Burma to Release All Political Prisoners


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USGS: Weekly Volcanic Report

USGS: Earthquake Predictions Map

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US and World Population Clocks

The World Clock

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Today’s Date, All Of Them


Internet Traffic Report                                   

US Northern Command


Aso, US seek strong UN Security Council response to North Korea

Japanese auto sales fall 19.4% in 10th straight monthly decline

GM Japan unit to keep running, but said may cut models

Japan to choose on climate: lose face or lose money

US vows 'unshakeable commitment' to Japan security

Japan approves plans for missile early warning system

Aso under pressure to hold elections as no-confidence motion threatened

Japanese Defense Minister Says Nuclear North Korea Won't Change Country's Stance

Japan apologises to US veterans of Philippines campaign

Japan sees no major trouble from GM bankruptcy

Japanese workers' overtime hours down 19 percent in April

Japanese lining up in droves for free diamonds

Aso hints Japan urging US to get North Korea back on terrorism blacklist

US plan to sell $3.25 Trillion in debt roils Japanese, European bonds

Global production at Japan's top automakers continues to decline amid few signs of relief

Japanese retail sales fall for eighth straight month

Yen Weakens as Japanese Investors Purchase More Overseas Assets

Japanese Orbiter Finds No Evidence Of Apollo Missions Landed On Moon



India's Parliament elects first-ever woman speaker

India "unhappy" over Pakistan's release of suspected Mumbai attacks mastermind

India Exports Fall by Record Amid Global Recession

US-India ties a three-stage rocket, says Obama official

Fresh tidal wave threatens battered Sunderbans

20 injured in clashes as violence continues in Kashmir

New Lower House of Indian Parliament Begins First Session Today

India Monsoon Unlikely to Revive for Three More Days, IMD Says

Flights on collision course halted in the nick of time in India


Suspected suicide blast kills at least 30 at Pakistani mosque

Zardari Vows Swat Reconstruction After Taliban Battle

US rejects Zardari’s complaint about aid

Iran partially closes Pakistan border following deadly mosque bombing

Pakistani cleric suspected in deadly Indian attack ordered freed

Pakistani army rescues kidnapped students

Zardari urges immediate funds for internally displaced persons

Obama Sends Envoy to Pakistan Refugee Camps

Pakistan Marches On in Bastion of Taliban



Poisoned alcohol kills at least 23 in Indonesia

Rudd stimulus packages said keeping Australia ahead

Rudd forms Indian violence taskforce

Rudd will 'soon fall out of favour'

Australia Defies Global Recession to Expand 0.4%

Australian Treasury puzzled by IMF growth forecast

Australian health authorities raise H1N1 flu alert

Australia Jobs Said Safe In GM Bankruptcy

Sri Lanka on guard for separatist revival

Ban denies UN covered up death toll in Sri Lanka

19 separatist rebels surrender to Philippine authorities

US vows more aid to Philippines anti-militant fight

US-Philippines partnership may be model for fighting terrorism elsewhere

It's raining birds on Western Australia

Rudd has no ammo left after $83 billion stimulus package

Rudd Condemns Violent Attacks on Indian Students

Australia in damage control over Indian attacks

200 Australia police stall Indian protest, detain 18

2,000 leave Australian ship after swine flu drama

Australia Says Will Consider Guantanamo Detainees ‘Case by Case’



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Every American Entitled By Law To Free Credit Report

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What To Do If Nuclear Attack Imminent

New research  reveals developing wave of potentially violent anti-Semitism in US, Germany

Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Critics of 9/11 Commission Report

November 30, 1941: Japan May Strike Over Weekend

FBI Declares Lack of Evidence to Connect Bin Laden to 9/11