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Americans Fail To Comprehend Russian “Holy War” Southern Border Invasion

 “Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare for war! Rouse the warriors! Let all the fighting men draw near and attack.”

Book of Joel (probable date about B.C. 450 and 350) is the Jewish prophetic text in the Old Testament containing a series of divine announcements, cited above is Chapter 3 Verse 9.

 Special Report from Sister Ciara


My Dearest Friends:

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki shocked his United States, NATO and European Union allies when he announced yesterday: “We are no longer transferring weapons to Ukraine, because we are now arming Poland with more modern weapons”, and this announcement was made by a Poland that absolutely hates Russia.

To understand what’s going on in Poland, the Danube Institute research group reported last year: “Over the past few years, Catholic churches and prelates in Poland have been subject to attacks by mainly feminist and LGBTQ activists who claim be Catholics themselves...The first wave of such attacks started in 2020 with feminist groups protesting against the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal that tightened abortion law in Poland...The second wave of attacks has been ongoing since 2021...These cases are concurrent with a new wave of attacks by LGBTQ groups protesting both against the abortion legislation and the street violence aimed at their community”.

While facing a rapidly growing religious conflict, Polish leaders are well aware that Russia follows the Orthodox Christian Church doctrine of “Just War”, which defines when the waging of war becomes a moral necessity, lays out criteria by which a Christian is intended to determine whether or not a specific war was entered into and is conducted in a virtuous manner, so that killing would become a moral necessity, and although the Orthodox Church has used the doctrine to determine when a state or empire may engage in armed conflict, it has nevertheless always considered killing even in such cases to be a sin, and has thus required the therapy of repentance.

Otherwise known as “Holy War”, in preparing for the “therapy of repentance”, Russia dedicated the massive Main Church of the Russian Armed Forces in June-2022, and it was noted at the time: “Putin and the head of the Russian church, Patriarch Kirill, have resurrected the ideas about empire for the 21st century in the form of the “Russian World” – giving new meaning to a phrase that dates to medieval times...For church and state, the idea of “Russian World” encompasses a mission of making Russia a spiritual, cultural and political center of civilization to counter the liberal, secular ideology of the West...This vision has been used to justify policies at home and abroad”.

A year after Russia began its “Holy War” preparations with the dedication of the Main Church of the Russian Armed Forces cathedral to provide the Orthodox Church mandated “therapy of repentance” for soldiers committing the sin of killing, President Vladimir Putin signed into law the decree entitled “Strategy Of National Security Of The Russian Federation” on 2 July 2021, about which the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace noted: “The strategy lays out a view of a world undergoing transformation and turmoil…The hegemony of the West, it concludes, is on the way out, but that is leading to more conflicts, and more serious ones at that…The strategy does not ignore the moral and ethical aspects of national security…It provides a list of traditional Russian values and discusses them at length…It sees these values as being under attack through Westernization, which threatens to rob the Russians of their cultural sovereignty, and through attempts to vilify Russia by rewriting history…In sum, the paper marks an important milestone in Russia’s official abandonment of the liberal phraseology of the 1990s and its replacement with a moral code rooted in the country’s own traditions”.

The most critically important parts of the “Strategy Of National Security Of The Russian Federation” decree not in full force for you to know about are:

Section II. Russia in the modern world: trends and opportunities

Article 8. Increasing instability in the world, the growth of radical and extremist sentiments can lead to attempts to resolve growing interstate contradictions by searching for internal and external enemies, to the destruction of the economy, traditional values and ignoring fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Article 11. Currently, the cohesion of Russian society is increasing, civic consciousness is strengthening, awareness of the need to protect traditional spiritual and moral values is growing, the social activity of citizens is increasing, their involvement in solving the most pressing problems of local and national importance.

Section III. National interests of the Russian Federation and strategic national priorities

Article 7. Strengthening traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the people of Russia; Saving the people of Russia and developing human potential

Article 30. Particular attention is paid to supporting the family, motherhood, paternity and childhood, the disabled and elderly citizens, raising children, their comprehensive spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development.

Subsection National Defense

Article 34. The military-political situation in the world is characterized by the formation of new global and regional centers of power and the intensification of the struggle between them for spheres of influence. The importance of military force as a tool for subjects of international relations to achieve their geopolitical goals is growing.

Article 40.5. Protection of national interests and citizens of the Russian Federation outside its territory

Article 40.8. Timely consideration of trends in the changing nature of modern wars and armed conflicts, creation of conditions for the most complete implementation of the combat capabilities of troops (forces), development of requirements for promising formations and new means of armed struggle

Tasked with the “protection of national interests and citizens of the Russian Federation outside its territory” and developingnew means of armed struggle” is the powerful and secretive 154th Preobrazhensky Regiment headquartered in Moscow, whose only commander is President Putin, and its forces are genuine Holy Warriors dedicated to protecting Christianity.

During the times of the Russian Empire, the Holy Warriors of the Orthodox Church twice saved the United States from being destroyed by the European powers during the American Revolutionary War and American Civil War, but today it sees the United States having engaged itself in the ongoing 1,000 year long religious war against Russia taking place in Ukraine.  

All of these true facts are vitally important for every American to know because of what happened last week on 16 September, which was when Mexico held its Mexican Independence Day celebration in Mexico City, a massive celebration of military power that saw the Russian-allied forces of Venezuela and Nicaragua marching while being led by a 154th Preobrazhensky Regiment formation of “Holy Warriors” from Russia..

With the 154th Preobrazhensky Regiment comprised of elite Alpha Group commandos, about whom Western intelligence experts warn “Alpha Group is part spy network, part counterterrorism team, part general-purpose commando squad — and entirely terrifying”, it has been no surprise that since President Joe Biden opened up the southern borders of America, an unlimited amount of money has flooded into every Russian allied nation in the world to pay for military aged men to travel to Mexico then cross the southern border into the United States, specifically Venezuela—today it was beyond all belief reported “The Biden administration said late Wednesday that it would allow hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans already in the United States to live and work legally in the country for 18 months” and shockingly revealed “The Biden administration is gearing up to give photo IDs to illegal border crossers who are released into the United States”—and this morning it was also stunningly revealed: “Border Patrol agents apprehended approximately 7,000 migrants during the past three days, according to sources operating within U.S. Customs and Border Protection…This includes the approximately 3,000 migrants crossing on Wednesday morning”.




Socialist indoctrinated Americans are failing to comprehend the RussianHoly War” invasion of their southern border because it goes against the leftist media narrative, and whose Biden regime propagandists drowning in Marxist ideology have no actual knowledge of past or present history to understand what President Putin is doing, even though he’s made no secret of his full and total intention to destroy the godless West before they can destroy Christianity.

Fortunately, however, my Dear Sisters are keeping you informed about true things so you can prepare for what’s to come, and also tell those still living in mental states of delusion so they can save themselves, but whose mission of truth will fail unless you support them by giving what you can today, otherwise you’ll soon awaken into a despotic world surrounded by lies.   

For those of you knowing these true things, I urgently plead for your support in our desperate hour of need, and is why I’ve always strongly reminded my Dearest Friends, if you prefer being lied to and deceived then, by all means, turn away from us, but, for those of you still wanting the truth, never forget that in aiding us, or others like us, our Dear Lord gave you this solemn promise:Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

With God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland

21 September 2023



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