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Historic Attack On Christianity Propels Russia To War—Not Ukraine

 “Christianity is the root of Russian identity.”

Vladimir Putin (born 7 October 1952)—Fourth term President of the Russian Federation serving from 31 December 1999 to present. Above cited quote was made on the 1,130th year anniversary of the baptism of Prince Vladimir the Great in the waters of the Dnieper River.

 Special Report from Sister Ciara


My Dearest Friends:

As many of you know, President Joe Biden started out his term in office last year by saying that President Vladimir PutinIs a killer who is devoid of a human soul”, and as the events of this past week have more than proven, everything went downhill from there.

As proof of this being true, and due to the events now occurring, one need only look at the official and authoritative “newspapers of record” in the United States—where in the Wall Street Journal article “In Ukraine Crisis, Putin Confounded Diplomatic Efforts By Western Leaders” it says: “Putin’s stance is clear: This is the 19th century and I am the czar and I will overcome small countries and I will only make deals with great powers”—in the Washington Post article “Putin, In His Feral Cunning, Is Bismarckian, With A Dash Of Lord Nelson” it says: “Bismarck was clever…Putin, with his feral cunning, might be a clever imitator”—in the New York Times article “A Pointed Response to Putin’s Provocations” it says: “Mr. Putin evidently decided it was time to spread his rule over territories he convinced himself belonged to Russia”—and in the New York Times guest essay “Putin Is Making a Historic Mistake” written by President Bill Clinton administration official Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, she says after her first meeting with President Putin: “Flying home, I recorded my impressions. “Putin is small and pale,” I wrote, “so cold as to be almost reptilian””.

In just these few cited instances, these powerful American voices claim that President Putin is a “killer devoid of human soul”, proclaims “I am the czar”, has “feral cunning” and “might be a clever imitator”, wants to “spread his rule”, and is “so cold as to be almost reptilian”—and are claims that if made in any honest court of law, its accusers would have to prove are true using facts and evidence.

Of course there is no honest court of law to litigate these claims in; there is only the “court of public opinion”, that in normal times is presided over by a news media that fairly presents both sides of a case, and in doing so allows logical thinking people to ascertain the truth based on facts and evidence.

For example, as to why President Putin decided to recognize the breakaway republics in Ukraine as independent nations, one need only read exactly what he said on Monday: 

I would like to point out that Russia initially did everything it could to make sure these disagreements could be resolved by peaceful means.

However, the Kiev officials have conducted two punitive operations on those territories and, apparently, we are witnessing a third escalation.

All these years – I want to stress this – all these years, the people living on those territories have been literally tortured by constant shelling and blockades.

As you know, the people living on those territories, close to the front line, so to speak, were in fact forced to seek shelter in their basements – where they now live with their children.

We must, of course, understand the reality we live in.

And, as I have said many times before, if Russia faces the threat of Ukraine being accepted into the North Atlantic Alliance, NATO, the threat against our country will increase because of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty that clearly states that all countries in the alliance must fight on the side of their co-member in the event of an aggression against it.

But since nobody recognizes the will expressed by the people of Crimea and Sevastopol, and Ukraine continues to insist that it is Ukrainian territory, there is a real threat that they will try to take back the territory they believe is theirs using military force.

And they do say this in their documents, obviously.

Then the entire North Atlantic Alliance will have to get involved.



If this case were in a court of law, President Putin would factually testify that former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a constitutional amendment in 2019 committing the country to becoming a member of NATO and the European Union by 2023—he would factually testify that 97% of the peoples in Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation—he would factually testify that Ukraine has vowed to take back Crimea with military force—and would factually testify that if Ukraine was part of NATO when it tried to take back Crimea, because of Article 5 it would result in an apocalyptic thermonuclear war.

Over these past 8-years, my Dear Sisters have given you continuous factual reports about this crisis, one of the first of which was on 24 February 2014 in the report titled “Putin Orders Troops To Crimea Passes, Warns NATO Of War”, that warned Russia would start a nuclear war to protect Crimea, and was confirmed as being true in March 2015 when President Putin admitted that he had been ready to put his country’s nuclear forces on alert over Crimea—and one of the most recent was on 19 February 2002 in the report “Biden “Wags The Dog” To Extend State Of Emergency As “Trump Effect” Enriches Russia”, that explained how the Nazi forces in Ukraine were accelerating this crisis, and documented why Russia doesn’t care about sanctions. 

For those of you who’ve read these reports over the past 8-years, you know that in a court of law President Putin could provide more than enough facts and evidence to support his claim that Russia faces an existential threat from Ukraine, NATO and the United States—that’s not to say this threat isn’t merited, but if it is, then it needs to be asked: “What’s the exact case to be made justifying the destruction of Russia?”—and is actually the most critical question needing to be asked and answered, because the honest truth is that Russia, which has the world’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal, can’t be destroyed without obliterating the entire world.

At this point you need to know how vitally important it is to understand President Putin saying on Monday: “All these years – I want to stress this – all these years, the people living on those territories have been literally tortured by constant shelling and blockades...As you know, the people living on those territories, close to the front line, so to speak, were in fact forced to seek shelter in their basements – where they now live with their children”—are important words to notice because they were an actual declaration conforming to the new National Security Strategy for the Russian Federation signed into force on 2 July 2021, about which the Carnegie Moscow Center organization, in their report “Russia’s National Security Strategy: A Manifesto For A New Era”, reveals:

Russia’s new, forty-four-page National Security Strategy signed by President Vladimir Putin on July 2 is a remarkable document. It is much more than an update of the previous paper, adopted in 2015.

