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December 28, 2005

Massive North American Plate Fractures Fuel Horrific Fires In Oklahoma and Texas Regions for Second Time In 6 Weeks As Fears Of New Madrid Ocean Basin Forming Grows

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Scientists are reporting today that the fracturing of the North American Plate is violently increasing, and leading to outbursts of inner Earth methane deposits, and which in turn are fueling massive fires in both the United States Oklahoma and Texas Regions for the second time in six weeks.

To the massive fires in these Regions six weeks ago we can read as reported by the CNN News Service in their November 28th article titled "Winds fuel wildfires in Oklahoma, Texas" and which said, "High winds on Monday hampered crews who for a second day battled wildfires that destroyed homes, forced hundreds to evacuate and injured firefighters in parts of Oklahoma and Texas."

To the massive fires raging in these same exact Regions today we can read as reported by the MSNBC News Service in their article titled "Oklahoma, Texas told to expect more fires", and which says, "Texas Gov. Rick Perry issued a disaster declaration Tuesday after more than 70 fires were reported in the northern and central parts of the state. Firefighters from surrounding states were called in to help. At least 50 homes were destroyed in Texas, along with at least five homes and nearly two-dozen other buildings in Oklahoma."

The causing of these massive fires we had previously reported upon in our December 14th report titled "North American Plate Factures Reported As Major US Hydro Electric Dam Fails and Oklahoma Meer’s Fault Zone Begins Outgassing", and wherein we had stated:

“The collapse of this dam also coincides with reports from the near Meer’s Fault Zone Region in Oklahoma where a major outgassing event is currently taking place, and as we can read as reported by the Enid News and Eagle News Service in their article titled "Mysterious Kingfisher-area gas geysers leave officials puzzled" and which says:

“Mysterious unrefined natural gas leaks erupting in rural Kingfisher County in recent days continue to have officials puzzled as to their cause. "We originally thought a pipeline had exploded," said Matt Skinner, Oklahoma Corporation Commission public information manager. "We had the pressure to zero pressure, and the leaks seemed to get bigger. So that's not it." Skinner had said at a press conference Monday geologists and hydrologists are beginning to study underground maps of the area to find an explanation. "We've ruled out the probables, and now we're into the unprobables," he said. "We've never seen one like this before, one that covers such a large area. It's another animal."Skinner  said the leak was unusual because of its size and that it was "moving with no explanation."

To these areas in the United States Texas Region we had likewise previously reported on in our June 28th report titled "Texas Region Fault Zones Awaken as ‘Compressed’ North American Plate Ready to Break Say Russian Scientists, US Scientists Confirm Danger to Continent", and wherein we had stated:

"On the Western side of the Ouachita Tectonic Front in the United States Texas Region we can read as reported by the First Coast News Service in their June 22nd article titled "Massive Crack Opens In Earth In Texas" and which says; "A massive crack in the earth opened up last week in Claude, Texas and it's creating a stir among geologists. Geologists said Tuesday the crack was a joint in the earth's crust. They believe the opening is the result of a weak point in the joint where one spot slips away from the other. Some parts measure more than 30-feet deep and it drained what used to be a pond. Experts say earth cracks are common but the size of the crack in Claude is not."

On the Eastern side of the Ouachita Tectonic Front in the United States Texas Region we can read as reported by the KLTV News Service in their June 26th article titled "Giant Sinkhole A Mystery" and which says; "A sinkhole of historic proportions in Smith county, and its cause is still a mystery. This morning, someone passing through FM 724 saw the sinkhole in the middle of the road. It's about two miles north of Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, just outside New Harmony. Crews with TX-DOT say, ever since then, the hole has been growing steadily. They say it's now 40 to 50 feet in diameter and up to 100 feet deep. A DPS helicopter from Garland flew over the hole to try to figure out what happened. The location of that sinkhole, along a stretch of FM 724 between Highways 64 and 110 will be closed indefinitely."

Further evidence of the massive fracturing of the North American Plate can be found at its Northern juncture at the Great Lakes Tectonic Zone, and where reports from this region are showing accelerated acidification of the Great Lakes where methane pockets are being released, and as we can read in one such report from this area as reported by the Minnesota Public Radio News Service in their article titled "What's behind the mystery rust", and which says:

"Duluth port officials are laying plans for a study that might explain why underwater steel is rusting away at an astonishing rate. Some 14 miles of harbor walls are made out of sheet steel that's showing severe damage from rust in some places. Half inch thick steel forms the sides of shipping docks and harbor walls. The steel plates keep the dirt in place and out of the harbor and shipping channels. But there's a corrosion eating pits into underwater steel - basically holes in steel, that in many places is not very old. Steel plates that should last 50 years are showing damage in 10."

