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October 6, 2005

Extraordinary Solar and Lunar Eclipses during Islam Holy Month Signals Total World War As Muslim Faithful Await the Mahdi and United States Prepares for Final Battle for Survival

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

As the Western World reels from the continued financial impact from the seemingly never ending storms hitting the Americas, Europe and Asia, and likewise are preparing for the total collapse of the entire world’s economic system due to the raging Bird Flu Pandemic, the most momentous event of this new century is occurring right over their heads, yet the vast majority of these Westerners do not even know what they are seeing….this is not true however for the over 1 billion Muslim faithful, and who with this months Solar and Lunar Eclipses during their Holiest Month of Ramadan are awaiting the Rising of the Great Mahdi.

On October 3ed the Sun was eclipsed by the Moon, On October 17th the Earth will come between the Sun and the Moon creating a Lunar eclipse, and to which the faithful of Islam state:

"The solar and lunar eclipses occurring during Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib’s lifetime were great heavenly signs, prophesied in the history of Islam and other religions. Both, the lunar and solar eclipses, occurred in the holy Islamic month of Ramazan (that fell in the months of March and April in the year 1894 A.D.). The lunar eclipse occurred on the 13th of Ramazan (or 20th March 1894) and the solar eclipse occurred on the 28th of Ramazan (or 6th April 1894). This was a unique phenomenon, because never before, in the history of the universe, had both eclipses fallen within the same lunar month. After occurring in the East, the same phenomenon occurred in the West, in the month of Ramazan falling in the year 1895 A.D.

This sign of the Double Occultation of the sun and the moon can be traced as far back as the Old Testament. Speaking of the "Second Coming of the Lord", it says, "the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine" (Isaiah, 13:10). Similarly we read: "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken; and then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven." (St. Matthew, 24:39)."

Astronomers turned every leaf of their dusty record in vain, for not a single similar instance they could find ever since this world came into existence.”

Though the term Mahdi is practically unknown to the Western people, its significance to the World’s Muslims can not be underestimated, as once again the Religion of Islam finds itself under unrelenting attacks by the Axis Powers of the West, and in a war that they believe, should they lose, will annihilate them from the face of the earth.  And though the various sects of Islam diverge as to the meaning of the Mahdi, their belief in a Military Savior arising to battle their enemies is currently consuming their very souls.

“The Arabic term "Mahdi" is best translated with "divinely guided one". The main principle of the Mahdi is that he is a figure that is absolutely guided by God. This guidance is stronger form of guidance than normal guidance, which usually involves a human being willfully acting according to the guidance of God. The Mahdi on the other hand, has nothing of this human element, and his acts will be in complete accordance to God's will.

The figure of Mahdi, and his mission, is not mentioned in the Koran, and there are practically nothing to be found among the reliable hadiths on him either. The idea of the mahdi appears to be a development in the first 2-3 centuries of Islam. In the case of the Shi'i Mahdi many scholars have suggested that there is a clear inspiration coming from the Messiah-figure of Christianity and its ideas of a judgement day in the hands of a religious renewer.

While there are many similarities between the Mahdi and Messias, there are also many variations over the Mahdi theme, which have differed from time to time and from region to region. "Mahdi" has been frequently used for military leaders, both when defining a future leader who would come and free suppressed Muslims, as well as leaders that appeared in flesh and blood.”

Not since the times of the Crusades have the Muslim Nations faced the threat of total annihilation, and against an enemy who has devoted itself to ‘decades of war’, and as we can read as reported by the BBC News Service in their article tilted “Cheney warns of 'decades of war' and which says, "US Vice-President Dick Cheney has said that the US must be prepared to fight the war on terror for decades. Addressing US military personnel, he said that the only way terrorists would win was if the US lost its nerve and abandoned Iraq and the Middle East."

One can only speculate how the mothers and fathers of the United States must feel in the hearing of these words by their Military Leaders not content to sacrifice just their sons and daughters, but also their grandsons, granddaughters…even to their great granddaughters and sons.

But as each successive generation of their war dead return to their bloodied shores these Western people are not even allowed to seek comfort in their Christian Religion as the Dark Pope of Rome has informed them that their most revered book, the Bible, can no longer be counted as being true, and as we can read as reported by the British Times Online News Service in their article titled "Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible" and which says:

"The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has published a teaching document instructing the faithful that some parts of the Bible are not actually true. The Catholic bishops of England, Wales and Scotland are warning their five million worshippers, as well as any others drawn to the study of scripture, that they should not expect “total accuracy” from the Bible. “We should not expect to find in Scripture full scientific accuracy or complete historical precision,” they say in The Gift of Scripture. The document is timely, coming as it does amid the rise of the religious Right, in particular in the US."

