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September 9, 2006

For Western Jews: The Time Has Come To Start Thinking About The Unthinkable

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

As the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once wrote, “For the Jews not to realize, not be told by their Rabbis, how their Torah has come from the Tarot will keep them always as the [scapegoats] for the Czars”; the times our World is entering into today sees these peoples once again besieged, and even more horrifically, once again threatened with total annihilation.

To the greatest dangers facing the Jewish peoples in the Western World, they remain like their grandfathers and grandmothers of last century, when the dark and evil cloud of Nazism spread across Europe to their almost complete destruction.

Like the millions of Jewish peoples inhabiting the ‘civilized’ Nations of the Great Western Powers during the rise of Nazism, so today do the Jewish peoples of the Western World fail to see the rising hatred, like a giant destructive wave, ready to engulf them, and believe in fact that no such catastrophic fate awaits them.

But as events will soon show, and as their ancestors and prophets have forewarned them about, they are not a people to whom peace on this Earth will ever come, rather they have instead been chosen to be the stone upon which the entire power of this World will be crushed upon.

To those that they believe are their friends they are in fact their enemies, to those that they believe are their enemies they are their friends; and but for the want of true eyes to see they would begin their exodus from the Western Nations before their fate is taken out of their hands, to be put once more into those who control the concentration camps and slaughter pens being built for them even as these very words are being written.

Listen to the cries of these Jewish peoples in the Western World today though: “We are bankers!”  “We are diplomats!” “We are owners of industry!” “We are powerful!” “We are artists!” “We are politicians!” “We own newspapers!”

How sad it is that these cries of the Jewish people in the Western World today remain those of their perished ancestors, and who likewise failed to heed our warnings while the time remained for them to escape to freedom from total destruction. 

It would be too simplistic to say that their thoughts are borne of arrogance, but much truer to say that their fate has been manipulated, and in such a way as to be able to show to the World that the only obstacle to World Peace that remains today, and as it has always been said, are the Jewish people.

What will never be allowed for the Western people to know, however, is that the Jewish people are not now, nor have never been, a single people, but like every race and religion in the World is one driven with internal strife, political alliances and sectarian violence.  Such division in fact is there that tens of thousands of Jewish people do not even acknowledge the State of Israel, thousands more in Israel itself continually denounce those less devout then they believe themselves to be….but to these truths the Western World does not want to know, indeed does not care to know.

There must be no mistake in understanding that the actions of the United States, its Western Allies, and its traitors in Israel, have at their central core of action, and belief, the complete destruction of not only Israel, but also that of the Jewish people as a whole.  For in the creation of Israel, in the out of all proportion acts by these Western Powers to protect the Jewish peoples, in the seemingly constant reporting of the economic power that the Jewish people have over the entire World, in all of these, and more, lie not the seeds of peace, but instead the seeds of destruction.

The ordinary peoples of the Western World are not to blame this, for their education over these past two generations has deprived them of all independent thought. Their empty minds are then continually filled with a vast array of both overt and covert propoganda designed to create for their satanic masters human robots of hate and destruction, and which has carried over into Israel itself, and is evidenced by the cruel and barbaric punishment meted out upon the Lebanese peoples.  Not to be told to the Western people, however, were that the worst aerial bombings of the civilian population of Lebanon was carried out by American pilots, as fully 80% of Israeli pilots refused their missions.

The same, sadly, cannot be said of those American/Israeli Forces that have imprisoned millions of Palestinians, and who the United Nations has reported today are on the brink of mass extermination.   

But at the same time that the World’s eyes are upon the dire plight of the Palestinian people, they are likewise focused upon the greatest Western Naval Armada since World War II appearing now off of Israel’s coast. Likewise, tens of thousands of soldiers, from all over the World, are pouring into Lebanon…and not for the protection of Israel against Hezbollah, but rather to begin the protection of the Arab World against Israel.

For in this final chapter of the Great Game, being played out upon the stage of the World, there remains only two options of peace; Either Israel is exterminated or over 1 Billion Muslims have to die…which do YOU think is going to be allowed?  Which do you believe will further the interests of those intent upon creating a One World Government?

To the machinations of the Western Powers the East has known well, even those of the Muslim Nations…and who even today have continued to offer their protection to the Jewish peoples against what they know also is surely to come.  For the Western Powers plan has always been to create a Muslim Empire stretching form the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, because only with this New Muslim Empire can their final plans for World Domination be fully implemented.

And not the plans of men alone, but rather of those of the dragons of old who have almost regained their former strength, have rediscovered their old technologies, and are once again prepared to stand astride our Earth with all humanity once again their slaves as in the days of old.

These are not to myths or fairy tale stories either are we warning about, but rather these are to the truest, and oldest, memories of our Human Race, all of us, against what was done to us before.  To the many divisions they have sown upon humanity we have always, and you must too, been aware.  For it is not our race, our tribes, our religions, our beliefs, our governments, that bind us as a Human Race, but rather we are bound by that which the dragon monsters of old can never have, what they have indeed lost by their rebellion, the Holy Spirit of God.

Though the Jewish peoples of the Western World will suffer first, they will not be the last…for as the Western peoples acceptance of the annihilation of Jewish peoples begin, they also will surely not be far behind in their own suffering and death.

To those that remain, have listened to these words, have sown these words in the fertile soil of their hearts, there will grow the greater understanding of these things, the warnings we have issued, and the hope of the greater triumph to come when our World will once again be truly free of those who have master-minded, for thousands of years, the destruction of Human Beings as revenge against Him whom they cast themselves apart from in arrogance and greed.

© September 9, 2006 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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