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May 31, 2006

Panic Strikes World Scientists As Mysterious Mutated Virus Begins Sweeping Globe Like ‘Wildfire’

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Scientists are today echoing the panic of their Western counterparts as yet another mysteriously mutated virus has begun sweeping our Planet, and as we can read as reported by India’s NTDV News Service n their article titled "Chikungunya virus threatens the globe", and which says:

"Scientists have found clues regarding the outbreak of a little-known virus that is disabling hundreds of thousands of Indian Ocean island dwellers. As reported by Nature magazine, it seems that the Chikungunya virus has adopted a genetic change that may make it more efficient at invading the mosquitoes that carry it from person to person.

The virus has infected around one-third of the population of the French island of Reunion since early 2005. It has also hit the neighbouring islands of Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar and Mayotte and has reared its head in India, informed the report.

Further, the outbreak seems to be more severe than previous sporadic occurrences. In fact, it has spread like wildfire, infecting some people's nervous systems and even killing a fraction of its victims. The fever strikes so fast that "you're driving your car and suddenly you have to stop," said Sylvain Brisse of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, who along with his colleagues has revealed some key aspects of the virus' genetic makeup that might explain its newfound ferocity."

Though virtually unknown to the West this virus does indeed have a history known to scientists, and as we can read as reported by Germany’s Public Library of Science in their report titled "First characterization of chikungunya viruses from Indian Ocean outbreak", and which says:

"Since late 2004, a large outbreak of chikungunya fever in the Indian Ocean has caused a public health crisis and alarmed international experts. A team of scientists led by Sylvain Brisse (of the Pasteur Institute) now reports the first molecular data on the viruses involved in the outbreak in the international open-access journal PLoS Medicine.

The outbreak affects the populations of Comoros, Mayotte, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Réunion. It is much larger than any previous outbreak, with up to one third of the populations of those islands (several hundred thousand people) infected. More recently, several states of India have also reported cases of the disease.

The disease is caused by the chikungunya virus, which is spread to humans by mosquito bites. It was first described in Tanzania in 1952 and has since been found in Africa, India, and South East Asia. The name is derived from a local Tanzanian word meaning "that which bends up", a reference to the stooped posture many patients develop as a result of painful inflammation of the joints commonly associated with the disease. Other symptoms of the disease include fever, headache, and a skin rash. There is no specific treatment available."

Of particular concerns to Russian Scientists are the rapid mutations occurring in this virus fueling its World-Wide spread, and as we can read as reported by the United States Homeland Security Digital Library in their report titled "Virus Mutation Linked to Spread of Chikungunya Disease", and which says:

"French researchers said an epidemic of the disease known as chikungunya, which ravaged the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, was spurred by a mutated form of a mosquito−borne virus. The chikungunya virus is typically spread by the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti). But sequencing of a gene, E1, which allows the virus to attach to mosquito cellular membranes, suggests the pathogen may also be carried by another species, the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus).

The Pasteur Institute team analyzed samples of the virus taken from 121 patients in Reunion, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mayotte, and Mauritius. The outbreak of chikungunya began in Reunion in early 2005 but dramatically accelerated in December. Eventually, around 258,000 people − a third of the island's population − fell sick with the disease, which also claimed 219 lives directly or indirectly. The French scientists say the mutated form appears to have emerged in September 2005 and within a few months swiftly became the dominant viral strain in the epidemic. Around 6,000 other cases of illness have been recorded in Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Mayotte."

Russian Scientific reports further state that this mutated virus is yet another example of the growing threat to all human beings of a new range of Mysterious Quantum Diseases, and which we have reported on many times, including our March 2, 2005 report titled "Mysterious Quantum Disease Strikes Thousands in United States and Canada", and wherein we had stated:

"For over two decades Russian scientists have theorized that it was possible for human beings to contract quantum diseases, and now we are beginning to hear from the Western countries of the United States and Canada that indeed an outbreak of the world’s first quantum disease is now occurring.

