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July 21, 2005

Nuclear Attack in United States ‘Imminent’ As Jews Continuing Fleeing From North America, Benjamin Netanyahu Identified As London ‘Target’ In Bombings, Israel Continues Descent into Total Chaos

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the terrorist attacks in London were the result of a failed Israeli Mossad Operation to assassinate the Israeli Government Official Benjamin Netanyahu, and who Western Intelligence Forces have identified as being the leader of the massive Israeli Spying Ring presently being targeted in the United States and who are ‘ready’ to target an American city with a smuggled in Nuclear Bomb.

Perhaps these most strange events are best stated by one of President Putin’s aides who said, “We are now seeing the beginning of the end for Israel, at least as it used to be, and the United States is a part of their battleground, maybe the whole world we be.”

The consequences of Israel’s present Civil War spreading beyond its borders does indeed have grave consequences for the entire world and as the latest victims in London can attest to when different factions within Israel’s Intelligence begin fighting among themselves.  But the intended victim of the London terrorist attacks, Benjamin Netanyahu managed to escape the same fate, and as we can read as reported by French Bella Ciao News Service in their article titled “Who tipped off Benjamin Netanyahu to London attacks and why didn’t they tell anyone else?" and which says;

"Terrorism expert Tommy Preston of Preston Global in Frankfort, Kentucky, said sources in the intelligence community reported that at least one person in London, England was warned of Thursday morning’s terrorist attacks moments before the initial blast. Preston, citing sources in the intelligence community, said former Israeli Prime Minister and current Finance Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was in London this morning for an economic forum. "Just before the first blast, Netanyahu got a call from the Israeli Embassy telling him to stay in his hotel room. The hotel is located next to the subway station where the first attack occurred and he did stay put and shortly after that, there was the explosion," Preston said."

The situation in Israel itself at this hour remains grave, and as we can read as reported Israelis Haaretz News Service in their article titled "Police expect violence in anti-pullout march to Gaza" and which says, "Pullout protesters were planning to hold a banned march to the Gaza Strip settlement of Gush Katif on Wednesday evening. Police said they were expecting violent clashes. About 20,000 security forces personnel, some equipped with water hoses, were encircling the Kfar Maimon encampment and preparing to stop the estimated 7,000 protesters from marching. The protesters were planning to break through the western gate of Kfar Maimon, the western Negev town where right-wing activists have been encamped since Monday night, when they began their march."

To the spectacle of Israeli’s fighting and killing each other the world has never seen, but to the Israeli’s themselves their actions against the War Criminal Sharon are indeed meant to free their Nation from clutches of the criminals currently ruling over them, and as we can read as reported by Israel’s Haaretz News Service in their article titled "Settler rally held despite efforts to prevent march" and which says;

"MK Effi Eitam (Religious Zionism) said that preventing buses from reaching Netivot was a "tragic mistake that would escalate the situation and create more violence." MK Uri Ariel (National Union) called the move a stupid mistake, saying "the prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has created with his own hands the radicals and provocateurs, he behaves like a dictator and does not allow people to express their protest and feelings democratically." The Yesha Council was also infuriated by the move that they called a "tyrranical behavior of the Sharon clan." According to the council "a red line has been crossed whereby the prime minister does not allow the holding of a wide public protest against all the rules of democracy."

As always the truthfulness of these events are not being told to the American peoples, and as we can read as reported by Israel’s Arutz Sheva News Service in their article titled "Sharon Wants to Take Over Jewish Nation's Assets" and which says, "Speaking with Arutz-7's Elkanah Perl, Schachter emphasized both the corruption and high-handed methods of Sharon and his close cronies, and the dearth of accurate information available to Israel-supporters in the U.S. "The voice of those who oppose the disengagement plan is not heard the way it should be amongst U.S. Jewry," Schachter said. "There is a feeling here as if Sharon is the great savior of Israel, because he's a great general who knows exactly what he's doing...and that's the problem. It's important that this news is publicized in the U.S. in order to strengthen those who are fighting for the Land of Israel and to have people get to know the facts."

But to the average Israeli citizens themselves these terrifying events are all to real, and as we can read as reported by the Israel Today News Service in their article titled "Prophets of Doom" and which says, "The latest polls show that Israeli public support for the Gaza pullout has plunged to a low of 48 percent, down from a high of 68 percent in February. Pollsters say many Israelis are fed up with the turmoil over the plan, which is dividing the nation. The outgoing head of Israel’s Shin Bet security service (the Israeli equivalent of the FBI) also left his post on a pessimistic note. Avi Dichter said Jewish militants might open fire on Israeli troops during the Gaza evacuation, or worse, they could try a suicide attack to kill Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. With these dire warnings it’s no wonder that public support for the withdrawal has declined. It’s becoming obvious to the public that the pullout, which is costing more than $2 billion and tearing the nation apart, will not accomplish anything."

