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January 5, 2006

United States Begins Federalization Of Police Forces As President Bush Exempts Himself From Torture Ban And America Plunges Into Abyss Of Total Insanity As New Laws Allow Experimentation On Children

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

The beginning of this New Year of 2006 brings to us the direst of news from the United States as their Military Leaders have launched the Final Phase of their plans to completely enslave their citizens, and modeled upon the Nazi German template of creating a National Gestapo. To the emergence of this Final Phase we can read as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle News Service in their article titled "Homeland security directive shocks local governments", and which says:

"San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and nine other Bay Area cities of more than 100,000 people will have to fill a tall order within the next 60 days -- put aside their traditional rivalries and parochial interests and develop a single application that could mean tens of millions of dollars in federal homeland security funds. The surprise combination of the 12 Bay Area cities is part of a sweeping reorganization in the way the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will award $765 million in competitive grants to urban areas to address terrorist risks and vulnerabilities."

The consolidation of a Nations Independent Police Forces under the control of a Military Government, and as history has long shown, is the last step before total subjugation of its citizens begins, and as we can read from the history of these same exact actions taken by the Nazi Germans against their citizens:

"On 17 June 1936, "for the uniformity of police duties in the Reich," the position of Chief of the German Police was established in the Reich Ministry of the Interior, to which was assigned the direction and protection of all police affairs within the jurisdiction of the Reich. By this law Himmler was appointed Chief of the German Police under Frick, the Reich Minister of the Interior, and was given the right to participate in the sessions of the Reich Cabinet as Chief of the German Police."

Not just to the creation of ‘uniformity’ within their Police Forces under National Military Rule, but the United States President, and again like his Nazi German counterpart Adolph Hitler, has asserted his right to be above the laws of his Nation, and as we can read as reported by the Boston Globe News Service in their article titled "Bush could bypass new torture ban", and which says:

"When President Bush last week signed the bill outlawing the torture of detainees, he quietly reserved the right to bypass the law under his powers as commander in chief.

After approving the bill last Friday, Bush issued a ''signing statement" -- an official document in which a president lays out his interpretation of a new law -- declaring that he will view the interrogation limits in the context of his broader powers to protect national security. This means Bush believes he can waive the restrictions, the White House and legal specialists said.

''The executive branch shall construe [the law] in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority of the President . . . as Commander in Chief," Bush wrote, adding that this approach ''will assist in achieving the shared objective of the Congress and the President . . . of protecting the American people from further terrorist attacks."

But to the greater perversity of truth foisted upon the American people were the exact machinations behind their new laws on banning torture (and which their President has exempted himself from anyway) which had nothing to do with torture, but everything to do with denying the rights of the Prisoners of War being held by the United States, and as we can read as reported by the Boston Globe News Service in their article titled "US to request the dismissal of about 200 detainees' suits", and which says:

"The Justice Department will seek to dismiss more than 180 cases involving inmates at Guantanamo Bay who have challenged their detention, court documents showed yesterday. The department filed a notice to judges presiding over the cases at the US District Court in Washington to advise them that by the end of next week the Justice Department would file official motions to dismiss the cases. The notice was filed a week after President Bush signed legislation banning cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners. The anti-torture law also curbs the ability of prisoners being held at the US Naval Base in Cuba to challenge their detention in federal court."

As one of the definitions of the word insanity means extreme foolishness; folly, there can be no better word than this to describe the American peoples minds while in the midst of their total loss of freedom and subjugation to their Fascist Military State.  Their total blindness to the new laws and powers being asserted by their Military Leaders doesn’t allow them to see that not against ‘foreign terrorists’ are these being made for, but for the American people themselves.

The American Military Leaders dogged insistence on calling their Prisoners of War by the name ‘Detainees’ remains totally lost in meaning to their citizens, and who are not even aware that this word does not only apply to Prisoners of War, but also to every single one of them, and as we can read as reported by the Centre Daily News Service in their article titled "The Padilla Case and Enemy Combatants", and which says:

"While the nation has been transfixed in the last two weeks by news of President Bush's secret domestic spying program, there remains other serious, unfinished business on the civil-liberties front in the fight against terrorism. The Bush administration continues to claim a virtually unchecked power to detain citizens without charge whenever the President designates them as "enemy combatants."

It's troubling enough to have overseas calls and e-mail to family and friends tapped, but imagine the outrage of being an American citizen tossed in jail and held for years incommunicado without charge. That's an awesome power for any president to claim - one that must be given a thorough review by the Supreme Court, and soon.

As of yet, the Bush administration has avoided a full-blown legal showdown on this issue. Now Justice Department lawyers are seeking to put off once again a high court ruling in the most notorious case - that of alleged "dirty bomber" and al-Qaeda foot soldier Jose Padilla.

Since his 2002 arrest, Padilla has been held in a U.S. Navy brig on allegations that morphed three times. First, he was alleged to have plotted with al-Qaeda to set off a radioactive bomb. Then he was credited with planning to blow up apartment buildings. Finally, in late November, a federal grand jury in Miami charged Padilla with planning overseas killings and aiding terrorists abroad. The criminal charges were timed curiously: just as Padilla's lawyers sought a full Supreme Court review."

