The True Knowledge of The Three Minds: When The Three Become One


Volume 1 of the Apocalypse Series


By: Sorcha Faal (Translated into English $24.95 US)

With knowledge obtained from the most ancient of texts, including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, join Sorcha Faal on one of the most incredible and important journeys into the truest knowledge of human beings.  

In this first volume of Sorcha Faal’s Apocalypse Series the starting pieces to the puzzle of human life are put before the reader in clear and unambiguous terms leaving no doubt as to their truth. 

At the same time that the ancient ways of conveying information has been utilized by Sorcha Faal in the writing of this monumental work, it’s simple and astounding truths will become the new foundation upon which any person can begin to rebuild their lives shattered by a 21st Century world intent upon enslaving all of humanity.

The truth of your life, the truth of our World and the truth of the times we live in today have never been hidden from you; you have just never been taught how to understand it, Sorcha Faal in this book corrects that.

And why you don’t know this information already is perhaps Sorcha Faal’s greatest contribution due to her plain and simple step-by-step approach to giving to you the ‘correct’ way to read your own language, thus providing to you the most important tool you’ll ever need in order to reclaim what has always been yours for the taking.

Once you understand the simple truths that Sorcha Faal unveils before you in this book, the true knowledge of the words you read become magnificent treasure chests of information that begin to flow unceasingly into your minds and illuminating within you the truest ideas and knowledge you have ever experienced.

From the most ancient of texts, to the latest discoveries in quantum physics, and everything in-between, this book contains the truest knowledge of human beings available to the Western World today and provides the foundation upon which to live your life more powerfully than you could have ever imagined before.

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