As the events of London on 7/7 and New York on 9/11 also clearly show, there is no escaping for the world from these events in Israel, and as we can read as reported by the Washington Post Writers Group News Service in their article titled "Chertoff fears nuclear attack" and which says, "Michael Chertoff scares me. That’s good, because Tom Ridge was just making us laugh. Chertoff, the new homeland security chief, has been making the rounds in the past week after months immersed in the broken bureaucracy he inherited from Ridge. He’s thrown out the childish props that provided so much raw material for late-night comics. No duct tape for him. Chertoff knows that few of the most visible “homeland security” measures the Bush administration made so much of after 9/11 are going to help. Certainly not the color-coded national threat-o-meter, which made people in Minnesota think they needed to worry as much as people in Manhattan.

Not the 30-minute, no-stand rule aboard airliners flying in and out of Washington’s Reagan National Airport. Soon we may hear it is no longer necessary to force toddlers to remove their Shrek sneakers before boarding. Chertoff is a serious man who insists upon talking about such serious possibilities as an attack involving nuclear materials, and the need for his department to have a chief medical officer to “mitigate” the effects of a biological attack. Listening to Chertoff, you sense that he agrees with just about every police official who popped up on TV in the days immediately after the London bombings. We can’t prevent every attack, they said.

Now the homeland security chief tells us we continue to be at risk for a catastrophe that troubles his sleep far more than the prospect of a bomb or two on a subway or bus. Chertoff manages to instill faith in his own stewardship, while simultaneously undermining confidence in the president he serves."

To good effect is the United States Homeland Security Director worried about a terrorist nuclear attack, especially since the highest ranking Israeli spies in America continue their flights to Israel before American Intelligence Authorities are able to arrest them, and as we can read as reported by The Hill News Service in their article titled "Abramoff duo quits U.S." and which says;

"Two former associates of Jack Abramoff, the embattled lobbyist, left the country Monday night en route to a new life in Israel. The relocation comes as a Justice Department taskforce presses forward with an investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing stemming from Abramoff’s business dealings. Sam Hook and his wife Shana Tesler both worked with Abramoff at the law firm, Greenberg Traurig.  Hook served as the registered agent for Grassroots Interactive, a lobbying venture tied to Abramoff that has reportedly been subpoenaed by the Justice Department taskforce."

These top Israeli spies also join the mass exodus of Jews from North America currently being undertaken, and as we had previously reported on in our July 8th report titled "Mass Exodus of Jews from United States Begins as ‘Summer of Blood’ Predicted For America as US Backed Iraq signs Defense Treaty with Iran" and wherein we had stated;

“Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the Israeli Government has ordered an expedited removal from both the United States and Canada of all its ‘Special Assets’ and for their immediate return to Israel.  This information has also been confirmed by Israeli Press Sources, and as we can read as reported by the Israeli Arutz Sheva News Service in their article titled “Record Number of US & Canadian Jews Moving to Israel on Single Day" and which says;

"More than 1,800 North American Jews will move to Israel this summer through Nefesh B’Nefesh in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel. On July 13th, 2005 two separate chartered El Al flights with some 500 olim (immigrants) from the U.S. & Canada will arrive simultaneously, marking the largest arrival of North American Jews in Israel’s history. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Vice Premier Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Jewish Agency Chairman Ze’ev Bielski and other officials will greet the first of this summer’s arrivals."

This information coincides with our previous report of today titled "British Commando Units Seal off Israeli Embassy in London in Wake of Attacks as US Congressman Suspected of being Israeli Spy Is Detained While Attempting to Flee to Israel" and wherein we had reported on Israelis Top Spies in the United States attempting to flee to Israel immediately prior to the tragic terrorist attacks in London. 

Speculations among Russian Security Analysts are that these sudden moves by Israeli Intelligence Organizations are but pre-cursers to a series of catastrophic terrorists events scheduled for the Americas this summer, and what one Analyst states will be the United States ‘Summer of Blood.”

