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November 19, 2006

United States Becomes ‘Outlaw’ Nation In Rejection Of Food As Basic Human Right

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

As the American President pleaded with other World Leaders in Hanoi this weekend for ‘understanding’ in his Nations plans to attack Iran and North Korea, these same leaders were stunned when Bush ordered his Military Government to reject the UN Resolution calling for food to be defended as a basic human right.

This shocking stance by the American Military Leadership echoes their past actions in also rejecting water as a basic human right during last years Water Forum in Mexico City.  Most curiously though, and immediately after rejecting the call for water to be included as a basic human right, the American Military Leadership ordered a massive military redeployment to the South American Nation of Paraguay to ‘protect’ the Guarami Basin, the earth's largest reserve of sweet water.

The dire threat to providing water to our World’s human beings due to the melting of glaciers grew even more catastrophic with the United Nations reporting that China’s glaciers are also disappearing, and as we can read as reported by the Bloomberg News Service in their article titled "Tibet's Disappearing Glaciers Threaten China, UN Says", and which says:

"Almost all glaciers in China have already shown substantial melting,'' the UN Development Programme said in its 2006 Human Development Report. "The 300 million farmers in China's arid western region are likely to see a decline in the volume of water flowing from the glaciers.''

As millions of human beings continue to storm the frontiers of the First World Nations of both Europe and North America in search for food and water the reasons for these massive migrations are being kept from the American people, though they are known to their Military Leaders, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s Guardian Unlimited News Service in their article titled "Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us", and which says:

"Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters..

A secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a 'Siberian' climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.

The document predicts that abrupt climate change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food, water and energy supplies. The threat to global stability vastly eclipses that of terrorism, say the few experts privy to its contents.

'Disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life,' concludes the Pentagon analysis. 'Once again, warfare would define human life.'

The findings will prove humiliating to the Bush administration, which has repeatedly denied that climate change even exists. Experts said that they will also make unsettling reading for a President who has insisted national defence is a priority.

The report was commissioned by influential Pentagon defence adviser Andrew Marshall, who has held considerable sway on US military thinking over the past three decades. He was the man behind a sweeping recent review aimed at transforming the American military under Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Climate change 'should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a US national security concern', say the authors, Peter Schwartz, CIA consultant and former head of planning at Royal Dutch/Shell Group, and Doug Randall of the California-based Global Business Network.

An imminent scenario of catastrophic climate change is 'plausible and would challenge United States national security in ways that should be considered immediately', they conclude. As early as next year widespread flooding by a rise in sea levels will create major upheaval for millions."

With this latest affront to our entire human species, one can only wonder what has indeed happened to the United States, as in the past few decades they have gone from being the World’s foremost champion of human rights to a Nation intent upon subjugating the entire Globe to their will by wielding their massive military might against any, and all, who oppose them.

It is as if they truly believe that they alone have the right to survive among all other of Earth’s peoples, and which, if true, would show them for the monsters they indeed appear to have become.

© November 19, 2006 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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