To follow the Abyss to which the American people have fallen into is simple enough for even a child to follow: 

The American President claims the right to designate any American Citizen as an ‘Enemy Combatant’ and make them a ‘Detainee’.   

The New Laws just passed by the US Congress, and signed by their President, now deny all rights of a ‘Detainee’ to appeal to their courts.

One can only imagine the horror of the hundreds of thousands of American Soldiers who gave their lives freeing the German people from the Fascist Rule of the Nazis, and who had enacted these very same laws allowing for the imprisonment of their own citizens, should they see what has been done to their Nation today.

But sadly, the American people of today remain like the German people under the Nazi Regime, and who often repeated, “This will never happen to us.

To the full and monstrous extent of how the American Regime has turned against its own citizens can be evidenced, and again like the Nazi German Regime, in how they treat their most defenseless citizens, their babies and children, and who in the largest mass experiment of humankinds history have been designated as test subjects in their vaccination programme, and to which countless thousands have died and countless millions remain crippled of mind and body for life.

To those few thousands of American babies and children who have been able to escape the American Regimes testing we can read of as reported by the United Press International News Service in their article titled "The Age of Autism: 'A pretty big secret”, and which says:

"It's a far piece from the horse-and-buggies of Lancaster County, Pa., to the cars and freeways of Cook County, Ill. But thousands of children cared for by Homefirst Health Services in metropolitan Chicago have at least two things in common with thousands of Amish children in rural Lancaster: They have never been vaccinated. And they don't have autism.

"We have a fairly large practice. We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we've taken care of over the years, and I don't think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines," said Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Homefirst's medical director who founded the practice in 1973. Homefirst doctors have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, and thousands of them have never been vaccinated."

But even more horrific than what the American Regime is already doing to its babies and children, is what their new laws being planned will enable them to do in the very near future, and as we can read in text of their new law titled “Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005”, and which contains this most horrifying of passages:

“In General- The Secretary, acting through the Director of NIH, in coordination with the Director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Commissioner of Food and Drugs, shall establish and award grants under this section to eligible entities, including other Federal agencies, to study the physiological responses of certain animal species and, where appropriate, juvenile models, to chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear agents or toxins or potential pandemic infectious disease, and to develop and validate such animal models.”

To the United States planned testing of their babies and children to the effects of Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Agents, Toxins, and Infectious Diseases is beyond the comprehension of the sanest mind, but to the American people of today, and like their Nazi German counterparts of last century, they remain lost in mental drunkenness.

How far these insane people have fallen from the ideals of God and Country that they had founded themselves upon can be further evidenced by their Military Leaders banning their Military Chaplains from saying the name of Jesus while wearing their uniforms, and to which one US Navy Officer Chaplin is protesting by a hunger strike, and as we can read as reported by the Stop The ACLU Organization in their article titled "Chaplain ’starves himself’ over Navy no-Jesus prayer policy", and which says:

"The chaplain who has gone without food for two weeks in protest of the Navy’s policy against praying in Jesus’ name says Americans are giving the White House switchboard a workout each time he appears in the media, as supporters urge President Bush to sign an executive order allowing military clergy to pray according to their own faith traditions.

Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt says he will not eat until the president takes action to allow him and other chaplains the freedom to pray and preach without diluting God to a one-size-fits all deity. Klingenschmitt participated in a protest outside the White House two weeks ago, asking Bush to intervene. That was the same day he began his hunger strike.

Klingenschmitt, an Air Force Academy graduate who transferred to the Navy three years ago to be a chaplain, says since his case made national news the Navy has renewed his contract, but still says he cannot pray in Jesus’ name in public while in uniform."

As Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s realized too, the principals of Jesus and the subjugation of a Nation do not co-exist with each other, so the expunging of all traces of Jesus must be completed first, and starting with the children, and as we can see evidenced is having its intended perverse and profound effect upon the children of American, and as we can read as reported by the United States Home News Tribune News Service in their article titled "Jesus figures recovered", and which says:

"Four teenagers charged yesterday in the destruction of a 15-foot crucifix at a borough cemetery and the theft of more than 25 infant Jesus figures from manger scenes "wanted to see the baby Jesuses burn," police said. Police were still digging for information yesterday, but two of the suspects told them they did it out of boredom.

"They were looking for things to do. They told us, "We were going to have a baby-Jesus-burning party,' " said Detective Ken Kelly of the Sayreville Police Department. "The reason they picked (the Jesus figures) was because they looked real." He recalled another statement by one of the suspects: "We just wanted to see their heads burning."

Monsters are not born, they are created.  Barbaric Nations are not born, they too are created. 

Today the most Barbaric Nation our world has seen since the demise of last centuries Nazi and Communist Empires is being created in the United States, and not by its Military Leaders alone, but by the very people of this once great Nation who sit silently by while their Country plunges into the abyss of pure evil.

© January 5, 2006, EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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