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Comet Of Doom Warned To Transform Humanity

 “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

 Jesus Christ, Book of Luke 17:20-21


Special Lecture from the Sorcha Faal

3 August 2011

In today’s lecture dedicated to the Nestorianism Christian faithful on the 1,576th anniversary of the Patriarch of Constantinople Nestorius being deposed and exiled to Egypt by Roman Emperor Theodosius II in 435A.D., the Sorcha Faal expounded on one of the most critical issues facing humanity and how the events surrounding the approaching Comet Elenin will provide a catalyst deliberately designed to transform our world, perhaps forever.

Though the length and complexity of this important Sorcha Faal lecture to the Order precludes our being able to reproduce it in written form, thanks to the efforts of Sisters Sheenagh and Radha we are able to offer it to those seeking this wisdom in an affordable CD format.

Here are the highlights of the Sorcha Faal’s message:

The Sorcha Faal began her lecture with an explanation of how modern science has now confirmed the basic tenants of Nestorianism that have long supported the duality of the human mind separated into a conscious part of which we are aware, and an unconscious part which rules over all and determines a reality of which we have little, if any, actual control over.  The efforts of the world’s top neuroscientists over the past five years have uncovered more mysteries about who and what we are than in all the rest of human history combined, and their discoveries, though yet to filter down to the general masses, show us living in a world radically different to what we have supposed it to be, and, in truth, is virtually identical to a computer programme masterminded by an unidentified “something” or “someone.”

In all of the available spectrums of electromagnetic energy which we are surrounded with as human beings we are consciously only able to access about one-trillionth of it, but the same doesn’t hold true for our subconscious, which in its “all-seeing” mode allows just the minutest of information to be accessed by our waking minds as otherwise we could not function.

This seemingly one-way relationship between our two separate minds, however, can be reversed to allow oneself to reach the highest realms of who and what we are and has been known throughout human history and is still, today, practiced in many forms around the world.  The most common ways are through acts of meditation, prayer and dancing with the greatest results being achieved with the augmentation of various natural plants once used in abundance by the ancient peoples who lived in balance and harmony with all living things.

The world we live in today is but a shadow of what it is meant to be because humanity has been deceived into forgetting how critically vital it is to have our two minds working in concert so that the world here below is in a harmonious relationship with the world above.  The decadent and morally corrupt lives of many human beings is due to their continually searching for the connection between their two-minds and failing to do so because they don’t know how and are forced into mimicking it though the use of drugs and alcohol.

The true connecting agent residing in every human brain that allows access between the two-minds is a tryptamine known as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT.  The production of DMT in the human brain is a naturally occurring psychedelic that scientists have said is responsible for visions that include, out-of-body experiences, UFO’s, religious figures, etc.  DMT can, also, be introduced into the brain through the ingestion of certain plants containing high concentrations of it or in its pure chemical form made in a laboratory.  Intense periods of meditation, prayer or dancing have also been found to increase the brains production of DMT, and hence its vision producing power.

Medical studies done on people who have reported seeing UFO’s, or believing they have been abducted by aliens, show their brains are producing higher than normal concentrations of DMT.  People who have taken high amounts of DMT further report their experiencing the exact same type of visions regardless of their religion, nationality or belief system.  Drug addicts and alcoholics put on a regime of DMT for about four weeks are able to break their addictions at a 100% level with no relapses. 

The chemical form of DMT is outlawed by nearly every country in the world as a dangerous drug, but when tested every human being would test positive for it as it exists in our bodies at all times.  The only known manmade substance able to counteract the effects of DMT is the poison known as sodium fluoride, a waste product from the manufacturing of aluminum.  DMT is so feared that many governments allow sodium fluoride poison to be put into their water supplies.  As the membrane under the tongue allows substances to bypass the brain-blood barrier and immediately affect the brain, sodium fluoride poison is, also, put into nearly all toothpaste and mouthwash products even though each container holding these toxic substances warns its user to call a Poison Control Center immediately if they are swallowed.  The only natural way discovered to counteract the effects of DMT is through the introduction into the body of various stress hormones released due to fear, and constant fear equals a constant suppression of it.

New research into DMT is now showing that its production within the human brain is able to be increased naturally by magnetic fields, and with the rapidly changing position of our Earth’s magnetic poles governments are beginning to lose control over their populations.  A greater fear of these governments lie in the effects upon human beings when our Earth begins to feel the effects of a number of comets due to cross our Earth’s orbit, and greatly enhanced electromagnetic fields will further increase the brains production of DMT.       

According to new research into the field of quantum brain dynamics, DMT can be equated to our conscious minds being able to connect to the full-spectrum of energy our normal senses are denied allowing us to know the “unknowable” and which many scientists now believe is our truest state of being as all that we believe to be reality can’t be proven at all.

Though we realize that the complexity of this subject matter may be beyond the average reader, we nevertheless feel its importance to ones understanding of their world outweighs its limitations.  This is why we are offering this lecture to you in a CD format so that you will be able to devote the hours, if not days, needed to fully comprehend its critical importance to the expanding of your knowledge into those things being deliberately hidden from you.

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