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October 28, 2006

Russia Warns Israel Over ‘Madman’ Ascending to Power

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Kremlin sources are reporting today that President Putin has issued a ‘stark’ warning to Israel’s embattled Prime Minister Olmert that the ascendancy to power of the ‘Madman’ Avigdor Lieberman to the highest reaches of the Israeli Government would most certainly cause Russia to completely ‘reevaluate’ relations between our two Nations.

Not just to Russia’s concerns, either, is the World reacting to Avigdor Lieberman, and as we can read as reported from these various reports:

As reported by the Peoples Voice News Service in their article titled "Enter Adolph Lieberman", and which says, "Now, in Israel, we have the rising star of a Judeo-Nazi figure, a vile Moldovan, a little Stalin that combines characteristic Zionist racism with Stalinist brutality, who is about to join the government of Israel, the so-called only “true democracy in the Middle East.” For those who still don’t know Lieberman, a thuggish figure by every shred of imagination, we are talking about the head of the fourth largest political party in Israel, Yisrael Beitenu, or Israel is our Home.

Lieberman is more than just “controversial” as the Jewish and Jewish-controlled media would portray him, mainly in order to evade facing the reality of his fascist-mindset. He is actually a dangerous demagogic politician and warmonger who advocates ethnic cleansing, genocide and nuclear wars. In fact, the man can be viewed as a Hitler-in-the-making with very little exaggeration.

As a cabinet minister Lieberman espoused Nazi-like ideas so brazenly that then Foreign Minister Shimon Peres had to warn him that he might be summoned to The Hague to stand trial for crimes against humanity if he decided to turn his racist ideology into effect."

As reported by Israel’s Haaretz News Service in their article titled "Labor MK: Lieberman's entry into gov't would mark 'black day', and which says, "In my worst nightmares I never believed that the Labor Party would reach a day like this, with [Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor] Lieberman and us as coalition partners," Majadele told Israel Radio on Friday. Lieberman "denies the right of Israel's Arab citizens to exist," he said."

As reported by the American Antiwar.Com News Service in their article titled "A Jewish Hitler? The rise of Avigdor Lieberman", and which says, "With the entry of Avigdor Lieberman into the government as deputy minister for "strategic threats" – essentially in charge of preparing for war with Iran – Israel makes a qualitative step toward a regime that increasingly resembles, in all its essentials, a rogue state, and, I might add, potentially a very dangerous one.

Lieberman's views are notoriously racist, and his rhetoric is invariably violent. He called for the execution of Israeli Arab members of the Knesset who met with Hamas or didn't celebrate Israel's Independence Day. His party, Yisrael Beytenu ("Israel is our Home"), accuses Israeli Arabs of "dual loyalty" on account of their ethnicity, and advocates the complete separation of the Israeli and Arab populations in Palestine – in effect, forced transfer. Lieberman and his followers vehemently oppose the peace process, support the militant settlement movement, and are proud partisans of ethnic cleansing.

In 2002, Lieberman averred that he wouldn't flinch at ordering the IDF into the occupied territories on the West Bank for 48 hours, an operation designed to "Destroy the foundation of all the [Palestinian] authority's military infrastructure … not leave one stone on another. Destroy everything." Civilian targets included."

Most distressing about these reports, and for a Nation that in just the past few months has seen the Israeli President to be indicted for rape, the current Israeli Prime Minister facing charges for bribery, and its disastrous war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, is that the violence weary people of the Jewish state do indeed appear to be willing to be led by a man who vows to end all violence against them, no matter what the cost, including the use of nuclear weapons.

So bad has the mood become in Israel that a growing number of their citizens are even advocating the release from prison for the man who assassinated their once great peace leader Yitzhak Rabin, and as we can read as reported by the Israeli YNet News Service in their article titled "Poll: 30 percent of Israelis support pardon for Yigal Amir", and which says:

"On eve of 11th anniversary of Rabin's murder – about third of Israeli public believes that his killer should be pardoned. Figures jump to over 50 percent among right-wingers and religious public. Yuval Rabin: 'Only if there's another political assassination people will start wondering what mistakes were made regarding my father's murderer'

Even more distressing are the reports coming from Israel that their once powerful, and respected, Military Forces have begun using mocking names to identify their killing excursions into the besieged and starving enclave of Palestinian Gaza, and as we can read as reported by Israel’s Haaretz News Service in their article titled "The Twilight Zone / The boy who was buried twice", and which says:

"Abdullah a-Zakh identified his son's body by the belt. The shoes and socks also looked familiar, irrefutable proof that he had lost his son. In the morgue of Shifa Hospital, after hours of searching, he found the bottom part of the boy's body. The next day, when Operation "Gan Na'ul" - "Locked Kindergarten" - ended and the Israel Defense Forces exited the Saja'iya neighborhood of Gaza, leaving behind 22 dead and large-scale destruction, the other body parts were found."