To the outgassing of inner earth methane from the United States Great Lakes Regions we had previously reported on in our October 1st report titled "Massive Outgassing Being Reported In United States As North American Plate Continues Fracturing, Tens of Thousands of Micro-Quakes Being Reported In New Madrid Fault Zone", and wherein we had stated:

“Russian Scientists are reporting today that the fracturing of the North American Continent is continuing unabated, and has now reached the point where trapped methane pockets deep within this tectonic plate are outgassing in various areas of the United States and Canada, and as we can read from just a few of the hundreds of reports we’ve received within the past 24 hours:

As reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Lake Erie burps and nearby residents smell it" and which says, "State and federal environmental officials are trying to determine the cause of a big stink reported along Lake Erie. Hundreds of residents called authorities or the National Weather Service yesterday to report the smell, which has been variously described as like gasoline, natural gas or even decaying garbage and rotten eggs. The smell was strongest yesterday morning when a cold front swept through the area, churning up larger than normal waves from Erie to Dunkirk, N.Y., officials said."

As reported by the Washington Post News Service in their article titled "Mysterious Stench Nauseates Northeast" and which says, "Olive Taylor first noticed the odor Tuesday night outside her Northeast Washington home. By yesterday morning, the smell had turned into a stench so bad that it woke her up. "It was so unlike anything that should have been in my home," said Taylor, 71. "It wasn't really a gas smell. My son said it was a propane smell, but a neighbor said it didn't smell like propane. Maybe it was kind of gassy. It was in fact giving me a headache. "Scores of people in the District called authorities yesterday to complain that a similar odor was invading homes, businesses, a dozen schools and two police stations."

As reported by the Thunder Bay Television News Service in their article titled "Strange smell in Longlac" and which says, "Municipal officials are urging Longlac residents to exercise caution as they investigate reports of 'gasoline-type' odours in the towns sewer system. The problem first cropped up about ten days ago in a variety of homes and businesses...and is reportedly most noticeable in basement areas. The Municipality of Greenstone says it still doesn't know if the smell is from sewer gases, natural gas or an industrial solvent. But its called in both the Ministry of Environment and the District Health Unit to try and track down the problem."

Methane used for industrial purposes, or that which is present in mining operations is almost always odorless, but methane from tectonic plate fracturing is accompanied by odors from decomposing organic materials and whose main outlet into the earths atmosphere is primarily through outgassing through mud volcanoes.   

One of the top research scientist concerned with methane is the American Dr. Thomas Gold of Cornell University, and whose theories much of the world’s science in this area is now based upon, and as we can read from this 1978 report by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks titled "Goldian Methane" and which says:

"Natural gas is mostly methane, normally more than 80%. Composed of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms, methane is the simplest of the hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbon compounds that form the world's oil and gas reserves have long been thought to form from decomposition of vegetable material many millions of years ago, and thereby to be in limited supply.

But now a bold new idea is circulating about the source of methane. Dr. Thomas Gold of Cornell University suggests that a vast store of methane was trapped deep within the earth when the planet was formed. Under high pressure from the weight of overlying rocks composing the solid outer part of the earth, Gold's methane, according to his suggestions, is trying to move upward and to seep out of the earth, a process called outgassing. Gold's idea has major implications about the world's available fuel reserves. If he is right, new exploration and deeper drilling methods can yield a huge supply of energy that might last a million years at the current usage rate. The idea has special interest for Alaska and the Canadian Arctic, too, since the upward migration of methane can be stopped by permafrost. Alaska's frozen North Slope and other Arctic regions with extensive permafrost may be major methane traps

Professor Gold's heretic concept also involves new thoughts on how tsunamis, earthquakes and earthquake lights are generated. His new ideas may be right or they may be wrong. Like many other highly respected and innovative scientists, Gold has been wrong before: years ago he predicted that when the first lunar landings were made the spacecraft would sink out of sight in a deep layer of dust. If he is right this time, future historians will probably acclaim him as a scientific hero of our times."

