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Blood Soaked Fangs Of New York Times Clutching Throat Of America Ready To Kill Again

 “They had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind, when fierce, growling dogs roamed everywhere, and when you had to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing to shocking crimes.”

Animal Farm—the allegorical novella by George Orwell about rebellious animals hoping to create an equal, free and happy society, but who ended up worse than before under the dictatorship of a pig named Napoleon.

Special Report from Sister Ciara


My Dearest Friends:

A self-reinforcing delusion operates atop of a web of closed loops of hidden assumptions.  Hence if one questions everything that one believes, explaining these beliefs in terms of lower-level beliefs, and works down the levels of beliefs, whilst propagating any changes up through the levels, then continues working down again...At some point one is faced with beliefs that are held without any justification whatsoever.  It is at this level that one has a chance of recognizing that one is caught in a self-reinforcing delusion.

I give you this definition of what a self-reinforcing delusion is, because without it you couldn’t even begin to understand Eric Author Blair—who was born into a lineage of British upper middle class civil servants in the early 20th Century—was a journalist and committed socialist, fought against fascist forces in the Spanish Civil War, during World War II was a member of the Home Guard, that he envisioned as becoming a socialist revolutionary People's Militia—but who, on 17 August 1945, just days after World War II ended, published his novella Animal Farm using the pen name George Orwell—the same pen name he used a few years later when, on 8 June 1949, he published his most famous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four—both of which to this day remain the most searing indictments ever written against socialist-communist ideology.

As to why the committed socialist George Orwell become this evil ideology’s main historical accuser, you have to know about one of his British journalist peers named Gareth Jones—who was not a socialist, but was one of the greatest young reporters of his generation—with one of his main journalistic coups happening on 23 February 1933 when he became one of the first Western journalists to interview the new leader of Germany, Adolph Hitler.

Mr. Jones knew that with Hitler leading Germany war was soon to follow—which led to him to travel to the Soviet Union the following month, in March-1933, in an attempt to interview its leader Joseph Stalin—the most fateful decision of Mr. Jones’ life, as instead of his interviewing Stalin, he followed some troubling information that led him to break Soviet law and illegally travel to the closed region of their country known as Ukraine—whereupon entering, Mr. Jones became the first Western witness to one of the greatest crimes in human history known as the Holodomor—which was the forced starvation by the Soviet Union of Ukraine in a genocide that killed up to 12-million innocent human beings.

On 29 March 1933, Mr. Jones reached Berlin-Germany and sent out press alerts to the entire world warning about the forced starvation of Ukraine by the Soviet Union—a warning countered two days later, on 31 March 1933, by the New York Times and its reporter in the Soviet Union named Walter Duranty—a New York Times that published that day Duranty’s special cable titled “STARVING; Deaths From Diseases Due to Malnutrition High, Yet the Soviet Is Entrenched. LARGER CITIES HAVE FOOD Ukraine, North Caucasus and Lower Volga Regions Suffer From Shortages. KREMLIN'S 'DOOM' DENIED Russians and Foreign Observers In Country See No Ground for Predictions of Disaster”.

At stake between Mr. Jones, the New York Times and Mr. Duranty as it regarded the deliberate starvation of tens-of-millions of Ukrainians, who by 1933 were eating their own dead, was if the United States was going to recognize the Soviet Union as being the legitimate government of Russia—a recognition the American people would have never allowed if the truth of this genocide was known to them—but because the New York Times said it wasn’t true, and the rest of the US mainstream media fell in line behind them, the truthful crying for justice voice of Mr. Jones was drowned out—and on 16 November 1933, the United States indeed recognized the genocidal Soviet Union as being a legitimate government.

Mr. Jones, of course, could never go back to the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany—so he traveled to Asia to cover the movements for global war being made there—and where, on 17 August 1935, his lifeless body was found with three bullet holes shot into him by Soviet secret police forces in revenge for his telling the world the truth—while on the other hand, Walter Duranty was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his Soviet Union lies---lies the New York Times got away with telling, which emboldened them to then cover up the Nazi German mass extermination of millions of Jewish innocents in the Holocaust—all of which led George Orwell to examine his own self-reinforcing delusions about socialism, as he regarded the Ukrainian famine of 1933 as a central example of a black truth that artists of language had covered with bright colors—and caused him to write Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four as a warning to what happened to him so it would never happen again to anyone else.  


Gareth Jones got three bullets in his body for telling the truth—the New York Times made sure Walter Duranty got the Pulitzer Prize for telling lies.


For those few of us left knowing the truth of what happened to Gareth Jones because of Walter Duranty and the blood-soaked New York Times, you can image the despair and heartache we experienced when the 2018 Pulitzer Prize Winner in National Reporting was awarded to the New York Times and Washington Post: “For deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign, the President-elect’s transition team and his eventual administration”—but whose true reality of came a few days ago when Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked this question to US Attorney General William Barr: “A source said to me a couple of years ago, speaking of the Russia collusion story, that this was the closest the United States ever came to a coup to take down a president since the assassination of Lincoln. Is that an appropriate statement?”—and US Attorney General Barr answered by saying: “In this sense, I think it is the closest we have come to an organized effort to push a president out of office”.