The strategy lays out a view of a world undergoing transformation and turmoil.

The hegemony of the West, it concludes, is on the way out, but that is leading to more conflicts, and more serious ones at that.

The central feature of the strategy is its focus on Russia itself: its demographics, its political stability and sovereignty, national accord and harmony, economic development on the basis of new technologies, protection of the environment and adaptation to climate change, and—last but not least—the nation’s spiritual and moral climate.

The strategy does not ignore the moral and ethical aspects of national security.

It provides a list of traditional Russian values and discusses them at length.

It sees these values as being under attack through Westernization, which threatens to rob the Russians of their cultural sovereignty, and through attempts to vilify Russia by rewriting history. In sum, the paper marks an important milestone in Russia’s official abandonment of the liberal phraseology of the 1990s and its replacement with a moral code rooted in the country’s own traditions.

On foreign policy, the strategy is fairly elliptic, but it gives a hint of what the upcoming Foreign Policy Concept might include.  The United States and some of its NATO allies are now officially branded unfriendly states.

Overall, the 2021 Russian National Security Strategy seeks to adapt the country to a still interconnected world of fragmentation and sharpening divisions, in which the main battle lines are drawn not only—and not even mostly—between countries, but within them.

Victories will be won and defeats suffered largely on domestic turf.



Most critical for you to know about this new National Security Strategy guiding Russia today is that it’s not only for the protection of Russian-speaking peoples, as it also orders the protection of Christian peoples anywhere they are being attacked—which is why President Putin recognized their independence and is protecting by military force the Christian peoples under socialist Nazi siege in Ukraine—is a protection of Christianity authorized by the Russian Orthodox Church concept of “Just War”, that’s best described as: “Orthodoxy’s distinctive stance on peace, war and violence does not view war as unambiguously good or holy. Orthodoxy has neither a crusade ethic nor an explicit just war theory…Instead, the church tolerates war as an inevitable, tragic necessity for the protection of the innocent and the vindication of justice…The canons of the church suggest a period of repentance for those who have killed in war, which indicates both that taking life is spiritually damaging and that bloodshed falls short of Christ’s normative way of non-resistant, non-violent love”.

You should know that in preparation for this “Just War” to “protect the innocent and vindicate justice”, the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces was constructed and dedicated on 22 June 2020, the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, that honors the anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, which was the Nazi Axis invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II—a dedication presided over by President Putin, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu—will see this massive cathedral used by Russian soldiers seeking “repentance” for them having to kill demonic Western heathens—saw one cathedral guide telling visitors upon entering: “Think of this as you step into the cathedral…As you walk across the floors, you are symbolically delivering a blow to the fascist enemy”—and saw Bishop Stefan of Klin, who heads the Russian Orthodox Church’s department for cooperation with the army and regularly holds services at the cathedral, where he is the patriarch’s designated representative, factually stating: “Only a nation that loves God could build such a grand cathedral”.  



Among the bare handful of honest journalists left in America today is Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who yesterday unleashed a rhetorical self-reflection quiz asking: “Why do I hate Putin so much?...Has Putin ever called me a racist?...Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him?...Has he shipped every middle-class job in my town to Russia?”—the answer to each in the barrage of questions he asked was “No”—then he asked his viewers: “Why do Democrats want you to hate Putin?...Has Putin shipped every middle class job in your town to Russia?...Did he manufacture a worldwide pandemic that wrecked your business?...Is he teaching your kids to embrace racial discrimination?...Is he making fentanyl?...Does he eat dogs?”—then he stated: “In American terms, you would call Ukraine a tyranny...But Joe Biden likes Ukraine, so Putin bad, war good”.

For daring to ask honest questions and tell the truth, Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe says Carlson should be executed as a traitor, and wrote: “Led by Fox News Channels’ Tucker Carlson, the GOP’s Trump wing appears to be throwing its weight behind Putin...If Putin opts to wage war on our ally, Ukraine, such ‘aid and comfort’ to an ‘enemy’ would appear to become ‘treason’ as defined by Article III of the US Constitution”—and is threat of death everyone knows is intended to terrorize anyone telling the truth. 

Unlike Tucker Carlson, who has a multi-billion dollar Fox News global empire to protect him, my Dear Sisters, and those few remaining like them still telling you the truth, have only you to turn to for protection—a protection of truth you provide by giving what you can today so their mission can continue—and without we’ll cease to exist. 

So I pray today that our Dear Lord will open your hearts to true things so you can aid those of us fighting for your freedom behind and on the front lines of this war, otherwise we will surely perish.

And, as always, I’ll leave you with the words I’ve left you with before, and are as true right now as they always will be: In the coming months, the dimensions of this looming war are going to shift in radical and unforeseen ways—which is why we believe it is your right to know the full truth about what is happening—a truth the demonic enemies of humanity and our God are doing everything in their power to suppress—which is why our Dear Lord ordered us to band together in such times as these to protect one another—a protection we urgently need at this very moment to keep the truth flowing to you—and in aiding us, our Dear Lord has promised you: “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

With God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland

23 February 2022



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