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June 8, 2005

Bio-Warfare Attacks Conducted In US by Israeli Mossad Agents as Warning of Their Ability to Cause Massive Panic of Civilian Population Uncovered By US Naval Intelligence Unit

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

A strange report has begun circulating among Russian Intelligence Analysts today that detail an intensified search being conducted by United States Military Intelligence Agencies for what they are describing as a ‘rouge band’ of former Israeli Mossad Agents conducting Bio-Warfare attacks upon unsuspecting American civilians, including children.

Though not confirmed, as there has been no contact between these Mossad Agents and US Military Authorities, the speculation among United States Intelligence Analysts are that the actions being undertaking are meant to serve as a warning that unless the United States ceases their planning for the takeover of Israel’s Nuclear weapons more serious attacks will be undertaken against the American civilian population.

The specific chemical agent being used in these attacks is being described as a specialized Sodium Cyanide (NaCN) compound that though not fatal can make people ill before completely dispersing leaving no trace of its existence without the use of highly specialized detection equipment.  These attacks upon the American civilian population have been centered upon large shopping areas and schools, and as we can read from these various reports:

The first documented attack occurred in the United States Massachusetts Region on May 20th, and as we can read as reported by the Tewksbury Newspaper in their article titled "Mysterious odor closes school; authorities unsure of cause" and which says;

"School was again cancelled at the Shawsheen Elementary Monday after environmental specialists could not discover the cause of a gaseous odor that sent eight students and five staff members to the hospital on Friday, May 20. Questions concerning a dishwasher giving off gas fumes were squashed by the Public Building Inspector George Hooper. While it was located in the part of the building where the odor was first detected, Hooper said that subsequent tests indicated the equipment in the kitchen was running in good order. "We have checked everything in the kitchen and although the equipment is old, it is functioning properly," said Hooper. "We have stopped using the dishwasher and students will be eating off paper trays from now on."

The next documented attack occurred in the United States Hawaii Region on May 25th, and as we can read as reported by KHNL Television News Service in their article titled "Mysterious Substance Clears Out Kunia Walmart" and which says;

"There were tense moments for shoppers and employees at the Walmart in Kunia as they were forced to evacuate from the store Wednesday afternoon. And it was all because of a mysterious substance that employees claimed to first notice in the pharmacy area at about 1:30. But the bad odor quickly spread to other parts of the store, according to fire officials.

In addition to the evacuation, a dozen people suffered from burning eyes irritate throats and a burning in their chests. Medics transported four of those people to Saint Francis West for treatment. While shoppers and employees were evacuated, a hazardous material crew went in to try to find out the source of the mystery odor. After scouring the store with hand held detectors that can pick up things like mustard gas and pepper spray and other irritants, the Hazmat crews came up empty."

The next documented attack occurred in the United States New York Region on May 27th, and as we can read as reported by WABC Television News Service in their article titled "Mystery Fumes Overwhelm School Children In Queens" and which says;

"Investigators are trying to find the source of mysterious fumes that overpowered several children in Queens. The children were in school at the time. Those kids should be fine but it was a tough day at school because of this strange odor. This is a real mystery and on the record right now authorities are still telling us they're having a hard time pinpointing the exact source of this odor."

The next documented attack occurred in the United States North Carolina Region on June 1st, and as we can read as reported by the WXII Television News Service in their article titled "Mystery Remains In Asheboro Mall Evacuation" and which says;

"Authorities in Asheboro are still wondering what sickened five people at a local mall, forcing the building to be evacuated for about an hour Wednesday. Shoppers complained of a weird smell in the Randolph Mall's central court around lunchtime. But police say people in other areas of the mall noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Several people were checked at the scene, and five more -- including two pregnant women -- went to a local hospital complaining of discomfort in their throats and shortness of breath. All the patients were released after a little while. Fire Department Capt. Keith Seabolt said everything in the area seemed fine to him, and air quality sensors turned up nothing. He said the case is kind of a mystery."

The next documented attack occurred in the United States Maine Region on June 7th, and as we can read as reported by the WCSH Television News Service in their article titled "Store Evacuated Due To Strange Odor" and which says;

"The Wal-mart in Biddeford was evacuated late Monday afternoon when a strange odor was detected in the building. Fire officials say between 150 and 200 people were in the store at the time. They all got out safely, but at least two people had to be treated for breathing difficulties. The ventilation system was checked and several tests were done but fire officials say nothing dangerous was found in the air."

Russian Security Analysts are also agreeing with their American counterparts that these alternating attacks between schools and large shopping areas are designed to psychologically reinforce the attackers abilities to not only attack the most vulnerable, children, but also the most seemingly secure, their largest corporations.

But perhaps the most startling revelation in the American reports of these attacks is that the chemical agent being used was stolen from a United States Navel Hospital in their South Carolina Region and to which US Military Authorities were alerted to when one of the stolen vials was broken in an apparent accident by the Mossad Agents in the hotel where they had been staying, and as we can read as reported by the Beaufort Gazette Newspaper in their article titled  "Fire department responds to strong odor at Beaufort Lodge" and which says;

"A strange smell coming from a room at the Beaufort Lodge on Ribaut Road on Friday afternoon led to a hazardous materials investigation of the scene. Beaufort Fire and Rescue wasn't able to determine the exact cause of the "overpowering" smell, Beaufort Fire Marshal Dan Byrne said in a statement released by the department. When crews arrived at the scene, the door to the motel room was open, and, upon measuring air levels in the room, authorities determined that atmospheric measurements of the room were normal, officials said. Motel manager Leilani Harper said when she entered the room to collect dirty towels earlier that morning, the smell was very strong, and she had to immediately leave."It made me sick going in. It made me sick coming through the walls, actually," she said. "I could smell it last night, but I just thought it was some cleaning fluid."

Unknown too many Americans is that their US Navy Intelligence Organization has long harbored great anger and animosity towards Israel over the attack of one of their vessels, The USS Liberty, by Israel in 1967 and the targeting of their Pentagon Computer Control Center during the attacks of September 11th.

Such was the United States Navy’s anger over the Liberty Attack that this oldest of America’s Intelligence Services coordinated the downfall of their own President Nixon for his refusal to retaliate against Israel.  Utilizing one of their most promising young Naval Officers named Bob Woodward to head the covert operation against President Nixon they then engineered the election of their own President in Jimmy Carter. 

Today finds the United States Military Government being led by a President who like Naval Officer Woodward are graduates of the famous Yale University and fellow members of the Secret Society Organizations of the American Elite, and as documented by the CTKA Organization, and as we can read;

"The staunchly conservative Bob Woodward grew up in Wheaton, Illinois. A good student at Yale, he was ultimately one of fifteen seniors "tapped" for one of that university's secret societies, Book and Snake, a cut below the more infamous Skull and Bones, but the top of the second-tier fraternities. Woodward had his first journalistic experience working for the Banner, a Yale publication. Three days after graduating from Yale, Woodward was sent by the U.S. Navy to Norfolk, Virginia, where he was commissioned as an ensign by none other than U.S. Senator George Smathers from Florida. Bob's assignment was to a very special ship, called a "floating Pentagon," the U.S.S. Wright. The ship was a National Emergency Command Ship-a place where a President and cabinet could preside from in the event of a nuclear war. It had elaborate and sophisticated communications and data processing capabilities."

From all of these reports Russian Intelligence Analysts are concluding that the Intelligence Organizations in the United States are once again being headed by the United States Navy, and who is an enemy against Israel.  The actions of these renegade Mossad Agents targeting American civilians shows clearly that Israel knows this too.  

© June 8, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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