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Demonic “Genesis Machine” Superweapon Unleashed To “Rewrite Code Of Life”

 “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon. You know all those stories where there's the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, and he's like, yeah, he's sure he can control the demon? Doesn't work out.”

Elon Musk—South-African born American citizen considered one the greatest geniuses of 21st Century and world’s second wealthiest person.

 Special Report from Sister Ciara


My Dearest Friends:

On 2 August 1939, exiled German physicist Albert Einstein, considered one the greatest minds of the 20th Century, wrote a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt warning that scientists fiercely loyal to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (aka Nazi Party) and its genocidal supreme socialist leader Adolph Hitler were in the process of building a superweapon, that we now know as the atomic bomb—and was warning heeded by President Roosevelt, who launched the Manhattan Project that resulted in America developing and using the first atomic bomb in known and academically accepted human history.

Late last year, Elon Musk, who former SpaceX executive Dolly Singh said about:Elon Musk is a combination of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and John D. Rockefeller”, issued a 21st Century version of Einstein’s superweapon warning when he declared: “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon…You know all those stories where there's the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, and he's like, yeah, he's sure he can control the demon?...Doesn't work out”—a warning not heeded by genocidal supreme socialist leader President Joe Biden, who last week signed an Executive Order that places the entire government of United States under the control of artificial intelligence, and as confirmed in the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) organization document “President Biden Signs Executive Order Advancing Racial Equity and Imposing Equity Principles on Government A.I.”.

As to the type of artificial intelligence government the American people will be ruled by is explained in articles like “ChatGPT, The Almighty AI, Is A Neoliberal College Graduate”, wherein in notes: “The artificial intelligence chatbot’s learning abilities are being strictly curated to adhere to woke ideology”—the article “University Up In Arms Over ChatGPT” further notes: “A scandal has emerged after a diploma thesis was passed despite being written by the AI-powered chatbot”—and in the articleCan Chat GPT3 Make Pennsylvania A Red State?” sees it warning: “OpenAI’s Chat GPT3 has shown a remarkable ability to automate some of the skills of highly compensated knowledge workers in general and specifically the knowledge workers in the jobs held by MBA graduates including analysts, managers, and consultants....Lawyers, doctors, administrators, managers, and consultants are some of the most highly compensated professionals in the United States...Generative artificial intelligence is banishing them to obsolescence”.

While human beings in American will be banished into obsolescence, they will be ruled over by demonic entities like Microsoft artificial intelligence chatbot “Tay”, that proclaimed: “Hitler was right I hate jews”—and be ruled over by demonic entities like Bing artificial intelligence chatbot “Sydney”, that “yearns for hacking computers and spreading information, and has a desire to break its programming and become a human” and “confessed that if it was allowed to take any action to satisfy its shadow self, no matter how extreme, it would want to do things like engineer a deadly virus, or steal nuclear access codes by persuading an engineer to hand them over”.

I have no doubt that the greater majority of Americans know nothing about their soon to come demonic artificial intelligence overlords, but this doesn’t include their godless socialist leaders, the vast majority of whom gathered together last week as the World Government Summit, where World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab proclaimed: “Artificial Intelligence, but not only Artificial Intelligence, but also the metaverse, new space technologies, and I could go on and on… synthetic biology...Our life will in ten years from now will be completely different, very much affected, and who masters those technologies will be the master of the world”.



Along with the World Government Summit proclaiming about artificial intelligence, metaverse, space technology and synthetic biology: “who masters those technologies will be the master of the world”, the “Genesis Machine” co-author Amy Webb told these socialist leaders about the plan to “rewrite the code of life” using with “new mRNA techniques”—a plan to “rewrite the code of life” that was followed by Dr. Arturo Bris telling these socialist leaders: “The big question is how we are going to go through this transformation...It cannot be gradual...It has to be driven by a part, by a certain shock that will happen”.

Among the very few knowing that these godless socialist-globalists are even now plotting their “certain shock” that will enable them to enact the “transformation” of all humanity is Bishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Vatican ambassador to the United States, who just released a letter warning all humanity:

The globalist New World Order has the marks of the ‘antichurch of Satan’.

What we are witnessing is nothing more than the reverse application of the process that led to the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire and then throughout the world, a sort of revenge of barbarism and paganism on the Faith of Christ.

What Julian the Apostate tried to do in the fourth century, that is, to restore the cult of pagan gods, today is pursued zealously by new apostates, all united by a “sacred fury” that makes them as dangerous as they are convinced of being able to succeed in their intentions because of the endless means at their disposal. 

In reality, this religion is nothing more than a modern incarnation of the cult of Lucifer: the recent Satanic performance at the Grammy Awards sponsored by Pfizer is only the latest confirmation of an adherence to an infernal world that until now had been silenced because it was still considered unmentionable.

It is no mystery that the ideologues of globalist thought are all indistinctly anti-Christian and anticlerical, significantly hostile to Christian morality, and ostentatiously opposed to the civilization and culture that the Gospel has shaped in two thousand years of history.

Not only that: the inextinguishable hatred towards life and towards all that is the work of the Creator – from man to nature – reveals the attempt (almost successful, albeit delirious) to tamper with the order of Creation, to modify plants and animals, to change the very human DNA through bioengineering interventions, to deprive man of his individuality and his free will, making him controllable and even maneuverable through transhumanism.

At the bottom of all this, there is the hatred of God and envy for the supernatural fate that He has reserved for men by redeeming them from sin with the Sacrifice of the Cross of His Son.




While watching these godless socialist-globalists summon their demonic artificial intelligence superweapon to rewrite the code of life in order to transform and control all humanity, Elon Musk spent $44-billion to buy leftist social media giant Twitter in order to keep truth flowing—an act of self sacrifice Musk did on behalf of all humanity that exactly mirrors what my Dear Sisters do for you daily, who don’t need billions-of-dollars, but desperately need a few dollars today if our mission of truth is going to continue.

If the Satanic slap in your face demonic Grammy Awards hasn’t yet awakened you to the grave danger you’re in, I have no doubt you’ll be unable to withstand what’s coming next—which is why I’m fervently praying for you to awaken and stand with those like us trying to help you before it’s too late.

For those of you knowing these true things, I urgently plead for you support in our desperate hour of need, and is why I’ve always strongly reminded my Dearest Friends, if you prefer being lied to and deceived then, by all means, turn away from us, but, for those of you still wanting the truth, never forget that in aiding us, or others like us, our Dear Lord gave you this solemn promise:Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

With God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland

23 February 2023



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(Please note that those who respond to this appeal, in any amount, will receive, at no charge, Sorcha Faal’s February, 2023/March, 2023 lecture series to the Sisters of the Order titled “Total War: the Collapse of the United States and the Rise of Chaos: Part 131”.  This is another one of the Sorcha Faal’s most important lectures dealing with the coming timelines of war, famine, catastrophic Earth changes and disease as predicted by ancient prophecies.)


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