Reports from the Eastern Coastal Regions of the United States are likewise showing an increase in inner earth methane, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Scientists: Methane 'Burps' Mar Maine's Ocean Floor", and which says, "Scientists say gas bubbling from the ocean floor off Maine has created craters -- sometimes as big as a football stadium. University of Maine researchers believe methane gas provides the answer to the puzzling question of what created the pockmarks on the sea floor."

Of the greatest concern to Russian Scientists, according to these reports, are that the events currently unfolding in the United States are mirroring those of Ethiopia where a new Ocean Basin is beginning to form, and as we can read as reported by the Deutsche Presse-Agentur News Service in their article titled "Scientists observe rare continental rift process in Ethiopia", and which says:

"A continental rifting process that normally takes millions of years to form has developed over a span of seven weeks in the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia.

It was a close study, using radar interferometry, of an earth rupture developing into a rare axial rift zone -- a future possible ocean basin. A continental rifting process that normally takes millions of years to form has developed over a span of seven weeks in the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia. It was a close study, using radar interferometry, of an earth rupture developing into a rare axial rift zone -- a future possible ocean basin.

As Associate Professor Atalay Ayele of the Geophysical Observatory of the Addis Ababa University (AAU) tells it, scientists from Ethiopia and Britain made four expeditions to the Da'ure locality in the Afar Depression between mid-September and early October to collect geophysical and geological data."

To the people of the United States not being allowed to know by their Military Government the full extent of the catastrophic dangers they are facing can be evidenced in this email we have recently received from the New Madrid Fault Zone Region by one of its residents, Janice L. Hastings, and who had written us:

"Whenever we find a new quake in the New Madrid region on the USGS site ~ we flag it on our wall map (trying to see if there is a pattern and if it is moving downward) and wait to hear about it on the appropriate TV channel. IF it is reported it is always minimized as a non important news item which always frustrates us. 

And the fact that USGS has a disconcerting habit of deleting earthquakes from its own map such as the New Orleans earthquake a few days ago. It is also said that government authorities have lowered the Richter scale so it won't seem like it is such a big quake ~ which is why if someone says it is, for example, a 1.5 we always add one point as we figure that is what it truly is.

We are not entirely trusting of the ones who have stolen the seat of government from the people. It hurts us that if we want to know what is going on in this land, we have to go to a source OUTSIDE this country.

We keep our ears low to the ground in listening for information and do our best to get it and share it with anyone who is interested. We have strange things going on locally as my daughter as already mentioned much of. Strange house fires that break out within houses, strange fires that break out in the forests, strange sulphur smells, suddenly appearing sinkholes, cars and trucks that all of a sudden overturn, people falling asleep on the sides of the road, people suddenly going beserk. Trees, power or phone poles falling over for no reason.

Power outages for no readily apparent reason but hastily explained as simple cause. Cows, horses and wildlife suddenly disappearing or seen heading in westerly directions in groups as seen by park service, citizens and local law enforcement.  Numerous dogs all of a sudden escaping and running off with their owners searching franticly for them. 

Dogs barking all over the county all night long or being very edgy, aggressive or overly nervous ~ usually just before an earthquake. Insects and squirrels, for example, acting like they were hypnotized or seem to have lost sense of direction and would spin around and around or wobble back and forh as if drunken. These things seem to be accelerating and occurring with more frequency.

South of Conway Arkansas (as well as Kingfisher Oklahoma) there appeared gas bubbles with accompanying video and we only heard about that for one days news. Rivers/streams/lakes are drying up in central Arkansas in several areas such as the Fourche River and at Woolum in the Buffalo River Area National Forest where river levels have dropped to a historic low. This was a TV report and one which FEMA did not wish to get out but when it did they had to explain it someway. People got very sick in that area at one time as they have in campgrounds in various areas in the forest.  Also strange illnesses in our town too."

It is worth noting too that many of the United States older peoples and prophets have described in their dreams and visions of a New Madrid Ocean Basin forming, such as the American Prophet of last century Edgar Cayce, and who had said, "The waters of the lakes will empty into the Gulf. It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered. Then the area where I am now located (Virginia Beach) will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada, while the western land -- much of that is to be disturbed as, of course much in other lands."

To the exact timing of the catastrophic events to soon occur in this region it is not to our knowing, but the words we had quoted from the Scientists astounded by the events occurring in Ethiopia are worth all of us remembering:

"A continental rifting process that normally takes millions of years to form has developed over a span of seven weeks in the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia.”

© December 28, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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