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February 24, 2006

Russian Scientists Fear Supernova Event As Massive Blast Hits Earths Atmosphere, New Comet Makes ‘Strange Turn’ In Orbit As Its ‘Twin’ Targets South Pole Causing Massive African Earthquake

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian and American Scientists are growing increasingly alarmed as yet another Massive Blast has assaulted our Planet and which many believe are the precursors to a Supernova Event, and as we can read as reported by the Space.Com News Service in their article titled “NASA Detects 'Totally New' Mystery Explosion Nearby”, and which says:

"Astronomers have detected a new type of cosmic outburst that they can't yet explain. The event was very close to our galaxy, they said. The eruption might portend an even brighter event to come, a supernova. It was spotted by NASA's Swift telescope and is being monitored by other telescopes around the world as scientists wait to see what will happen. Neil Gehrels, principal investigator for the Swift mission at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, called the event "totally new, totally unexpected." If the eruption indeed precedes a supernova, then it would reach peak brightness in about a week, scientists said."

This news also comes at a time when Russian Scientists are equally becoming concerned about the ‘Strange Turn’ made this past week by the newly discovered Comet C/2006 A1 (Pojmanski), and which is soon to be visible to the whole World, and as we can read as reported by the Space.Com News Service in their article titled "See it Now: New Comet Brightens Rapidly", and which says:

"During the next couple of weeks skywatchers will be turning their attention to a newly discovered comet that has just swept past the Sun and will soon cruise past Earth on its way back out toward the depths of the outer solar system. Astronomers, who attempt to forecast the future characteristics and behavior of these cosmic vagabonds, have found this new object to be a better-than-average performer. 

The comet is now visible with a simple pair of binoculars, and it's also dimly visible to the naked eye if you know precisely where to look. The first word about this new comet (catalogued as C/2006 A1) came from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, which serves as the clearinghouse in the United States for astronomical discoveries."  

Of the greatest concern however, and according to Russian Scientific reports, is the ‘Twin’ of this New Comet which has apparently become entrained in our Earth’s orbit and is presently upon a path towards our Southern Polar Regions, and as we had previously reported on in our February 13th report titled "Quantum Anomaly ‘Stalls’ Above South Pole As Violent Catastrophic Planetary Shift Feared By Russian Scientists", and wherein we had stated:

"Russian Scientific reports are detailing today the occurrence of what is being termed as a ‘Quantum Anomaly’, and which upon its approach to our planet this past month has ‘stalled’ above the South Pole in the Southern Polar Regions of Antarctica.

These reports further state that the ‘stalling’ of this ‘Quantum Anomaly’ has been met equally with a marked decrease in both seismic activity and Sun Spots, though the increase in the Earth’s internal Tectonic Plate pressures are building to what some Russian Scientists are terming as ‘Catastrophic Levels’.

Numerous Independent American Researchers have likewise noted the effects of this ‘Quantum Anomaly’, and as we can read as exampled by one of them, Michael Mandeville, in his report titled "The Earth’s Wobble Has Paused", and which says:

"For the past 21 days there has been no discernable wobble motion in the Earth.  Have we come to a profound change in the geophysics of the Earth?  Why this sudden change in what usually has been for the past 100 years or more a fairly regular, fairly predictable wobble track.

As is well known, the wobble is generated by the differential pulling of the Moon and the Sun on the Earth's equatorial bulge (and any other concentrations of mass in or on the Earth).  This differential pulling is caused by the oblique angles of the orbital planes which bring the Sun and the Moon alternatively above and below the equator, thus tending through orbital time to push one side of the Earth or the other to move faster or slower than the other side to the North or to the South.

The Earth's Wobble has a 7 year cycle which produces two extremes, a small spiraling wobble circle and a large spiraling wobble circle, about 3.5 years apart.  The Earth was  in October 2005 moving into the small spiraling circle (the MIN phase of the wobble), which should have slowly unfolded during 2006 and the first few months of 2007.  (Each spiraling circle takes about 14 months).

The effects of the ‘Quantum Anomaly Twin’ of this New Comet upon the Southern Hemispheric Regions has likewise been confirmed by yesterday’s powerful Southern African earthquake, and which can read about as reported by Australia’s ABC News Service in their article titled "At least 2 dead as strong quake shakes Mozambique", and which says:

"The strongest earthquake to hit southern Africa in 100 years has killed at least two people in northern Mozambique. The quake sent residents into the streets across the region, frightened by strong aftershocks. The magnitude 7.5 earthquake was felt as far south as Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa."

The passing through our Solar System of this New Comet and its ‘Quantum Anomaly Twin’ has caused great havoc upon not only our Earth, by the complete devastation of our Global Weather Systems, but also upon our Sun, and which upon their splitting trajectories has temporarily lessoned the electrical imbalances between our World and the Sun, but has likewise increased greatly the electrical imbalance in our own atmosphere, and which is evidenced by the increasing amount of lighting and static electricity throughout the entire Globe.

So powerful has this electrical imbalance been that in many instances snowstorms in the United States even have reported the rare phenomena of Thundersnow, and which we can see from these reports:

From Wisconsin as reported by the WISC TV News Service in their article titled “What's 'Thundersnow'?", and which says, "Many Wisconsin residents are reporting instances of thunder and lightning as Thursday's winter storm sweeps through the state. Is that for real? WISC-TV meteorologist Karin Swanson has a description of this unusual weather phenomena. Swanson said that "thundersnow" is fairly uncommon. "This is something that occurs when we have a big snowstorm like this one," she said. "Typically, when we see/hear thundersnow, the thundersnow will be accompanied by heavy snow with high snowfall rates."

From Canada as reported by the News Service in their article titled, "Canadian winter returns with a vengeance", and which says, "In Ontario, the weather brought freezing rain, ice pellets, snow and the rare winter phenomenon of thunder and lightning forecasters call "thundersnow."

From New York as reported by the CNN News Service in their article titled "Northeast digs out from snow", and which says, "The storm had winds of up to 40 mph as it brushed the East Coast, the National Weather Service reported. Lightning and thunder accompanied some of the snowfall. The National Weather Service calls the rare phenomenon "thundersnow."

On the European Continent the electrical imbalances to our Earth’s atmosphere caused a massive lighting storm in Spain which caused major delays in their air traffic system, and as we can read as reported by the Journal 24 News Service in their article titled "Holidaymaker stranded after 'lightning strikes four planes", and which says, "A RETIRED holidaymaker from Highgate on a birthday trip to Spain was among hundreds stranded overnight after four Ryanair plans were struck by lightning."

To the full understanding of the Western peoples to the catastrophic conclusion to these events it is not to be seen as their Darwinian mindsets continue to put these events, and many others, into separate pieces, with each part unconnected from the others.  The fallacy of such logic defies understanding, but for these Western people it does allow them to live in the cocoon of false prosperity and never-ending abundance they are fed continually by their propaganda media organs.

To the utter devastation of the World they will inhabit tomorrow, and which they should be preparing for today, it is beyond their capacity to either understand or comprehend.  For their protection against the worst catastrophes to come they rely instead on the only device they have at their disposal to keep their troubled minds at ease….their ignorance.

© February 24, 2006 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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