Now exactly as what occurred in 1933, today you are confronted with two competing realities, only one of which can be true—the first being exampled by the New York Times and the lies they tell—and the second being the truths you hear from us, and those few left remaining independent news sources like us—and to decide which reality to believe, means one must first examine themselves to discover if they’re living in a world of self-reinforcing delusions—which in the branches of psychology and cognitive science, is best known as “confirmation bias”—that is a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions, leading to statistical errors.

What’s vitally crucial for you to understand should you begin an examination of yourself, though, is that mainstream media news outlets like the New York Times aren’t going to help you—because their entire business model is built on pumping out “confirmation bias” stories needed daily by their readers/viewers, not unlike a drug addict needs their daily fix—one example being today the New York Times opinion article “Who Are the Key Voters Turning Against Trump?” that says: “The bipartisan States of Change project estimates that Mrs. Clinton lost this group by around 15 points. By contrast, the nonpartisan Democracy Fund + U.C.L.A. Nationscape survey, which has collected over 108,000 interviews of registered voters since the beginning of the year, has Mr. Biden leading among seniors by about six points. We are looking at a shift of over 20 points in favor of the Democrats among a group that should be at least a quarter of voters in 2020. That’s huge”.

For the Trump-hating readers of the New York Times today, this opinion article gave them their daily fix that all is right with the world and they’ve nothing to fear from the big bad “Orange Man”, and they’ll be back tomorrow for more—but for those wanting to know if this opinion article has any truth in it, they discover its all really garbage—because to back up its claims it references a brief leftist article published on 29 May 2020 by the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group titled “Understanding Biden’s Steady Lead with Seniors”—which itself references a 26 May 2020 article in the Washington Post titled “Donald Trump’s Problems With Senior Voters Started Long Before The Coronavirus”—which gives this fake news story three legs to stand on, so it must be true.

That is until you dig deeper and find that all of them are based on a leftist political partisan survey poll called the “Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape Methodology and Representativeness Assessment”—a survey poll today’s New York Times opinion article actually links to—but whose own admitted methodology shows them admitting absurdities like “as in almost all contemporary survey research, we do not have a random sample of the population of interest”—“conclusions based on Nationscape estimates are tempered with the appropriate degree of uncertainty…as all estimates from surveys must be”—and— “we are optimistic about our ability to estimate trends over time and differences across groups and places once a larger sample is available”—truths that expose this leftist survey being no more reliable then an exact weather forecast for the 3 November 2020 election day in every place in America.

And further drives home the truth told by Star Tribune (the largest newspaper in Minnesota) in their 17 July 2015 opinion article titled “Why Polls Can’t Be Trusted Anymore”—which pointed out the fact that: “Opinion polls, for all their painstakingly scientific intentions, find themselves on shaky ground…In the recent Greek, British and Israeli elections, they showed tight races that turned out lopsided…In the U.S. last year, a number of polls missed the Republican wave that delivered sizable GOP majorities in both houses of Congress”—and factually stated: “There may come a day when polling discovers statistical techniques that regain the public trust, but that day hasn’t yet arrived”—a “day that didn’t arrive” four months later in November-2016 when President Trump shocked the world with his election victory after all the polls said he would lose—a “day that didn’t arrive” last May-2019 when pro-Trump populists in Australia had their “miracle election win” against leftists all the polls said they would lose—and was also a “day that didn’t arrive” six months ago in December-2019 when pro-Trump populist forces in Britain staged an obliteration election win against leftists.



So here’s where we stand now my Dear Friends, what we have never done is give you lying and deceitful information like the New York Times and its kind do—all of whom have sunk their bloodstained fangs in America to drain it dry of all things having true meaning—which we daily fight against on your behalf, but might not be able to do much longer if YOU don’t start supporting us.

For years we’ve been telling you this is an actual war, and warned that if you didn’t rise up to support us, and those like us, this war would arrive at your very doorstep—which by now all of YOU know is true as you watch your cities, statues, monuments and history fall like dominos all around you.

But let me tell YOU a truth—this war is far from over, in fact it’s just beginning—and the surest way to lose it is to sit by and do nothing.

Now nothing clarifies a person’s thoughts like staking their life on them, so I’d like you all to remember one of the men who placed his life on the line for your freedom—who was American Founding Father John Adams, and whose words echoing through the centuries to your mind today are: “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve YOUR freedom. I hope you will make a good use of it”.

Today my Dear Sisters humbly beseech of you to remember the cost of freedom and aid us now in our mission to keep true things flowing to you—while planting in your hearts the words or our Dear Lord that remind us all: “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”.  

With God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland

25 June 2020



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