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June 18, 2005

Black Deer with Human Eyes Born In the Americas Signals Catastrophic Earth Changes Soon To Come

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

To the peoples of the Americas has come a most precious gift in the form of a Great Sign from their older peoples legends, but of which these Westerners most sadly to say will neither understand nor heed.

Reports have reached us today that details the astounding birth of one of the Americas most rarest of creatures, a Black Deer with Blue eyes, and as we can read as reported by the Denver Channel News Service in their article titled "Rare Black Deer Born In Colorado" and which says;

"You see lots of deer on Colorado's Western Slope but not very many that look like Midnight -- an all-black deer born this past weekend in Loma, Colo. Wildlife experts say an all-black deer is even more rare than an albino deer. They say most hunters will never see a black deer in their lifetime. Midnight was born on a family farm and his owners didn't know what they had at first. "It reminded me of a bear cub, and it was just black and it was chasing that doe around and I thought, 'What do we got in there?" said farmer Steve Bittle."Thought it as just ... it was weird," said Midnight's owner Hayley Bittle. Midnight also has a strange feature -- blue eyes."

But not just to being a ‘rare’ deer is this Black Deer, but to being the only one of its kind ever reported, and as we can read as reported by the American Organization Deer Farmer’s Digest, "Even more rare is a black deer skin. I've only seen one of these, and as far as I know, there are only two in existence. Not really black, but a very dark gray color."

The American magazine, North American Whitetail, has further stated in their article titled “Rarest White Tails of All” that, "In terms of coloration, which whitetails are the rarest of all? Most hunters would claim that distinction belongs to albinos, which lack any pigment in their skin or hair.  But as unusual as it is to see a whitetail that's far too light in color, it's even less common to see one that's far too dark.  On the continent as a whole, "melanistic" or "melanic" deer- so named because their bodies produce far too much of the hair, skin and retina pigment known as melanin-are definitely the rarest of the rare.  In going over the scientific literature, Dr. John T. Baccus and Dr. John C. Posey (Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas) have been unable to find any record of melanistic deer being documented anywhere prior to 1929."

More astounding about this birth of the Black Deer are that its eyes are blue when they should be brown, because as we know melanin is a protein and like other proteins the amount and type are coded into the genes. The irises of all eyes in mammals containing a large amount of melanin will always appear black or brown, but in this Black Deer, and whose colour of black can only be due to a high level of melanin, its eyes are Blue. 

But to the older peoples of the Earth’s legends we always know that animals born with Blue Eyes are for showing to us humans that they are ‘seeing’ through our ‘eyes’ and that we should understand the message they are sending to us.  And where once in the Americas the news of this Black Deer with Blue Eyes would serve as the warning it was meant to convey, in today’s Western world such an amazing event as this is looked upon as just a curiosity without any deeper meaning.

To the older peoples of the Americas however the knowledge and wisdom of the Deer Clan’s legends are very well known and it is well worth our time to remember their ancient story:

"This is the life of the Deer Clan. The black deer and the elk with him, where the center of the earth is, there they appeared. And they went to the east side. There they were going. Then the black deer said, "My dear younger brother, I am heavy in flesh. Go on alone -- here is where I will remain," he said. He did not go there. And he went back to the center of the earth whence they started. He came back. Again they asked him four times. Again, indeed, they did it. There the black deer recognized the money necklace.

So the Deer Clan was beaten. So he called himself "Black Deer Chief." And going back, they went again. Likewise, he recognized the money necklace himself. They went around the earth. And again under the black deer they went east. The big one went first. As they went, this one wondered where they started from. Again they came back there. "My brother, you yourself try to do something," he said. So Hena (the second born) he went first himself. They set out. Again they went. They came back there. "My brother, you yourself try to do something," he said.