Western governments, their propaganda media organs and their medical and scientific organizations are greatly suppressing this information from the citizens of these countries, but their control measures are breaking down on some local levels.

From the Texas Region of the United States we can read this story from a local television station in the city of San Antonio (WOAI) titled, “Mystery Illness Turns Family’s Home into Prison”, and which says, "A mysterious skin disease is spreading across the country, and it has already extended into parts of Texas. It's called Morgellons, a parasite-like infection that will literally make your skin crawl. Patients say it feels like bugs are crawling all over you. To make matters even worse, many doctors say the victims are delusional."

But, where just last year these American patients stricken with this new mysterious quantum disease were ridiculed as being ‘delusional’, today even Western Scientists are beginning to become alarmed, and as we can read as reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal News Service in their article titled "Mysterious skin illness gains more recognition", and which says:

"Two years ago the Reno Gazette-Journal reported on a mystery illness that seemed plucked from the pages of a science fiction novel. The symptoms included strange white or red "fibers" sprouting from skin lesions, sores that would not heal and "white granules and black specks" appearing on patients' skin. Sufferers also reported chronic fatigue, insomnia, night sweats and constant itching.

Most doctors interviewed at the time dismissed the anecdotal evidence and diagnosed the patients as delusional. Yet, the newspaper documented cases from Nevada to Texas and from the Bay Area to Florida that shared the same symptoms.

During the past two weeks, the disease has been getting some recognition:

The Georgia Department of Health is investigating a cluster of the so-called Morgellons disease in that state.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is starting a task force to look into reports of outbreaks.

An Oklahoma State University researcher who has been studying the condition for the past year announced the patients he has seen aren't delusional, the "fibers" found on patients aren't from environmental sources like clothing and the disease isn't caused by a fungus or parasite.

Former Oakland A's pitcher Billy Koch, his wife and their three children last week did television interviews in San Francisco about their struggle with the mystery illness."

Most importantly perhaps about these events are that the Western peoples have completely lost their knowledge of these Quantum Diseases, and which throughout the many ages of human history have served to destroy the DNA of entire civilizations that have descended into total madness and perversity, and which yet another shocking example of the perversity of these peoples have reached us today, and as we can read as reported by Australia’s The Daily Telegraph News Service in their article titled "Pedophiles launch political party", and which says:

"Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations from 16 to 12 and the legalisation of child pornography and sex with animals, sparking widespread outrage."

As their descent into total madness and barbaric depravity increases we should do well to remember that barely 15 years ago these Western people were horrified at our reports of homosexual marriage about to become commonplace in their wicked societies, and which though strenuously denied back then has in fact become not only commonplace among them but is now considered by them to be a ‘Human Right’.

To these peoples beliefs that their fates will be different from those of Father Noah’s time, and which again was a complete world society steeped in barbaric perversities, we can only issue to them our previous warning that the entire Universe is knowing of them, no dark perversities of their lives will remain unknown, none of their dark deeds will go unpunished:

"These Western peoples "local realistic" view of the world assumes that phenomena are separated by time and space and that no influence can travel faster than the speed of light”. Quantum nonlocality proves that these assumptions are incorrect, and that there is a principle of holistic interconnectedness operating at the quantum level which contradicts the localistic assumptions of classical, Newtonian physics, and which Bell's theorem has proved.

These current events are maybe best described by the British Astrophysicist Dr. John Gribbin, from England’s Cambridge University, and who as said, "If everything that ever interacted in the Big Bang maintains its connection with everything it interacted with, then every particle in every star and galaxy that we can see "knows" about the existence of every other particle."

To ourselves today we know of this quantum disease that afflicts these soulless and faceless Westerners, who have turned from the right knowledge to the lies of these dragons of old, and who lead their lives in insanity of thought and spirit.  Caring not for others beyond themselves and like all lower animals craving only those things that are of this world that fulfill their insane lusts.

How well the ancient Hebrew prophet spoke in saying about them, “For the moth will eat them up like a garment, and the worm will eat them like wool.”

© May 31, 2006 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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