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July 27, 2005

North American Meteorite Explosions Continue As Previously Unknown Debris Field Hits Planet, Continued Solar Flares Raising Concerns among Scientists

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

The World’s Scientific community has become increasingly alarmed over these past weeks as a previously unknown ‘debris field’ continues to interact with the Earth and continues to pummel the Northern Hemisphere Regions, particularly North America, with a series of high atmospheric meteorite explosions, and as we can read from these various reports from these areas:

As reported by the Siskiyou Daily News Service in their article titled "Meteor seen in Siskiyou skies Tuesday" and which says, "At 2:20 Tuesday afternoon, callers began alerting Yreka police and the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department to a "fire ball" that had come from the sky and believed to have landed near the city's corporation yard."

As reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Strange Light May Have Been Exploding Meteorite" and which says, "People all across Middle Tennessee called in reports of a streak in the sky followed by a loud boom, and experts now think it may have been a meteorite. Sightings were reported throughout Tennessee and Kentucky, and Rocky Alvey at Vanderbilt's Dyer Observatory said he believes it was a meteorite called a bolide. Alvey said a bolide is a fireball that explodes in the air. Astronomers who track reports of fireballs in the sky have received reports about what happened Monday night."

As reported by the Edmonton Sun News Service in their article titled "Meteorite hits tractor" and which says, "An unusual rock that fell out of the sky, through a shed and into a tractor earlier this month appears to be a meteorite, says a director with the Geological Survey of Canada. An afternoon picking strawberries took a bizarre twist for Adeline Kelly on July 17 when a chunk of rock plummeted from the sky, penetrating the tin roof of a shed and piercing the manifold of a tractor on her and her husband's Montney ranch, just north of Fort St. John. The stone bounced several times after landing. Adeline searched for the object and eventually found a small, rough-surfaced black and grey stone with specks of diamond-like material embedded in it. Part of the stone had shattered, but much of it was still intact."

As reported by the KOIN News Service in their article titled "Fireball Streaks Across Oregon Skies Tuesday" and which says, "According to the Cascade Meteorite Lab at Portland State University, a fireball streaked across the sky at 2:17 p.m. The fireball was seen in Portland, Medford and most likely most places in between. A fireball is a meteorite that has entered our atmosphere and is burning up.  Most times it burns up totally before hitting the ground but once in a while we get a meteorite that lands on earth."

United States authorities have also warned their citizens as the likelihood of large amounts of debris entering their Southern Regions, though not telling them of the true origins of this space debris, and as we can read as reported by the Sun-Sentinel News Service in their article titled “S. Florida to get dusty next week as Sahara sand cloud moves in" and which says;

"By Monday or Tuesday, a Sahara dust outbreak, or a cloud of what originally was African sand carried across the Atlantic on the back of a tropical wave, is expected to settle over the region for about 12 hours, forecasters said. It might turn the skies milkier and leave a light coating of reddish-brown dust on your car, the result of a small amount of iron content. It also could make the sunrise and sunset spectacular, said Jim Lushine of the National Weather Service in Miami."

To the absurdity that any American would believe it capable that a Sahara Dust Strom could ever reach their country is a testament to how far they have fallen behind even the lowest grade grammar school students in Russia who know that these storms go to Brazil, and as one can see by reading the reports of one of the worlds foremost authorities on these types of events, Dr. Victor Squires from  Australia’s Adelaide University, and who in his report titled "Physics, Mechanics and Processes Of Dust and Sandstorms" has stated;

"Sand-dust originating from the Sahara Desert passes through torrid Atlantic Ocean to the Amazon Basin over large-scale circulation.  In the central Amazon basin, matching the main precipitation system in the rainy season, the low-pressure centre of the precipitation system produce motive power and vertically blows up sand-dust to the sky causing suddenly paroxysmal sand-dust storms."

Though not impossible for these Sahara Dust storms to reach the Southern Regions of the United States, it is beyond understanding that these Americans could believe that sand-storms produce ‘reddish-brown’ dust; surely there must be some of them that have seen the colour of sand!

