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September 28, 2006

United States Prepares To Drop ‘Net of Freedom’ Over America as Russia Begins Massive Air Force Exercise

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

In what Russian Intelligence Analysts are describing today in terms that have been historically used for events such as the Germany’s Berlin Wall, and the former Soviet Unions Iron Curtain, the United States seems now intent on embarking upon a plan that will virtually enslave their entire population that American Pentagon Officials are calling the “Net of Freedom”.

Preparations within America show their plan is to not only construct 1,800 Observation Towers along their border with Mexico, but also to being construction of a further 900 Observation Towers along their Northern border with Canada.   

As history has always shown when totalitarian nations enter the final phases geared towards the total subjugation of their citizens, the United States Government is also instigating a series of draconian documentation procedures for Americans, to include new passport requirements for all of their citizens entering both Mexico and Canada, and a National ID card system, and which if not held by an American citizen they will not be allowed to “board an airplane, open a bank account, collect Social Security payments, or take advantage of nearly any government service.”

These reports further state that the state of fear gripping the Military Leaders of the United States, and which they are in turn instilling in their citizens, is not entirely unjustified as even our Nation, Russia, is embarking upon an ever increasing series of measures bringing us nearer to direct conflict with the Americans and their Allies.

As an example of the ever increasing series of measures being taken by the Worlds’ most powerful Nations against what they view as unprovoked and unreasoned American aggression, President Putin has ordered the Air Forces of the Russian Motherland to conduct a series of massive exercises so as to prepare for what many in the Kremlin believe will be a final confrontation against the Western Powers.

The basis upon which this current Global Conflict can be understood can be read as reported by the Asia Times News Service in their article titled “THE HUNGRY BEAR: No more Mr. Nice Guy”, and which says:

"East and West are now irreversibly locked in a monumental struggle for control of the globe's coveted strategic resources - this is the revived Great Game and its players are rapidly approaching the moment of truth. The stakes for both sides are colossal and both sides fully recognize that fact. However, neither side likes to admit explicitly the existence of such a struggle that will define which side achieves global ascendancy and which side faces the potential of an energy-based economic checkmate.

The United States prefers to strive for advantage in the Great Game while hiding behind the veil of the ostensibly noble policy of spreading "freedom" and "democracy" - yet it is active in such a policy primarily only in countries that are either rich in strategic resources or are strategically located as respects the export of such resources. By military invasion and occupation, by encirclement through proliferation of its military bases, by the spread of "colored" revolutions, by sponsoring oil and gas pipelines that circumvent Russia and its partners, and by various diplomatic drives, the West attempts to roll back Russian control over resources and to consolidate its own.

Russia and the East prefer to make advances in the Great Game while simultaneously and fervently denying any interest whatever in locking up the bulk of the globe's strategic resources and thereby winning the game - yet virtually every diplomatic and economic move on the part of Russia and the East is obviously targeted at and designed incrementally and insidiously to accomplish that very goal, and rapid progress is being made toward that very end.

Are onlookers supposed to conclude that Russia and the East are progressively and rapidly achieving dominance over the globe's resources purely by random chance, through no conscious effort or clever strategy on their part? How could that be the case, especially when the West is actively and fervently working against Russia and the East to try to prevent such an outcome, yet that very outcome is nearly completed?

In the Great Game the loser will forfeit virtually everything of value, or will be held backward on its heels in a position where there is no escape from the threat of such forced forfeiture. If Russia loses the game, then the West, sitting in de facto control of massive reserves of oil and gas around the globe, will be sufficiently able to control the global price and availability of oil to bring the price down to a point where Russia's economy will begin to falter, or worse.

Of course, a win by the West at this late date in the Great Game would take much more than a Hail Mary pass. [1] However, the West in general and the US in particular will never willingly forfeit the game, even though the odds are massively against it now. The game will be played out to its finish and the US will stop at nothing to pull out a win, even at the last moment if possible.

By additional military adventures and "colored" revolutions, threatening even Russian and Chinese territorial integrity and economic stability themselves, the West can fully be expected to strive to forestall its own forfeiture of the game as it increasingly sees the clock running out on its energy security fortunes. Considering the current occupant of the White House, no one should make the mistake of assuming further US military adventures are not likely, because as the clock runs out on the US, the likelihood of such adventures increases radically.

Russia and the East will thus be given no choice by the West but to resort to the full and potent use of their growing energy leverage. For reasons far beyond President Vladimir Putin's control, therefore, his promise to "play nice" with energy is entirely an empty one."

Towards all of these events, however, lies the seminal shift within the minds of the American people themselves that would allow such totalitarian measures to be enacted against them in the first place, but does become understandable when viewed in the light of how this entire society of human beings has been manipulated for nearly one hundred years through the efforts of a man named Edward Bernays, who was the cousin, of Sigmund Freud and the founder of  what has become known in the United States as Public Relations.

Even more intriguing when examining these issues are those events surrounding Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays and their greatest enemy towards the manipulation of the American people, Wilhelm Reich, and who after presenting to the World in the early 1950’s a device he stated would protect our Earth from UFO’s was promptly jailed by the American Government, had all his works and papers of a lifetime destroyed, and died in a US Federal Prison in 1957.

A conclusion that can be rightly made of these American people today, and based upon the known facts, is that the success of the United States Government/Corporate Alliance to turn these human beings into nothing more than consuming machines is now complete. 

From individuals of just a century ago, and who believed in their freedoms, liberties and a society based upon the common good, the Americans of today are nothing more today than ‘individual consumers’, and who have been reduced to slaves to their government/corporate interests who provide them a never ending variety of consumer goods these people not only do not need, but most insidiously are designed for no other purpose than to keep these people believing that they always need more.

Where the identity of human beings, in our ages past, had always been defined by the strength of a society, today a new monster has arisen in the World where these Western people, particularly the Americans, define their identity based solely upon their individual wants and desires, and which their government/corporate masters freely provide to them because if these people are content in having their personal identity defined in what they consume they care not for who rules them.

But unknown to these American people is that that which enables their Military Leaders to control them also makes them their Rulers greatest threat.  For the price of unlimited consumerism, pandering to the individual against the need of the society as a whole, is the disintegration of that entire society, and which the American Empire is facing today, but cannot be fully accomplished prior to a Global War, and which unknown to these slaves of consumerism has been the ages old goal of their masters all along.

© September 28, 2006 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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