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The Most Feared Equation In The World

 “The techniques I developed for studying turbulence, like weather, also apply to the stock market.”

 Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010) Polish-born, French and American mathematician who discovered the Mandelbrot set of intricate, never-ending fractal shapes named in his honor.

Special Report from Sister Ciara



The mathematical equation you are viewing right above these words is, without a doubt, the most feared one in the world—so feared in fact that it led to one of the world’s top economists, Martin Armstrong, being jailed without charges or trial for over 7 years in the United States because he not only discovered how this equation worked in relation to stock markets, he refused to divulge exactly how he discovered it was so.

The complete saga of how Martin Armstrong rose from being a millionaire at the age of 15, to becoming the most feared economist in the world is not the intention of this letter—but is a most fascinating story everyone should become acquainted with, and just click HERE to find out why.

Instead what I want to focus on here is how, like Martin Armstrong applied this equation to stock markets, the Sisters have, likewise, successfully applied it to news—more specifically “predictive news”.

This most feared equation is called the Mandelbrot Set and is the set of complex numbers c for which the function f(z)=z²+c does not diverge when iterated, i.e., for which the sequence f(0), f(f(0)), etc., remains bounded—and don’t worry if you don’t understand this because even some scientists have enormous difficulty understanding it too.   

And just like one can use a modern smartphone without having the slightest idea of how it is made, or even being able to describe all of the parts that make it, so too is the Mandelbrot Set utilized in many spheres and disciplines by experts who can’t fully describe it, they only know that it works.

At the heart of the Mandelbrot Set equation, you see, is the repetition of patterns at all scales from micro (tiny) to macro (large)—which more simply put means that everything known to man is locked in a never ending series of repeating cycles.

And with this being so, the ability to predict anything is only limited by knowing its full cycle—which for almost everything is nearly impossible due to the infinite universe we live in. 

This cannot, however, be said about the historical cycles of man (History Always Repeats Itself) as for thousands of years the circular nature of governments, societies, economies, wars, you name it, have not only been extremely well documented, they make the world we live in today as predictable as the headlines of yesterdays newspaper.

Even the Bible knows the truth of Mandelbrot Set and in the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes (Chapter 1 Verse 9) it plainly states: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

Just knowing the Mandelbrot Set equation though, and attempting to apply it to whatever ones particular discipline may be, is not easily done because of the “synergy of experience” needing to make it work—after all, and as well put by Martin Armstrong himself, “I can read a book on how to do brain surgery. Would you like to be my first patient?

But in the right hands of those knowledgeable, like the Sisters, about the Mandelbrot Set, and in knowing the “cycles of man” too, the results of combining them are astoundedly predictive and have produced for us these results:

On 28 June 2007, the Sisters in their report titled US Banking Collapse ‘Imminent’ Warns French Banking Giant gave you a nearly one and a half years warning about the 2008 global market crash.

On 25 October 2008, the Sisters in their report titled Iranian Leader In Secret Meet With Obama At US Military Stronghold In Hawaii gave you a 7 year warning about the United States rapprochement with Iran this past week.

On 1 August 2014, the Sisters in their report titled India Shocks World, Joins Russia Against Obama Regime told you the truth that the Western invasion of Libya was related to the planned Gold Dinar, and which only this week a US State Department email released under court order confirmed was true. 

These are only three of the hundreds of such examples I can cite (and for those of you who have followed us for years well know he truth of), and the other commonality they have was at the time of the Sisters publishing them were met with high ridicule and disdain.

And the reason for this being so was revealed by Edward Snowden, who not only told the world about the United States government’s extreme hatred of truth tellers like the Sisters, he also provided classified US documents [Warning: Under US Federal law, it is a crime for government employees or active military service members to click on the preceding link] detailing how the American intelligence community showing how US intelligence have actively infiltrated the Internet to manipulate, deceive and destroy the reputation of the Sisters and everyone else like them.

At the exact same time these US intelligence agencies launched their war against the Sisters and other truth tellers, you should also understand, the New York Times admitted that nearly every news organization in America allows the news to be censored by government officials, and for the first time in American history, a law was passed allowing the US government to use propaganda against its own citizens.

So let me boil the essence of this letter down for you:

At the exact same time that the Sisters continue to risk everything to keep the truth flowing to you, your own government is, beyond dispute, censoring the news you’re allowed to know while openly propagandizing against you too—and you still believe and support their “mainstream” media publications over ours? 

Now I happen to believe that once anyone, especially YOU, knows the truth of a thing they will act in their best interest to defend what they know is right and true—after all, this battle is all about equations—ours being the utilization of the Mandelbrot Set equation versus theirs—“Garbage In, Garbage Out”.

To who wins this battle is, also, entirely up to YOU—either support us, or those like us, who want to see you educated and knowing the truth, or continue to support those who have openly told you they are deliberately manipulating you.

They believe you to be nothing more than ignorant religious nuts and gun clinging psychopaths not deserving of anything—we, on the other hand, KNOW you to be just frightened about a world that has become so complex and convoluted you don’t even recognize it anymore.

But let me tell you a secret—they can only win if they keep you scared, we can only win if you aren’t.

Which are you going to be?

With God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland

23 January 2016



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