The more likely explanation for these events, according to Russian Scientific reports, is that this new space debris field has its origins from Mars, which does have ‘reddish-brown’ dust, and as we can read from the United States Tufts University report titled “Mars” and which states, “The highly oxidizing material has even turned Mars red. Its distinctive hue looks like rust, and for a good reason. Analysis with Viking lander instruments has shown that the reddish soil has a high content of iron, denoted by Fe, which has been oxidized to produce a form of rust known as ferric oxide, or FeO. It accounts for the planet’s pronounced red color."

Russian theoretical physicists are further reporting that this massive new debris field currently interacting with our planet has the potential to hold within it at least one ‘massive’ object, of an as yet undetermined size, and as evidenced by our Suns actions of these past few days which have seen an unprecedented amount of solar flare activity, and as we can read as reported by the Space Weather.Com News Service,  "No fewer than eight coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have exploded away from the sun since July 22nd. This high level of activity is not producing auroras on Earth, however, because none of the CMEs is heading our way. All of the blasts have been on the farside of the sun.These 'spots could be the source of the blasts. If so, a new batch of CMEs could soon be heading toward Earth. Because the sun spins, sunspots on the farside now will be rotating around to face Earth later this week and next."

But the most immediate concerns relating to these new events remains the effects these are having upon our earth, and as we had previously reported on in our January 13th report titled "Increasing Western Media Concern about Chaotic Global Weather, Earthquakes and Meteor Explosions in Atmosphere" and wherein we had stated;

“Could this news collective have included these events of the past few weeks too?

On December 4th in the New England Region of the United States where it is says, “the bright flash light up the clouds, three seconds later came the boom”

On December 6th over Australia where it was reported, “An eerie, constant, low rumbling sound accompanied the explosions.” From ‘fireballs’.

On December 12th the reports from the Washington D.C. Region of the United States that says, “It looked like a ball of fire falling out of the sky.".

On December 13th the report of the fireball that lit up the skies of China ‘turning night into day’.

On December 16th from the Utah Region of the United States where it was reported, “Meteor May Have Fallen in Salt Lake

On December 19th where in Indonesia a news report was headlined, “Meteor suspected amid unexplained sightings and blast in Indonesia

On December 21st where an unknown asteroid, and since named 2004 YD5, was discovered flying past the earth and under our satellites.

On January 5th where in the Wisconsin Region of the United States a news report says, “Authorities in north central Wisconsin received dozens of reports Tuesday evening of bright flashes of light in the sky, as from an explosion, and they said it likely came from meteor activity."

On January 7th where in the Alaskan Region of the United States a news report says, “Juneau residents saw a fiery ball traversing the sky.”

On January 12th where in India it is reported, “I saw a huge ball of fire in the air. It raced down to the earth so fast that before I could do anything."

But, if they had presented these events for consideration they would have also had to have shown that these sightings contradict The American Meteor Society, and as they have stated, “Due to the combination of all of these factors, only a handful of witnessed meteorite falls occur each year."

To these Western minds the facts presented by their own scientific institutions that show ‘only a handful’ of meteorite falls are witnessed each year, to this most strange of years where the reports number in the hundreds, in just 7 months time, not only causes them no alarm, it also fails to even arouse their interest. 

The reasons for this being so are also not even hidden from their knowledge, and as evidenced by their own American Center for Media Literacy guidelines established for their media organs, and which are: 1.) All media messages are ‘constructed.’ 2.) Media messages are constructed using a creative language with its own rules. 3.) Different people experience the same media message differently. 4.) Media have embedded values and points of view.  5.) Most media messages are constructed to gain profit and/or power.

To the motivations of their Rulers and Leaders to keep these Western peoples in a never-ending consuming lifestyle it is no surprise, after all these elite peoples have to depend upon the wealth of their citizens to build and equip their protective underground cities.  Towards that end these Western peoples are not allowed to read any information from their media organs which would make them cease from consuming and instead devote their precious resources into protecting themselves or their families.

As yet another day brings these peoples towards the abyss, yet another day passes when they fail to heed the warnings of other peoples, their own weather, their own sky and even the most important warnings from God.  

© July 27, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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