And so Haga went first. They had come back again. And they told Naghíga to go first. He suddenly came to the fore. When he hit the right side of his horn on the earth, there he made an herb appear. When he did it, the flower was very white. Again when he struck the earth with the left side horn, he generated a tree there. And the stem of the herb is meant for eating, for that he made it. And again they ate the fruit of the tree. There they ate from the top of the tree. And so they said that they would call the name of one of the women by the name "She who Eats from the Top of the Tree."

And when they went walking they made the earth tremble, it is said. They went to the east side. And so they said that they would name a man "Shakes the Earth," they said. And if there were some brothers, they would call the smallest, "Walking Leader," they would call him. And again among the women one came to be called, "She who Comes Back." Again the men would call him, "He who Comes Back."

In the beginning, they went back there again. This is the reason on account of which they say that whatever movements they did, from these they got their names. The names for however they lived, they called themselves by the name. And they lived in control of the cardinal winds. And so if on a very nice day a voice should be heard, the day would be transformed into a bad day.

Again, it being a bad day, hearing the voice will transform into a very nice day. And so the Deer Clan people have control over the day. And so they call themselves with the name, "They Play with the Wind," they would call them. Also they say, "Going with the Wind Woman," they say. Where deer would situate themselves as they go, going with the wind, they would situate themselves, and so they say that.

Not anywhere on the earth did they miss. There they came home. The big one collapsed. And they said, "What has happened?" they said. Then Henu said, "My younger brother, not at anytime did he say something." Then he said, "I don't know a thing." Nañghi alone spoke and said, "My dear older brothers, our older brother has died. Thus did Earthmaker do it that way."

And he talked to the dead one, saying to him, "In the first place, my older brother, the Creator made for you, this first one, a place of safety. That he did. You have not obtained a large portion of life. You made those of us above the ground poor. And what I am going to ask you is this: that you'll leave behind the life that you missed above ground, that we ask of you. With that life, let us live. What you have left off, that is what I mean. And this is the second request: the wars which you did not handle, all the honors that you would have earned, here above ground we will handle.

O elder brother, I ask of you what you have done. And the third request is this: all the food that you missed with your mouth, all the tree fruit, all the sweet food there is that you would have eaten, these that you missed and left behind when you went, again these we wish to get a hold of. These that you missed when you went, I ask for. These things we will be using. And this is the fourth request, o elder brother: all the good things that people wear, everything that you put in the back of the lodge, these you should not touch, as we who are left behind on earth will be using them." He asked that he do it. "And wherever you are going, there the really good things we who are left behind on earth request that we may take hold of; for this we are petitioning for ourselves."

And he took red paint and said, "My brother, I am going to paint you. They will recognize you at home, for this is the way we are. Hereafter, all those men who are to live after, they also will all be doing like this. The story (worak) will be that he did the painting in just this way," he said. And he blackened his forehead with charcoal, and they streaked the corners of his eyes with red, and the chin and front of the throat he made red. And they dug a grave. There they buried him. And he prepared a song. He finished singing and they buried him.

And they traveled around the earth. And where the clans gathered, there they came. They were people. And so they called them the "Deer Clan." Their own life they lived the way deer did. Where they started from, thus were the names of the Deer Clan. How they derived those names was from whatever habits the deer have. Again, what you see in them, it is in this way that they have their names. They say the name "White Hair." Also they say "Fast One." It is said that deer have short white hair. Again it is said because they are fast. They say "Shy One." It is said that deer are shy.

They also say, "Pronged Horn." It is said that the horns are pronged. Dog names, that kind they are. And so it is said that this is the way of the Deer Clan. When they said it, in this way so they lived at Red Banks on Within Lake (Green Bay). There the clans gathered together, there were all the different clans, there where they first began. This is the end."

From the center of the Earth has the Black Deer returned.  With its Blue Human Eyes it once again bridges the world between human beings and our animal family.  To the Great Shaking of the Earth in the Americas can only this most generous gifting of an omen be for these Western peoples. 

How many will listen?  Of those who listen how many will understand?  Of those understanding how many will act?  We do not know this thing, only that for them to turn away from this Gift, and its Warning, will cause them great harm.

© June 18, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

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