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July 8, 2006

Top American General Targeted As US Military Faction Split Leaves One Dead

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that a factional split has emerged among Americas Military Leaders that has left one of their Top Generals, and Former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, injured and has also resulted in the death of the Bush Families chief fundraiser Kenneth Lay.

These reports state that a meeting between rival factions of Americas Elite Leaders held this past week in Aspen, Colorado, and headed by the former US President Bill Clinton, turned violent when Kenneth Lay was murdered after his threats to expose the Counter-Coup plotters unless his conviction for being America’s top corporate embezzler was overturned.

Retaliation for this murder was swift, however, by the targeting of General Colin Powell the following day during a meeting of the plotters, and that included President Clinton; and in an ironic ‘twist’ to this affair had his life saved by the same doctors, and at the same hospital, that had likewise attempted to save the life of Kenneth Lay.

This latest split between the current warring factions of the United States Military Leaders appears to be centered on the ruling order of the North American Union, and which is the new Confederation formed between the former nations of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Perhaps most interesting about these reports are the details on how the elite warring factions of the Americans communicate with each other through news references to the popular American soft drinks Coca Cola and Pepsi, and which these reports state that following these attacks the news that Pepsi had cooperated with the FBI in thwarting a theft of secrets from Coca Cola was actually a coded attempt to declare a truce between these factions.

This type of communication between various Western factions is not new, and was in fact perfected by the German Nazi regime during last century through their use of coded adverts in both Germany and America by Ford Motor Company and the German industrial giant IG Farben.

Russian Military Analysts are further reporting that President Putin, and in response to these latest events in the United States, has ordered an immediate realignment of Russian Military Forces throughout the Motherland, and which is to include a further increase of Special Department and FSB troops to be deployed to secure underground bunkers.

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