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May 23, 2005

A Miracle Child Has Been Born and Now Lives Among You, May You See and Understand Her Lesson

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

To a world about to descend into the madness of Global War and Cataclysmic Earth Changes there are those signs that continually abound around us that show us who we really are, what we are capable of being and showing us the absurdity that our lives are really that important in this reality.  Such an example can be seen in the life of a little American girl named Brooke Greenberg, and of who we can read about as reported by the British Telegraph News Service in their article titled "Brooke looks like any other baby girl. But in fact, she's 12 years old" and which says;

“Brooke Greenberg has celebrated 12 birthdays according to the calendar and her family photo albums. In terms of growing up, however, she has yet to reach her first. To the mystification of the medical world, Brooke is frozen in time, a real-life, female Peter Pan. She weighs 13lb and measures 27 inches, and looks and acts as if she were a six-month-old baby, not a girl about to become a teenager.

Brooke lives with her parents Howard and Melanie Greenberg and her three sisters in Reisterstown, a Baltimore suburb, and doctors credit her survival to their love and support. "She hasn't changed in 12 years," Mr Greenberg, 48, told The Sunday Telegraph. He does not see his beloved daughter as an object of pity. "Why is it sad?" he asks. "We love her the way she is."

For 12 years the family has changed her nappies, rocked her to sleep and taken turns to give her cuddles. On school days, she is carried gently into a yellow bus and taken to a special school for handicapped children. Her condition has no name and doctors are unaware of any other child in her situation. Brooke has learned to pull herself up in her cot, crawl across the floor and scoot along in a specially adapted baby-walker. She smiles at people she recognizes, but has never been able to say a single word. She does finger paintings when presented with a pot of paint and sheet of paper.

She recognizes her family, and giggles when tickled. She has no language skills but has a "sense of self" in that she suffers from healthy sibling rivalry. When her younger sister Carly, now nine, was born, Brooke would cry with jealousy until Mrs Greenberg, 44, picked her up along with the new baby. That, however, is about as far as she has developed. She simply does not age. "There is no diagnosis. We don't know what is going on," said the family's doctor, Lawrence Pakula, "There is no one else like her in the world."

He describes her as being the equivalent of between six months to 12 months old in terms of height and weight, and says that most doctors who see her compare her to "maybe a handicapped two-year-old". Brooke was born after a 36-week pregnancy on January 8 1993 in the Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, weighing 4lb 1oz. As an unborn baby, her spasmodic development puzzled doctors. In her first year, she was treated with human growth hormone, but it had no effect.

Until she was five, she suffered a succession of life-threatening health problems, including strokes, seizures, ulcers and breathing difficulties - almost as if she was growing old despite not growing up. Four times, it seemed that she might die. At one point she was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a lemon, but it shrank away of its own accord, and Brooke simply woke up.   

Brooke now has to be fed through a tube, but her health seems to have stabilized. There is no expectation that she will develop, but, equally, no one can predict how long she can survive. "People wonder how we have managed to look after her because she has been a baby for such a long time," Mrs Greenberg said. "We just keep going because she is our daughter."     


The Latin term Puer Aeternus, meaning eternal youth, is the only apt term to describe such a Miracle Child, and whose appearance into our world, into our thoughts, should not be dismissed, but rather embraced, and as exampled by one such thinker who describes themselves as The Seer and has written,


"Marie-Louise von Franz concluded from her experience with these heavenly fliers...that they choose ascent as a revolt against maternal earthiness and female conservatism. They fly upward, she believes, out of fear of the magnets she says some women hide in the ground in the hope of luring light-headed men down to the ground of marriages, jobs, and long-range commitment.... the young ascenders often find themselves achieving spirit, but often at the expense of life or their own grounding in masculine life...Some say that the man's task in the first half of his life is to become bonded to matter: to learn a craft..."


It is these who "march to a different drum" who are the ones most likely to be the pioneers and prophets, luddites and iconoclastic new thinkers who usher in new paradigms, often at their own peril."


What right thinking human being when being faced by dangers would not want to retreat to the times of their childhood, and to be protected by their mothers and fathers?  But how many realize that this is exactly what we are able to do, both in our minds and in our spirits too.  For only in returning to our childhood, to be like the little children we once were, can one truly find their answers and protection against all dangers.


To foolishness this might seem to some, to others it is the supreme wisdom of who we are as human beings, "And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children , you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3


There rests inside of each of us a gentle brook beneath the green trees and where it is always spring, may you find this place within yourself, may you find the peace you need and the answers to your deepest questions.  This is not only our hope for you today, it is also our prayer.

© May 23, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

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