But if not ‘total accuracy’ from the Bible can be expected by these Western people, perhaps the prophetic warnings from another of their ancient prophets named Nostradamus should they then heed, and who of these times as apparently warned them about this Global War, and as he had written:

"Near the point of landing  The Crusader Army will be ambushed by The Ismaelites, struck from all sides by the ship, Raviere. Promptly attacked by the elite galleys." C9 Q43

Throughout Asia Minor (Turkey, Kurdistan) There will be a great prohibiting of Outlaws. Even in Turkey, Iran and Iraq, blood will flow because of absolving a young Dark man filled with evil doing." C3 Q60

"In the Arabian Sea, a great fleet will flounder." C6 Q44

"The Sun (Atomic weapon) in The East, Saturn (Death) in The West, War near Orgon (S. France), a great evil seen near Rone, The ships melted and sunk by The Trident (or) The ship of the ones of The Trident will be melted and sunk." C5 Q62

One cannot but help to juxtapose these ancient prophecies with the warnings currently being issued by Iran against the United States, and as we read as reported by the Reuters News Service in their article titled "Be ready to face consequences: Iran to US" and which says, "Iran threatened on Monday to use its 'full might' to US endanger interests if Washington upped the pressure on Tehran over its disputed nuclear programme."

But to accepting warnings about the truthful state of the world these Western people are adverse to, even when it comes from one of their highest elected leaders, Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who after saying these words had the Military Leaders of the United States begin an investigation against him, and as we can read as reported by the American Daily News Service in their article titled "US Looking Sideways: Bird Flu" and which says:

"In respect of human mortality, for the sake of your own families and children, for the honor and satisfaction of doing right, I bid you join in this effort."

What effort? Fighting the bird flu epidemic.

Who was speaking those words? US Senate Majority Leader William H. Frist, M.D., as he delivered his speech to the audience at the Nantucket Atheneum. He was referring to the worldwide threat of infectious diseases.The Washington Post headlines today read: "Indonesia Warns of Bird Flu Epidemic." According to reporter Alan Sipress messaging from Jakarta, Indonesia, that nation "could be on the brink of a bird flu epidemic if the virus continues to accelerate, the country's health minister warned Wednesday as the number of suspected cases in the capital continued to mount."

If such a bird flu attack occurred in North America, the United States would not be prepared. That is why Frist was speaking out. Yet candidly Frist admitted that "like everyone else, politicians tend to look away from danger, to hope for the best, and pray that disaster will not arrive on their watch even as they sleep through it. This is so much a part of human nature that it often goes unchallenged."But looking sideways when one should be looking head-on cannot be tolerated in these troubled times. Therefore, enough of procrastination.

Frist goes on: "But we will not be able to sleep through what is likely coming soon -- a front of unchecked and virulent epidemics, the potential of which should rise above your every other concern. For what the world now faces, it has not seen even in the most harrowing episodes of the Middle Ages or the great wars of the last century. "We are unprepared for rampant epidemics. And even worse, we haven’t taken sufficient note of the fact that though individually each might be devastating, they are susceptible of either purposeful or accidental combination, in which case they could be devastating almost beyond imagination."

Even with this stark warning, checking the Internet for sites focusing on America’s lack of preparedness regarding the bird flu epidemic, the sites are slim. Instead, the sites calmly recite the mantra of the definition of bird flu, how the flu has impacted past history, what an individual can do to ward off that flu, and so forth. It’s like reading how to ward of a sore throat."

The reward for telling the truth to the American people carries a high price however, and as Senator Frist has discovered, and as reported by the CNN News Service in their article titled "SEC chairman withdraws from Frist investigation" and which says, "Cox's statement was the first public acknowledgment by the SEC that it is investigating Frist's sale of stock in HCA, the big hospital operating company founded by his family."

As the United States continues the fight for its very survival the American people themselves remain blindingly ignorant of how dire their situation is growing, and though known by their Military Leaders, these events are not allowed to be broadcast by their Media Organs to the masses themselves. 

And perhaps one the strongest messages of warning the masses of these Western people have not heard could also be the one they should know by heart, and as we can read as reported by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs News Service in their article titled "Osama bin Laden’s Mandate for Nuclear Terror" and which says:

"An Islamic religious ruling that had been kept from the public for a year-and-a-half granted Osama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders permission to use nuclear, biological or chemical weapons against the United States and its allies. The existence of the ruling, or fatwa, was revealed by Michael Scheuer, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer who headed the agency’s Bin Laden unit from 1996 to 1999 during the course of a November 14 broadcast of the CBS news show Sixty Minutes. The fatwa was issued by a prominent Saudi cleric on May 21, 2003, and is an ominous sign that bin Laden and al Qaeda no longer accept moral or religious values obstructing the use of weapons of mass destruction."

Tonight the world no longer stands at the abyss….Tonight we have truly plunged into it. 

© October 6, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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