But to the greatest outrage being committed by the present embattled Israeli government we can read as reported by the Aljazeera News Service in their article titled "Palestinian child prisoners fall victim to forced labor", and which says:

"Hundreds of Palestinian children are arrested, interrogated, and imprisoned by the Israeli army each year, according to the Defense for Children International/Palestine Section (DCI/PS), a non-governmental organization which monitors the detention conditions of these children and represents them in Israeli military courts. Many of those children fall victim to “forced labor in which they must work at least eight hours a day for a few shekels,” stated an article on

"The prison administration has forced all prisoners in the Telmond Prison to work eight hours for very low wages,” said one of the Palestinian children after his release. "The Israeli soldiers come to the chambers at seven and force us to go with our legs tied with chains,” added the child, whose job was to pack plastic spoons in boxes. Even wounded political detainees are forced to work. "I had a broken bone but the soldiers forced me out of my cell to work anyway, without any consideration for the pain,” a former prisoner said."

Even to the provoking of United Nations forces sent to establish peace in the region the Israeli’s have now undertaken, and as we can read as reported by France’s AFP News Service in their article titled "Israeli warplanes in 'incident' with German ship off Lebanon: military", and which says:

"Two Israeli warplanes were involved in an armed incident with a German ship patrolling Lebanon's waters as part of the UN force in the Arab country, the German military told AFP.

A spokesman for the command of the German mission in Lebanon said it was investigating the incident which took place on Monday. According to Thursday's edition of the Tagesspiegel newspaper, two Israeli F-16 warplanes fired shots as well as anti-missile defence flares while flying low over the German vessel. The newspaper said the incident had been reported to parliament on Wednesday by a state secretary in the defence ministry, Christian Schmidt.

In Israel, Defence Minister Amir Peretz denied his country's planes had opened fire near a German ship, in a telephone call with German counterpart Franz Josep Jung. "No Israeli plane opened fire at a German ship and Israel has no intention of attacking the German forces," Peretz said, according to his spokesman."

Unlike the Israeli Air-Force destruction of the United States USS Liberty Navy Warship in 1967, which claimed 34 American lives, Israel’s denial of attacking the Germany Navy ships was short lived, and as we can read as reported by the German DPA News Service in their article titled  "Israeli jets in German ship incident 'were training'", and which says:

"The Israeli military said Friday that the Israeli fighter jets which threatened a German naval ship earlier this week were on a training mission.

The Israeli military was using a corridor for training flights, around 45 nautical miles (83 kilometres) from the north coast of Israel, Israeli air force sources said. An Israeli military spokesman had acknowledged Friday that the ship was in international waters at the time of the incident, correcting an earlier statement that the ship had been near the Israeli-Lebanese border, opposite the Israeli border town of Rosh Ha'Nikra.

Israel had said on Wednesday that it directed fighter jets toward the ship when a helicopter took off from it without prior coordination with the Israeli military, which identified the chopper as a "potential security threat." The German Defence Ministry said six jets flew low over over the vessel Tuesday, launched infrared decoys and fired two warning shots into the air, forcing the helicopter to land back onto the ship."

To all of these events, however, remains the attitudes and opinions of the American people themselves, but who are still not allowed to know these things by their propaganda media outlets, who even today, and as reported by the American Drudge Report News Service, have refused advertisements for a movie critical of the American War Leader because:

"NBC responded to a clearance report submitted by the Weinstein Company’s media agency saying that the network “cannot accept these spots as they are disparaging to President Bush.”

One can only wonder how the American people of today have reconciled their present lives against the quote of one of their greatest Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, and who said:

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

© October 28, 2006 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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