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June 23, 2005

New Zealand Grinds to Halt as Massive Flu Epidemic Hits Tens of Thousands and Children Begin Dying

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

In what Russian Scientists are calling a prelude to the World Wide Flu Pandemic soon to overtake a defenseless world, the country of New Zealand has ground to virtual halt from a massive flu epidemic, and as we can read as reported by the New Zealand Herald in their article titled  "Flu epidemic hits hospital hard"  and which says;

"Elective surgery has been postponed as Hawke's Bay Hospital reels from the impact of the flu bug and other viruses which have hit staff and patients and filled its beds. The hospital is "full to capacity", Hawke's Bay District Health Board's chief operating officer Ray Lind said."

Most disturbing about this epidemic is its targeting of children, and as we can read as reported by New Zealand’s Dominion Post in their article titled "Flu is killing our kids" and which says; "A deadly strain of influenza B has claimed three young lives in the past six weeks and is now an epidemic among children in the North Island. The Health Ministry appealed for vigilance yesterday after revealing that the flu outbreak, which has struck thousands of children and swept through schools around the country, had killed a third victim."

World Health Organizations also have confirmed the findings of New Zealand scientists that there is no cure for this flu, and as we can read as reported by the New Zealand News Talk News Service in their article titled "No protection against virulent flu strain" and which says, "This year's flu vaccine did not not offer protection against a virulent strain which has infected thousands. Three young people have died from complications after contracting the Hong Kong strain of influenza B. Ministry of Health Chief Advisor Pat Tuohy says the World Health Organisation did not issue a warning about this particular strain, so it was not included in this year's vaccination. He says the current outbreak is significant, with thousands of children affected."

Not just to the flu alone are the people of New Zealand hit, but by other viruses that their scientists have labeled as ‘mysterious’, and as we can read as reported by the New Zealand City News Service in their May 30th article titled  "School reopens after mystery bug" and which said, "St Marks Church School in Wellington reopens this morning after more than a quarter of its pupils were off sick last week, due to an unidentified virus. It is one of several schools in the region to struck by the illness, which has not yet been identified. The school's classrooms were commercially cleaned over the weekend to help stop the bug spreading. Schools across Auckland are also battling a winter virus outbreak and hundreds of students have been stricken."

Even to the earliest stages of this epidemic the doctors in New Zealand have been powerless to stop its spread, and as we can read from the New Zealand Times News Service in their May 27th article titled "Plague of winter illnesses hammers children" and which said, "Hundreds of school children were kept home sick yesterday as Auckland felt the brunt of a crop of viruses. Some schools have had close to a fifth of their pupils off sick. At Auckland Grammar, 500 of the school's 2600 students were home sick yesterday. Headmaster John Morris said: "It's unheard of. I'm not sure we can do anything to stem it."

What is most puzzling about this massive epidemic that has no cure is that very few countries in the world, with the exception of both Russia and China, have restricted the travel of persons from New Zealand from entering their countries, even to the United States which has not even issued travel warnings to its citizens. As one Russian Intelligence Analyst speculated in a report to President Putin about this epidemic, “It is as if they want their own citizens to become infected.”

Though vary rarely reported in the United States, the Pandemic striking the world is beginning to be noticed, and reported upon, by some of their most influential Media Barons, such as Mortimer B. Zuckerman the Chairman of the New York Daily News who stated in his article titled "A nightmare scenario";

"Should we sound the alarm for a worldwide epidemic that might not occur? There is no choice with the avian flu emerging from Asia. Last week's disclosure that an Indonesian man tested positive for the bird flu that has already killed more than 50 people in Southeast Asia was just the latest chilling news about the disease. Should it develop certain genetic changes, international health experts warn, bird flu could spark a global pandemic, infecting as much of a quarter of the world's population and killing as many as 180 million to 360 million people - at least seven times the number of AIDS deaths, all within a matter of weeks."

To the correctness of Mr. Zuckerman’s calling to ‘sound the alarm’ there is no doubt, but to the actual sounding of this ‘alarm’ by the Western countries leaders still remains to be seen.  But of the fact that when their children and young people begin dying by the tens of thousands the ‘alarm’ will then be sounded there is no doubt either.

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