For the reasons of the dismantling of this massive Israeli Spying Ring in Israel we have also previously reported upon in our June 25th report titled "United States Begins Long Awaited Crackdown on American Jews as Massive Israeli Spy Network Suspected Of Smuggling Nuclear Weapon into Western Part of America", and wherein we had reported;

“But to the United States greatest concern are the ever increasing concern is that their Homeland is about to become another battleground in this Secret War with Israel, especially with the reports that both the American FBI and CIA are frantically searching for a former Mossad Officer named David E. Lipman to uncover the whereabouts of a Nuclear Weapon smuggled into the United States.  News reports from the Israeli Newspaper the Jerusalem Post clearly show the targeting of this Mossad Agent by the Military Leaders of the United States in their article titled "Missing Arizona rabbi faces child abuse charges" and which says;

"Rabbi David E. Lipman has disappeared without a trace from his home and Reform synagogue in Prescott, Arizona, missing since May 20 after two teenage girls from his congregation accused him of fondling them. Prescott police have no leads on the whereabouts of Lipman, who is reported to be proficient in several languages and who spent time in Israel during his studies at Hebrew Union College."

But not to abusing children is Mossad Agent Lipman’s real crime, but for a number of cross border meetings with the International Arms Dealer Arif Durrani is he wanted, and as we had previously reported on in our June 23ed report titled "Mossad Attack upon the United States ‘Imminent’ As Massive Power Struggle Erupts In Washington over Israeli Lasers Provided To Iraqi Insurgents and Israel Draws Closer To China" and wherein we had stated;

“As the United States also places further sanctions upon the Israeli Government for both their massive spying operations being uncovered at the highest levels of American Political, Economic and Media leaderships and the passing onto China of some of the most secret United States weapons technology, the Israeli Government has decided to abandon its support of American and switch its allegiance towards the Chinese, and as we can read as reported by the Jerusalem Post News Service in their article titled "China, Israel discuss expanding defense ties" and which says;

"Expansion of defense ties with Israel was on the agenda during talks with his Israeli counterparts this week, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said Tuesday. Li, who spoke at the start of a meeting with the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, did not go into detail about the current dispute between Israel and the US over the Israel upgrade of Chinese Harpy drones. He said that during his visit he had held talks on expanding ties in the fields of "trade, army, culture, education and tourism."

Of the greatest concern to the Americans however is what the Mossad had recently transported to the United States from Mexico under the direction of one of Israel’s most known and trusted arms dealers who has been arrested in Mexico, and as we can read as reported by the Mexidata News Service in their article titled "Intrigue behind arrest of Pakistani arms dealer in Mexico" and which says;

"Convicted Pakistani arms dealer Arif Durrani was captured in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico, by a special team of agents sent from Mexico City, on June 12.  And while Mexican government officials initially gave out little information on why he was detained, once the decision was reached to deport Durrani (on immigration charges), according to the Associated Press a statement was made: “Durrani faces an arrest warrant in the U.S. for trafficking in anti-aircraft missiles.”

Durrani, who following his arrest was taken to Mexico City, was put on a June 15 flight that made a stop in Los Angeles, California.  Upon landing in the U.S., Durrani was taken into custody by federal officials for illegally exporting military aircraft parts, according to a 1999 indictment unsealed the following day.

Yet there are other possible scenarios that could clarify the arrest: Durrani was still trafficking in illicit arms; he was organizing a Mexico-based terrorist plot against the U.S.; or he was about to go public with allegations regarding the Iran-Contra affair.

Durrani is definitely a shady character, an international arms dealer from Pakistan who once served prison time for selling arms to Iran in the Iran-Contra scandal.  As well, his mere presence in Rosarito Beach, located just south of the U.S.-Mexico border from San Diego, is suspicious. During his residency in Rosarito Beach, Durrani could have been shipping contraband across the border, or even organizing a terrorist plot.

But if he was a national security threat, why did U.S. authorities allow him to openly live in Rosarito Beach for over one year?  Following Durrani’s release from prison and deportation from the U.S., he ultimately moved to Rosarito Beach where he operated openly.  And without doubt U.S. authorities knew where he was. In fact, Durrani well may have been in Mexico with the tacit agreement of the U.S. government.

Professor Alan Block at Pennsylvania State University states, “there was a deal made with the U.S. immigration authorities that permitted him to live in Baja California.  I am absolutely certain that they knew he was there.” As well, Durrani was once seen in Rosarito Beach driving a Mercedes with U.S. government license plates, which he said belonged to a friend.  Could the U.S. authorities have allowed a known arms trafficker to operate freely along the border for over one year? Another possibility is that U.S. officials did not consider him a threat because Durrani had worked for them. Durrani has long maintained that he worked for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and that he sold arms to Iran per instructions that came from Oliver North when the latter was with the National Security Council.  Durrani’s legal defense is that he was North’s “fall guy” in the Iran-Contra affair."

Russian Intelligence Analysts further report that the Mossad attacks in London, and like the American attacks on September 11, 2001, were preceded by manipulations of the world’s financial markets that have been traced back to Israel, and as we can read as reported by the WorldNetDaily News Service in their article titled “Who shorted British pound? Currency fell 6% in 10 days before London terror attacks" and which says;

"In the 1988 Hollywood hit "Die Hard," starring Bruce Willis, a group of "terrorists" take over a Japanese banking institution in Los Angeles, hold hostages and make demands for release of "political prisoners."  But it turns out the terrorists aren't really terrorists. They are bank robbers trying to make off with the fortune in the bank's vaults. Could it be Osama bin Laden has seen "Die Hard"? That is a question Scotland Yard and other law enforcement agencies are actually asking themselves following the July 7 London transit system attacks that killed 54 and injured scores more as they continue to scour the planet for evidence and additional conspirators.

Why? Because it appears some profited by short selling the British pound in the 10 days leading up to the attacks. The pound fell about 6 percent (approximately 1.82 to 1.72) against the dollar for no apparent reason – until, of course, the terror attacks sent the British markets reeling still further. "This was an almost unprecedented weakness and far too sharp to be a coincidence," one economist with more than 35 years of experience in the investment industry [said]."

But of all of the mistakes committed by Israel’s Mossad in the London attacks, and according to Russian Intelligence Reports, the allowing of one of their British Operatives to enter Israel, and not erase this information, was perhaps their biggest ‘slipup’, and as we can read as reported by Italy’s ADN Kronos International News Service in their article titled "London Bombs: Suspect Bomber's Puzzling Israel Visit" and which says;

"Israeli authorities have revealed that one of the suspects in the London bombings visited Israel in 2003, but that they have no evidence to link him to a suicide attack against a Tel Aviv night club carried out shortly afterwards by two British nationals of Pakistani origin. Mohammed Sidique Khan, a teacher's assistant at an eleimentary school, arrived in Tel Aviv and left the next day, Israeli officials have told reporters. Investigators say they have no evidence that Khan, himself of Pakistani origin, was linked to Assif Muhammad Hanif who on 30 April 2003 blew himself up at a Tel Aviv nightspot, killing another three people, and his alleged accomplice, Omar Khan Sharif, who was subsequently found in the sea off Tel Aviv.

Still, some Israelis are now wondering whether Sidique Khan's visit - which took place shortly before the suicide attack - was somehow related to the bombing. Visitors carrying British passports do not require a visa to enter Israel and terrorism experts in the country have warned that lenient regulations governing access to the Jewish state from abroad could make it more vulnerable to terrorist attacks."

(I must personally comment on this particular articles seeming to allude that anyone can enter Israel from a foreign country without suspicion, this is not true.  The security provisions imposed by Israel against all foreigners, especially those from American and Britain, are the most stringent in the world and anyone having visited Israel knows there is nothing ‘lenient’ at all about whom they allow in their country.)

The greatest danger to the Americans themselves remains the likelihood of one or more of their cities being attacked with the nuclear bombs that have been smuggled into their country.  Even greater is their not being told by their Military Leaders the horrible truths relating to who is attacking them and why.  It has been often reported here of the Americans inability to understand the world as a whole, this we know, but even with this being so their right to know these things should be respected.

It has often been said that the only people who are able to survive and those who have prepared.  It is likewise known that people only realize this after disaster strikes.  No where is this more evident in America today than in New York City, where having suffered and lived through one such attack their citizens have learned this lesson well, and as we can read as reported by the New York Daily News Service in their article titled   "Most in city have terror survival plan" and which says;

"Nearly nine out of 10 New Yorkers now stock emergency supplies in their homes in case of a terror attack or other disaster, according to a survey released yesterday. The city's Office of Emergency Management, which launched a preparedness campaign two years ago, said New Yorkers have responded in a big way. A recent survey by Marist College found: 88% of New Yorkers stock some emergency supplies in their home. 51% say they have an emergency plan. 55% have a "Go Bag" of supplies to take with them in an emergency - including copies of important documents, contact numbers, cash, bottled water and snacks, a flashlight, a portable radio, prescriptions, and a first-aid kit."

Sadly though the remainder of the citizens in this country have not learned these lessons, but they soon will. 

© July 21, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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